The Blind Owl and Other Stories

Initially banned in the author's native Iran, the novel first appeared in Tehran in 1941 and became a bestseller. Full of powerful symbolism and terrifying imagery, this dark novella is Hedayat's masterpiece.

Author: Sadegh Hedayat

Publisher: Calder Publications Limited

ISBN: 9780714544588


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Following a disjointed, vision-like structure, The Blind Owl is the nightmarish exploration of the psyche of a madman. The narrator is an ailing, solitary misanthrope who suffers from hallucinations, and his dreamlike tale is layered, circular, driven by its own demented logic, and punctuated with macabre and surreal episodes such as the discovery of a mutilated corpse, and a bizarre competition in which two men are locked in a dungeon-like room with a cobra. Initially banned in the author's native Iran, the novel first appeared in Tehran in 1941 and became a bestseller. Full of powerful symbolism and terrifying imagery, this dark novella is Hedayat's masterpiece.

Blind Owl and Other Stories

Homa Katouzian St Antony's College and the Oriental Institute University of
Oxford June 2008 Bibliography Michael Beard, The Blind Owl as a Western
Novel (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1990) Nasser Pakdaman, ed.,
Sadeq ...

Author: Sadegh Hedayat

Publisher: Alma Books

ISBN: 0714546216

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Written in Persian, The Blind Owl is predominantly a love story - an unconventional love story that elicits visions and nightmare reveries from the depths of the reader's subconscious. A young man, an old man and a beautiful young girl perform, as if framed within a Persian miniature, a ritual of destruction as gradually the narrator, and the reader, discover the meaning hidden within the dreams. This unforgettable story contains a unique blend of the mystery of the Arabian Nights and an acutely contemporary sense of panic and hallucination.The Blind Owl was written during the oppressive latter years of Reza Shah's rule (1925-41). It was originally published in a limited edition in Bombay, during Hedayat's year-long stay there in 1937, stamped with "e;Not for sale or publication in Iran"e;. It first appeared in Tehran in 1941 (as a serial in the daily Iran), after Erza Shah's abdication, and had an immediate and forceful effect."e;

The Blind Owl and Other Hedayat Stories

jailed , others were forced into exile . Hedayat left for India where , in 1937 , he
published his enigmatic novella , The Blind Owz . When he returned to Iran he
found the political situation worse . Now less symbolic , his writing more openly ...

Author: Sadiq Hidayat

Publisher: Sorraya Pub


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Holy Man and Other Stories

Alan Burns Europe after the Rain Alan Burns Changing Track Michel Butor
Moderato Cantabile Marguerite Duras The Garden Square Marguerite Duras
Selected Poems Paul Éluard The Blind Owl and Other Stories Sadeq Hedayat
The ...

Author: Alexander Trocchi

Publisher: Alma Books

ISBN: 0714549533

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Above a disused bar, in a dilapidated Parisian hotel that houses an assortment of indigent, marginalized lost souls, one of the inhabitants, a mysterious, reclusive holy man, is the subject of much speculation from some of his fellow occupants and respectful reverence from others. As the tale unfolds, the dynamics of this precarious microcosm are laid bare, in a powerful portrayal of those society has forgotten.Written when the author of Cain's Book was at the height of his creative powers and enjoying an increasing reputation in avant-garde literary circles, 'The Holy Man' is here presented with 'A Being of Distances', 'Peter Pierce' and 'A Meeting', stories which similarly tackle themes of loneliness and disenfranchisement.

Hed yat s The Blind Owl Forty Years After

The prime example of this is “ Dāsh Ākol , ” one of his most highly regarded
stories . ... Hedayat comes closest to the horror of The Blind Owl in other stories :
in “ Abji Khānom , ” “ Mirage , ” “ The Stray Dog , " and especially 160 Carter

Author: Michael Craig Hillmann

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Reference Guide to Short Fiction

HEDĀYAT 245 An Introduction ( stories ) , edited by Deborah Miller Mostaghel .
1976 . The Blind Owl and Other Hedayat Stories , edited by Carol L . Sayers and
Russel P . Christenson . 1984 . Novels ' Alaviyeh Khanom ( Madame ' Al - viye ) .

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Devoted to those practitioners of the art of short fiction, this new 2nd edition offers thorough coverage of approximately 375 authors and 400 of their works. In a single volume, Reference Guide to Short Fiction features often-studied authors from around the world and throughout history, all selected for inclusion by a board of experts in the field. Reference Guide to Short Fiction is divided into two sections for easy study. The first section profiles the authors and offers personal and career details, as well as complete bibliographical information. A signed essay helps readers understand more about the author. These authors are covered: -- Sandra Cisneros -- Nikolai Gogol -- Ernest Hemingway -- Langston Hughes -- Gabriel Garcia Marquez -- Salman Rushdie -- Jean-Paul Sartre -- Edith Somerville -- Eudora Welty -- And others Section two helps readers gain deeper understanding of the authors and the genre with critical essays discussing 400 important works, including: -- "The Hitchiking Game", Milan Kundera -- "The Swimmer", John Cheever -- "The Dead", James Joyce -- "A Hunger Artist", Franz Kafka -- "How I Met My Husband", Alice Munro -- "Kew Gardens", Virginia Woolf This one-stop guide also provides easy access to works through the title index.

