The Akashic Tarot



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How to Channel from the Akashic Records When You Are Reading Tarot Cards

Comprehensive guide for beginners or amateurs who are wishing to learn the mysteries of the tarot world. For the first time, spiritural trade secrets are shared with the students of tarot.

Author: Rozalia Horvath Balazsi


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Comprehensive guide for beginners or amateurs who are wishing to learn the mysteries of the tarot world. For the first time, spiritural trade secrets are shared with the students of tarot.

Conscious Channeling from the Akashic Records When You are Reading Tarot Cards

Author: Rozalia Horvath Balazsi

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This amazing book is an insightful, informative and comprehensive guide for any person who is either a beginner or an amateur reader wanting to learn more. This covers it all, from the basics and background information needed to understand channelling from the Akashic Library to enable you to begin Tarot Reading on a new level. Planet Earth emanates itÂ's own energy field, which is called an “Aura“. From the first layer of the EarthÂ's Auric field, each layer (dimension) is a lighter and higher vibration of energy as it goes up through the 8 Astral levels. The last band of the Auric field, which we know and refer to as the Ozone layer and also refer to as the “Akasha“, is the lightest, highest energy. In the Akashic layer is the head office of the Governing Hierarchy and the Akashic Library. Those people who have earned the right and gained “a free pass“ to enter the library are able to channel and access information about a certain individualÂ's past, present and their possible future. This book gives guidance as to how to achieve and earn your “free pass“ into the AKASHIC Library, providing you follow the golden rules of the Royal Road, becoming a Tarot Master yourself, one day. This book provides guidance and information about: • The SoulÂ's Journey and itÂ's evolutionary cycle . • The Ascended Masters and the governing Hierarchy. • How to channel from the Akashic Records. • How to activate your “Third Eye” for higher communication. • The three levels of consciousness within the mind. • The function of the Censor Zone. • The Science of Astrology and the Planetary Influences and their guiding forces, presenting themselves through the symbols of the Tarot cards. • The influence of the Moon on our emotional body and the Power of our thoughts. The Royal Road of the Tarot: • The history and science of the Tarot Cards as the sacred symbols.• The origin and the history of the Celtic Cross spread and its principles. • The Â'CARDS DIRECTORYÂ' will represent each individual card traveling through the Celtic Cross timetable. • Each card placement will portray the 10 different facets of transformation of that cardÂ's personality. • Guidelines as to how to set up your reading table and how to encase your table within a Pyramid of energy for protection and for clear channelling. • Information about Crystals to aid and protect you. • How to clear and program your Crystals. • Reading Etiquette. • Cause and Effect Â'KARMAÂ'.

The Book of Tarot

AKASHIC. RECoRDS. Keys: collective information • universal consciousness •
connections • transformation Unique to the Starchild Tarot, this seventy-ninth card
represents the 'Akasha' or Akashic Records. Traditionally identifying a great sky ...

Author: Danielle Noel

Publisher: Random House

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Unlock your magic. The Tarot is an empowering and wise tool that has been used for generations. Guided by creator of the Starchild Tarot, Daniel Noel, The Book of Tarot introduces the Tarot to a new audience of readers who are rediscovering the cards as a means of self-discovery, meditation and reflection. Beautifully designed and easy-to-navigate, learn the full meaning behind the cards, how to handle your deck, unlock its magic and use it to set personal goals and intentions with clarity and confidence. This book can be used with all decks, but features images of the stunning Starchild Tarot throughout. 'I have been a huge fan of Danielle Noel's Starchild Tarot ever since I discovered her work, and to have her tarot wisdom distilled into this beautiful book is a dream come true... Danielle's modern approach and dreamy artwork make it relevant for a new generation of Now Age seekers.' - Ruby Warrington, Founder of The Numinous and author of Material Girl, Mystical World 'This book lays the groundwork for a lifelong exploration of the Tarot.' Gabriela Herstik, 'Ask a Witch' columnist at NYLON

The Tarot

This realm of information is called the "akashic record," a designation taken from
the Sanskrit word "akasha" which means roughly the same thing as the "ether" of
the nineteenth-century physicists or the "astral light" of Levi. Although one sees ...

