The Ode Less Travelled

The trick is knowing where to start. Stephen Fry, who has long written poems, and indeed has written long poems, for his own private pleasure, invites you to discover the incomparable delights of metre, rhyme and verse forms.

Author: Stephen Fry

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1407088432

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If you can speak and read English, you can write poetry. The trick is knowing where to start. Stephen Fry, who has long written poems, and indeed has written long poems, for his own private pleasure, invites you to discover the incomparable delights of metre, rhyme and verse forms. Whether you want to write a Petrarchan sonnet for your lover's birthday, an epithalamion for your sister's wedding or a villanelle excoriating the government's housing policy, The Ode Less Travelled will give you the tools and the confidence to do so. Brimful of enjoyable exercises, witty insights and simple step-by-step advice, The Ode Less Travelled guides the reader towards mastery and confidence in the Mother of the Arts.

Wolfgang Clemen im Kontext seiner Zeit

Nur Pubertierende und Feiglinge , sagt vernunftbewußt Englands exzentrisches
enfant terrible Stephen Fry in seiner ebenso rasanten wie amüsanten
Dichtungsanleitung The Ode Less Travelled vor Eintritt in die begriffliche
Wunderwelt der ...

Author: Ina Schabert



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Aus verschiedenartigen Perspektiven werden Werk und Wirken von Wolfgang Clemen (1909 - 1990) im Kontext seiner Zeit erlautert und im Ruckblick bewertet. DIe Bedeutung von NS-Regime und Krieg fur eine Karriere als Universitatslehrer, die Zwischenstellung der Anglistik zwischen deutschen und englischen Wissenschaftstraditionen, die Grenzgange der Literaturwissenschaft zwischen nuchterner Textanalyse und dem Nachvollzug kunstlerischer Kreativitat, der Zustand dieser Wissenschaft vor ihrer Theoretisierung und der Mehrwert, den die Theoriebildung brachte, oder auch die besondere Verpflichtung der Literaturwissenschaft gegenuber dem Leser derartige Themen von allgemeinerem Interesse kommen in den Blick. DIe politischen Dimensionen seiner Autoritatsposition, die Clemen eher ignorierte, werden ebenso ausgeleuchtet wie die gesellschaftlichen Verpflichtungen, die er sich im Namen seiner Wissenschaft zu eigen machte. EIndrucksvoll dokumentiert das Buch die Bedeutung des Personlichen in der Wissenschaft.

Poetic Meter and Poetic Form

Excerpts from distinctive poems illustrate the author's appreciation of the metrical and formal aspects of poetry The title of this book may suggest that it is designed as a latter-day Gradus ad Parnassum to teach aspiring writers to ...

Author: Paul Fussell

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education

ISBN: 9780075536062

Category: Poetry

Page: 190

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Excerpts from distinctive poems illustrate the author's appreciation of the metrical and formal aspects of poetry

Songs to the Wise 1

... the reasons I call them songs—they systematically use verse, mostly of a less
common form: rhyming verse with an equal number of feet, also known as
syllabic verse, as I eventually discovered from Stephen Fry in The Ode Less

Author: Michel-Pierre Huppé

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1514436353

Category: Poetry

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Songs to the Wise 1 takes on a simple yet sizeable challenge: to impart profound knowledge, practical skills, and universal truths in an immediately useful way, and in as few words as possible. Combining the power and play of rhyme with the authors extensive reading history and rich life experience, its packed with wise words, pithy messages and tangible takeaways to improve every aspect of ones life. Whether read at length or browsed at leisure, it will provide timely answers in challenging times, clear guidance where maps have become scarce, and balanced perspective as we journey through this world.

You Too Could Write a Poem

Fry is a stickler for form: he believes you don't really understand poetry unless
you understand at least some of the history of ... In the end, what comes through
most vividly in The Ode Less Travelled, and what makes it work so well for the ...

Author: David Orr

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0698403339

Category: Literary Criticism

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A collection of reviews and essays by David Orr, the New York Times poetry columnist and one of the most respected critics in America today, his best work of the past fifteen years in one place Poetry is never more vital, meaningful, or accessible than in the hands of David Orr. In the pieces collected here, most of them written originally for the New York Times, Orr is at his rigorous, conversational, and edifying best. Whether he is considering the careers of contemporary masters, such as Louise Glück or Frederick Seidel, sizing up younger American poets, like Matthea Harvey and Matthew Zapruder, or even turning his attention to celebrities and public figures, namely Oprah Winfrey and Stephen Fry, when they choose to wade into the hotly contested waters of the poetry world, Orr is never any less than fully persuasive in arguing what makes a poem or poet great—or not. After all, as Orr points out in his introduction, “Poetry is a lot like America, in the sense that liking all of it means that you probably shouldn’t be trusted with money, or scissors.” Orr’s prose is devoted to common sense and clarity, and, in every case, he brings to bear an impeccable ear, an openhandedness of spirit, and a deep wealth of technical knowledge—to say nothing of his shrewd sense of humor. As pleasurable as it is informative, Orr’s journalism represents a high watermark in the public discussion of literature. You, Too, Could Write a Poem is at heart a love note to poetry itself.

