The Cinema of Sinatra

This book covers Frank Sinatra's film career, but it also goes beyond that, his recordings are examined in detail to show how his musical and cinematic talents were inextricably linked

Author: Scott Allen Nollen


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Sinatra in Hollywood

The Film Career of a Screen Icon Tom Santopietro. 360 “directing's my favorite
medium” Daniel O'Brien, The Frank Sinatra Film Guide, p. 165. “I'm well aware”
Peter Bart, “Sinatra Swings Upward,” The New York Times, April 18, 1966. 362 “
the ...

Author: Tom Santopietro

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 142996474X

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Hollywood legend, Academy Award-winning actor, and recipient of the Golden Globe Award for lifetime achievement in film, Frank Sinatra carved out one of the biggest careers in the history of Hollywood, yet paradoxically his screen legacy has been overshadowed by his extraordinary achievements as a singer and recording artist. Until now. With the publication of Sinatra in Hollywood, an analytical yet deeply personal look at the screen legend of Frank Sinatra, Sinatra's standing as a significant, indeed legendary, screen actor has now been placed in full perspective. Examining each of Sinatra's seventy film appearances in depth, Tom Santopietro traces the arc of his astonishing six-decade run as a film actor, from his rise to stardom in "boy next door" musical films like Anchors Aweigh and On the Town, through his fall from grace with legendary flops like The Kissing Bandit, to the near-mythic comeback with his Oscar-winning performance in From Here to Eternity. Laced throughout with Sinatra's own observations on his film work, Sinatra in Hollywood deals head-on with his tumultuous marriages to Ava Gardner and Mia Farrow and directly addresses the rumors of Mob involvement in Sinatra's Hollywood career. Ranging from the specifics of his controversial acting nickname of One Take Charlie to the iconic Rat Pack film Ocean's Eleven, from the groundbreaking performance in The Manchurian Candidate to the moving and elegiac late-career roles as tough yet vulnerable detectives, the myths and personal foibles are stripped away, placing the focus squarely on the work. Oftentimes brilliant, occasionally off-kilter, but always compelling, Frank Sinatra, the film icon who registered as nothing less than emblematic of "The American Century," here receives his full due as the serious artist he was, the actor about whom director Billy Wilder emphatically stated, "Frank Sinatra is beyond talent."

The Frank Sinatra Film Guide

INTRODUCTION Why has Sinatra not developed the professional pride in his
movies that he takes in his recordings? Pauline Kael I made some pretty good
pictures... and I tried a few things that turned out to be mistakes... Frank Sinatra
Frank ...

Author: Daniel O'Brien

Publisher: Pavilion Books

ISBN: 1849942501

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On The Town... High Society... From Here To Eternity... The Man With The Golden Arm... Guys and Dolls... The Manchurian Candidate... Van Ryan's Express... The films of Frank Sinatra are startling in their diversity and sheer range. Musicals, comedies, thrillers, war films, intense dramas, sagas of small town America. In The Frank Sinatra Film Guide, Daniel O'Brien provides detailed information on all of Sinatra's movies, co-stars, collaborators and directors - and naturally, full details on all the musical numbers from the films. As well as reassessing Sinatra's contribution to a wide variety of screen genres, O'Brien restates the case for Sinatra as a major and innovative film actor. A true film star, even if he had never sung a note

The Cinematic Legacy of Frank Sinatra

Charles Walters: The Director Who Made Hollywood Dance, Brent Phillips.
University Press of Kentucky. Lexington, 2014. The Cinema History of Burt
Lancaster, David Fury. Artist's Press. Minneapolis MN, 1989. The Cinema of
Sinatra: The ...

Author: David Wills

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 1250089956

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In a film career spanning more than five decades, Frank Sinatra proved to be a roulette wheel of constantly spinning talent, the likes of which Hollywood has rarely seen. Film history is filled with stars created by the studio system. Occasionally, however, a performer emerged who, against all preconceived odds of what a star should be or look like, knocked down the walls of convention by becoming nothing other than what they already were. Frank Sinatra was the embodiment of this fundamental truth. The legacy of his work stands apart from many of his contemporaries, who essentially based their performances on an extension of a core character type. Sinatra, however, was able to take his signature persona and translate it successfully into many film genres-first as the comedic song-and-dance man, then as the dramatic actor and romantic lead, and finally as the tough guy and action hero. Sinatra also respectfully challenged contemporary ideals of acting technique. While being humble enough to learn from his peers, he kept his acting style fresh and instinctual, and earned an Oscar at a time when many actors were either classically trained or coached in the "Method." In The Cinematic Legacy of Frank Sinatra, author David Wills presents a stunning collection highlighting the work of one of Hollywood's greatest stars in roles as varied as those in the classics Anchors Aweigh, From Here to Eternity, Suddenly, Guys and Dolls, The Man With the Golden Arm, Ocean's 11, The Manchurian Candidate,Von Ryan's Express, and The Detective. Pairing more than two hundred first-generation photos with reflections on Sinatra from costars and work associates, and including contributing essays by his children Nancy Sinatra, Tina Sinatra, and Frank Sinatra, Jr., it is an unforgettable showcase of the actor's transformation from world-famous singer, to movie star, to Academy Award winner, and finally to one of the most enduring icons in cinema history.