Author: Cynthia Giles

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

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A guide to the origin and meaning of Tarot cards traces the Tarot's history, demonstrates how the Tarot works from a scientific and metaphysical viewpoint, and offers advice on reading the cards for divination, meditation, and inner growth

Holistic Tarot

Chic Cicero and SandraTabatha Cicero, TheNew Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot:
Keysto the Rituals, Symbolism, Magic and ... Per Eastern metaphysical or
theosophical belief, the Akashic Records is a figurative library that exists ina
different ...

Author: Benebell Wen

Publisher: North Atlantic Books

ISBN: 1583948368

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Designed for beginning as well as experienced tarot readers, Holistic Tarot offers a fresh and easy-to-follow approach to the use of the tarot deck for tapping into subconscious knowledge and creativity. The tarot deck has been used as a divination tool for more than two centuries; while the tarot is still most commonly thought of as "fortune telling," the true power of the tarot lies in its ability to channel a clear path for our deep intuition to shine through. Consulting the tarot can help clear creativity blockages, clarify ambitions, work through complex decisions, and make sense of emotions and relationships. Whether used for simple decision-making or an understanding of your life's purpose, learning tarot can be an indispensible tool for being more mindful of the factors that can assist or weaken your efforts toward success. In Holistic Tarot, author Benebell Wen provides a complete guide to using the tarot to foster personal development. Wen gives a comprehensive overview of the history of the tarot and a wide array of theories on its use (including its relationship to Jungian archetypal psychology and traditional Chinese divination practices) before digging deeply into one of the best-known tarot systems, the Rider-Waite-Smith. Beginners will find a complete guide to working with the tarot, including choosing and caring for a deck, how best to learn and remember the attributes of the major and minor arcana, the interpretation of cards and spreads, the role of meditation in a tarot practice, and how to use the tarot for improving relationships, professional development, and personal resilience. More advanced practitioners will appreciate nuanced theoretical discussions of the tarot as well as practical advice about reading others' tarot cards and setting up a practice. Containing over 500 illustrations and detailed information on each card as well as numerous spreads, Holistic Tarot is a complete compendium of tarot study that every practitioner should have in his or her library. “A modern alchemical achievement.”—Barbara Moore, author of Tarot Spreads “Will become one of the jewels in the crown of tarot literature.” —Anthony Louis, MD, author of Tarot Beyond the Basics “A tarot classic.”—Sasha Graham, author of Tarot Diva “A magnificent, intelligent, comprehensive overview and innerview of the Rider Waite Smith system of tarot! This is the only guide you need to have. Bravo!” —James Wanless, PhD, author of Voyager Tarot “A huge accomplishment … likely to become the essential guidebook for serious students of the tarot.”— Joan Bunning, author of Learning the Tarot “No tarot enthusiast should be without this book!”—Chic and Tabatha Cicero, authors of The Golden Dawn Magical Tarot “Arguably the most comprehensive guide to tarot on the market today. It's also innovative: it deftly combines Eastern mysticism with Western metaphysics. It's an impressive tome that presents a wholly modern, rational approach to tarot practice while preserving notable elements of tradition."—Corrine Kenner, author of Tarot and Astrology From the Trade Paperback edition.

MAJOR ARCANA TAROT CARDS Secrets Esoterically Revealed

The ancient initiates around the world in all times and climes scribed into
literature, artworNs, architecture, Major Arcana Tarot Cards, etc. through their
own indigenous languages, what the spiritual forces (UnNnown God) of creation
guided ...

Author: William John Meegan

Publisher: Outskirts Press

ISBN: 1977222536

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Eucharist (Delivered directly from the altar of Christ)

Tarot of the Spirit

The Maga holds the scroll which outlines the principles of spiritual organization
and devotion to the higher principles. This is the scroll of the divine law. Read
and understand this scroll—which some have referred to as the Akashic Records
— ...

Author: Pamela Eakins

Publisher: Weiser Books

ISBN: 1609253922

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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Centered on the Qabbalistic Tree of Life, this symbolism clearly explores the Minor Arcana as a representation of the four components of life: spirit, emotion, intellect, andbody; while it reveals the Major Arcana to be the keys to our emotional response patterns to the symbolic universe in which we live. Includes seven monthly meditations, individual readings, and layouts.

