The Essential Kafka

A culturally-influential and celebrated author, Kafka is generally considered to be one of the most accomplished writers of the 20th century.

Author: Franz Kafka

Publisher: Wordsworth Editions

ISBN: 9781840227260


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Franz Kafka has given his name to a world of nightmare, but in Kafka's world, it is never completely clear just what the nightmare is. Kafka deals in dark and quirkily humorous terms with the insoluble dilemmas of a world which offers no reassurance, and no reliable guidance to resolving our existential and emotional uncertainties and anxieties.

Essential Kafka

“There is,” I would like to echo Kafka, “something at hand here that is well worth
one's while, deserving the most thorough investigations.” I have little doubt that
the Muirs' command of German was better than mine, too bad that this isn't the
sine ...

Author: Phillip Lundberg

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1438990200

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The Judgment, Metamorphosis, In the Penal Colony, A Report to the Academy, A Country Doctor, The Burrow, Investigations of a Dog or On Substance, Hunger Artist, Josephine the Songstress or The Mouse Folk; Josef K.!, The Messenger & Nocturnal Deliberations -a newly expanded Second Edition (9 Stories & 3 Novel Excerpts) with a Postscript on the Translator's Art. This translation of Kafka has a dual purpose, for starters it intends to provide English readers with a much better translation: that Kafka's prose should find a more fitting analogy in modern (American) English whereby it should come to life to a greater degree, and that his underlying philosophy-and I say philosophy in the greater sense-thus, should be grasped more readily. The second purpose is to explore issues regarding translation per se: what is the proper role of the translator and why is it that the vast majority of translations tend to leave the typical reader perplexed and, quite frankly, dissatisfied? The stories and excerpts included in this second edition have been carefully chosen to really bring the reader to the core issues that make manifest Kafka's literary genius. This book also contains a short postscript on the art of translation that argues against the current modus operandi of translation theory, indeed, it goes so far as to quote from Kafka's diaries-on his state of mind in composing-as well as from Schleiermacher and early Roman translators on the responsibility of the translator to capture the spirit of the work in an imaginative manner. Kafka was struggling in his writings with matters that go beyond the normal concerns and my intention in this translation is to remain true to Kafka's aims. Thus, this translation may prove valuable not only for the general readership but likewise for those who wish to study the intricacies of translation of text that deals with the most important matters. All the same, one should never neglect the humorous side and the joy to be discovered in having the last laugh.

Essential Novelists Franz Kafka

Novels selected for this book: -The Metamorphosis -The Trial This is one of many books in the seriesEssential Novelists. If you liked this book, look for the other titles in the series, we are sure you will like some of the authors.

Author: Franz Kafka

Publisher: Tacet Books

ISBN: 396799984X

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Welcome to the Essential Novelists book series, were we present to you the best works of remarkable authors. For this book, the literary critic August Nemo has chosen the two most important and meaningful novels of FranzKafkawhich areThe MetamorphosisandThe Trial. Author Franz Kafka explored the human struggle for understanding and security in his novels such as Amerika, The Trial and The Castle. Novels selected for this book: -The Metamorphosis -The Trial This is one of many books in the seriesEssential Novelists. If you liked this book, look for the other titles in the series, we are sure you will like some of the authors.

Understanding Franz Kafka

New York: Oxford University Press, 2009. The Castle in The Essential Kafka.
Trans. John Williams. London: Wordsworth Editions, 2014. The Trial The Trial.
Trans. Willa Muir and Edwin Muir. New York: A. A. Knopf, 1937 [1935]. The Trial.

Author: Allen Thiher

Publisher: Univ of South Carolina Press

ISBN: 1611178290

Category: Literary Criticism

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Franz Kafka is without question one of the most influential writers of the twentieth century despite the fact that much of his work remained unpublished when he died at a relatively young age in 1924. Kafka’s eccentric methods of composition and his diffident attitude toward publishing left most of his writing to be edited and published after his death by his literary executor, Max Brod. In Understanding Franz Kafka, Allen Thiher addresses the development of Kafka’s work by analyzing it in terms of its chronological unfolding, emphasizing the various phases in Kafka’s life that can be discerned in his constant quest to find a meaning for his writing. Thiher also shows that Kafka’s work, frequently self-referential, explores the ways literature can have meaning in a world in which writing is a dubious activity. After outlining Kafka’s life using new biographical information, Thiher examines Kafka’s first attempts at writing, often involving nearly farcical experiments. The study then shows how Kafka’s work developed through twists and turns, beginning with the breakthrough stories “The Judgment” and “The Metamorphosis,” continuing with his first attempt at a novel with Amerika, and followed by Kafka’s shifting back and forth between short fiction and two other unpublished novels, The Trial and The Castle. Thiher also calls on Kafka’s notebooks and diaries. These help demonstrate that Kafka never stopped experimenting in his attempt to find a literary form that might satisfy his desire to create some kind of transcendental literary text in an era in which the transcendent is at best an object of nostalgia or of comic derision. In short, Thiher contends, Kafka constantly sought the grounds for writing in a world in which all appears groundless.