But Sinatra had been OneTake Charlie since the start of his film career; ripping
out script pages and starting work at noon were nothing new, either. Frank well
knew the difference between an entertainment and a work of cinema, and he was

Author: James Kaplan

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0748130381

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Just in time for the Chairman's centennial, the endlessly absorbing sequel to James Kaplan's bestselling Frank: The Voice Finally the definitive biography that Frank Sinatra, justly termed 'The Entertainer of the Century,' deserves and requires. Like Peter Guralnick on Elvis, Kaplan goes behind the legend to give us the man in full, in his many guises and aspects: peerless singer, (sometimes) powerful actor, business mogul, tireless lover and associate of the powerful and infamous. In 2010's Frank: The Voice, James Kaplan, in rich, distinctive, compulsively-readable prose, told the story of Frank Sinatra's meteoric rise to fame, subsequent failures, and reinvention as a star of the stage and screen. The story of 'Ol' Blue Eyes; continues with Sinatra: The Chairman, picking up the day after Frank claimed his Academy Award in 1954 and had reestablished himself as the top recording artist in music. Frank's life post-Oscar was incredibly dense: in between recording albums and singles, he often shot four or five movies a year; did TV show and nightclub appearances; started his own label, Reprise; and juggled his considerable commercial ventures (movie production, the restaurant business, even prizefighter management) alongside his famous and sometimes notorious social activities and commitments.

Frank Sinatra

Brando threw another wobbly: he didn't want to promote the film. He had to be
bribed with a new Thunderbird. The New York première went very well with fans
20 deep in the rain and both Brando and Sinatra being mobbed. Brando even ...

Author: Spencer Leigh

Publisher: McNidder and Grace Limited

ISBN: 0857160885

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Frank Sinatra: An Extraordinary Lifeis a definitive account of Frank Sinatra’s life and career. With unique material and exclusive interviews with fellow musicians, promoters and friends, the acclaimed author Spencer Leigh has written a compelling biography of one of the world’s biggest stars. With remarkable stories about Sinatra on every page, and an exceptional cast of characters, readers will wonder how Sinatra ever found time to make records. If this book were a work of fiction, most people would think it far-fetched

Frank Sinatra

The national mood was naturally euphoric and a film about two U.S. sailors on
leave could hardly have been timed more perfectly. Of course, it was made in the
previous year, but it became Frank Sinatra's first stupendous cinema success.

Author: John Frayn Turner

Publisher: Taylor Trade Publications

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Presents an account of the life and times of Frank Sinatra, said to be the interpretive singer of his generation, including listings of his albums, songs, and films.


But sales of Sinatra records fell away to a fraction of their former volume . He
appeared in a number of films for MGM , none of which established him as a fully
- fledged actor , mainly because he was hopelessly miscast as a vapid good - for

Author: Robin Douglas-Home



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Robin Douglas-Home spent 2 months with singer Frank Sinatra prior to completing this biography.

Censoring Hollywood

Marlon Brando had also been in the running for it but Brando vacillated, as
Brando was wont to do, and Sinatra stepped into the breach. The year ... We
never see a needle entering Sinatra's arm in the film but Preminger shows him
using ...

Author: Aubrey Malone

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786489391

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Censorship has been an ongoing issue from the early days of filmmaking. One hundred years of film censorship, encompassing the entire 20th century, are chronicled in this work. The freewheeling nature of films in the early decades was profoundly affected by Prohibition, the Depression and the formation of the Legion of Decency—culminating in a new age of restrictiveness in the movies. Such powerful arbiters of public taste as Will H. Hays of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America and Joseph Breen of the Production Code Association fomented an era whereby films with contentious material were severely censored or even condemned. This held sway until rebellious filmmakers like Otto Preminger challenged the system in the 1950s, eventually resulting in the abandonment of the old regime in favor of the contemporary “G” through “NC–17” ratings system.

When Frankie Went to Hollywood

Tells of the rise of this entertainment icon through a review of his musical acts, television appearances, movie performances, and public commentary in the 1940s and 1950s and the impact Sinatra had on the changes in the American male ...

Author: Karen McNally

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 0252075420

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Tells of the rise of this entertainment icon through a review of his musical acts, television appearances, movie performances, and public commentary in the 1940s and 1950s and the impact Sinatra had on the changes in the American male identity. Simultaneous.

Warning Shadows Home Alone with Classic Cinema

FRANK. In acknowledging the tenth anniversary of Frank Sinatra's death, Warner
Bros. raised its DVD flag to half-mast with the thrifty release of thirteen films,
supplemented by few (in most instances, zero) extra features. The selection
covers ...

