The Island

The most complete study of the history of Robben Island available to date is
Simon de Villiers , Robben Island : Out of Reach , Out of Mind ( Cape Town ,
1971 ) . This is a rather uneven , anecdotal book , characterised by some
extraordinary ...

Author: Harriet Deacon

Publisher: New Africa Books

ISBN: 9780864862990

Category: Prisons

Page: 184

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Robben Island is a low-lying outcrop of rock and sand guarding the entrance to South Africa's Table Bay. Although it is just a few kilometres long and a barely swimmable distance from Cape Town, it may well be the most significant historical site in South Africa today.

The Island of South Georgia

The natural history of South Georgia and its surrounding oceans is one of the
most fascinating aspects of the island . The species composition , life histories ,
origins , interdependence , feeding , communities , and other aspects of its biota ...

Author: Robert Headland

Publisher: CUP Archive

ISBN: 9780521424745

Category: History

Page: 293

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This extensively illustrated book is the only comprehensive account of the island of South Georgia.

Niue The Island And Its People

I have entered at some length into the description of the fauna and Aora of the
Island , having taken special care to obtain the correct native names . Failing
traditions , I look on these names , when compared with those in other islands ,
as ...

Author: Palekula

Publisher: [email protected]




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Biogeography and Ecology of the Island of Newfoundland

Introduction The Island of Newfoundland lies at the northeasternmost limit of the
Appalachian mountain system in North America. It has in fact been a major field
centre from which tectonic zones have been identified and traced throughout the

Author: R. South

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789061931010

Category: Science

Page: 723

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Decline and Recovery of the Island Fox

Captive breeding and reintroduction, especially on Santa Rosa and San Miguel
Islands, was the one recovery action that could not fail if island foxes were to be
recovered. If the handful of remaining San Miguel and Santa Rosa animals did ...

Author: Timothy J. Coonan

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139491563

Category: Nature


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Native only to the California Channel Islands, the island fox is the smallest canid in North America. Populations on four of the islands were threatened to extinction in the 1990s due to human-mediated predation and disease. This is the first account of the natural history and ecology of the island fox, illustrating both the vulnerability of island ecosystems and the efficacy of cooperative conservation measures. It explains in detail the intense conservation actions required to recover fox populations, such as captive breeding and reintroduction, and large-scale ecosystem manipulation. These actions were successful due in large part to extraordinary collaboration among the scientists, managers and public advocates involved in the recovery effort. The book also examines the role of some aspects of island fox biology, characteristic of the 'island syndrome', in facilitating their recovery, including high productivity and an apparent adaptation to periodic genetic bottlenecks.

The Works of Beaumont and Fletcher Bonduca The island princess The loyal subject Monsieur Thomas

This is sufficiently proved by its having been performed at court in 1621 , at
Christmas ; and , as new plays were generally exbibited on these occasions ,
there is little room to doubt that the Island Princess was first acted and produced
in that ...

Author: Francis Beaumont





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An Historical Account of the Island of Saint Vincent

Author: Charles Shephard

Publisher: London : W. Nicol


Category: Saint Vincent

Page: 216

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Descriptive account of the island of Trinidad 1797

THE ISLAND OF TRINIDAD IES on the North - East Coast of South America ,
near the entrance of the River Orinoco ( Oroonoko ) in the Ilo of north Latitude ,
and 61° Longitude Weft of London . It is the largest and southernmost of all the ...

Author: F. Mallet



Category: Trinidad

Page: 15

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Guide to the island of Jersey by A J Le Cras

STRANGER ' S GUIDE , 10 THE ISLAND OF JERSEY . Tue Island of Jersey ,
much the largest and givest of the Norman isles , is , according to Mr . Brooke , 18
miles from the coast of Normandy in France , and 84 south of Portland in ...

Author: Abraham Jones Le Cras




Page: 80

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The Island of Dr Moreau

The following narrative was found among his papers by the undersigned, his
nephew and heir, but unaccompanied by any definite request for publication. The
only island known to exist in the region in which my uncle was picked up is
Noble's ...

Author: H. G. Wells

Publisher: Barnes & Noble Publishing

ISBN: 9780760755846

Category: Fiction

Page: 160

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This haunting classic by Wells--a dark fable about the characteristics of beasts blurring as the animals turn into men--serves as a compelling reminder of the horrors that reckless experiments with nature can produce. Reissue.

