The Modern Preacher and the Ancient Text

Interpreting and Preaching Biblical Literature Sidney Greidanus. story , the Bible naturally also depicts many human characters ... what is this " more " ? It comes to 118 THE MODERN PREACHER AND THE ANCIENT TEXT Christocentric Preaching.

Author: Sidney Greidanus

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

ISBN: 9780802803603

Category: Religion

Page: 396

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A fusion of biblical hermeneutics and homiletics, this thorough and well-researched book offers a holistic contemporary approach to the interpretation and preaching of biblical texts, using all the scholarly tools available and focusing especially on literary features. Greidanus develops hermeneutical and homiletical principles and then applies them to four specific genres: Hebrew narratives, prophetic literature, the Gospels, and the Epistles.

From Ancient Text to Valid Application

The Modern Preacher and the Ancient Text: Interpreting and Preaching Biblical Literature. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1988. Griffiths, Jonathan I. Preaching in the New Testament: An Exegetical and BiblicalTheological Study.

Author: Josiah D. Boyd

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1666725145

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As a child needs nutrient-rich calories to grow healthily, so God’s people experience maturation through consistent, Spirit-empowered feedings from the Bible prepared by a capable, Spirit-filled chef. This is why Paul emphatically charged Timothy, an overseer of a local congregation, to unwaveringly and unrelentingly “preach the word” (2 Tim 4:1–2), a task that assumes not only Scripture’s right explanation but also its valid application. Unfortunately, while much scholarly attention has been paid to the former facet, less has been given to the latter. One homiletician, Abraham Kuruvilla (Privilege the Text! A Theological Hermeneutic for Preaching), has recently attempted to fill this void by articulating and demonstrating a methodology through which a preacher can, with confidence and clarity, lead the people of God from the word of God to its intended, and thus binding, application. This work explores the effectiveness of his proposed theology and hermeneutic for the identification, development, communication, and reception of biblically founded, theologically valid, and hearer-relevant application.

Anointed Expository Preaching

Sidney Greidanus, The Modern Preacher and the Ancient Text: Interpreting and Preaching Biblical Literature (Grand Rapids: William B. Eerdmans Publishing, 1988), 16–17. 9. This approach is presented rather than a topical approach where ...

Author: Stephen F. Olford

Publisher: B&H Publishing Group

ISBN: 0805431292

Category: Religion

Page: 369

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What is “expository preaching?” In this brilliant new book, Dr. Stephen Olford and Dr. David Olford, both widely respected preachers in their own right define “expository preaching” (“exposing Scripture instead of imposing upon it”), teach its technique, and express its significance (“all true preaching is expository”). This book equips and encourages preachers of all kinds to respect their calling and minister God’s inerrant Word by the Olford’s marvelous methods.

SCM Studyguide Preaching

Sidney Greidanus, The Modern Preacher and the Ancient Text (Leicester: InterVarsity Press, 1988). Matthew Levering, Ezra and Nehemiah. Brazos Theological Commentary (London: SCM Press, 2008), p. 127; emphasis in original.

Author: Peter K. Stevenson

Publisher: SCM Press

ISBN: 0334043743

Category: Religion

Page: 288

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Peter Stevenson provides an introduction to the practice of preaching. It is designed for people from various church traditions, in the early stages of ministerial formation. Preaching is a complex and challenging business requiring a demanding mixture of skills. People listening to a sermon have the right to expect that a person who stands up to preach, can interpret the Bible competently, has a grasp of core Christian beliefs, and believes what they preach. They also expect someone who has the necessary range of communication skills to put the message across in an accessible way. Such a range of expectations presents daunting challenges to the most experienced preacher. Including practical exercises which could be used by individuals or by groups, this book is suitable for introductory courses in preaching or for modules which consider preaching within an overall focus upon leading public worship.

Preacher Can You Hear Us Listening

can help us with the meaning of the text and thus help bridge the distance between the world of the Bible and the world where we live . Sidney Greidanus calls one of his books The Modern Preacher and the Ancient Text.1 The title and the ...

Author: Roger E. Van Harn

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

ISBN: 9780802828651

Category: Religion

Page: 160

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Everyone knows that pulpits are for preaching and pews are for listening to sermons. This obvious scenario, however, masks an essentialprerequisite for faithful, fruitful preaching -- namely, that preachers listen to God and to their people before they speak. Roger Van Harn here puts forth pointed questions that sermon listeners really ask of preachers: Why should we listen to sermons? Doesevery sermon need a Bible text? How can a sermon be the word of God? Do you preach for the church or the world? Van Harn grapples withand discusses such questions, giving preachers fresh insights into the needs and desires of congregations. Preacher, Can You Hear Us Listening? will foster an ongoing dialogue between pulpit and pew and sharpen listening skills in both directions.

Engaging Exposition

Richard B. Hays, "Exegesis," in Concise Encyclopedia of Preaching, ed. William H. Willimon and Richard Lischer (Louisville: WJK, 1995), 122. 2. Sidney Greidanus, The Modern Preacher and the Ancient Text (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1988), ...

