The Discomfort of Evening

*WINNER OF THE BOOKER INTERNATIONAL PRIZE 2020* *ONE OF THE GUARDIAN'S BEST BOOKS OF 2020* 'One of the best debut novels I have ever read.

Author: Marieke Lucas Rijneveld

Publisher: Faber & Faber

ISBN: 0571349382

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

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*SHORTLISTED FOR THE BOOKER INTERNATIONAL PRIZE 2020* 'One of the best debut novels I have ever read. Shockingly good ... A classic.' Max Porter The sensational Dutch bestseller: 'Exceptional' (Financial Times) 'Exhilarating' (Independent) 'Luminous' (Observer) 'Beautifully wild' (Guardian) I asked God if he please couldn't take my brother Matthies instead of my rabbit. 'Amen.' Ten-year-old Jas has a unique way of experiencing her universe: the feeling of udder ointment on her skin as protection against harsh winters; the texture of green warts, like capers, on migrating toads; the sound of 'blush words' that aren't in the Bible. But when a tragic accident ruptures the family, her curiosity warps into a vortex of increasingly disturbing fantasies - unlocking a darkness that threatens to derail them all. A bestselling sensation in the Netherlands, Marieke Lucas Rijneveld's radical debut novel is studded with images of wild, violent beauty: a world of language unlike any other, exquisitely captured in Michele Hutchison's translation. 'THE MOST TALKED ABOUT DEBUT NOVEL OF 2020 ALREADY' [Dazed & Confused] ONE OF VOGUE'S TOP FIVE DEBUTS OF 2020 ONE OF THE OBSERVER'S HIGHLIGHTS OF 2020 ONE OF THE GUARDIAN'S TOP TEN BEST NEW BOOKS IN TRANSLATION


The confusion of accounts , the difficulties with tradesmen , the discomfort and yet
the heavy cost of a House where a woman with no knowledge of business is
head , are not merely injurious to the influence of the Society amongst people in
the ...






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The Monthly Packet of Evening Readings for Members of the English Church

6 the people whom a common anxiety had made as friends ; and we certainly
had much pleasure and happiness , which took the edge off the discomfort
inseparable from having no bedroom to sleep in . After two nights spent in the
tent , which ...






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the monthly packet of evening readings for members of the english church

Nature imperatively claimed a solạce which could not have been safely divined ,
and such was the relief that soon the head was hopefully uplifted , the young
voice rang out in its most playful chimes , and Columba dwelt less on the
discomfort ...

Author: charlotte m. yonge





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When Edgar found that the unhappy occurrence at Pau was known, he asked
eagerly after Alice, blessing the ... had never seen a spark of even animal
yearning towards the infant, only angry impatience of the discomfort and
inconvenience, ...






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Family Worship a course of morning and evening prayers for every day in the month To which is prefixed a Discourse on family religion

Accordingly , we find that where there is a religious order in families , there a
knowledge of right and wrong obtains ; and although human passions thew
themselves there , we do not see ... The discomfort of of having idle , careless ,
unfaithful ...

Author: James Bean



Category: Families

Page: 286

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Prayers and hymns for morning and evening and other times and occasions

I beseech Thee to forgive the sins and follies into which I have again fallen , to
the discredit of the gospel , and the discomfort of my own soul . O Thou with
whom is the fountain of life , be mercifully pleased still to add to my days . Do
Thou ...

Author: George Walker



Category: Hymns, English

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Seeing Through Clothes

Jiggs of Maggie and Jiggs wore it , and Chaplin ' s tramp is a profound instance ;
but there were many jokes about the discomfort of evening shirts and collars , the
resemblance between a formally dressed gentleman and a waiter , and the ...

Author: Anne Hollander

Publisher: Avon Books


Category: Akt Kunst

Page: 504

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In this generously illustrated book, Anne Hollander examines the representation of the body and clothing in Western art, from Greek sculpture and vase painting through medieval and renaissance portraits, to contemporary films and fashion photography.

Virginia Woolf s Ethics of the Short Story

Although the conversation does take place , it is constantly interrupted by
references to the external world — draughts , lost glasses , the discomfort of
evening dress , modern print , rheumatism , etc. — which keeps impinging on the
professor's ...