Homeless in My Heart

And buy yourselfa copy of Stephen Fry's 'The Ode Less Travelled'– easily the
most humane, witty and helpful book on prosody in print. A question I am
frequently confronted with concerns intent. Do I write poetry to be performed, to
be ...

Author: Felix Dennis

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 144814728X

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 240

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Following in the footsteps of A Glass Half Full, Lone Wolf and When Jack Sued Jill, Homeless In My Heart - Felix Dennis's long-awaited new collection of verse - is 'the story of a fool whose life was saved by poetry'. Felix Dennis's life has been a long series of unlikely events: incarceration by the British government in 1971 following the longest conspiracy trial in British history; recording a chart single with John Lennon; co-authoring Muhammad Ali's first biography; becoming one of the richest individuals in Britain; launching one of the most successful media brands in the world; falling into crack cocaine addiction; beginning the task of planting a huge native broad-leaf forest in the Heart of England; salvaging the wreckage of a life dedicated to hedonism; and, lastly, and most surprisingly of all, discovering that he could write the kind of poetry that people wanted to read and to hear. Now, with the publication of Homeless In My Heart, Felix Dennis's extraordinary talents have come to fruition - from ironic tales of darkness and savagery to hymns of praise for the glories of nature. Homeless In My Heart fulfils the promise predicted by the author and critic Tom Wolfe, who has called Dennis 'a 21st-century Kipling [whose poetry] rollicks and rolls with rhyme, meter and melody'.


Stephen Fry's The Ode Less Travelled: Unlocking the Poet Within (2005) is an
accomplished (and witty) guide to writing poetry, especially metrical poetry.
Those UK readers interested in writing poetry should consider joining the Poetry
Society ...

Author: John Strachan

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 0748688986

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 256

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Based on the authors' extensive teaching experience, this volume provides a lively route map through the main aspects of poetry such as sound effects, rhythm and metre, the typographic display of poems on the page and the language of poetry using practica

The Spectator

It is hoped that this time around the constituencies select women at least in
proportion to their representation on the list ... Ode Less Travelled ( Books , 31
December ) Grey Gowrie recalls an apparently accidental piece of verse he
found in a ...




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The Writer s Handbook 2007

inspirational and has recently added Stephen Fry ' s The Ode Less Travelled but
is not keen to see new work . Everyman produces generic anthologies on death
and solitude . The Random House group is a rich mix . MQ Publications , who ...

Author: Barry Turner

Publisher: Macmillan Pub Limited

ISBN: 9781405049375

Category: Reference

Page: 821

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Completely revised and updated with newly commissioned articles, the 20th anniversary edition of The Writer's Handbook is an indispensible companion for everyone in the writing profession. Containing over 6,000 entries covering every area of writing, with provocative articles and useful advice from leading representatives of the trade, this practical, straightforward guide provides full details on the core markets. In addition to the key areas of UK and US book publishers, agents, magazines, screenwriting, theater and poetry, writer's courses and circles, festivals, and grants and prizes, the guide also offers invaluable expert advice on contracts, copyright, and taxation.

Charles Prince of Wales

1987, published by Golgonooza Press Stephen Fry, The Ode Less Travelled:
Unlocking the Poet within, 2005 Page 99 Silver and diamond cello on agate
stand from Mstislav Rostropovich, 1998 Conductors batons presented to The
Prince of ...


Publisher: Royal Collection Pubns


Category: Biography & Autobiography

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This official souvenir presents a biography-in-pictures of HRH The Prince of Wales, from his birth to the present day. Using personal memorabilia, documents, photographs and items from the Royal Collection and Royal Archives, many of which are shown here for the first time, this book covers The Prince's childhood, his duties as Prince of Wales, family life, and his interests and charities. Childhood memories and school exercise books give way to his years at university, his investiture as Prince of Wales, and duties in the RAF and Royal Navy. There are mementoes from his official duties abroad, his work with The Prince's Trust, and as a pioneering conservationist. And there are photographs, documents and paintings recording The Prince's family life, at Kensington Palace, Highgrove, and now at Clarence House. Interwoven throughout the book are paintings and works of art chosen by The Prince from both the Royal Collection and his own collection, together with his personal reflections on their importance to him, recording his well-known interests in architecture and the arts.

