The Cut Out Girl

This is a necessary book - painful, harrowing, tragic, but also uplifting' The Times __________________________________________________ Little Lien wasn't taken from her Jewish parents in the Hague - she was given away in the hope that she ...

Author: Bart van Es

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0241978718

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

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*** WINNER OF THE COSTA BOOK OF THE YEAR 2018 *** 'A masterpiece of history and memoir' Evening Standard 'Superb. This is a necessary book - painful, harrowing, tragic, but also uplifting' The Times Little Lien wasn't taken from her Jewish parents - she was given away in the hope that she might be saved. Hidden and raised by a foster family in Amsterdam during the Nazi occupation, she survived the war only to find that her real parents had not. Much later, she fell out with her foster family, and Bart van Es - the grandson of Lien's foster parents - knew he needed to find out why. His account of tracing Lien and telling her story is a searing exploration of two lives and two families. It is a story about love and misunderstanding and about the ways that our most painful experiences - so crucial in defining us - can also be redefined. 'Luminous, elegant, haunting - I read it straight through' Philippe Sands, author of East West Street 'Deeply moving. Writes with an almost Sebaldian simplicity and understatement' Guardian SHORTLISTED FOR THE SLIGHTLY FOXED BEST BIOGRAPHY PRIZE 2018

The Cutout

He'd spent eight hours pacing the hospital tent floor, running his hands through
his hair and talking, talking, to the woman with the French name, while friends
watched his baby and Alexis spiraled downward into death. “How will I tell her ...

Author: Francine Mathews

Publisher: Bantam

ISBN: 9780307567321

Category: Fiction

Page: 544

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CUTOUT: A third person used to conceal the contact between two people. A pawn. They were partners — lovers in a business where betrayal is a heartbeat away. CIA analyst Caroline Carmichael lost her husband Eric when his plane was blown out of the sky by an elite group of terrorists known as 30 April. Now her dead husband has surfaced among those responsible for an explosion that rocks Berlin — and the brutal kidnapping of the U.S. Vice President. Uncertain of Eric’s motives and loyalties, the Agency plays its last, best card: Eric’s wife — the Cutout. Is Eric a rogue agent gone bad? Or has he thrown himself under deep cover to terminate a ruthless psychopath? Caroline is drawn into a dizzying maze where one wrong turn will mean certain death ... and in which the Cutout will be the first to fall.

Configurations of Family in Contemporary Japan

In a sense, it suggests that there is no real difference between the young and the
old. In one scene, in which the cut-out 'girl who became an old woman' is put on a
page that is too early in the book, she becomes a girl of around Haruka's age ...

Author: Tomoko Aoyama

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317974999

Category: History

Page: 180

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The middle-class nuclear family model has long dominated discourses on family in Japan. Yet there have always been multiple configurations of family and kinship, which, in the context of significant socio-economic and demographic shifts since the 1990s, have become increasingly visible in public discourse. This book explores the meanings and practices of "family" in Japan, and brings together research by scholars of literature, gender studies, media and cultural studies, sociology and anthropology. While the primary focus is the "Japanese" family, it also examines the experience and practice of family beyond the borders of Japan, in such settings as Brazil, Australia, and Bali. The chapters explore key issues such as ageing, single households, non-heterosexual living arrangements and parenting. Moreover, many of the issues addressed, such as the growing diversity of family, the increase in single-person households, and the implications of an ageing society, are applicable to other mature, late-industrial societies. Employing both multi- and inter-disciplinary approaches, this book combines textual analysis of contemporary television, film, literature, manga, anime and other media with empirical and ethnographic studies of families in Japan and in transnational spaces. As such, it will be of great interest to students and scholars working across a number of fields including Japanese culture and society, sociology of family, gender studies, film and media studies, literature and cultural studies, and gerontology.


Instinctively she raises her head so that Grania can see her lips in the zigzag of
light. “I can't ... The cutout girl in her new bathing suit dips down and pops up
through the waves, but she is alone and makes no sign that she has seen the