The Unhappiness of Being a Single Man

New translations of the best stories by the one of the twentieth century's greatest and most influential writers No one has captured the modern experience, its wild dreams, strange joys, its neuroses and boredom, better than Franz Kafka.

Author: Franz Kafka

Publisher: Pushkin Press

ISBN: 1782274405

Category: Fiction

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New translations of the best stories by the one of the twentieth century's greatest and most influential writers No one has captured the modern experience, its wild dreams, strange joys, its neuroses and boredom, better than Franz Kafka. His vision, with its absurdity and twisted humour, has lost none of its force or relevance today. This essential collection, newly selected and translated by Alexander Starritt, casts fresh light on Kafka's genius. Alongside brutal depictions of violence and justice are jokes and deceptively slight, mysterious fables. These unforgettable pieces reflect the brilliance at the core of Franz Kafka, arguably most fully expressed within his short stories. Together they showcase a writer of unmatched imaginative depth, capable of expressing the most profound reality with a wry smile. Franz Kafka was born to Jewish parents in Prague and wrote in German. He published only a few story collections and individual stories in literary magazines in his lifetime. The rest of his work was published posthumously. He is now considered one of the most influential authors of the twentieth century.

The Essential Prose

Kafka never sent the letter — and that , perhaps , was just as well , for such a
letter probably performs its own healing function simply by being written ; one
cannot imagine that Kafka ' s father , perusing it , would have been enlightened .

Author: Dorothy Bendon Van Ghent



Category: College readers

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This book has two general aims: to provide materials for the teaching of discursive writing, and to give students a broad, various acquaintance with their cultural heritage. Each of the ninety-three selections is followed by a set of analytical questions that explore both the substance of the piece and its rhetorical strategies, for discussion or written exercises.

The Mystical Life of Franz Kafka

As Steiner frequently used the concepts of soul and inner core to designate the
essential self, distinct from and superior to the matter composing the human body
, it is reasonable to claim that what Kafka meant by inner core was also the ...

Author: June O. Leavitt

Publisher: OUP USA

ISBN: 0199827834

Category: Literary Criticism

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June O. Leavitt offers a fascinating examination of the mystical in Franz Kafka's life and writings, showing that Kafka's understanding of the occult was not only a product of his own clairvoyant experiences but of the age in which he lived.

Letter to the Father Brief an den Vater

DIARIES, I 9 Io-1923 edited by Max Brod For the first time in this country, the
complete diaries of Franz Kafka are available in one volume. Covering the period
from 1910 to 1923, the year before Kafka's death, they reveal the essential Kafka

Author: Franz Kafka

Publisher: Schocken

ISBN: 0804150753

Category: Literary Collections

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Franz Kafka wrote this letter to Hermann Kafka in November 1919; he was then thirty-six years old. Max Brod relates that Kafka actually gave it to his mother to hand to his father, hoping that it might renew a relationship that had disintegrated into tension and frustration on both sides. Kafka's probing of the abyss between them spared neither his father nor himself, and his cry for acceptance has an undertone of despair. He could not help seeing the lack of understanding between father and son as another moment in the universal predicament depicited in so much of his work. Probably realizing the futility of her son's gesture, his mother did not deliver the letter, but returned it to Kafka instead. Kafka died five years later, in 1924, of tuberculosis.

Opening Doors to Quality Writing 10 13

Kafka, Franz (2014 [1915]). Metamorphosis, in The Essential Kafka. Ware:
Wordsworth Classics. Kafka, Franz (2014 [1922]). The Castle, in The Essential
Kafka. Ware: Wordsworth Editions. Kästner, Erich (2012 [1931]). Emil and the

Author: Bob Cox

Publisher: Crown House Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1785831267