Akashic Records

In this book, you'll discover how to: See and change the karmic patterns of the past Avoid becoming stuck in loops caused by low vibrations around you Shield yourself from the negative energy that flows through those around you Heal past ...

Author: Mari Silva

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Are you tired of being unable to resolve problems hindering you from progressing in your life? Perhaps your search for answers has returned only disappointment. It's time to relax because you've just found the answers you've been looking for. Prepare to enter a new world filled with records of energy and vibration. Akashic Records are your pathway to not only understanding divinity but also becoming a disciple of the divine. The chapters of this book are laid out carefully to help you navigate the different energies you'll be facing as you soar lightly through endless oceans of vibrations. This is an opportunity to investigate the intricate lines that form your destiny and bend them to your will. In this book, you'll discover how to: See and change the karmic patterns of the past Avoid becoming stuck in loops caused by low vibrations around you Shield yourself from the negative energy that flows through those around you Heal past wounds that you've been avoiding Confront your greatest fears and change your perception of them Access all sections of your Akashic Records, from personal to spiritual Analyze the traits that affect your energy field Find new ways to control your aura Help others access their Akashic Records Unshackle yourself from the restrictions imposed upon you by society Reconnect with your spiritual energy, and bridge it into the material world This book will walk you through all the intricate situations you'll encounter while you're in your Akashic Records, besides helping you access them quickly. The mix of modern and ancient methods of linking both spiritual and material worlds will help you understand and quickly access the Akashic Records. So if you want to learn more about the Akashic Records, scroll up and click the "add to cart" button!


Some people credit the Tarot cards with having some sort of mystical property in
their ability to foretell the future. ... The great psychic Edgar Cayce believed in
what he called the 'Akashic Record' which contained all the knowledge of the ...

Author: Bill Anderton


ISBN: 9780752517186

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The Book of Tarot

The thinking part ( the human figure ) is in the akashic centre of the top square ,
and the feeling part ( the horses ) is in the akashic centre of the lower square .
The body of the chariot binds these two together , just as the body of man links ...

Author: Fred Gettings


ISBN: 9780856740244

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Tarot Prediction

The High Priestess ' on the face of the Tarot card holds in her hands a large book
. This book represents the Akashic Records — the memory of the cosmos that is
in reality imprinted upon the Astral Aether . Again , this particular attribution ...

Author: Emily Peach



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Tarot Life Planner

Appearance in a spread Modern spiritualists speak of the Akashic records, the
records of all knowledge. Biologists speak of genetic memory. We all carry
certain truths and knowledge within ourselves. The appearance of the High
Priestess is ...

Author: Lady Lorelei

Publisher: Bounty Books

ISBN: 9780753711354

Category: Tarot

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Understanding The Tarot 8; 1 What is the tarot? 10; Understanding the tarot as a system of universal truths and as a powerful tool for personal development and healing; 2 The Major Arcana 18; Each card of the major arcana explained, together with example readings; 3 The Minor Arcana 64; Detailed explanations and interpretations of the.

Tarot and Psychology

II The HIGH PRIESTESS Phrase : “ Inner goddess of the psyche ; keeper of the
subtlest knowledge and impressions of past experience ( the Akashic records of
ancient Egypt ) ; deep intuitive knowing ; she equalizes opposites ; ( reversed ) ...

Author: Arthur Rosengarten

Publisher: Paragon House Publishers


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 293

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What? A Clinical Psychologist Espousing Tarot Cards? Dr. Arthur Rosengarten, in Tarot and Psychology: Spectrums of Possibility, does just that. He explains Tarot to those who may want to learn to use it properly for the greatest good-individuals who desire greater spirituality in their lives, including the benefits of psychological insight and depth, without the baggage of affiliation that invariably accompanies any single set of beliefs. Tarot, they will soon find, operates on many levels of profound meaning from a purely non-affiliated platform in the truest sense. Tarot makes accessible to awareness a full spectrum of psychological and spiritual possibility with little preference for its user's qualifications or beliefs. Rather magically, one might say, Tarot captures the heartbeat of experience. This fact alone should make the deck of human possibility immediately relevant to helping professionals who deal with the heartbeats of experience daily. The use of Tarot as an oracle for creating awareness and gaining insight into particular symptoms, problems or questions-i.e. Tarot divination-is often mentioned as an afterthought, alongside other meditational exercises and alternative spread configurations. Yet today, the vast majority of individuals who have discovered the wonders and mysteries of Tarot have done so through experiences of divination. Card reading, without a doubt, is Tarot's most beguiling and potentially beneficial enterprise. Why dance around the magic? For Tarot to continue to evolve into the 21st century (and beyond) it must have a stronger application emphasis, that is, it must be relevant, accessible, and meaningful to the changing contours of people's lives. It must resonate with all who seek greater meaning, creativity, and awareness, not simply with small segments of the waning New Age. Tarot and Psychology provides an innovative new approach for understanding the psychological and spiritual possibilities of human experience.

