The Killing of Shishupala

Magha's The Killing of Shishupala is a celebrated seventh-century Sanskrit poem that tells the story of Shishupala's refusal to honor the divine Krishna at the coronation of Yudhishthira.

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Magha's The Killing of Shishupala, written in the seventh century, is a celebrated example of the Sanskrit genre known as mahākāvya, or great poem. This adaptation from the epic Mahābhārata tells the story of Shishupala, who disrupts Yudhishthira's coronation by refusing to honor Krishna, the king's principal ally and a manifestation of divinity. When Shishupala challenges Krishna to combat, he is immediately beheaded. Magha, who was likely a court poet in western India, draws on the rich stylistic resources of Sanskrit poetry to imbue his work with unparalleled sophistication. He expands the narrative's cosmic implications through elaborate depictions of the natural world and intense erotic sensuality, mixing myth and classical erudition with scenes of political debate and battlefield slaughter. Krishna is variously portrayed as refined prince, formidable warrior, and incarnation of the god Vishnu protecting the world from demonic threat. With this translation of The Killing of Shishupala, presented alongside the original text in the Devanagari script, English readers for the first time gain access to a masterwork that has dazzled Indian audiences for a thousand years.

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Hinduism Volume 2

Shishupala palindromes ( verses that are the same when read backward or
forward ) , or that use only one or two ... The heavenly voice also says that
Shishupala can be killed by only one person on earth , that Shishupala ' s third
eye will ...

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Provides information on the origins, history, and practice of Hinduism, including facts on the various festivals and celebrations.

Bargaining with a Rising India

The killing of Shishupala Shishupala was born in the line of the King of Chedi,
and was related to Krishna. At the time of his birth, a divine forecast was made:
he would enjoy a life of affluence and power, but was destined to be killed by
Lord ...

Author: Amrita Narlikar

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The need to negotiate effectively with India is only growing as its power rises. Understanding the negotiating culture wherein India's bargaining behaviour is embedded forms a crucial step to facilitate this process. In the literature on international negotiation, experimental studies point to specific behavioural characteristics of Indian negotiators. Empirical analyses confirm these findings, and many suggest that the sources of India's negotiation behaviour are deep-rooted and culture-specific, going beyond what standard explanations of interest group politics, partisan politics, or institutional politics would suggest. But there are very few works that trace these sources. Extensive sociological and anthropological, and comparative political studies remain confined to their own fields, and do not develop their implications for Indian foreign policy or negotiation. There is a conspicuous lack of works that attempt to unpack the "negotiating culture" variable using literary sources. This book aims to fill both these gaps. It focuses on India's negotiating traditions through the lens of the classical Sanskrit text, the Mahabharata, and investigates the continuities and changes in India's negotiation behaviour as a rising power.

Dictionary of Indology

Shishupala Baddha: Shishupala Baddha is an epic written by Magha. It deals
with the story of the killing of Shishupala by Krishna during the Rajasuya Yajna
performed by Yudhisthira. The first canto begins with Narada predicting the death
of ...

Author: Vishnulok Bihari Srivastava

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Dictionary of Indology presents the history of Indian Scriptures, Language, Literature and Humanities in all the forms, colours and dimensions; not graphically but alphabetically; from the most primitive time to the recent past; through detailed description of and references to, almost all the books available and the authors known in both Vedic and Laukika Samskrit. It deals mostly with the facts but some critical insight is also given wherever needed or necessary. Such a handy book was the need of the time as most of us are unfamiliar with most of the stupendous works by intellectual doyens. A familiarity and affection will instantly grow, which will bring the readers close to the richest and widest range of illuminating products of sublime minds.

Mahabharata The Illustrated

But Yudhishthira's heart was heavy and he was full of foreboding . The future
seemed dark and uncertain . The killing of Shishupala had been a stain on that
beautiful day . Around him he saw the unsmiling faces of his cousins , the
Kauravas .

Author: Rao

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Composed over three thousand years ago, the Mahabharata is one of India s greatest epics. In this version, the author, in retelling the main narrative, retains the grandeur and flavour of the epic. The colour plates and black and white drawings by the Indian painter Badri Narayan add a new, rich, spectacular dimension to the classic.


Among the kings who stormed out were Shalva and Dantavakra, who were
friends of Shishupala and allies of Jarasandha. ... The first time, they were born
as the Asura brothers, Hiranayaksha and Hiranyakashipu, who were killed by
Vishnu ...

