Tender is the Night

F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote in a friend's copy of Tender Is the Night, "If you liked The Great Gatsby, for God's sake read this. Gatsby was a tour de force but this is a confession of faith.

Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald

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F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote in a friend's copy of Tender Is the Night, "If you liked The Great Gatsby, for God's sake read this. Gatsby was a tour de force but this is a confession of faith." Set in the South of France in the decade after World War I, Tender Is the Night is the story of a brilliant and magnetic psychiatrist named Dick Diver; the bewitching, wealthy, and dangerously unstable mental patient, Nicole, who becomes his wife; and the beautiful, harrowing ten-year pas de deux they act out along the border between sanity and madness. In Tender Is the Night, Fitzgerald deliberately set out to write the most ambitious and far-reaching novel of his career, experimenting radically with narrative conventions of chronology and point of view and drawing on early breakthroughs in psychiatry to enrich his account of the makeup and breakdown of character and culture. Tender Is the Night is also the most intensely, even painfully, autobiographical of Fitzgerald's novels; it smolders with a dark, bitter vitality because it is so utterly true. This account of a caring man who disintegrates under the twin strains of his wife's derangement and a lifestyle that gnaws away at his sense of moral values offers an authorial cri de coeur, while Dick Diver's downward spiral into alcoholic dissolution is an eerie portent of Fitzgerald's own fate. F. Scott Fitzgerald literally put his soul into Tender Is the Night, and the novel's lack of commercial success upon its initial publication in 1934 shattered him. He would die six years later without having published another novel, and without knowing that Tender Is the Night would come to be seen as perhaps its author's most poignant masterpiece. In Mabel Dodge Luhan's words, it raised him to the heights of "a modern Orpheus."

The Composition of Tender is the Night

Table of Contents INTRODUCTION . . . . . . . . . . xiii Editorial Method xvii The “
Author's Final Version” xx The Drafts xxii Diagram of the Development of Tender
is the Night xxv CHAPTERI............ 1 The Reception of Tender is the Night 2 The ...

Author: Matthew J. Bruccoli

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Working with the complete collection of Tender is the Night manuscripts in the Princeton University Library, Matthew J. Bruccoli reconstructs seventeen drafts and three versions of the novel to answer questions about F. Scott Fitzgerald’s major work that have long puzzled critics of modern literature. In 1934, nine years after the appearance of The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald permitted publication of Tender is the Night. Disappointed by its critical reception, Fitzgerald suggested that the structure of the novel should be drastically rearranged. In 1951, eleven years after his death, Charles Scribner’s Sons brought out an edition that incorporated Fitzgerald’s changes. Controversy arose over the merits of the two published versions and over the “nine lost years” in Fitzgerald’s life between his two great novels, years of rewriting before publication of Tender is the Night that resulted in six cartons of notes and drafts. After analyzing this wealth of material, Bruccoli reconstructs every working stage in the novel and reaches his own conclusions about which edition is the most valid.

Tender is the night

turn [ts:n] 1) IIoBopathVIBaTEch; IIOBopathVIBaTB 2) IIOBopoT turned [ts:nd]
IIpoLII. Bp. VI IIpHú. IIpoLII. Bp. OT turn turning [ts:nin] V-ing OT turn twelve [twelv!
II.Behaji IIaTE, twenty [twent] II.BasiLIaTE twenty-eight [.,twenti' eit] II.BasiLIaTE ...

Author: Фрэнсис Фицджеральд

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История американской и мировой литературы невозможна без упоминания имени Фрэнсиса Скотта Фицджеральда. В романах автора нашел свое отражение так называемый «век джаза» – период в истории Америки с момента окончания Первой мировой войны и до начала великой депрессии 30-х годов. «Ночь нежна» рассказывает историю человека, медленно распадающегося на части под гнётом болезни жены и собственного разлагающего образа жизни.Текст произведения сокращен и адаптирован, снабжен грамматическим комментарием и словарем, в который вошли ВСЕ слова, содержащиеся в тексте. Благодаря этому книга подойдет для любого уровня владения английским языком.

