The Essential Kafka

A culturally-influential and celebrated author, Kafka is generally considered to be one of the most accomplished writers of the 20th century.

Author: Franz Kafka

Publisher: Wordsworth Editions

ISBN: 9781840227260


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Franz Kafka has given his name to a world of nightmare, but in Kafka's world, it is never completely clear just what the nightmare is. Kafka deals in dark and quirkily humorous terms with the insoluble dilemmas of a world which offers no reassurance, and no reliable guidance to resolving our existential and emotional uncertainties and anxieties.

The Essential Kafka Boxed Set

A culturally-influential and celebrated author, Kafka is generally considered to be one of the most accomplished writers of the twentieth century.

Author: Franz Kafka

Publisher: Penguin Classics

ISBN: 9780141198170

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Essential Kafka

“There is,” I would like to echo Kafka, “something at hand here that is well worth
one's while, deserving the most thorough investigations.” I have little doubt that
the Muirs' command of German was better than mine, too bad that this isn't the
sine ...

Author: Phillip Lundberg

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1438990200

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The Judgment, Metamorphosis, In the Penal Colony, A Report to the Academy, A Country Doctor, The Burrow, Investigations of a Dog or On Substance, Hunger Artist, Josephine the Songstress or The Mouse Folk; Josef K.!, The Messenger & Nocturnal Deliberations -a newly expanded Second Edition (9 Stories & 3 Novel Excerpts) with a Postscript on the Translator's Art. This translation of Kafka has a dual purpose, for starters it intends to provide English readers with a much better translation: that Kafka's prose should find a more fitting analogy in modern (American) English whereby it should come to life to a greater degree, and that his underlying philosophy-and I say philosophy in the greater sense-thus, should be grasped more readily. The second purpose is to explore issues regarding translation per se: what is the proper role of the translator and why is it that the vast majority of translations tend to leave the typical reader perplexed and, quite frankly, dissatisfied? The stories and excerpts included in this second edition have been carefully chosen to really bring the reader to the core issues that make manifest Kafka's literary genius. This book also contains a short postscript on the art of translation that argues against the current modus operandi of translation theory, indeed, it goes so far as to quote from Kafka's diaries-on his state of mind in composing-as well as from Schleiermacher and early Roman translators on the responsibility of the translator to capture the spirit of the work in an imaginative manner. Kafka was struggling in his writings with matters that go beyond the normal concerns and my intention in this translation is to remain true to Kafka's aims. Thus, this translation may prove valuable not only for the general readership but likewise for those who wish to study the intricacies of translation of text that deals with the most important matters. All the same, one should never neglect the humorous side and the joy to be discovered in having the last laugh.

The Essential Prose

Kafka never sent the letter — and that , perhaps , was just as well , for such a
letter probably performs its own healing function simply by being written ; one
cannot imagine that Kafka ' s father , perusing it , would have been enlightened .

Author: Dorothy Bendon Van Ghent



Category: College readers

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This book has two general aims: to provide materials for the teaching of discursive writing, and to give students a broad, various acquaintance with their cultural heritage. Each of the ninety-three selections is followed by a set of analytical questions that explore both the substance of the piece and its rhetorical strategies, for discussion or written exercises.

As Lonely as Franz Kafka

17 After this purposely exaggerated self - portrait — intended at once to frighten
Felice and to temper her alarm with amusement — Kafka gradually approached
the essential , or rather adumbrated it , for it was not merely difficult but quite ...

Author: Marthe Robert

Publisher: Schocken


Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Discusses the works of Kafka and examines how his obsessive self-awareness and alienation influenced his writing

On Kafka s Castle

Rücksichtsloser Kampf um die The essential nature of the landVerwirklichung
phantastischer surveyor consists in ... he has lost someone who is far more
essential to him than all his fantasies about the Castle , Sokel , Franz Kafka :
Tragik und ...

Author: Richard Sheppard

Publisher: London : Croom Helm



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Two very good friends plan for Mother's Day, go to the beach, experiment with new shoes, and dig tunnels.