Nancy Shavick s Tarot Universe

... read the Akashic records that contain the collective history of the universe •
biblical prophets and religious visionaries • all occupations that utilize the sacred
intuitive sciences for healing purposes The £mpres6 The Empress symbolizes
the ...

Author: Nancy Shavick

Publisher: Santa Monica PressLlc

ISBN: 9781891661082

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 336

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Internationally acclaimed Tarot author Nancy Shavick shares her profound knowledge in an easy-to-understand, 'how-to' guide based on Tarot readings Shavick has given to thousands of people. Shavick teaches beginners and professionals alike how to conduct their own Tarot card readiings using any Tarot deck.

Maps of Consciousness

I Ching, Tantra, Tarot, Alchemy, Astrology, Actualism Ralph Metzner ... 201 . 5 .
Levi , The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ , * “ Transcribed from the Akashic
Records ” ( Los Angeles : De Vorss & Co . , 1969 ; orig . publ . , 1907 ) .

Author: Ralph Metzner



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The Seeker s Handbook

Due to its extraordinary consistency and depth , the Tarot is truly a sophisticated
tool for reading the patterns of life and detecting the options , opportunities , and
challenges that it poses all along the way . Unfortunately , the Tarot often suffers ...

Author: John Lash

Publisher: Harmony


Category: Religion

Page: 442

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The spiritual impulse is nothing new, but the perplexing availability of so many belief systems--from throughout the world and throughout history--is unique to our time. For today's spiritual seeker, clear directions are essential. The Seeker's Handbook is meant to be used as a tool, much like a compass, for guiding individuals along the paths of spiritual growth.

Do It Yourself Akashic Wisdom

Chapter 6 Resistance to Accessing Your Akashic Records In every class we
teach there is at least one person who says they can't see ... When we took our
student aside to see where his block might be, we learned that he is a tarot

Author: Jacki Smith

Publisher: Weiser Books

ISBN: 1609258436

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 256

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The Akashic Records, or “The Book of Life,” is a dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational record of every soul and its journey. For the spiritual seeker or the average Joe, most of us would like to know the meaning of our lives. And we’d all love to have a handbook to guide us through the pitfalls and challenges, and learn to embrace our place in it all. The Akashic Records offer just that—a guide to understanding your life and its lessons. In fact, they are a complete library of guidebooks, which help you understand yourself and your place in the divine universe. Akashic Anarchist Sisters Jacki Smith and Patty Shaw not only teach you how to access your records, they teach you how to break into the library and bring home the books! Through the use of journaling, mediations, personal rituals, and visualizations, you’ll learn how to read your records, understand their meaning, and use that knowledge to change your life. With humor and spiritual wisdom that comes from a lifetime of hacking into their own records, Shaw and Smith offers readers a unique and practical guide to learn the true wisdom of the Akashic Records. Readers learn: How the divine communicate with you, every day What to do when life throws you a curveball The Who’s Who of the Akashic Records A Glossary of Akashic Terms

The O E Library Critic

Their History and Civilization , being chapters from the Akashic Records .
Valuable mainly from the standpoint of psychology and sex ... Tarot - Papus , The
Tarot of the Bohemians , $ 2 . 00 . A E . Waite , Pictorial Key to the Tarot , $ 1 . 75 .




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The EBay Price Guide

Author: Julia L. Wilkinson


ISBN: 9781593270551

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

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Provides lists of selling prices of items found on eBay in such categories as antiques, boats, books, cameras, coins, collectibles, dolls, DVDs, real estate, stamps, tickets, and video games.