Category: Education

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In Opening Doors to Famous Poetry and Prose, Bob Cox introduced teachers to engaging strategies which use literary heritage texts as the stimulus for excellent learning. This new companion book, Opening Doors to Quality Writing, for ages 10 to 13, puts the focus on pupils producing quality writing – developing their literacy skills and a love of reading in the process. In the course of his educational consultancy work, Bob has seen many teachers successfully use the scope and depth which literature can offer to inspire high standards, mastery learning and, above all, a love of language in its many forms. Schools using the ‘opening doors’ strategies told Bob they led to: more teacher empowerment and confidence; more knowledge building for pupils and teachers; a growing confidence with literature, including poetry; planning from the top becoming a norm; planning for mastery learning becoming a norm; improved comprehension skills; improved quality writing and associated excitement. They also asked Bob for further examples of inspiring, quality texts, and more ways in which all abilities can access them. Bob was only too happy to oblige. These 15 units of work cover poetry and prose: each unit provides exciting stimulus material, creative ideas for writing projects, and differentiation and support strategies, meaning all pupils can achieve the quality writing objectives. All the units should help teachers facilitate understanding of the challenging texts and maximise the huge potential for quality writing. Discover a multitude of ready-to-use ideas, inspired by classic literature and great writers’ works, along with plenty of new strategies and advice. Units include: Part 1: Opening doors to prose 1. Night Encounter – The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins 2. Spooky Scientists! – The Phantom Coach by Amelia B. Edwards 3. The Strongest Looking Brute in Alaska – That Spot by Jack London 4. Mr Knickerbocker’s Notes – Rip Van Winkle by Washington Irving 5. The Portrait of Doom – Tess of the D’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy 6. The Hell Hound – The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 7. Sinister Spaces – Metamorphosis and The Castle by Franz Kafka 8. The Mirror and the Window – Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë Part 2: Opening doors to poetry 9. All in This House is Mossing Over – From ‘Mementos’ by Charlotte Brontë 10. Dancing the Skies – ‘High Flight’ by John Gillespie Magee, Jr 11. The Mystery of the Lonely Merman – ‘The Forsaken Merman’ by Matthew Arnold 12. Making Magic Talk – ‘The Magnifying Glass’ by Walter de la Mare 13. The Spirit in the Garden – ‘A Garden at Night’ by James Reeves 14. A Shropshire Lad – ‘Blue Remembered Hills’ by A. E. Housman 15. The Silver Heel – ‘I Started Early – Took My Dog’ by Emily Dickinson

Letters to Milena

Franz Kafka. volume; with the exception of the three novels, the whole of his
narrative work is included. “The Complete Stories ... Covering the period from
1910 to 1923, the year before Kafka's death, they reveal the essential Kafka
behind the ...

Author: Franz Kafka

Publisher: Schocken

ISBN: 080415077X

Category: Literary Collections

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In no other work does Franz Kafka reveal himself as in Letters to Milena, which begins as a business correspondence but soon develops into a passionate but doomed epistolary love affair. Kafka's Czech translator, Milena Jesenska, was a gifted and charismatic twenty-three-year-old who was uniquely able to recognize Kafka's complex genius and his even more complex character. For the thirty-six-year-old Kafka, she was "a living fire, such as I have never seen." It was to Milena that he revealed his most intimate self and, eventually, entrusted his diaries for safekeeping. "The voice of Kafka in Letters to Milena is more personal, more pure, and more painful than in his fiction: a testimony to human existence and to our eternal wait for the impossible. A marvelous new edition of a classic text." —Jan Kott

The Trial

A New Translation Based on the Restored Text Franz Kafka. AMERIKA translated
by Willa and Edwin Muir, with a foreword by E. L. Doctorow Kafka's first and
funniest novel tells the story of the young immigrant Karl Rossmann who, “packed
off ...

Author: Franz Kafka

Publisher: Schocken

ISBN: 0307829448

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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Written in 1914, The Trial is one of the most important novels of the twentieth century: the terrifying tale of Josef K., a respectable bank officer who is suddenly and inexplicably arrested and must defend himself against a charge about which he can get no information. Whether read as an existential tale, a parable, or a prophecy of the excesses of modern bureaucracy wedded to the madness of totalitarianism, Kafka's nightmare has resonated with chilling truth for generations of readers. This new edition is based upon the work of an international team of experts who have restored the text, the sequence of chapters, and their division to create a version that is as close as possible to the way the author left it. In his brilliant translation, Breon Mitchell masterfully reproduces the distinctive poetics of Kafka's prose, revealing a novel that is as full of energy and power as it was when it was first written.

The diaries

Journal entries share Kafka's thoughts and observations during the ten years before his death

Author: Franz Kafka

Publisher: Random House Digital, Inc.

ISBN: 0805209069

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 519

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Journal entries share Kafka's thoughts and observations during the ten years before his death

As Lonely as Franz Kafka

After this purposely exaggerated self - portrait - intended at once to frighten Felice
and to temper her alarm with amusement - Kafka gradually approached the
essential , or rather adumbrated it , for it was not merely difficult but quite
impossible ...

Author: Marthe Robert

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt P


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A Helen and Kurt Wolff book.

On Kafka s Castle

Rücksichtsloser Kampf um die The essential nature of the landVerwirklichung
phantastischer surveyor consists in ... he has lost someone who is far more
essential to him than all his fantasies about the Castle , Sokel , Franz Kafka :
Tragik und ...