The Unhappiness of Being a Single Man

New translations of the best stories by the one of the twentieth century's greatest and most influential writers No one has captured the modern experience, its wild dreams, strange joys, its neuroses and boredom, better than Franz Kafka.

Author: Franz Kafka

Publisher: Pushkin Press

ISBN: 1782274405

Category: Fiction

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New translations of the best stories by the one of the twentieth century's greatest and most influential writers No one has captured the modern experience, its wild dreams, strange joys, its neuroses and boredom, better than Franz Kafka. His vision, with its absurdity and twisted humour, has lost none of its force or relevance today. This essential collection, newly selected and translated by Alexander Starritt, casts fresh light on Kafka's genius. Alongside brutal depictions of violence and justice are jokes and deceptively slight, mysterious fables. These unforgettable pieces reflect the brilliance at the core of Franz Kafka, arguably most fully expressed within his short stories. Together they showcase a writer of unmatched imaginative depth, capable of expressing the most profound reality with a wry smile. Franz Kafka was born to Jewish parents in Prague and wrote in German. He published only a few story collections and individual stories in literary magazines in his lifetime. The rest of his work was published posthumously. He is now considered one of the most influential authors of the twentieth century.

The Trial

AMERIKA translated by Willa and Edwin Muir , with a foreword by E. L. Doctorow
Kafka's first and funniest novel tells the story of the young immigrant Karl
Rossmann who , “ packed off to America ” by his parents , finds himself caught up
in a ...

Author: Franz Kafka

Publisher: Schocken

ISBN: 9780805210408

Category: Fiction

Page: 281

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Narrates the experiences and reactions of a respectable bank functionary after his abrupt arrest on an undisclosed charge

Kafka s Clothes

Here , as in Kafka ' s overtly fictional texts , ' traffic provides the horizontal ground
for the artist ' s vertical ascension . ... Later that same year , after the breakthrough
experience of ' The Judgment ' , Kafka had time only for the essential activities ...

Author: Mark M. Anderson

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Philosophy

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"One should either be a work of art, or wear one," proclaimed Oscar Wilde at the end of the nineteenth century; "I am made of literature, I am nothing else, and cannot be anything else," Franz Kafka declared a decade later. Between these two claims lies the largely unexplored region in which the European decadent movement turned into the modernist avant-garde. In this original historical study, Anderson explores Kafka's early dandyism, his interest in fashion, literary decadence and the "superficial" spectacle of modern urban life as well as his subsequent repudiation of these phenomena in forging a literary identity as the isolated, otherworldly "poet" of modern alienation. Rather than posit a break between these two personae, Anderson charts the historical continuities between the young Kafka and the author of The Metamorphosis and The Trial. The result is a startlingly unconventional portrait of Kafka and Prague at the turn of the century, involving such issues as Jungendstil aesthetics, Otto Weininger's "egoless" woman, the Viennese critique of architectural ornament, the clothing reform movement, anti-Semitism, and the question of Jewish-German writing.

Essential Novelists Franz Kafka

Novels selected for this book: -The Metamorphosis -The Trial This is one of many books in the seriesEssential Novelists. If you liked this book, look for the other titles in the series, we are sure you will like some of the authors.

Author: Franz Kafka

Publisher: Tacet Books

ISBN: 396799984X

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Welcome to the Essential Novelists book series, were we present to you the best works of remarkable authors. For this book, the literary critic August Nemo has chosen the two most important and meaningful novels of FranzKafkawhich areThe MetamorphosisandThe Trial. Author Franz Kafka explored the human struggle for understanding and security in his novels such as Amerika, The Trial and The Castle. Novels selected for this book: -The Metamorphosis -The Trial This is one of many books in the seriesEssential Novelists. If you liked this book, look for the other titles in the series, we are sure you will like some of the authors.


An interesting contribution to Kafka studies was made fairly recently by Mark
Spilka in Dickens and Kafka . 11 As its title implies , Mr Spilka ' s book is an
examination of what he sees as the essential similarity of Dickens and Kafka ,
and he is ...

