Tarot of Sexual Magic Tarot de la Magia Sexual

There is no better source of magical energy than the primal drive that moves us all. Use this deck as a magical tool to harness and manipulate these passionate, wild, empowering, and playful energies.

Author: Laura Tuan

Publisher: Lo Scarabeo

ISBN: 9780738718538

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit


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There is no better source of magical energy than the primal drive that moves us all. Use this deck as a magical tool to harness and manipulate these passionate, wild, empowering, and playful energies.

Alchemy and Kabbalah

This Great Master was a true yogini disciple of Kout Humi, nevertheless, after she
had been widowed (by the Count Blavatsky) she married the Colonel Olcott, in
order to work with the Arcanum of Sexual Magic. Only thus, could she achieve in

Author: Samael Aun Weor

Publisher: Glorian Publishing

ISBN: 1934206806

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The most ancient sciences in the world are Alchemy and Kabbalah, which constitute the practical, spiritual knowledge hidden in the depths of every great religion and mystical tradition. Modern scientists are only recently discovering what these ancient teachings have always known: that we are a part of a multidimensional universe, and that our consciousness, our awareness, can expand to perceive matter and energy that are invisible to the flesh. Just as physics and chemistry illuminate our understanding of the physical world, Alchemy and Kabbalah constitute a scientific method to awaken the consciousness and fully develop the human being, opening the doors to vast worlds that are hidden from the physical senses. This awakening or alchemical birth requires a precise scientific method, for everything that exists depends upon causes and conditions. Hidden in centuries of mystical texts and obscure drawings are the specific instructions that lead towards the opening of their inner senses and the entrance into a higher life. The Philosopher's Stone, the secret of transmuting lead into gold, and many other sacred mysteries long restricted to initiates who had proven their trustworthiness were publicly revealed for the first time by the author Samael Aun Weor. These mystical sciences are hidden in the twenty-two primary Tarot cards, whose origins and precise meanings have never before now been publicly revealed. Now, see for yourself how these ancient traditions are all truly one science. Discover the keys to unlock the mysteries hidden in scriptures, mystical texts, and enigmatic images, and most importantly the mysteries hidden within us.

The History of the Occult Tarot

... the rumours as calumnies, the O.T.O. happily accepted the proposition that sex
was an effective magical technique. ... up all Masonic and Hermetic secrets,
namely the teaching of sexual magic, and this teaching explains, without
exception, ...

Author: Ronald Decker

Publisher: Prelude Books

ISBN: 0715647059

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An essential volume for serious students of the Tarot, this compelling survey describes the many fascinating decks imagined over time and the secret histories of mystics.

The Tarot

Since Tarot begins with a descent, Keys 1-15, we shall begin our discussion from
the place of the abyss, Keys 13-15. ... This does not mean that the earlier authors
practised sexual magic, as Crowley did, but it does imply a less austere attitude ...

Author: Cynthia Giles

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0671891014

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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A guide to the origin and meaning of Tarot cards traces the Tarot's history, demonstrates how the Tarot works from a scientific and metaphysical viewpoint, and offers advice on reading the cards for divination, meditation, and inner growth

The Sexual Key to the Tarot

Author: Theodore Laurence

Publisher: Signet

ISBN: 9780451119629



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A Magical Course in Tarot

The challenges that come with this suit are restlessness, aggression, rebellion,
and unfocused ambition; the rewards are personal power, spiritual union,
creative and sexual expression, and magic of every kind. Ace of Wands The Ace
of ...

Author: Michele Morgan

Publisher: Conari Press

ISBN: 1609253299

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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The professional psychic and author of Simple Wicca offers a practical guide to the ancient art of Tarot with illustrated, card-by-card explanations. In A Magical Course in Tarot, Michele Morgan shares her deep understanding of this centuries-old mystical tool for communicating with the Divine. Appealing to both novice and experienced Tarot readers, Morgan's method taps into the psychic energies that are inherent in everyone. Morgan's strategy, which can be applied to any of the various Tarot decks, allows the reader to begin reading cards after the first chapter. Accompanied by 78 beautifully penned original illustrations, this guide is divided into three sections, including how to follow one's instincts, traditional and historical meanings of the cards, and a detailed analysis on the interactions among the cards. "With a highly readable, hip writing style, Ms. Morgan unveils the rich and magical process of how to read the cards." -James Wanless, Ph.D., author of Voyager Tarot and Way of the Great Oracle

Gods of the Blood

Many Wiccans claim that their magic is either directly or indirectly a continuation
of ancient esoteric knowledge developed in ... Drawing on Gnosticism, kabbalah,
Eastern esotericism, and the hermetic tradition, Crowleyan magic, tarot, sexual ...