Author: Frances Itani

Publisher: Open Road + Grove/Atlantic

ISBN: 1555846548

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

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“A gorgeously moving, old-fashioned novel” about a woman’s life, loves, and self-discovery on the eve the Great War (O, The Oprah Magazine). At the age of five, Grania O’Neill the daughter of hardworking Irish hoteliers in small town Ontario, emerges from a bout of scarlet fever profoundly deaf, and suddenly sealed off from the world that was just beginning to open for her. While her guilt-plagued mother cannot accept it, Grania finds beloved allies in both her grandmother and her older sister, Tress. It isn’t until she’s enrolled in the Ontario School for the Deaf in Bellville, that Grania really begins to thrive. In time, it’s also where she falls for Jim Lloyd, a hearing man with whom Grania creates a new emotional vocabulary that encompasses both sound and silence. But just two weeks after their wedding, Jim leaves to serve as a stretcher bearer on the blood-soaked battlefields of Flanders. During this long war of attrition, Jim and Grania’s letters back and forth—both real and imagined—attempt to sustain their young love in a world as brutal as it is hopeful. A “brilliantly lucid and masterfully sustained” ode to language—how it can console, imprison, and liberate—Francis Itani’s award-winning, international bestselling debut novel “has the integrity of an achieved artistic vision, the kind of power that is generally associated with the gracious, crystalline prose of Grace Paley, the flagrantly good, good lines of Robert Lowell and W. H. Auden’s poetry” (Kaye Gibbons, author of A Virtuous Woman).

A World of Cake

Kagemands and Kagekones The brunsviger is an everyday Danish cake that is
well known for the delicious, gooey mess of its burnt-sugar topping. For children's
... Carefully transfer the cut-out girl or boy to the baking sheet. Cover and let rise ...

Author: Krystina Castella

Publisher: Storey Publishing

ISBN: 1603424466

Category: Cooking

Page: 352

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Take your sweet tooth on a global tour! Whether you’re indulging in Australian pavlova, Japanese mochi, or Italian panettone, it’s just not a celebration without cake. In this delectable cookbook, Krystina Castella offers more than 150 irresistible cake recipes from around the world, accompanied by mouthwatering photographs and insights into unique cultural traditions. Discover exciting new flavors and innovative twists on your favorite desserts as you explore the sweet delights of a variety of chiffons, fruitcakes, meringues, and more.

Dream Phantasy and Art

In the second dream the patient dreamed that there was a small girl sitting on the
floor cutting out paper with a pair of scissors. She was keeping the cut-out piece
to herself; the floor was covered with discarded bits of paper which other ...

Author: Hanna Segal

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134978634

Category: Psychology

Page: 144

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Hanna Segal's work, especially on symbolism, aesthetics, dreams, and the exploration of psychotic thinking, has established her as an outstanding figure in psychoanalysis, particularly in psychoanalysis of the Kleinian tradition. In Dream, Phantasy and Art she reworks her ideas on these topics and brings them vividly alive in a new integration which links them afresh to the work of Freud, Klein, and Bion. Throughout the book, the clinical illustrations the author has selected brilliantly spotlight the theory, touching the imagination, and fixing even the most difficult ideas permanently in the reader's mind. In a mutually enhancing relationship, theory and clinical example are combined, and then applied, to create the author's new and original theories of art and aesthetics. As Betty Joseph notes in her foreword, Segal's writing, and in particular this book, does much to enrich psychoanalysis not only because of the clarity and intelligence but also because of the depth and breadth of her interests and her clinical imagination.

Arts of Healing

Why is it that to a certain kind of mind and for all the evidence in newsreels and in
the copy of foreign and war ... It comes from the last chapter of The Cut-Out Girl,
just a few pages before the last sentence of that book which served, above, ...

Author: Arleen Ionescu

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN: 1786610981

Category: Social Science

Page: 320

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This book occurs at the intersection of philosophy, critical theory, psychoanalysis and the visual arts. Each chapter looks at art produced in various traumatogenic cultures: detention centres, post-Holocaust film, autobiography and many more.Other chapters look at the Juarez femicides, the production of collective memory, of makeshift memorials, acts of forgiveness and contemporary forms of trauma. The book proposes new ways of 'thinking trauma', foregrounding the possibility of healing and the task that the critical humanities has to play in this healing. Where is its place in an increasingly terror-haunted world, where personal and collective trauma is as much of an everyday occurrence as it is incomprehensible? What has become known as the 'classical model of trauma' has foregrounded the unrepresentability of the traumatic event. New, revisionist approaches seek to move beyond an aporetic understanding of trauma, investigating both intersubjective and intrasubjective psychic processes of healing. Traumatic memory is not always verbal and 'iconic' forms of communication are part of the arts of healing.

The technical educator an encyclop dia

I . the process of cutting out a single pen ; but during the time it has taken the
reader to peruse this description , the girl would STEEL PENS . have cut out the
whole length of ribbon into a beautiful diaper BY CHARLES HIBB 8 . pattern ,
each ...

Author: Technical educator





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The Practical Mechanic s Journal

The cut pieces are gummed on one side , at the ends of each flap ; and when
folded , as indicated by the dotted lines in the ... In the earliest stages of the
invention , the paper blanks were cut out , Girls are always employed in this work
; and a ...




Category: Industrial arts


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Transparent Art

Cut out letters from books and glue to the back of the transparency . Cut ledger ...
Reflections of Venice 4-1 / 4x5-12 Christine Carrington Australia Attach a pair of
transparent butterfly wings to the back of the cut out image of the girl . Adhere to ...