Author: Devdutt Pattanaik

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High above the sky stands Swarga, paradise, abode of the gods. Still above is Vaikuntha, heaven, abode of God. The doorkeepers of Vaikuntha are the twins, Jaya and Vijaya, both whose names mean 'victory'. One keeps you in Swarga; the other raises you into Vaikuntha. In Vaikuntha there is bliss forever, in Swarga there is pleasure for only as long as you deserve. What is the difference between Jaya and Vijaya? Solve this puzzle and you will solve the mystery of the Mahabharata. In this enthralling retelling of India's greatest epic, the Mahabharata, originally known as Jaya, Devdutt Pattanaik seamlessly weaves into a single narrative plots from the Sanskrit classic as well as its many folk and regional variants, including the Pandavani of Chattisgarh, Gondhal of Maharashtra, Terukkuttu of Tamil Nadu, and Yakshagana of Kamataka. Richly illustrated with over 250 line drawings by the author, the 108 chapters abound with little-known details such as the names of the hundred Kauravas, the worship of Draupadi as a goddess in Tamil Nadu, the stories of Astika, Madhavi, Jamini, Aravan and Barnareek, the Mahabharata version of the Shakuntaiam and the Ramayana, and the dating of the war based on astronomical data. With clarity and simplicity, the tales in the elegant volume reveal the eternal relevance of the Mahabharata, the complex and disturbing meditation on the human condition that has shaped Indian thought for over 3000 years.

Krishna and Shishupala

Shishupala's mother was shocked when she came to know that her child was destined to be killed by Krishna.


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Shishupala's mother was shocked when she came to know that her child was destined to be killed by Krishna. She extracted a promise from him that he would forgive Shishupala a hundred offences. As he grew up Shishupala had enough reasons to be angry with Krishna. Especially after he was jilted by Princess Rukmini, in favour of the merry-eyed cowherd. He provoked Krishna repeatedly and was forgiven a hundred times. And then one day Shishupala committed his hundred and first offence.

Tales of Lord Krishna

Except Shishupala no other king has any grievance against him . The attitude of
Shishupala against Shri Krishna is inspired by his envy . That is why Shishupala
has not got and will not get any support in the court . We have worshipped Shri ...


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Encyclopaedia of Hinduism Ma bhr ata

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Indian Subcontinent

Shakuntala and Dushyanta are reconciled , and general happiness prevails .
Shishupalavadha . A court epic by Magha D . ' The killing of Shishupala ' tells the
story of the episode from the Mahabharata in which Krishna , after long tolerating

Author: Simon Weightman

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A literary guidebook containing over 200 extracts from novels, poems, travel writing, and short stories.

Traveller s Literary Companion to the Indian Sub continent

... and feels himself strangely drawn towards him : the boy turns out to be his own
son . Shakuntala and Dushyanta are reconciled , and general happiness prevails
. Shishupalavadha . A court epic by Magha ( ) , ' The killing of Shishupala ' tells ...

Author: S. C. R. Weightman



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Indian Writing Today

... Shishupalavadha ( the killing of Shishupala ) , misdeeds with nothing more
than a few trying to bribe Karna with Draupadi , spreading baffled queries . It
seems as though she rumour of Ashwathama's death in order to underallowed
herself ...




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Encyclopaedia of Indian Literature

The Smritisthala describes graphically how the whole village was enraptured by
his discourses on the Bhagavata Purana. Of the two major works of Bhaskara the
Shishupalavadha tells the story of the killing of Shishupala by Lord Krishna.

Author: Amaresh Datta

Publisher: New Delhi : Sahitya Akademi, c1987-c1989


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A Survey of Research in Political Science Political thought

Magha's Shishupala Vadham , which has as its theme the killing of Shishupala
by Krishna , exhibits knowledge of diplomatic practices . Bhartrihari's Niti
Shatakam too is interesting for political ideas . Two important prose works are
Harsha ...




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Contributed articles.

Masterpieces of Indian Literature Annotated bibliography additional pieces 19 languages Appendices




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Mother India

In the course of the first four Amshas we hear of Krishna now and then ( the killing
of Shishupala , the Syamantakamani episode ) and the entire fifth and
penultimate Amsha of the work is devoted to the story of Krishna . Maitreya
requests ...




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Vishnu and His Incarnations

Krishna killed Shishupala , the king of Chedi . Shishupala and Kamsa were the
two door keepers of Vishnu , cursed to be born , on earth as asuras ( see Jaya
and Vijaya ) . When Shishupala was born , he had three eyes and four arms , and

Author: Shakti M. Gupta

Publisher: South Asia Books


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The Lore of Mahabharata

Thus it became necessary for Krishna to kill Shishupala . This was the first human
killing by Krishna , we see . Jarasandha was killed prior to this but in that affair
Krishna acted only as a guard and director ; Jarasandha was slain by Bhima .

Author: Amaleśa Bhaṭṭācārya



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Mahābhārata, retold.

Birds Beasts Men and Nature

He advises Yudhishthira on the Rajasuya and sees to its successful completion
through the killing of Shishupala and Jarasandha . The overt reason , therefore
for his absence during the game of dice is that his own kingdom has been
attacked ...

Author: Kavita Agarwal Sharma



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Indian Inheritance Literature philosophy and religion

and of Magha , the Shishupalavada ( The Killing of Shishupala ) ( 7th century )
began to carry rhetorical devices to excess . It is indeed a common feature of
most types of Sanskrit literature , that authors compete with one another in piling
up ...

Author: Kanaiyalal Maneklal Munshi



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