Author: Mattias Gardell

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 0822384507

Category: Political Science

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Racist paganism is a thriving but understudied element of the American religious and cultural landscape. Gods of the Blood is the first in-depth survey of the people, ideologies, and practices that make up this fragmented yet increasingly radical and militant milieu. Over a five-year period during the 1990s Mattias Gardell observed and participated in pagan ceremonies and interviewed pagan activists across the United States. His unprecedented entree into this previously obscure realm is the basis for this firsthand account of the proliferating web of organizations and belief systems combining pre-Christian pagan mythologies with Aryan separatism. Gardell outlines the historical development of the different strands of racist paganism—including Wotanism, Odinism and Darkside Asatrú—and situates them on the spectrum of pagan belief ranging from Wicca and goddess worship to Satanism. Gods of the Blood details the trends that have converged to fuel militant paganism in the United States: anti-government sentiments inflamed by such events as Ruby Ridge and Waco, the rise of the white power music industry (including whitenoise, dark ambient, and hatecore), the extraordinary reach of modern communications technologies, and feelings of economic and cultural marginalization in the face of globalization and increasing racial and ethnic diversity of the American population. Gardell elucidates how racist pagan beliefs are formed out of various combinations of conspiracy theories, anti-Semitism, warrior ideology, populism, beliefs in racial separatism, Klandom, skinhead culture, and tenets of national socialism. He shows how these convictions are further animated by an array of thought selectively derived from thinkers including Nietzche, historian Oswald Spengler, Carl Jung, and racist mystics. Scrupulously attentive to the complexities of racist paganism as it is lived and practiced, Gods of the Blood is a fascinating, disturbing, and important portrait of the virulent undercurrents of certain kinds of violence in America today.

Tarot D Amour

X. _ Key Meanings: New beginnings, responsibilities, or desires of love; finding
or using your own magic Loving Qualitles: Keen insights, ... SEXUAL
INTERPRETATION: The magic of the moment inspires saying yes to sexual
intmiacy. Just as ...

Author: Kooch Daniels

Publisher: Weiser Books

ISBN: 9781578632923

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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"Our focus is on presenting material that soothes, stimulates, and awakens emotional and sexual understanding through learning and interpreting the Tarot", write the card reading husband and wife team in which they share more than a quarter century experience with the tarot and as life partners. Begin with the simple, yet never-before-written-about premise- every card and its reverse have romantic and sexual indications. And whether you're a newcomer to tarot, a longtime student, or somewhere in-between, Tarot d'Amour will unveil a whole new way to interpret the cards.

Everyday Tarot Magic

... the world might think , may fear the discovery and development of a unique
talent , or be afraid to speak out . Yes , that person might even worry about
someone discovering that his or her sexual preferences don't meet societal
expectations .

Author: Dorothy Morrison

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 9780738701752

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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In this collection of meditations and spells, the author of "Everyday Magic" shows how to turn a tarot deck into a hotline to the spirit world.

The Encyclopedia of Tarot

( paper ) Sexual magic and the tarot . * BOVAGNET , Héléne . Tarot symbolique
et pratique . Paris : Editions Alban , 1977. 10mo . III . 172 pp . ( paper )
Illustrations of Major Arcana by Robert Beltz based on Wirth designs . *
BOWNESS , Charles ...

Author: Stuart R. Kaplan

Publisher: U S Games Systems


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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Provides information on every important theory and interpretation and every recognized deck, illustrating and commenting on the symbolism of the early Tarocchi decks and the major later decks.

The Pleidian Tarot

Scorpio as well is often linked with sexuality, and while this is true, by terms of the
mystery and magic of the sexual union and/or the great rite of the Goddess and
God performed by the High Priest and Priestess, I feel that the Scorpio-natives of

Author: Adam L. D'Amato-Neff

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595228186

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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This is a continuation of the magical series started in the Divine Plan by the same author. A new methodology of the tarot is introduced and explained, including several new cards never used in any system.

The Tarot

Sex was a crucial ingredient of Crowley ' s ' magick ' . His interpretation of the
Tarot and his redesigned Tarot cards bristle with erotic symbolism . Crowley was
not the first to see the cards in this light . On the contrary , sexual symbolism is ...

Author: Richard Cavendish

Publisher: Michael Joseph


Category: Tarot

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The Crowley Tarot

Name Meaning Tarot Card ( s ) Precision Slow advance of fixed star firmament
through movement of earth axis , which lets new world age start every 2160 years
and leads to a ... Sexual magic rites in honor of feminine force ( Shakti ) .

Author: Akron

Publisher: U S Games Systems

ISBN: 9780880797153

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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Deep descriptions and explanations of the details and symbols embedded in the 22 Major Arcana cards of the Crowley Thoth Tarot deck.

The Art of Sexual Magic

In esoteric, spiritual, and magical dimensions, symbols are even more widely
used, including astrological signs, runes, tarot cards, hexagrams, the yin-yang
symbol of Taoism, the chalice of the Holy Grail, the Indian wheel of Life and
Death, the ...

