The Green Man in Britain

The book also contains a detailed gazetteer of over 200 sites, featuring almost 1000 carvings (many photographed by Felicity Howlett).

Author: Fran Doel

Publisher: The History Press

ISBN: 0750953136

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The Green Man has many facets, many dimensions. He peers through his leaf mask in hundreds of church misericords and stone carvings. His innate link with the changing seasons and fertility is revealed in the medieval poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and in summer folk customs such as Jack in the Green, the Castleton Garland and the Burry Man. Perhaps he even lurks in the legendary hero of the Greenwood, Robin Hood. The Authors have been running summer schools and courses on the Green Man for many years, and in this fascinating study they discuss his significance in medieval times and explore the modern development of the concept of the Green Man. The book also contains a detailed gazetteer of over 200 sites, featuring almost 1000 carvings (many photographed by Felicity Howlett).

The Green Man Unmasked

Cambridge (1963) History and Imagery in British Churches. London (1971)
Anderson, William & Hicks Clive. Green Man: The Archetype of our Oneness with
the Earth. (1990) Barley, M.W. Hanson R.P. Christianity in Roman Britain. (1968)

Author: James Coulter

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1467014885

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A relic from our pagan past; a fertility symbol; the spirit of vegetation; Jack-in-the-Green, Herne the Hunter or Robin Hoodall of these descriptions and many more have been advanced to explain the identity of the strange and often outlandish image which glares so balefully from rood screen and roof boss in so many places of Christian worship throughout Western Europe. Invariably depicting a male human head, it is by any reckoning a most unusual image and while exhibiting countless variations, the predominant feature common to all is the vegetation issuing in luxuriant profusion from the mouth and coiling around the head in fantastic shapes and patterns; a feature which has no known counterpart in nature. It is the Green Man so-called by generations of environmentalists and folklore enthusiasts. But such interpretations beg the questionwhy does the image occur predominantly within a Christian context with a frequency second only to that of Christ Himself. . Who is the Green Man and what does his widespread presence signify? The author believes that the answer to this age-old riddle may be found in a number of medieval works such as the apocryphal gospels, the Bestiary and the Legend of the Rood all of which would have been familiar to scholars and teachers of the period. Although never part of the official canon, these nevertheless had a considerable influence on the teaching of the medieval Church and the imagery which it employed to illustrate it for the benefit of illiterate or semi-literate congregations. The present study represents a radical departure from the previously received wisdom on the subject and advances the hypothesis that far from being a pagan fertility symbol, the Green Man is a lead player in the great scriptural drama of the Creation, the Fall of Man and his ultimate redemption.

New Society

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The Rise of the Gothic

Bibliography Andersen , Jørgen ( 1977 ) The Witch on the Wall ; Medieval Erotic
Sculpture in the British Isles . ... ( 1983 ) Holy Places of the British Isles with
photographs by Clive Hicks . London . ... Basford , Kathleen ( 1978 ) The Green
Man .

Author: William Anderson

Publisher: Arrow


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Describes the characteristics of the Gothic style, looks at the most famous cathedrals of Europe, and explains how the Gothic style developed.

The Clique

History & Geography of Ethi Horkheimer ( M. ) , The Authoritarian Peropia , 1682
sonality Lynd ( R. ) , The Green Man , 1928 ... Her Penetration & Britain's
Downfall to the Life & Times Eisenhower Doctrine any title Hussey ( H. M. ) ,
Church ...




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Author: Mark Lemon



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Parliamentary Debates Hansard

When the the Mayor introduced concessions for young people , he promised that
there would be extra British Transport ... When I was a child — my memory serves
me well ; that was a long time ago I got the No.148 bus from the Green Man ...

Author: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons



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Contains the 4th session of the 28th Parliament through the session of the Parliament.

A Companion to the Folklore Myths Customs of Britain

One of the many Green Man heads to be seen among the fantastical carving of
Rosslyn Chapel . A Hand of Glory displayed in the Walsall Museum after. GREEN
MAN GREEN MAN The most puzzling aspect of the woodland entity known as ...

Author: Marc Alexander

Publisher: Sutton Pub Limited


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With more than one thousand entries, this illustrated guide to the myths, legends, and traditional lore of the British Isles covers the gamut, from stone circles to Arthurian legends to ancient heroes and monsters.