Tender Is the Night and F Scott Fitzgerald s Sentimental Identities

Tender is the night and F. Scott Fitzgerald's sentimental identities / Chris
Messenger. pages cm Includes ... Tender is the night. 2. Sentimentalism in
literature. I. Title. PS3511.I9T4727 2014 813'.52—dc23 014021625 Contents list
of Illustrations ...

Author: Christian K. Messenger

Publisher: University of Alabama Press

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Tender Is the Night” and F. Scott Fitzgerald's Sentimental Identities is a major examination of Fitzgerald's 1934 masterpiece as the clearest exemplar of Fitzgerald's sentimentalism, a mode that shaped his distinctive blend of romance and realism throughout his career.

Twenty First Century Readings of Tender is the Night

Switzerland is but a fictional stage, a 'no-place', and its integrity is threatened by
centrifugal forces, two impressions ... 2 It could be argued that formally Tender Is
the Night provides a structural parallel to this description of Switzerland: Book 2, ...

Author: William Blazek

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 1781387842

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Bringing together established Fitzgerald scholars from the United Kingdom, Europe and North America, this collection offers eleven new readings of F. Scott Fitzgerald's 1934 novel, Tender is the Night. While The Great Gatsby continues to attract more attention than the rest of Fitzgerald's oeuvre combined, persistent, if infrequent, writings on Tender is the Night from the 1950s onwards indicate that, like Gatsby's green light, Fitzgerald's fourth novel continues both to perplex and intrigue. In addition to the inevitable biographical interpretations, the novel has, in myriad readings, been viewed as: a marriage novel, a text of disturbed psychology, a text nostalgically marking the passing of a talent and a time, an outdated "Jazz Age" story, and "the great novel about American history". This new collection of essays opens criticism of Tender Is the Night to a new generation of scholars providing new ways for readers to appreciate this complex, compelling, and profound work.Contributors include edi

Reader s Companion to F Scott Fitzgerald s Tender is the Night

Tender is the night . 2 . Fitzgerald , F . Scott ( Francis Scott ) , 1896 – 1940 .
Tender is the night - Criticism , Textual . I . Baughman , Judith . II . Title . PS3511 .
19T4515 1996 813 ' . 52 - dc20 95 - 4408 . 9 + 307 Email 3396 Still for Scottie
When ...

Author: Matthew Joseph Bruccoli



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Bruccoli's substantial introduction reconstructs the composition, publication, and initial reception of the novel Fitzgerald forecast so enthusiastically when he wrote to his editor Maxwell Perkins in 1925. Bruccoli chronicles the novel's varied commencements, explains Fitzgerald's final approach to the novel, and addresses key criticisms of the work. Noting that discussion of Tender Is the Night habitually returns to its initial reception, Bruccoli refutes the common belief that the novel failed in 1934 because of a critical conspiracy. He describes Fitzgerald's brooding over the novel's stillbirth and his unsuccessful efforts to republish it in amended form. Comparing Fitzgerald's plan for restructuring the novel with Malcolm Cowley's 1951 edition, Bruccoli assesses the limited impact of the revised novel.

Tender Is the Night

Author: Helen Carter

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Research Guide to American Literature

Fitzgerald was disappointed with the reception of Tender Is the Night and came
to believe that he was wrong to begin ... Stern and Bruccoli disagree over the
issue of the two editions of Tender Is the Night in essays included in the section
of ...

Author: Benjamin Franklin

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The new Research Guide to American Literature is a series of handbooks for students that provides strategies for studying and writing about frequently taught literary topics. Each volume contains dozens of study guides, each of which examines a particular work, author, movement, or theme, providing the necessary background information, suggesting fruitful areas of research, and listing the best secondary sources.

F Scott Fitzgerald Tender is the Night

( ii ) BOOK II , pp . 187 - 8 Dick ' s growing inability to accept the world he has so
carefully constructed for six years is an important element of the scenes in 1925 .
The reader is made aware of the moral and emotional strain with which he lives .