The Island Chumash

In 1990, Jeanne Arnold visited eastern Santa Cruz Island to document the
locations of Nanawani and Swaxil (Arnold 199ob). Her investigation was limited
because of a complicated joint ownership agreement between the National Park

Author: Douglas J. Kennett

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520931435

Category: Social Science

Page: 310

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Colonized as early as 13,500 years ago, the Northern Channel Islands of California offer some of the earliest evidence of human habitation along the west coast of North America. The Chumash people who lived on these islands are considered to be among the most socially and politically complex hunter-gatherers in the world. This book provides a powerful and innovative synthesis of the cultural and environmental history of the chain of islands. Douglas J. Kennett shows that the trends in cultural elaboration were, in part, set into motion by a series of dramatic environmental events that were the catalyst for the unprecedented social and political complexity observed historically.

The Island on Bird Street

Author: Uri Orlev

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 9780395616239

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 162

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During World War II a Jewish boy is left on his own for months in a ruined house in the Warsaw Ghetto, where he must learn all the tricks of survival under constantly life-threatening conditions.

A Picturesque Tour of the Island of Jamaica

But a residence of nearly two years in the island of Jamaica must be pleaded as
the Author's apology for offering, also, a few remarks on the moral condition of
some parts of its inhabitants ; first, the Negroes. As slaves these are, undoubtedly
, ...

Author: James Hakewill



Category: Jamaica

Page: 16

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The Island

You never want to go there, but ifby some chance you do, you better be careful
because there are strange things that go on at the Island of the Unknown. This
was a cursed island, but how it became cursed was a mystery to people.
Everyone ...

Author: Matt Hisle

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1479774855

Category: Fiction

Page: 56

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An island is cursed by a person who knows black magic then three years later, people start hearing about it and they want to know what really happen on the island. So a Captain and a Sheriff get on a ship and set out on an adventure to find out what happen on the island years ago. As they do they run into many different obstacles, including finding the person who did this, dealing with the weird things that happen on the island and one of them reunites with an their past. These are just a few of the things that happen on The Island.

The Island

He spread out a large map of The Island. Rob pointed out a large area holding
several sizable buildings, and informed me that this was the first industry on The
Island, The Sawmill, where a large amount of pine was sawed and rough-
finished ...

Author: Allan Wilcox

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1479703192

Category: Fiction

Page: 133

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There is no available information at this time.

The Island

A wealthy family purchases a Georgia island and decides to live there. IN 1867, A
WEALTHY family, the MacNamaras, bought some land, White Birds Island, from
the state of Georgia and built a large home there using lumber made from felled ...

Author: Reeves Shields

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing

ISBN: 1609112105

Category: Fiction

Page: 258

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During World War II, a Nazi submarine landed two men on a beautiful island off the coast of Georgia. These two soldiers were ordered to bury money that was intended to be used by Nazi saboteurs to incapacitate a large and busy shipyard. The saboteurs' plot was eventually discovered, and the Nazi soldiers were returned to Germany. In the 1950s, the same island attracts an interesting cast of characters. An olive-skinned beauty named Veronica and a blonde young man named Steven decide to live together in an old house that has been long abandoned, yet is still habitable. An escaped convict, fleeing from prison authorities on a nearby island, turns up as well. And four young men from the local mainland camp out on the island to enjoy a pleasant getaway. All of these island visitors struggle through trials and tribulations...with one another and with wild and dangerous animals. At the same time, three German ex-soldiers who know about the previously buried money arrive to claim the cash. Instead, they meet up with a big, disappointing and unforeseen surprise. Reeves Shields is inspired by great writers and great science. He is a former defense industry worker who now devotes himself full time to writing. Shields grew up in a small town on the coast of Georgia and now lives near Washington, D.C. As a boy, he enjoyed camping out on islands off the coast of Georgia. Publisher's website: http: //

A New Geological Map of the Island of Syros Aegean Sea Greece

The island of Syros, which is located in the heart of the Cycladic blueschist
terrane, is one of few localities in Europe where remnants of blueschist- and
eclogite-facies metamorphism are exceptionally well preserved. Syros features a
wide ...