Author: Christine Reynier

Publisher: Palgrave MacMillan


Category: Fiction

Page: 179

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This book throws new light on Woolfs short stories by showing how they enact conversations between the self and other, whether between characters or between writer and reader. Tracing Woolfs own theory of the short story, this new study demonstrates how these works become a site of resistance against social and cultural norms.

Travels in Spain and the East 1808 1810

With much difficulty the Greek Governor was induced to take us into his house ;
and a dying man in the next room , who expired about midnight , added much to
the discomfort of the evening . About the middle of the day following , a boat was

Author: Sir Francis Sacheverell Darwin

Publisher: CUP Archive


Category: Mediterranean Sea

Page: 121

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Lake Carey

Such a week passed quickly in boating, swimming, fishing, taffy pulls, and
dancing. ... He and his wife dined formally on even the hottest summer evening,
to the discomfort of his daughters and their cousins who had to change out of
their ...

Author: Walter Broughton

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 1439619972

Category: Photography

Page: 128

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Lake Carey is a summer community of several hundred families in the Endless Mountains of northeast Pennsylvania. Lake Carey’s story begins in 1874, when the narrow-gauge Montrose Railroad began service to the 262-acre glacial lake named Marcy’s Pond. Cottages with gingerbread porches sprang up almost overnight; hotels, steamboats, and picnic groves swiftly followed. As World War I drew near, the renamed lake and its community were a fixture on the regional map. Their resort status was short-lived, however, as the changing American family and the advent of the automobile began an inexorable transformation. First to go were the crowded steamboats and excursion trains. A new, quieter era began, dominated by rental cottages and—at Lake Carey—regattas. Through vintage photographs, Lake Carey documents how the people who gathered here retained their strong sense of community born of the shared privilege of a place at the lake and the pleasures of summer pastimes.

NIV Once A Day Morning and Evening Bible eBook

There he made himself a shelter, sat in its shade and waited to see what would
happen to the city. 6Then the LORD God provided a leafy plant[3] and made it
grow up over Jonah to give shade for his head to ease his discomfort, and Jonah

Author: Zondervan,

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0310443407

Category: Bibles

Page: 1312

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With this NIV Once-A-Day Morning and Evening Bible you can read through the Bible in a year...or at your own pace. Now you can practice the spiritual discipline of daily Bible reading with both morning and evening readings. Plus, you can read at your own pace. Want a reading plan that will take you through the Bible in a year? You’ve got it. Don’t want the guilt of falling behind? You won’t—each daily reading is numbered, not dated, allowing you the flexibility you need as you strive to engage God’s Word every day. The NIV Once-A-Day Morning and Evening Bible organizes the clear, accessible New International Version Bible into 365 daily readings. Each day’s reading includes a portion of Scripture from the Old Testament and from the New Testament, along with a selection from the book of Psalms or Proverbs. And to lead you into deep reflection, each daily reading includes both a morning and an evening meditation.

Death Was Not an Option

The class is a guided meditation to help you go within and open yourself up to
receive whatever comes to you. Some had said it is “listing to ... Later that
evening, all the discomfort dissipated, and she was feeling much better. Earlier in
the day, ...

Author: Tim Layman

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 147710335X

Category: Medical

Page: 571

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On December 18, 2009, Marcy Layman woke up to excruciating abdominal pain, and I rushed her to Swedish Emergency in Issaquah, Washington. After an hour of blood tests and ultrasound treatments, I was instructed to take her to a Swedish hospital in downtown Seattle. Three hours of testing later, we were given the news that Marcy had contracted stage IV inoperable pancreatic cancer and had three to six months to live. This journal will take you on a two-year spiritual, medical, nutritional, emotional, and, in some cases, humorous journey while we were finding stronger love and friendship between ourselves and the search for a cure for this insidious disease. Marcys courageous fight against this apocalyptic disease and casting away the Grim Reapers shadow that crossed our doorstep on seven different occasions have inspired a plethora of people. Some people walk through the world and never see it. Marcy was not one of those people. She was interesting and always curious to learn new things. She was funny, loving, and truly creativethe most cherished and giving friend that God, for some reason, saw fit to bless us with. We always question why we were so lucky, and she was absolutely devoted to her family. Marcy didnt just talk her religionshe lived it. For the next twenty-five months, there were fifty chemo treatments; different drugs, both pharmaceutical and naturopathic; and natural remedies from the Middle East, including teas, mushroom, and spices. No rock was left unturned; no treatment or drug was not explored as an option; we educated ourselves about the disease and all the cures and contacted the top cancer institutes in the country, exploring any and all options possible. In the two-plus years that I was Marcys caregiver, there were a lot of rhetorical questions that I asked and had in my mind as I found out there were answerssome of which I liked and some I didnt like. I immediately started to look for answers for what this disease was and why it contracted my lovely bride. I looked for cures over and beyond what the doctors told us and tried to explore every option possible. There is a multitude of questions about cancer, and in this book, you will find many answers. We knew one thing, thoughdeath was not an option!