Videos for Kids

arrive from Britain and during a contest to prove their authenticity, Huck steals the
jailor's keys and frees Jim. ... Then Kwaku becomes aware that he's being
followed by a green man; he hides, and Sam reappears telling Kwaku to use the

Author: Doug Atkinson

Publisher: Prima Lifestyles

ISBN: 9781559586351

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Offers advice on evaluating videos for children, and recommends videos for children in each age group from preschool to teenagers

Rosslyn and the Grail

Lady Raglan ' s imaginative ideas have been largely disproved by academic
folklorists , but they have taken on a life of their own . Today , the Green Man is
widely seen as a survival from pagan Britain , an ancient fertility god that
somehow ...

Author: Mark Oxbrow

Publisher: Mainstream Publishing

ISBN: 9781845961152

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The secrets of Scotland's Rosslyn Chapel have remained hidden for hundreds of years. After a decade of extensive research, two Scottish historians have pieced together the real story of Rosslyn and reveal all in this book.


Also out this month is Ray Costello's book the Early History of Britain's Oldest
Black Community from the 1730-1918, ... Development Awards were offered to
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Sport and the Making of Britain

Having gone up to London ' by the waggon ' the lad had been caught up in the
fast life of the Green Man and Still , Oxford Street , the favourite haunt of
professional cricketers . ' You know what young folk are , Sir , ' he told Pycroft , ' . .
. so ...

Author: Derek Birley



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This lively and stimulating book looks at some of the myths and realities surrounding Britain's legendary enthusiasm for sport; and aims to chronicle how sporting traditions were shaped and how they, in turn, contributed to the shaping of British social conventions and attitudes.

Britain To day

In preparation for Autumn publication Britain's Green Mantle Past , Present and
Future A. G. TANSLEY Author of Elements ... The Green Man ANDREW YOUNG
Written over a number of years , these poems are all parts of a whole , a picture of




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British Customs and Ceremonies

The sweeps ' contribution to the procession and pageantry was often the
provision of a Jack - in - the - Green or Green Man . This male figure , occupying
a wicker framework covered with greenery and flowers , is not yet dead : he lives
not ...

Author: Cecil Hunt



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Waterstone s Guide to Books

ALEJO CARPENTIER The Lost Steps A wonderful narrative by a Cuban writer of
a quest into the jungles of South America for the origins of music and the self . ...
The Green Man This is perhaps the best - known ... ( Cape , hbk £ 9.95 / Grafton ,
pbk £ 2.99 ) For more than thirty years , Brian Aldiss has been one of Britain's
most ...




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British Book News

... Other True Mysteries Armada Pbk stories , nursery rhymes etc. how animals ,
birds , insects and £ 0.60 ISBN 0 00 691598 1 Johnson , J. Sybil and the Blue
Rabbit reptiles adapt adapt to winter . By Haley , G. E. The Green Man Bodley
Benn ...




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Man Myth Magic

As the colour of vegetation , green was prominent in spring celebrations
throughout Europe ; it is also , traditionally , the colour of envy ... THE GREEN
MAN of British inn signs commemorates an important figure of the old springtime
festivities .

Author: Richard Cavendish



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A Finnegans Wake Gazetteer

13 glycoraw man arsenicful femorniser 263 . 14 Espanol ... Green Man Rise - O is
a very old London st game resembling hide and seek . 74 . 02 in his ... 25 Green
St , btwn Little Britain St and N King St ; built 1792 on site of 334 GREENHILLS.

Author: Louis O. Mink

Publisher: Bloomington : Indiana University Press


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The May Celebrations of Helston and Padstow Cornwall Britain

Another powerful male symbol especially associated with the spring season is
the Green Man . This ambiguous figure has been associated with the Robin
Hood legend . An historical figure of the second half of the 12th century , the
individual ...

Author: Suzanne Marie Elder Wallace




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Who s a Pretty Boy Then

Jeffrey magazine , 1973 WITH ALVIS AND O ' DELL BOYS Wiu # GIRLS Britain '
s Ace Female Impressionist PHIL STARR A STAR ... Castle , Green Man , Royal
Oak , Vauxhal The Bell , Pentonville Road , NI ( Kings Tyvern , Windsor Castle .

Author: James Gardiner

Publisher: Serpents Tail


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More than 600 pictures ? portraits and pornography, postcards and cuttings and snapshots from private albums ? go to make up one man's personal and highly idiosyncratic view of gay history since the invention of the camera. Gay people, their friends, lovers, idols and enemies in all their glory, divas, bodybuilders and drag queens, heroes and villains, from Marie Lloyd to Madonna, Sandow to Schwarzenegger, Boulton to Savage, Labouchere to Mary Whitehouse. And alongside the famous and infamous, are the images of ?ordinary? gay men taken at moments that only friends and lovers would bother to record.