GIRL ...



ISBN: 1304959198

Category: Poetry

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to the bible rock n roll my view and action of written music in a book rock rock Virtue tale of him -- the coming of the boy wise of age the serpent Coming of him is Beautiful days ahead of us all follow the passage that lay Ahead it have bestowed in your days his glory the story of him his reign In your hand his album as followed

She Fell in Love with a Thug 2

I'm not doing this Jay. he want this snobby hoe with her hand in his pocket fine.
Italy I yell but she ... Three weeks in the hospital, a new kidney my sister not my best friend my brother and my girl and my baby MIA. I truthfully don't ...
Naw thats my brother I just thought that I would let you work side by side with me.

Author: Anjela Day

Publisher: Anjela Day


Category: Fiction

Page: 230

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The Alton family is back, and Deuce is all grown up with a crew of his own. The prince is out to prove he’s King, but compaction from the street jealous woman thirsting to have a part of this drug king, and a legacy to live up to Will Deuce thrive in The land of Cash Cars and Hoes or will it prove to be more Difficult than his father made it look. Will this Kingdom stand tall in the hands of the young prince, or will Water prove to be greater than Blood… Only time will tell Welcome to Detroit ebooks, freebies, urban fiction free, african american , Urban Fiction, African American Romance, Urban Romance, Black Romance, Black Authors, Urban books black authors, urban books black authors , african american books, free books, free full books by anjela day, urban romance,,interracial romance,African-American romance

My Husband Has Died But That s Not The Funny Part

... thought “looked like corn”) Mocha—(Chocolate Lab) Nickname—Moo-ca, the
Mocha, the Moooooooo (His baby girl I!) Molson—(Black Lab) Nickname—
Molson ... My Bologna has a My Husband Has Died, But Thats Not The Funny
Part I 215.

Author: Debra J. Blood

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1481716662

Category: Self-Help

Page: 258

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Losing her husband Dennis unexpectedly in 2011, at the young age of 47, Debra was faced with handling grief in the only way she knew how, with strength, grace and much laughter. Debra worked through her tears by posting to her husband each day (for one year) on a social media website after his passing. She credits her “seeing the light of day” by sharing funny stories of their time together and walking through the pain, not alone, but with her ever growing unshakeable faith in God and the resounding love of many who have taken this journey each day with her. Through her stories, her daily blog ( and her posts she has used her distinctively unique humor, desire to honor the love of her life, and her ability to “tell it like it is” to inspire, lift, and encourage others in a way seldom seen. “Losing the one you love suddenly is like being put on a roller coaster ride (and I have always hated those). You rise slowly, fall fast, hold on for dear life, and scream not so nice words that you hope those around you didn’t hear. But when you get off this ride, while you may not want to buy another ticket, you are so proud of yourself for just being able to say you let go, threw your hands in the air the entire time and you indeed lived through it.” You will laugh, you will cry, at time you will pray you never personally know how she truly feels, but after you read this book that was written to her sweet husband Dennis and for her children Timothy and Sarah, you will believe that just maybe there is a way to face death and come out smiling.

Mi Taku ye Oyasin

My baby girl Lynette is doing okay but taking counseling sessions with her
partner! She loves her, so I can't ... she loves her daughter and wants her to live
her life the right way, not as a lesbian, but If thats love, I don't want no part of it!
For me ...

Author: Barbara Nixon

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1465364242

Category: Fiction

Page: 527

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Author Barbara Nixon, along with her co-author Marlette Thunder Horse, tells the world of the plight of the Native Americans, particularly of those in Wounded Knee, South Dakota. MiTakuye-Oyasin (The Native American Holocaust) Volumes 1 & 2. The stories contained within the books pages are true. They are actual depictions of facts and known instances that are either documented in history or of current events, some having made it to the news. This compilation of letters, historical facts, personal knowledge, and eyewitness accounts have been placed together to construct a full and extensive written and pictorial analysis of how the Native American Indian has been slated for extinction, cunningly by their own hands, divided and conquered cleverly orchestrated by the United States federal government.

Under the Distant Sky

When Ross was gone, Hannah Cooper turned to Ray Wilson and said, “There
are no words to express my gratitude, ... Then she looked toward the sky and
spoke in a low tone, “And thank you, Lord, for having Ray here at the right time to
rescue my baby girl. ... Hannah avoided Rays inquisitive gaze as she said, “Well,
honey, I'm not sure. Papa and I have talked about it some, but thats as far as its

Author: Al Lacy

Publisher: Multnomah

ISBN: 9781601423016

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

View: 172

In the years following the Civil War, Hannah and Solomon Cooper decide to seek out a new life on the frontier. In the dangerous journey that follows, however, tragedy strikes. By all reasonable expectations they should return home. Yet to the surprise of everyone in the wagon train -- and despite great opposition -- Hannah presses onward, displaying grit, courage, and a faith deep enough to sustain her family through life's greatest trials. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Left the Ghetto

My house is ran down the police already had bust up in my house. But they didn't
find any ... It didn't bother me at all my mom does not bother me at all either. My
daddy been sick off and on so anything that he hears of his baby girl he don't
listen. My family was ... And thats why I'm going back to rob her again. Shayla
holler ...