The Discomfort Zone

HOUSE FOR SALE THERE ' D BEEN A STORM that evening in St . Louis . Water
was standing in steaming black pools on the pavement outside the airport , and
from the back seat of my taxi I could see oak limbs shifting against low - hanging

Author: Jonathan Franzen

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

ISBN: 9780374707620

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 208

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A New York Times Notable Book of the Year The Discomfort Zone is Jonathan Franzen's tale of growing up, squirming in his own über-sensitive skin, from a "small and fundamentally ridiculous person," into an adult with strong inconvenient passions. Whether he's writing about the explosive dynamics of a Christian youth fellowship in the 1970s, the effects of Kafka's fiction on his protracted quest to lose his virginity, or the web of connections between bird watching, his all-consuming marriage, and the problem of global warming, Franzen is always feelingly engaged with the world we live in now. The Discomfort Zone is a wise, funny, and gorgeously written self-portrait by one of America's finest writers.

End of Innocence

with the heavy water-logged boots and damp jeans that rubbed against his skin
until his thighs were raw and irritable. But it hadn't dampened his spirits. The
excitement of the promising evening ahead deterred the discomfort from his mind

Author: Marty Rose

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1477115145

Category: Fiction

Page: 263

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When David falls victim of sexual misconduct he becomes detached from society and closes himself off from family. He keeps his tragic secret within, where he finds a way to cope with the psychological trauma. As he matures he is supported by his dark companions, Sidan obstinate brute out for retributionand Sethhis protector. After Sid delivers his justice, Detective DaLuga vows to find the avenger. In the process, DaLuga learns more than he was looking for. He is taught to look beyond the badge of duty and into the heart and soul of his suspect. David tries to escape his dark past after the death of Father Bart, but his past continues to haunt him and death seems to surround him. Only Ranger Mari can save him from himself.

Bobby Boutflour

I apologized to my host explaining I mistook him for a work - a - day farmer and
had no idea that I had been invited to a formal dinner party . He did his best to put
me at ease , I forgot my discomfort and enjoyed the evening , and I got to know ...

Author: Mary Boutflour



Category: Agriculturists

Page: 193

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Morning and Evening Meditations from the Word of God

Evening,. September. 9. Unacceptable. speech. Ephesians 5:4 (NLT) Obscene
stories, foolish talk, and coarse jokes—these are not for you. ... I have omitted
what the Bible says are the reasons for these exhortations so you can discover
these while studying ... but I do use facial and body language to express my

Author: Michael J. Akers

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1490829180

Category: Religion

Page: 768

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There are many devotional books available containing brief, daily inspirations that benefit all who read them. This book is different in two respects. The first is obvious: it contains two readings per day—732 in all. The second, more important difference is that the author wanted to do more than offer inspiration; this would make this book no different than so many others. The messages in the book are study sketches in that the content is not only inspirational, but also educational, challenging, and encouraging. Most of these writings were based on author Michael J. Akers’s teaching of adult Bible studies for more than thirty years and learning what really brought adults to want to deepen their knowledge and application of the Word of God.

The New Nation

... a comfortable bank account ; MUNICIPAL STREET RAILWAYS . otherwise they
could not so indifferently weigh , in the At a meeting of the Boston Nationalist
Club No.1 on balance of reason , the discomfort of the tens against the the
evening ...




Category: Socialism


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The Dublin University Magazine

One evening she made her He was a short , stout , choleric litescape on some
plausible pretext , tle gentleman , whom his friend , the very much to the
discomfort of the Earlof Chesterfield , could neverinduce King and Mlle .
Schulenburg .




Category: Ireland


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One evening she made her He was a short , stout , choleric litescape on some
plausible pretext , tle gentleman , whom his friend , the very much to the
discomfort of the Earl of Chesterfield , could neverinduce King and Mlle .
Schulenburg .






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