Author: Dr. Daniel L. Akin

Publisher: B&H Publishing Group

ISBN: 143367369X

Category: Religion

Page: 368

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In the homiletics field, a text has been needed that blends hermeneutics, sermon development, and sermon delivery. Engaging Exposition fills that gap with what its experienced authors call a "3-D approach" to preaching. Bill Curtis writes about the Discovery process—how to equip the student to discover the meaning of a biblical text by using sound principles of interpretation, and to move from biblical analysis to biblical interpretation. Danny Akin addresses the Development process—how to equip the student to develop expository sermons based upon results of the interpretive process, and to move from the Main Idea of the Text (MIT) to the completed sermon. Stephen Rummage explains the Delivery process—how to equip students to deliver expository messages using the completed sermon, and to move from an understanding of speech communication principles to persuasive delivery.

Text Message

Within these Dutch Reformed churches, some preachers advocated an “exemplary approach” in which the characters ... The Modern Preacher and the Ancient Text: Interpreting and Preaching Biblical Literature.19 My model asks three key ...

Author: Oliver D Crisp

Publisher: ISD LLC

ISBN: 0718842634

Category: Religion

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Preaching has fallen on hard times with many questioning its relevance and even its validity as a New Testament practice. This symposium of specially commissioned essays draws together an international team of thirteen scholars and pastors to address theimportance of textual preaching in the history and life of the early church, the historic church, and the contemporary church. Contributions include essays on Old Testament preaching; preaching in Eastern Orthodoxy; gender-sensitive preaching; and preaching in the theology of Jonathan Edwards, Charles Spurgeon and Dietrich Bonhoeffer. It also includes essays on a range of homiletical challenges that textual preaching raises for the contemporary preacher, including genre, preaching without notes, inhabiting the text, and preaching without platitudes. A final reflection by Dave Hansen on the state of textual preaching rounds out the collection. The preaching of the gospel stands at the heart of Christian praxis. These essays make a vital contribution to the recovery of the importance of preaching, focused on the text of Scripture. Written with an eye to the pastor and practitioner as well as those in the pews and in the classroom, this is a book that is appealing to a wide range of readers.

Applying the Sermon

the sermon text teaches.2 To discover what a text teaches, the preacher must discover what it originally taught. ... The Modern Preacher and the Ancient Text: Interpreting and Preaching Biblical Literature (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, ...

Author: Daniel Overdorf

Publisher: Kregel Academic

ISBN: 0825434475

Category: Religion

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Finally a tool to help Pastors shape applications that so many congregations have long desired. "Even the most seasoned homileticians balk at sermon application. Why? Because application requires preachers to toss a grenade-like "thus saith the Lord" into people's lives, and to do so repeatedly." -From the introduction Despite the concern many pastors feel when it comes to sermon application, most homiletics texts devote little more than a chapter, if that, to this vital topic. Daniel Overdorf has filled this glaring gap with "Applying the Sermon." This book equips preachers to develop sermon application that grows from the biblical text and addresses the needs of contemporary congregations. Each chapter includes snippets of interviews with five of today's most respected homileticians--Haddon Robinson, Will Willimon, Tom Long, Vic Pentz, and Bob Russell. A great addition to any pastoral library, and a valuable resource for Bible college and seminary courses, Overdorf's " Applying the Sermon" also includes an extensive bibliography and a sermon application worksheet to give pastors a chance to acquire hands-on experience with these techniques.

Preaching the New Testament as Rhetoric

of classical and modern rhetorical theory to show how rhetorically effective sermons might be constructed;18 however, ... Long, Preaching and the Literary Forms of the Bible; Greidanus, The Modern Preacher and the Ancient Text; Graves, ...

Author: Tim MacBride

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1625649959

Category: Religion

Page: 274

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Since the rise of the "New Homiletic" a generation ago, it has been recognized that sermons not only say something to listeners, they also do something. A truly expository sermon will seek not merely to say what the biblical text said, but also to do what the biblical text did in the lives of its original audience. In Preaching the New Testament as Rhetoric, MacBride looks how at the discipline of rhetorical criticism can help preachers discern the function of a New Testament text in its original setting as a means of crafting a sermon that can function similarly in contemporary contexts. Focusing on the letters of Paul, he shows how understanding them in light of Greco-Roman speech conventions can suggest ways by which preachers can communicate not just the content of the letters, but also their function. In this way, the power of the text itself can be harnessed, leading to sermons that inform and, most importantly, transform.

Christ Centered Preaching

Sidney Greidanus, The Modern Preacherand the Ancient Text: Interpreting and PreachingBiblical Literature (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1988), 182–84. 17. Daniel M. Doriani, Putting the Truth to Work: The Theory and Practice of Biblical ...

Author: Bryan Chapell

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 1441200223

Category: Religion

Page: 400

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This complete guide to expository preaching teaches the basics of preparation, organization, and delivery--the trademarks of great preaching. With the help of charts and creative learning exercises, Chapell shows how expository preaching can reveal the redemptive aims of Scripture and offers a comprehensive approach to the theory and practice of preaching. He also provides help for special preaching situations. The second edition contains updates and clarifications, allowing this classic to continue to serve the needs of budding preachers. Numerous appendixes address many practical issues.