Author: Kathleen Parkinson



Category: Fiction in English - American writers - Fitzgerald, F - Scott - Tender is the night - Study outlines

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Tender is the Night

Author: Francis Scott Fitzgerald


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Tender is the Night Essays in Criticism

About rich people of this kind Tender Is the Night is devastating . Another
consequence of it was his fascination with the ... Hoyt at Cap d ' Antibes on the
Riviera . * When Rosemary goes down to the beach she finds herself between
two groups ...

Author: Marvin J. LaHood




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Romantic Presences in the Twentieth Century

... Shakespeare'.1 Numerous critics have traced Fitzgerald's fascination with
Keats's Odes and narrative poems in The Beautiful and the Damned (1922), The
Great Gatsby (1925), and Tender is the Night (1934).2 There is a critical tendency
to ...

Author: Dr Mark Sandy

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 1409479293

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Concerned with the intermingled thematic and formal preoccupations of Romantic thought and literary practice in works by twentieth-century British, Irish, and American artists, this collection examines the complicated legacy of Romanticism in twentieth-century novels, poetry, and film. Even as key twentieth-century cultural movements have tried to subvert or debunk Romantic narratives of redemptive nature, individualism, perfectibility, and the transcendence of art, the forms and modes of feeling associated with the Romantic period continue to exert a signal influence on the modern moment – both as a source of tension and as creative stimulus. As the essays here show, the exact meaning of the Romantic bequest may be bitterly contested, but it has been difficult to leave behind. The contributors take up a wide range of authors, including Virginia Woolf, F. Scott Fitzgerald, W. H. Auden, Doris Lessing, Seamus Heaney, Hart Crane, William Faulkner, Don DeLillo, and Jonathan Franzen. What emerges from this lively volume is a fuller picture of the persistence and variety of the Romantic period's influence on the twentieth-century.

The Bodley Head Scott Fitzgerald Tender is the night Autobiographical pieces Letters to Frances Scott Fitzgerald Four short stories

Author: Francis Scott Fitzgerald





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F Scott Fitzgerald Tender is the night The last tycoon The crack up and the short stories

The entry reads : Analysis of Tender : I Case History 151 - 212 61 pps . ( change
moon ) p . 212 II Rosemary ' s Angle 3 – 104 102 pps . P . 3 III Casualties 104 –
148 , 213 – 224 55 pps . ( - 2 ) ( 120 & 121 ) IV Escape 225 – 306 82 pps .

Author: Henry Claridge




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Tender Is The Night

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Gender roles and locations in Fitzgerald s Tender is the Night

For this paper many articles have been taken in consideration. For the section of Modernism, the text of Marianne Dekoven “Modernism and Gender” is the base.

Author: Florence Chazarenc

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Seminar paper from the year 2007 in the subject American Studies - Literature, grade: 2,5, University of Basel, 6 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night is a fascinating novel about expatriated Americans living at the French Riviera. The plot sets the ground for many interesting topics to examine. Especially gender roles are a central topic and therefore my focus will be on the gender performativity. There will be a close look at the four of the main characters, namely Dick Diver and his wife Nicole, the actress Rosemary Hoyt and the career soldier Tommy Barban. The more, their behaviour in the different locations and the place itself will be investigated. One can claim that the various characters perform in a new way they do in another location. So the question arises, whether the gender roles are manifested or presented in the different locations. For this paper many articles have been taken in consideration. For the section of Modernism, the text of Marianne Dekoven “Modernism and Gender” is the base. An important text about the issues in Modernism and Paris is Gerald Kennedy’s “Modernism as Exile: Fitzgerald, Barnes, and the Unreal City” in Imaging Paris: Exile, Writing, and American Identity. Another core text is Donald Pizer’s “Expatriate writing”, it gives descriptions about the different settings. The last text is “Non-Combatant’s Shell Shock”: Trauma and Gender in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night written by Tiffany Joseph, she analyses the characters from the novel. To set a ground for the analysis a basic background about the concept of modernism and gender roles will be presented. “Shifts in gender relations at the turn of the century were a key factor in the emergence of Modernism” (Dekoven 174). In the time of 1880 to 1920 the art form of Modernism rose to a superior position and the first wave of feminism took place. The leading role was played by independent, educated and liberal women, which had as aim a successful life in their work rather than a domestic life. As Virginia Woolf explained in Professions for Women the intention was to kill the “Angel in the House”. This movement can be seen as contrast to the views and attitudes during the Victorian Age.