Author: Mark Keiter

Publisher: Geological Society of America

ISBN: 0813724813

Category: Science

Page: 43

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The Island of Syros (Cyclades, Greece) is a prime locality for the study of processes active in deep levels of orogens and is world famous for its exceptionally well preserved blueschist- to eclogite-facies lithologies. Syros Island was completely remapped at a scale of 1:25,000. Detailed lithostratigraphical observations and area-wide, closely spaced structural measurements allowed a much more detailed depiction of the highly variable lithological assemblage, as well as of the complex structural evolution. Lithostratigraphical indications, such as the distribution of Mn-mineralization and sequential repetition of characteristic marker successions, suggest that the whole-rock pile of the Cycladic Blueschist Unit on Syros, including meta-ophiolites and metasediments, retains numerous primary depositional features. Magmatic activity in an Upper Cretaceous backarc environment was likely to be contemporaneous with the deposition of the sedimentary protoliths comprising the main lithological succession on Syros. The structural evolution of the Cycladic Blueschist Unit on Syros comprises multiphase isoclinal intrafolial folding and ductile thrusting, regarded as essentially burial related and terminating close to peak metamorphic conditions, either prograde or very early on the retrograde path. Especially in areas where blueschist- to eclogite-facies metamorphism is undisturbed, high-pressure fabrics are well preserved. The retrograde evolution was accompanied by heterogeneously distributed, weakly developed extensional tectonics and episodical, contractional deformation, followed by intense brittle transpressional and transtensional tectonics, disrupting the rock sequence since Miocene to subrecent times.

The Island

Angie Brijpaul. The Island The Island Angie Brijpaul iUniverse, Inc. New York
Bloomington The Island Copyright © 2009 by Angie Brijpaul All rights.

Author: Angie Brijpaul

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595635970

Category: Fiction

Page: 116

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Teenager Marie Marcette knows shes in for the sweltering combination of heat and humidity of the local climate when her older brother wins tickets to a resort in the Philippines. She doesnt count on meeting hunky Julian Summers, a guy that instantly grabs her attention with his intelligence and polite, fun demeanor. Maries surprise at the unexpected intensifies when the tour boat shes on crashes, and she and twelve others are stranded on a deserted island, cut off from civilization. Beyond the normal hunt for goods to sustain themselves, Marie, Julian, and the others must deal with a mysterious forest from which some fail to reemerge. What kind of evil resides there? As members of the group vanish one by one, interpersonal struggles mount. With families broken, friendships strained, and love questioned, the remaining group members, including Marie and Julian, struggle to overcome their plight against the mysterious surrounding horrors. They bond together in a shaky truce, united in their quest for survival. As dreams start to fade and hope rapidly crumbles, their old lives become a thing of the past. How can Marie and the others escape the unknown horrors of The Island?

The Island

When they paused for a rest, Kel seemed unsure of which way to look: back
towards shore, to see whether they were being pursued; or out at the island,
revealing itself in more detail the nearer they drew. So he sat beside Namior,
shifting view ...

Author: Tim Lebbon

Publisher: Allison & Busby

ISBN: 0749012986

Category: Fiction

Page: 447

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Kel Boon thinks he has managed to escape his past as an agent in the secret organisation the Core, protecting the blissfully unaware Noreelans from the threat of the lizard-like Strangers - creatures from beyond the known world capable of untold destruction. In the sleepy fishing village of Pavmouth Breaks, Kel has become the woodcarver, leaving fighting behind and forming a tentative relationship with trainee witch Namior. But a storm is brewing and at its centre the witches sense something dark, and deadly. What follows in the wake of the storm threatens the Noreelans' very way of life, forcing them to face the fact that life exists beyond the shores of Noreela, and not all of it is friendly. With the people and land he loves in terrible danger, Kel quickly realises that he cannot escape his past, or his destiny.

The Island

the US Airways Airbus turned to make its final descent on Pittsburgh International
Airport, I could clearly see the island and the river. That was exactly why I had
chosen to sit in a window seat on the right side of the plane. It was exhilarating to

Author: Marlene Zarecki Goodell

Publisher: Archway Publishing

ISBN: 1480808970

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 238

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Led back home to Neville Island, Pennsylvania, to help care for her terminally ill father during the last days of his life, Marlene Goodell is transported back into her memories living on the island during the 1960s as she and her friends skipped and danced their way through both the rough and smooth waters of their times. As personal loss prompts her to move from her present into days gone by, Goodell nostalgically shares a glimpse into post-World War II America as she reflects on her fascinating family history and an upbringing where she learned to embrace the simple and predictable island lifestyle amid a world embroiled in turmoil. Through her reflections, it soon becomes clear that her family's dreams for their life in America set the stage for every future decision. Eventually this led them to set down roots on the Pennsylvania island and create a life where Goodell thrived, learned to respect the power of the water, and became an entrepreneur at age sixteen. The Island retells a nostalgic story as a girl grows up on Neville Island, Pennsylvania, and builds a firm foundation with strong convictions, a determination to persevere, and an unwavering love for family.