Author: Gary Giddins

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 9780393339000

Category: Performing Arts

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A brilliantly insightful and witty examination of beloved and little-known films, directors, and stars by one of America’s most esteemed critics. In his illuminating new work, Gary Giddins explores the evolution of film, from the first moving pictures and peepshows to the digital era of DVDs and online video-streaming. New technologies have changed our experience of cinema forever; we have peeled away from the crowded theater to be home alone with classic cinema. Recounting the technological developments that films have undergone, Warning Shadows travels through time and across genres to explore the impact of the industry’s most famous classics and forgotten gems. Essays such as “Houdini Escapes! From the Vaults! Of the Past!,” “Edward G. Robinson, See,” and “Prestige and Pretension (Pride and Prejudice)” capture the wit and magic of classic cinema. Each chapter—ranging from the horror films of Hitchcock to the fantastical frames of Disney—provides readers with engaging analyses of influential films and the directors and actors who made them possible.


At the film's conclusion, on the run from the mob, Toni completes Aldo's journey to
New York, where he finds happiness being himself rather than an imitation of
another. Strictly Sinatra can perhaps be considered a sequel, or alternative ...

Author: David Martin-Jones

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 0748686541

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Scotland: Global Cinema focuses on the explosion of filmmaking in Scotland in the 1990s and 2000s. It explores the various cinematic fantasies of Scotland created by contemporary filmmakers from all over the world who braved the weather to shoot in Scotla

Success in the Cinema MoneyMaking Movies

And then there was the famous row with Frank Sinatra about making two versions
of Carousel. After Sinatra left, it was suddenly put out that Fox technicians had
invented a way of making reduction prints in the lab. And yet here we have a ...

Author: John Howard Reid


ISBN: 1847280889

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Basically, there are three measures of success in the cinema. First off are pictures like "The Crowd" and "Applause" that achieve rave reviews and even go on to win awards, but don't recover their negative costs. Then there are the movies the critics hate, but the public enjoys. All three versions of "Back Street", for instance. Finally come the pictures everyone loves, like "From Here To Eternity" or "Sunset Boulevard". In the annals of success in Hollywood's Golden Age, one name stands out above all others: Cecil B. DeMille. His famous pictures reviewed here include both versions of "The Buccaneer", "The Crusades", "Sign of the Cross", "The Story of Dr Wassell" and "Union Pacific". But the book also notes a DeMille "B" movie that tied up a fair amount of money but proved so unpopular it was released in some territories as a support. The book also covers some of Hollywood's other disastrous failures, including the M-G-M movie that cost over $4 million to make and returned virtually nothing.

Sinatra and the Great Song Stylists

Sex , or at least a commercialised representation of it , began to dominate the
cinema screen in the persons of such idols as Rudolph Valentino , whose darkly
Latin looks and drooping eyelids set feminine hearts aflutter , and Clara Bow ,
who ...

Author: Ken Barnes



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Playing Sinatra

HAVA : I would like to go to the cinema . Coming , anyone ? ( She quickly kisses
her father and hurriedly exits . ) SAM : Listen , Boychick . Hamlet wasn ' t an
important man . Where would he have been if Shakespeare didn ' t rescue him
from ...

Author: Bernard Kops




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The Cinema of John Sayles

The successful image of both Sinatra and Springsteen depends upon a tactical
denial of ethnicity , manifested in different ways , which promoted instead a white
, working - class masculinity . Sinatra ' s persona did play on his Italian ...

Author: Mark Bould

Publisher: Directors' Cuts


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 206

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Through discussion of films such as 'Return of the Secaucus 7', 'The Brother from Another Planet' 'Matewan' and 'Sunshine State', this study uncovers themes of racial and sexual otherness, capitalist excess and the erosion of community in the work of John Sayles.


Author: Albert I. Lonstein

Publisher: Lonstein Publications


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Classic CD

Frank Sinatra ( 1915 - 98 ) Legendary pop singer , musical star and actor Frank
Sinatra died last month ending an era for ... During the late 1950s and early
1960s Sinatra starred in many films , in the majority of which he played straight
acting ...




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The Revised Compleat Sinatra

Author: Albert I. Lonstein




Page: 702

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Sinatra the Entertainer

Starred Frank Sinatra and George Kennedy , with Anne Jackson and Lois
Nettleton in featured roles . 1977 Contract on Cherry Street ( Atlantis Production /
Columbia Release ) . His first television movie ( to be shown abroad as a regular
film ) ...

Author: Arnold Shaw

Publisher: Delilah Books

ISBN: 9780933328433

Category: Music

Page: 155

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A retrospective, biographical study of Frank Sinatra's long and mixed career and personal life evaluates his artistry and scope as an entertainer and is supplemented by photographs covering more than forty years