Author: Sherri Kelley

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595317952

Category: Fiction

Page: 92

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A non-stop ride to the ghetto. The latest work from Ms. Sherri Lynn Kelley In the Ghetto there is Pebbles. Living day by day coping with her crack habit. And raising her daughters is a struggle. Her momma wants her to move out of the projects. And come on back home. But Pebbles wants to live there with her girlfriends and all of her friends. That she hangs out with everyday. Times get rough children don't have any food in the house. Pebbles is doing what the addiction allows her to do to make it. Tia is the oldest daughter watching over her baby sisters. Being a mother to her mother. It's hard for Tia living like that. Tia left the ghetto finally. And never look back to see what's behind her. Only looking in front of her. The choices her momma made were her facts of life. Tia feels because she came from nothing. That doesn't mean that she is not nothing.

Victoria Magazine

From the clothes , however , I was able to recognise it as that of the poor girl . ” "
And of your ... In my grief it did not occur to me that the sustenance which my
baby was drawing from my breast was injurious to him . As soon as I ... I myself
VOL . VII . tes , nor even te cannot doubt thats ; for THE YOUNG STILT - DANCER
. 129.






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Born Ja Merican

As she started to walk back into the house i pulled in their drive way and honk my
horn, she turn around while whiping the tears from her eyes. I rolled down my
window and said. “Come here baby girl, why are you crying? ... my life isn't the
same like it use to be and thats the main reason i had to stay away from you guys.
” “Tony, she said, Your not doing what i think your doing . . . . or you baby?” “Tina,
you ...

Author: Top Katt

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469139030

Category: Fiction

Page: 61

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Born Ja-Merican is an extremely graphic, violent and drug dealing charged tale about a kid that grew up in the most deadly part of Los Angeles CA, who was destined to be on top. At the age of 16 Top Katt finds what he believes to be that missing path of his destiny. At that young age of 16, he took over an alley from ruthless gang that called themselves the Tella Posse from Kingston Jamaica. Top Katt has become their worst nightmare, the most feared, ruthless killer and drug dealer in Los Angeles, that's when they called him TOP KATT. The original don dada. He was half Jamaican, in other words, his parents were Jamaican, so with the American and Jamaican blood running in his veins, he was the original Ja-Merican.

Let Sheedom Ring

I'm a grandma of a beautiful little girl, shes 2 years old and I see her mom all over
her, thats right my own baby who was ... Moms theres a difference between
allowing your kid to run over you and being lenient, lets not get it confused

Author: Tamara Jackson

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 145687120X

Category: Fiction

Page: 129

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Most of her life she was shy and quiet, but she realized that she, and women in general, have voices that need to be heard. They have views that need to be recognized. Tammy J finally unleashes her sentiments through this striking anthology bound to stir emotions and bring inspiration. Be stunned and stirred as she shares with you her authentic and unsugarcoated thoughts and views. Let Sheedom Ring is based on women’s expressions and accomplishments. Get a glimpse of the lives of different women through inspiring quotes, poetry, words of encouragement, and more in this fascinating tribute to womanhood.


I don't know if my seminist friends have ever taken biology in college, but thats
where I learned about hormones that flare up when ... Let's lighten up and not
feel so guilty about buying our baby boy a racing helmet and our baby girl a doll.

Author: Chuck Snyder

Publisher: Multnomah

ISBN: 030778195X

Category: Religion

Page: 336

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Do women really spend more time in the bathroom? Are men truly more gifted when it comes to handling the remote control? Will women ever understand the intense concentration demanded by Monday Night Football? Chuck and Barb Snyder (who reveal that their only area of compatibility is having the same kids and grandkids) tackle these and other questions in Incompatibility: (Still) Grounds for a Great Marriage, an entertaining, insightful, and sensible primer on marriage for Christian couples. Ten years after their popular original book, they've teamed up again to present new material and elaborate on their original themes. Readers will learn that differences between couples are actually part of God's plan for marriage and should be viewed as assets, not liabilities.

The International Film Index 1895 1990 Film titles

Author: Alan Goble

Publisher: London ; New Jersey : Bowker-Saur

ISBN: 9780862916282

Category: Motion picture producers and directors

Page: 1687

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The Elevator Constructor

Chuck would like to remind everyone that we do not work on car tops or climb - in
pits without a helper ! We have received ... Paddy Carrol and his wife on the birth
of a lovely baby girl . We have ... My wife and I are planning a week in Canada
this summer and a week in the Fall . I really ... Thats a reputation that every
working man , and especially a unionized one , should strive to attain . I can think
of no ...