Author: Margot Anand

Publisher: Tarcher

ISBN: 9780874778144

Category: Family & Relationships

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For those who want to unleash the potential of erotic energy.


... in the teachings of sexual magic practices , in which the magician was Crowley
, who was dubbed “ the Beast ” because of his enormous sexual appetite and
avowed enmity toward Christianity , created a new and fascinating tarot deck .

Author: Franjo Terhart

Publisher: Parragon Pubishing India

ISBN: 9781405489621

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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Presents a tour of the history of magic, from antiquity through the Middle Ages to the present day, including tools and techniques used.

The Secret Tarot

Renaissance Symbols of Science, Magic and Myth Now Reveal the Future Jane
Lyle ... energies of Sol is variously a metaphor for a chemical reaction, a spiritual
quest or a psychological process, and hints at an oriental sexual philosophy, ...

Author: Jane Lyle

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780743226134

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 192

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Recapture the Enchantment of the Original Tarot Since its birth during the Renaissance, the tarot has become a popular tool for divination as well as a source of pleasure and mystery. In The Secret Tarot, Jane Lyle and Helen Jones have woven together images inspired by the traditional tarot to create an enchanting deck that allows you to draw on your own intuition when you read the cards. This beautiful package contains everything you will need, including 192-page illustrated handbook that will teach you everything you need to know to start reading the cards immediately, including descriptions of the major and minor arcana as well as sample layouts complete tarot deck of 78 richly illustrated full-color cards with specially commissioned art that is inspired by traditional Renaissance and medieval imagery In The Secret Tarot you will find a visual treasure house of knowledge and philosophy with which you can rediscover ancient wisdom and learn to interpret it for yourself.

The Game of Tarot

... society founded in 1903 which practised sexual magic and of whose British
section he had become the head in 1912 . ... continued his career as a writer on
occult subjects , and came to be the principal British exponent of the Tarot
mystique ...

Author: Michael Dummett

Publisher: U S Games Systems


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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The Initiatic Path in the Arcana of the Tarot and Kabalah Bilingual

The pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist reaction does not take into account
that the primitive Gnostic Christian sects practised the Maithuna. Sexual Magic
was taught in all of the Ancient Western Mystery Schools. The Maithuna was
known ...

Author: Daath Gnosis

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 1105510816

Category: Religion

Page: 648

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This is the definitive Gnostic text on Kabalah. This Book consists of 7 parts: -Prologue -Esoteric Study and Description of the Tarot -Initiation through the Arcana of the Tarot -Kabalah -Numerology and Esoteric Mathematics -The Kabalah of Predition +Editor's Appendix Este es el texto definitivo Gnostica de Kabala. Este Libro consta de 7 piezas: -Prologo -Descripcion y Estudio Esoterico del Tarot -La Iniciacion a traves de los Arcanos del Tarot -Kabala -Numerologia y Matematicas Esotericas -Kabala De Prediccion +Apendice del Editor

On the paths and the tarot

The actual sexual orgy came only at the end , after the magical power given off
had been utilised by the Hierophant , for in magic the physical sexual act is
useless , except as a safety valve , for it ' earths ' the power . Thus , though the
main ...

Author: Gareth Knight



Category: Jewish philosophy


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Sexual Alchemy

Both sigils are the sigils of Hagith, since both are based on his name, and both
may be used in magic relating to this ... Using the Tarot table of the Hebrew
alphabet, it is simple to convert the Latin or English letters of Hagith into Hebrew

Author: Donald Tyson

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 9781567187410

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 348

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Chances are that you've heard of Tantra and Taoist sexual practices. Now, as a result of studying the inner mysteries of alchemy, Donald Tyson presents a Western system of sacred sexuality in Sexual Alchemy. Here you will learn how to have erotic relationships with loving spirits. That means the methods presented here can function as a Western alternative to Eastern sexual practices. They also can be used by a solitary person and need not depend upon the participation of a partner. The first part of this book presents a history of sex with spirits. It also goes into the secrets of Eastern internal alchemy and how the books of Western alchemy often made secretive references to sexual magick. You will also learn how to create a physical representation of the spirit you are going to use as a partner. The second part of the book includes the practices and techniques which the author found to be effective from other sources or developed himself. This includes techniques of diet, exercise, breathwork, banishings, purifications, and finally, an invocation ritual to summon the spirit who is going to be your lover! Then you will learn the previously hidden secrets of having sex with a spirit lover. You'll learn how to prepare and recognize the signs that this is an actual occurrence and not simply a fantasy. And then, when you have accomplished your ritualized mating, you will learn how to collect and use the resulting, highly charged fluids for magical purposes. Everything we are, everything we have, is a gift from the Divine. Doesn't it make sense that we use all of our abilities to honor the source from which they came? That means we can even make use of our sensual natures to honor the Gods. If you want to follow a system based on western traditions, this book can be your guide.