Author: Charles Osborne



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The determination of what is “ essential , ” as opposed to what is merely “
apparent " in a novel , a painting or a symphony ... This , in turn , means that
Kafka created an " essential " sphere , thus fulfilling the absolute criterion of
realistic art .




Category: Social sciences


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Das Kafka Bild in England

According to Kafka , the idea of the " fall of man " , i.e. of some guilt perpetrated
before Time , points to some cosmic spiritual ... It is in them that the essential
Kafka continues to live as one of the most enigmatic and disturbing modern
authors .

Author: Dieter Jakob



Category: Comparative literature

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Franz Kafka a Writer s Life

Kafka was particularly surprised that Wolff , despite the crises of the day , planned
the same type of expensive bibliophile ... This moment marked the start of fruitful
cooperation between Kafka and Wolff , the essential element for a successful ...

Author: Joachim Unseld

Publisher: Ariadne Press (CA)


Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Joachim Unseld shows that the prevalent scholarly view of Kafka contradicts the reality of the close, symbiotic relationship between Kafka's private life and his literary aims. The author pays particular attention to Kafka's relationship with his publishers, discussing in detail the correspondence between Kafka and Ernst Rowohlt, Kurt Wolff, and his friend and tireless advocate, Max Brod. The resulting picture reveals an "author's author" intent on establishing himself in public, but one whose personal instability as well as his integrity, modesty, and inherent "bad luck" consistently thwarted his ardent desire for "a writer's life".


In his description , Kafka pays particular attention to Novak ' s method of selecting
the essential while elaborating on his lithography : Nach dieser Skizze arbeitete
nun der Maler zuhause an seinen Litographien , indem er , Litographie um ...




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Journal of the Kafka Society of America

Assuming that ” Kafka's texts depend to an extreme degree on the concrete
circumstances in which they were written ” ( 214 ) , Pasley outlines a prototypical
context in which the " essentialKafka texts have been produced ( the
masterpieces ) ...






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Kafka s Landarzt Collection

sem 3 4 5 6 7 1964 : 348 ) rather than Philippi's heavy stress on Rotpeter's
essential humanity ( Philippi , 1966 : 127f . , 137 ) . ( p.192 ) ... ( p.193 ) In a diary
entry of 18th October , 1916 , Kafka quotes from one of his letters to Felice ( Bf
728ff . ) ...

Author: Gregory B. Triffitt

Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 236

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Deriving from one of the most turbulent, yet fruitful periods in Kafka's career, some of the 14 Landarzt pieces have attracted hundreds of commentators. But very few scholars have concerned themselves with the work as a totality, and none of them has adequately accounted for the quite specific ordering of the pieces, although Kafka, himself, set considerable store by the matter. Through a detailed examination of previous Kafka research and a thorough analysis of the collection as a subtly structured unity, this study attempts to make good the omissions of earlier inter- preters.

Reading Kafka

an German are too delicate and significant not to be torn to shreds the instant
Yiddish is transformed back into German , that is to say , it is no longer Yiddish
that is transformed , but something that has utterly lost its essential character .

Author: Professor Mark Anderson

Publisher: Schocken



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Essays discuss Kafka in relation to anti-Semitism, Zionism, psychoanalysis, contemporary theories of sexuality, and the First World War

Kafka s Trial

It should be clear that the events in this brief encounter reproduce in their
essentials and their sequence an exact analogue of K . ' s behaviour with the
court up to this point . The unexpected appearance of the shabby guide ( arrest ) ,
the ...

Author: Eric Lawson Marson

Publisher: St. Lucia, Australia : University of Queensland Press


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K filosofick m v chodisk m politiky a kultury v ech ch

Kafka expresses the essential ( a priori ) moral deficiency of man in mythological
terms , too : " Moses fails to enter Canaan not because his life is too short but
because it is a human life " ( Kafka 1972 , 394 ) . 4 ) " The most trifling of your acts

Author: Jan Pavlík



Category: Philosophy, Austrian

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