Category: Building trades


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The Gentleman s Magazine

My hart is broak Harry and its you thats broak it and thinking of the babe Im
carying in my bosom O Harry Harry don ' t you kno me ... touch your mony not if
your own baby starves first and I tell Mr Vane the same You need not be feard
you nor none will ever hear of me no ... to tell me and Id have drownd myself for
Id never do a thing as would hurt you Harry I supose that girl you marid were the
ritch young ...




Category: Early English newspapers


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“Well, I did; thats' What." By this time there was ... I read about a blind girl ex>< ><
that could run fast as anything-playing tag in a woods full of trees and never
running into one of 'em. Smelt 'em, I ... “Not my baby!” cried the lady. “No'm,” said
Bud stepping up; “I saw a lady steal your baby. Yes, day before yesterday. That
was ...




Category: Christianity


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A Dog and His Shadow

... me nor believe me honest nor I wouldnt bring shame on them there Only whats
to come of me and my baby if theres one to be God knows and if He dont Id liefer
trust Him nor you now I supose youl go back to that other girl now but you did
care most for me Harry for all youve ... liefer dy than live for I can never think the
same of you but Ill always love you the same and thats the worst of all Youve
broak my hart Harry ... It was not difficult to distribute the parts among the several
actors .

Author: Robert Edward Francillon




Page: 411

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The Interior




Category: Chicago (Ill.)


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Issues for Jan 12, 1888-Jan. 1889 include monthly "Magazine supplement".

a A Novel

RV—Listen, dig, the chick that laid out ten grand to get my ass outa jail an
spending like all of her time an gangs of her bread on that scene. I wantchoo ta
meet her. P—Id LIKE to meet her RV—A nice girl who is like doing Something. O
—Very good ... O—Give up your United States citizenship—that's not givingup
your citizenship, baby. Thats a different story RV—I ve gotta trial coming up. . . O
—GO into a ...

Author: Andy Warhol

Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.

ISBN: 0802195229

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 944

Conceptually unique, hilarious and frightening, referred to as “pornography” in The New York Times Book Review’s original review and as a “work of genius” in Newsweek’s, a: A Novel is the perfect literary manifestation of Andy Warhol’s sensibility. In the late sixties Warhol set out to turn a trade book into a piece of pop art, and the result was this astonishing account of the famously influential group of artists, superstars, addicts and freaks who made up the Factory milieu. Created from audiotapes recorded in and around the Factory, a: A Novel begins with the fabulous Ondine popping several amphetamines and then follows its characters as they converse with inspired, speed-driven wit and cut swaths through the clubs, coffee shops, hospitals, and whorehouses of 1960’s Manhattan.

Wish Me Luck

One night, there was a little girl who was ill. Meg glanced at Robbie. ... So thats
where I met them. Jake and I were ... Well,at that time hehad his eye on Louisa,
the school marm Again, Robbie could not help interrupting. Thatsnot the woman
... Earlier that same day,my mother had goneinto labourandthe baby was stillborn

Author: Margaret Dickinson

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 0330526855

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

View: 548

Wish Me Luck is a tale of love and heartache in the Second World War. Sequel to Without Sin, Wish Me Luck will delight Margaret Dickinson's legions of fans. Fleur Bosley didn't believe in love at first sight, at least not until she bumped into Robbie Rodwell on a railway station in the blackout of wartime Britain. Posted to a newly-built Lincolnshire airfield, Robbie as a wireless operator on bombers and Fleur as a R/T operator in the watch office, their only escape is to the little cottage in the nearby village where Fleur is billeted with another WAAF, Ruth. The two girls become good friends, but Ruth, already hurt by the loss of one of the pilots, does not approve of wartime romances. And Ruth is not the only one to disapprove. When Fleur's mother hears Robbie's name she becomes hysterical and bans him from her home. The young couple are determined to grab their happiness where they can, but is it a kind Fate or a cruel one that has brought them together when secrets from the past threaten their future? Away from their families, there is fun and laughter, the aircrews determined to make the most of every day, every minute, but whenever they fly off into the night on a bombing raid, Fleur must keep watch until the early hours praying that Robbie's plane comes back . . .

The Microcosm

... lovely guy look at her . trust you having a girl cant you ever do anything i want .
it was you you as much as me you made the baby . but ... morning noon night
calling it my little girl little darling myself . not that no . didnt you . didnt you make a
girl child in your mind moulding ... girl child but not of yourself thats why you could
cry out thats not true with all the force of someone who says what she knows is
not ...

Author: Maureen Duffy



Category: Lesbians

Page: 314

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The Journals Project

10, 2002 Hi baby, its me, your girl, or what eve I am to you... I want to let you know
some stuff... so here it goes... you have been my best friend and the love of my life
for over 2 years now. You forever changed not only my life, but me. I wouldn't be
who I am today w/o ... Baby, thats so great... Look where you are.. you made it ...

Author: Jessica Gray Schipp


ISBN: 1300175737



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