Great Literature of the Eastern World

and disgust pervades most of Hedayat ' s other stories — most prominently , his
two surrealistic short stories : “ Buried Alive " ( 1930 ) and “ Three Drops of Blood
” ( 1932 ) . Sexual frustration is a fundamental issue not only in The Blind Owl but

Author: Ian Philip McGreal

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Provides information on ancient classics, as well as modern novels, drama, poetry, and prose, and includes facts about authors, themes, and style

Nail and Other Stories

Newsweek The Blind Owl Sadegh Hedayat £6 . 99 pbk with an introduction by
Alan Warner ' One of the most extraordinary books I ' ve ever read . Chilling and
beautiful ' The Guardian Helen & Desire Alexander Trocchi £6 . 99 pbk with an ...

Author: Laura Hird

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In this collection of short stories: a ten-year-old boy uses Edinburgh buses to escape from his dysfunctional mother and her boyfriend; a retarded youth tries to join a female gang; a dead lesbian lover can't let go; and a British soldier loses the plot.

Negligence and Chaos

Bibliographical Access to Persian-language Materials in the United States
Farideh Tehrani. Fig . 3 Princeton University Hidāyat , Şadiq , 1903-51 . (
Selections . English . 1984 ] The blind owl , and other Hedayat stories / compiled
by Carol L.

Author: Farideh Tehrani



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Tehrani proposes a simple script conversion method which uses practically no diacritical marks to make Persian-language materials more accessible to users.

The Blind Man and the Beauty and Other Stories

A green woodpecker was expecting the weight of his tail to lend him the force he
needed in order to drive his beak into a deepcut hole in a piece of wood ; an owl ,
a petrified enchantress , holding her eyes very still within vortical whorls of little ...

Author: Arturo Loria



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With echoes of Boccaccio and Cervantes, Poe and Kafka, Arturo Loria tells stories of corpse-bearers and beggars, of jealous goats, aging coquettes, and traveling performers. Near-fables, these stories are populated with figures — called simply "the waiter," "the knife-grinder," "the blind man," and "the beauty" — who move in a world seemingly unmarked by particular times and spaces. But despite Loria’s frequent refusals of name and place and date, these characters are firmly located in the subtle, complex states of feeling that he portrays so masterfully. Through careful studies of shame and self-loathing, exoticism and scapegoating, isolation and corruption, Loria also pointedly addresses the individual and collective pathologies of fascist-era Italy. With David Tabbat’s vivid and elegant translation of these stories, Loria’s fiction, long-acclaimed in Italy, is available for the first time in English.

Reference Guide to Short Fiction

( 1962 ) has disappeared in the much - anthologized story " The Prisoner Who
wore Glasses ” ( 1973 ) , based on an authentic case in which a ... The Blind Owl
and Other Hedayat Stories , edited by Carol L. Sayers and Russel P. Christenson

Author: Thomas Riggs

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Reference Guide to Short Fiction provides study and commentary on the most instrumental writers of short fiction through the 20th century. International in scope, this single scholarly volume includes 779 entries on 377 authors and 402 short stories.

Mute Dreams Blind Owls and Dispersed Knowledges

The blind owl , the owl of death , is an ambiguous omen : perched on a house it
means destruction ; perched on a ruin it ... Underscoring this interpretation is that
the tableau of the old man and his houri appear in other Hedayat stories , the ...

Author: Michael M. J. Fischer

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DIVA leading anthropologist examines Iranian media in its cultural and historical contexts, situating it between older oral narratives and currently proliferating postmodern forms./div

The Reader s Adviser

... Bibliography of the Restoration Drama , 49 Bifocal Vision , 428 Big Backlands ,
386 The Big Horse and Other Stories of ... 639 Blasts and Benedictions , 120 ,
121 The Blind Musician , 513 The Blind Owl , 721 The Blind Owl Forty Years After




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Neue Methodologie in der Iranistik

Author: Wolfgang Lentz



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Studies in Islam

The symbolism in The Blind Owl is based on Tibetan death rituals ; concerning
which I will provide enough background here to ... The other essay , which
applies more to the stories in The Stray Dog collection , and especially to the
story of ...




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The Porcupine Hunter and Other Stories

The Blind Husband A blind husband's revenge on a greedy wife has been told
and retold over a wide area of North America ( Thompson 1929 : 354 ) . ...
Perhaps , no more than with the abandoned boy myth should we take these
matrimonial circumstances as indicating actual tribal ... The husband does not
escape the consequences of his revenge ; it follows him everywhere as the
hooting of an owl .

Author: Henry W. Tate

Publisher: Talonbooks Limited


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Traditional stories from the Tsimshian nation of the Britishh Columbia coast, collected in the early twentieth century.

Historical Dictionary of Iran

Author: John Henry Lorentz

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Provides an overview of specific events, movements, people, political and social groups, places, trends, and chronology. Allows for considerable exploration of a number of historical and contemporary topics and issues. The modern period, defined as 1800-present, is covered extensively.

Cumulated Fiction Index 1945 1960 Fiction Index Three




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Twentieth century Literary Criticism

... 170 The Blind Musician See Slepoi muzykant “ The Blind on the Bridge " See “
Vakok a hídon ' The Blind Owl See Buf ... 288 Bliss See Blazhenstvo Bliss , and
Other Stories 2 : 446 - 47 ; 8 : 282 , 291 Blir 24 : 427 “ Blixten ” 31 : 295 " Blocks ...

Author: Gale Research Company



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Excerpts from criticism of the works of novelists, poets, playwrights, and other creative writers, 1900-1960.

Encyclop dia Iranica

Author: Ehsan Yarshater



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