The Bodley Head Scott Fitzgerald Tender is the night

Only no one would tell me everything -- they would just tell me half and I was
already too muddled to put two and two together . One man was nice - he was a
French officer and he understood . He gave me a flower and said it was ' plus
petite ...

Author: Francis Scott Fitzgerald



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The Cinema of Malcolm Lowry

A Scholarly Edition of Lowry's 'Tender is the Night'. Miguel Mota, Paul Tiessen. 2
Lowry, now basing his text on Fitzgerald, follows Rosemary as she walks to the
beach and lies down between two groups of people. In the one are the American

Author: Miguel Mota

Publisher: UBC Press

ISBN: 077484471X

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 276

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To a remarkable extent the filmscript of Tender is the Night, which Malcolm Lowry wrote in 1949-50 with the help of Margerie Bonner Lowry, is less an adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel than an extension of Lowry's own fiction. As Miguel Mota and Paul Tiessen show, Malcolm Lowry's script contains important passages which are really "cinematic" restatements of parts of Lowry's novel Lunar Caustic, and of short stories such as "Through the Panama" and "Strange Comfort Afforded by the Profession." The editors note also the many direct and indirect allusions to elements from Lowry's master-work, Under the Volcano (1947), a novel that is regarded by many critics as one of the most "cinematic" prose works of the twentieth century. A close study of the text reveals that Lowry took on the Tender is the Night project partly as a means of reopening his Under the Volcano narrative, of re-exploring its plot and problems and its characters and themes, and of carrying as far as possible the "cinematic" style he had begun to examine in that work. Lowry's Tender is the Night manuscript is important, then, not only as a completed, 455-page text in its own right but also as a text having a direct bearing on Lowry's own reading of Under the Volcano and of his sense of artistic direction after that work. Indeed, the editors consider the significance of the filmscript as a key - hitherto almost entirely overlooked - to understanding his projected multiple volume work, The Voyage That Never Ends. This scholarly edition of Lowry's script presents 38 passages of varying length - from less than one page to over 100 pages - in which Lowry writes with a freedom and creativity that lead to a text narratively and stylistically quite separate and distinct from Fitzgerald's original. It excludes passages where Lowry adheres more or less slavishly, at 37 intervals, to Fitzgeralds' novel, though it provides brief narrative summaries of and comments on those omitted sections. Lowry's achievement in his filmscript demonstrates the nature of his life-long commitment to and extensive knowledge of the international cinema from the 1910s to the 1950s and also the nature of his view of the novelist's responsibility to participate in the development of film as an art. The script also illustrates Lowry's relationship with F. Scott Fitzgerald as one in a series of literary kinships, and as the editors point out, the work becomes a criticism and analysis of both Fitzgerald's novel and of Fitzgerald himself.

Tender is the night

Author: Richard Rodney Bennett



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The Practical Vision

In "Preface to a Film-script" and Notes on a Screenplay for F. Scott Fitzgerald's
Tender Is the Night, two posthumously published companion essays which
include in places comparative observations on literature — especially the novel
— and ...

Author: Flora Roy

Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press

ISBN: 0889200661

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The Practical Vision: Essays in English Literature in Honour of Flora Roy contains essays offered as a tribute on the occasion of Dr. Flora Roy’s retirement as a Canadian university teacher of English. These essays reflect the literary interests and administrative activities of Dr. Roy and demonstrate the relationship between literature and the perennial human urge to achieve understanding and control of both the subjective and objective worlds.