Publisher: Stampington & Company

ISBN: 9780971729650

Category: Handicraft

Page: 176

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Appendix to the Journals of the House of Representatives of New Zealand

1712. I am a machine shirt hand , working in my own house , with an assistant
inside and a girl outside . I cut the shirts out , and give it to the girl outside . I do
work for some of the principal houses in town . 1713. My complaint is , lowness of
the ...

Author: New Zealand. Parliament. House of Representatives



Category: New Zealand


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The Cut and Product

Boy or a girl? I tease her about it all day long. Don't I, Mina? Boy or girl, Mina?
Boy or a girl? But she won't tell. You keep your secrets, don't you, Mina? You
keep your cards close to your chest. But you've got a little kiddy tucked away at

Author: Mark Ravenhill

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1408142058

Category: Drama

Page: 80

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Two bold new dramas from the author of Shopping & F***ing The Cut Paul is an ordinary man with a shocking secret. At home, he is a loving husband and father. At work, he administers the cut. In a society sickened by his profession, Paul struggles with his conscience and longs to tell the truth. The Cut has its world premiere at the Donmar Warehouse, London, on 23 February 2006, starring Ian McKellan. Product 'I love your work, I love it. I've seen you do those turns on a sixpence....You're fabulous. And this material is going to be fabulous once it's punched up.' Amy is a hot young starlet. Now all she needs is the script which will save her from B movie hell, a script which balances artistic integrity with blockbuster bucks. Mark thinks he's got the perfect pitch - a script which combines a torrid love story with the dark spectre of terrorism and big, big explosions. If he can only persuade Amy, he's got the perfect Product. Mark Ravenhill starred in this monologue piece when it premiered to critical acclaim at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, in August 2005. 'Ravenhill has more to say, and says it more refreshingly and wittily, than any other playwright of his generation' Time Out 'There are few stage authors writing more interestingly than Mark Ravenhill ... He is – it is now yet more evident – a searing, intelligent, disturbing sociologist with a talent for satirical dialogue and a flair for sexual sensationalism' Financial Times 'Compelling viewing' Guardian (on The Cut at the Donmar Warehouse)

The Cutting Room

The girl's breasts were as brown as nutmeg. The three of them stared right
through me. Their eyes looked big and strange. I opened my mouth to repeat the
question. But the girl beat me to it. “Wes?” She sounded groggy. “I think out back.

Author: Ellen Datlow

Publisher: Tachyon Publications

ISBN: 1616961686

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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The credits have rolled, but the lights are still off. Something is lurking on the other side of the screen. There are dark secrets, starving monsters, and haunted survivors who refuse to be left on the cutting room floor. But that’s okay, right? After all, everybody loves the movies.... Here are twenty-three terrifying tales, dark reflections of the silver screen from both sides of the camera. James Dean gets a second chance at life—and death. The Wicked Witch is out of Oz, and she's made some very unlucky friends. When God decides reality needs an editor, what—and who—gets cut? These award-winning, bestselling authors will take you to the darkest depths of the theater and beyond.

We Were the All American Girls

In the spring of 1945, one year after her mother passed away, the league held
tryouts in Racine. The 411“ Stash and Joyce Hill, from Kenosha, were the only
two out of fifty girls who made the cut. A few days later, they were invited to the ...

Author: Jim Sargent

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786469838

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 316

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"The interviews range from 1995 to 2012 and reveal details of games, highlights of careers, the camaraderie of teammates, opponents and fans, and the impact the League made. Several players recall how the 1992 movie A League of Their Own brought the historic All-American League back to life almost 40 years after the final game"--Provided by publisher.

Movie Stars Do the Dumbest Things

After his affair with Madonna ended, Beatty sent the Material Girl a life-size
cardboard cutout of himself from the movie Dick Tracy (1990). Warren sent along
a note with the cutout asking, “Remember me?" Madonna promptly sent back the

Author: Margaret Moser

Publisher: Renaissance Books

ISBN: 9781429978378

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 320

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Johnny Depp. Marilyn Monroe. Marlon Brando. Leonardo DiCaprio. Woody Allen. Shanron Stone. What do all of these actors have in common? They're outrageous, receive huge salaries, have enormous egos, and have way too much spare time. Their out-of-control lifestyles prove that, as one Hollywood observer noted, "Hollywood is a trip through a sewer in a glass-bottomed boat." You'll learn which director was furious when he was misquoted as saying, "Actors are cattle." He claimed he had really said, "Actors should be treated as cattle." You'll discover that Bruce Wilis ordered the final scenes in Striking Distance to be re-shot at a cost of over $750,000 because the original shots exposed his toupee. You'll find that Melanie Griffith explained her ignorance of the Nazi holocaust by saying, "I don't know why I didn't know. Maybe I missed school that day...I'm not stupid." Whether you're a fan of Hugh Grant, Dennis Hopper, or Whoopi Goldberg, you'll learn about all of the embarrassing moments in your favorite star's life. From actors like Ben Affleck and Cameron Diaz to screen legends like Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland, Movie Stars Do the Dumbest Things is proof that actors are more childish and impulsive than you've ever imagined.