Author: Richard Sheppard

Publisher: London : Croom Helm



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Two very good friends plan for Mother's Day, go to the beach, experiment with new shoes, and dig tunnels.


Toward a Minor Literature Gilles Deleuze. The Kafka Effect Réda Bensmaïa
Translated by Terry Cochran Writing is born from and deals with the
acknowledged doubt of an explicit division , in sum , of the impossibility of one ' s
own place .

Author: Gilles Deleuze

Publisher: U of Minnesota Press

ISBN: 9780816615155

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 104

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In Kafka Deleuze and Guattari free their subject from his (mis)intrepreters. In contrast to traditional readings that see in Kafka's work a case of Oedipalized neurosis or a flight into transcendence, guilt, and subjectivity, Deleuze and Guattari make a case for Kafka as a man of joy, a promoter of radical politics who resisted at every turn submission to frozen hierarchies.

Franz Kafka a Biography

This humor , which is an essential ingredient of Kafka ' s writing ( and of his
manner of living ) , points through the meshes of reality to the divine existence
beyond . His faith in this existence , never expressed in formulas , and never in a
clumsy ...

Author: Max Brod

Publisher: New York : Schocken Books


Category: Authors, Austrian

Page: 267

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Kafka s Clothes

Here , as in Kafka ' s overtly fictional texts , ' traffic provides the horizontal ground
for the artist ' s vertical ascension . ... Later that same year , after the breakthrough
experience of ' The Judgment ' , Kafka had time only for the essential activities ...

Author: Mark Anderson

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Philosophy

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'One should either be a work of art, or wear one', proclaimed Oscar Wilde at the end of the nineteenth century; 'I am made of literature, I am nothing else, and cannot be anything else', Franz Kafka proclaimed a brief decade later. Between these two claims lies the largely unexplored region in which the European decadent movement turned into the modernist avant-garde. In this original historical study, Mark Anderson explores Kafka's early dandyism, his interest in fashion, literary decadence and the 'superficial' spectacle of modern urban life as well as his subsequent repudiation of these phenomena in forging a literary identity as the isolated, otherworldly 'poet' of modern alienation. Rather than posit a break between these two personae, Anderson charts the historical continuities between the young Kafka and the author of The Metamorphosis and The Trial. The book demonstrates how clothing functions as a semi-private code of meaning in his literary works and the extent to which the aestheticist notion of becoming the work of art haunts Kafka's conception of writing throughout his life. The result is a startlingly unconventional portrait of Kafka and Prague at the turn of the century, involving such issues as Jugendstil aesthetics, Otto Weininger's 'egoless' woman, the Viennese critique of architectural ornament, the clothing-reform movement, anti-Semitism and the question of Jewish-German writing.

Agamben s Joyful Kafka

concluding chapter will bring together the rich yield that can be gathered from
Agamben's interpretation of Kafka. ... 5 As Dora Dymant describes: 'The essential
characteristics of his face were the very open, sometimes even wide-open eyes.

Author: Anke Snoek

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 1441172491

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 160

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Both Giorgio Agamben and Franz Kafka are best known for their gloomy political worldview. A cautious study of Agamben's references on Kafka, however, reveals another dimension right at the intersection of their works: a complex and unorthodox theory of freedom. The inspiration emerges from Agamben's claims that 'it is a very poor reading of Kafka's works that sees in them only a summation of the anguish of a guilty man before the inscrutable power'. Virtually all of Kafka's stories leave us puzzled about what really happened. Was Josef K., who is butchered like a dog, defeated? And what about the meaningless but in his own way complete creature Odradek? Agamben's work sheds new light on these questions and arrives, through Kafka, at different strategies for freedom at the point where this freedom is most blatantly violated.

The Metamorphosis In the Penal Colony and Other Stories

THE SCHOCKEN KAFKA LIBRARY AMERIKA translated by Willa and Edwin
Muir , with a foreword by E . L . Doctorow Kafka ... Covering the period from 1910
to 1923 , the year before Kafka ' s death , they reveal the essential Kafka behind
the ...

Author: Franz Kafka

Publisher: Random House LLC


Category: Fiction

Page: 317

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The best-known novellas and stories of one of the seminal writers of the twentieth century. Included are "The Judgment", "A Country Doctor", and "A Hunger Artist". New Foreword by Anne Rice.

Franz Kafka

the limits of deterministic psychological , theological , and biographical readings
of Kafka . In an effort to circumvent the shortcomings of such readings , he
attempts to base his analysis on a rigorous literary term . He describes the
essential ...

Author: Henry Sussman



Category: Metaphor

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