Death Makes the Cut

She seemed to be calming down a little. Brittany returned with my car keys and
my purse, thoughtful girl, and Ithanked her and pulled out a little pack of tissues
and handed them to McKenzie. She pulled out two and buried her face in them.

Author: Janice Hamrick

Publisher: Minotaur Books

ISBN: 1466800313

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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The first bell of the new school year hasn't even rung, and Texas high school teacher Jocelyn Shore is already at the scene of a murder. Friend and fellow teacher Fred Argus has been found dead on campus, and it isn't long before the annoying, albeit attractive, Austin police detective Colin Gallagher uncovers evidence that Fred might have been selling drugs to students. Shocked by her loss as well as the insinuation that Fred was a dealer who got what he deserved, Jocelyn starts asking the kinds of questions guaranteed to set fellow teachers, administrators, and parents on edge. With the school serving as the setting for a big-time director's latest film, her investigation could hardly have come at a worse time. Jocelyn, however, finds clearing her friend's name far more important than the needs of a pesky movie crew and doesn't care who knows it. But it's only when she's attacked while on set that she realizes someone is determined to make sure the secrets hidden by Fred's death remain hidden no matter what the cost. Humor, romance, and murder abound in Janice Hamrick's follow-up to her Minotaur Books/Mystery Writers of America First Crime Novel Award--winning debut, Death on Tour, and make Death Makes the Cut a charming addition to this outstanding new series.

How to Cheat in Photoshop Elements 7

If you want to photograph your _ own container, make sure it's against a plain
white E background: a white sheet of paper behind it will work well. and ... We'll
begin with the cutout photograph of our girl blowing the candles out on her cake.

Author: David Asch

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1136099255

Category: Photography

Page: 288

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The creative guide to montage and effects in Photoshop Elements 7

Cinderella Gets a Brazilian

“Go ahead, have a seat,” she instructs firmly. I detest this office; it has no windows
and is covered with crumbling collages made by Doris's Step Up and Speak Out!
adolescents of yore. I always end up eye level with the cutout of a woman ...

Author: Emma McLaughlin

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1451676042

Category: Fiction

Page: 20

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From the New York Times #1 bestselling authors, a hilarious short story about a modern woman's attempts to transform herself, make it to the party, and nab The Guy—all before the night runs out. She's overworked, underpaid—not to mention frighteningly under-groomed and horrifically over-tired. And yes, it's So-And-So's drinks thing tonight, but all she wants is to get out of her office and into her bed before the clock strikes midnight. Until she hears that The Hot Guy From the Summer Share will be making an appearance—and, just like that, Cinderella is on a mission.

The Furies

Half her face was covered by a crude dressing; that, her hair, and the front of her
shirt were caked with dried blood. Greg eased up ... Margaret and Julie finished
the job, cutting the girl's filthy clothes away and washing her. She didn't regain ...

Author: Keith Roberts

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0575104244

Category: Fiction

Page: 247

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America and Russian both explode huge H-bombs simultaneously. The tests go wrong, cracking the seabed, rupturing continents and engulfing cities. The Thames flattens into a flood plain, London is drowned. Now comes cosmic retribution - giant wasps, monstrous and deadly, directed by a supernatural intelligence, invade a reeling world. In England, isolated guerrillas fight on¿

Boxer Handsome

As she walked down the stairs, Maggie looked up at the doorway and saw Chloe
standing in it, a small cutout shape of a girl, waiting at the edge of the room.
Maggie sighed. If she'd had a good, strong head on her, she'd have told Chloe to

Author: Anna Whitwham

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448180023

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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'A genuinely impressive debut. Boxer Handsome does everything great fiction should... revealing a world that most people will never even think about. If you can't see what it is that people need from boxing, or why it somehow persists into the 21st century, then read this' -- Guardian Boxing runs in Bobby’s blood. His Irish dad was a boxer. So was his Jewish grandfather. Yanked up by their collars at Clapton Bow Boys Club, taught how to box and stay out of trouble. So Bobby knows he shouldn’t be messing in street brawls a week before his big fight with Connor ‘the Gypsy Boy’, an Irish traveller from around the way. They’re fighting over Theresa: a traveller girl with Connor’s name all over her. But Bobby’s handsome, like his dad; boxer handsome. For Bobby, the ring is everywhere and he can’t afford to lose.