Being British

He is the author of four bestselling novels , as well as the highly acclaimed
autobiography Moab is my Washpot and a well - received guide to writing poetry ,
The Ode Less Travelled . PROFESSOR CAROLINE GIPPS trained as a primary ...

Author: Matthew D'Ancona

Publisher: Mainstream Publishing


Category: Political Science

Page: 285

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SOCIAL & CULTURAL HISTORY. What does being British actually mean today? Twenty essays written by well-known individuals representing a cross-section of Britain's cultural landscape attempt to offer an insight into, or snapshot of, how Britons today see themselves and their place in the world.Their thoughts will highlight just how divergent our society is and where its strengths and weaknesses lie. All these views are championed by two unlikely collaborators - Spectator editor Matthew d'Ancona and Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Often politically opposed, they share a passionate interest in exploring what is now meant by being British. This unique book will enlighten, inspire and stir up many debates but ultimately it will provide a path to any reader wanting to understand just what being British in the new millennium actually means.

The Kipling Journal

The poem is a ballad , a poetical form described by Stephen Fry in his The Ode
Less Travelled as " pub poetry " . This informal style of writing enables Kipling to
truly encapsulate the ambience of the common soldier . Moreover , the ballad's ...






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A New Waste Land

Another recent old - bunkum champion was Stephen Fry , who inflicted 390
pages of largely ill - informed pseudo - Parnassian moonshine upon the coffee
tables of his fan - base in ' The Ode Less Travelled ' ( Hutchinson 2005 ) .
Knowing ...

Author: Michael Horovitz


ISBN: 9780902689268

Category: Civilization, Modern

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The books howls for the eco-friendly dumping of every stockpile of contemporary waste. But it's is not all doom and gloom - sympathetic readers may find themselves transported by a transcultural bard-mobile delivering an evergreen bran-tub of poetry, prophecy, satitical entertainment and visual delight.

Stand Magazine




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Book Review Index




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Every 3rd issue is a quarterly cumulation.

Keats Shelley Review

... strongly as the Keatsian . Our new Prize Chairman was the distinguished actor
and writer Stephen Fry , who after presenting the Awards on 19 October at
Somerset House spoke about his forthcoming book on poetry : An Ode Less
Travelled ...




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Rocky Mountain Review

Most of the titles are recent contributions from England , such as Creative Writing
: A Workbook with Readings ( 2005 ) , The Creative Writing Coursebook ( 2001 ) ,
The Ode Less Traveled : Unlocking the Poet Within ( 2005 ) , Writing Poetry ...




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Exploring Language

He has authored numerous scripts and screenplays for television and cinema,
and is the author of many novels and books, including The Liar (1992) and The
Ode Less Traveled (2005). This essay was printed in the July 29, 2002, edition of

Author: Gary Goshgarian

Publisher: Longman Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780321457974

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 604

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This language reader features thought-provoking readings that explore the various interconnections between language and American society. The text challenges the reader to critically examine how language affects and constructs culture and how culture constructs and affects language. Gender and language Hate speech Language of war Censorship MARKET: General Interest

The Twitter History of the World

But this book is more than just a straight re-telling of history. . .

Author: Mitch Benn


ISBN: 9781853759321


Page: 128

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Great moments in history are hilariously condensed into 140-character tweets in this amusing overview of historical events 75 key moments from history are picked and reported in tweets--those 140-character maximum bite-sized chunks that are so familiar to Twitter users--and anyone who has read a newspaper in the last six months--today. But this book is more than just a straight re-telling of history. . . Twitter is perhaps the most potent and versatile phenomenon yet thrown up by the web and the authors have created a fresh, hilarious, original and just occasionally (sort of) educational book which takes full advantage of the huge popularity of Twitter.

Bridging English

Stephen Fry ' s The Ode Less Travelled : Unlocking the Poet Within ( 2005 ) , is
perhaps even more approachable as he works to demystify poetry while also
making it as accesOther Verse Formulas . Many other established poetic sible for
the ...

Author: Joseph O'Beirne Milner

Publisher: Prentice Hall


Category: Education

Page: 538

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Bridging English is a comprehensive methods textbook featuring precise theory and accessible practice. Through its presentation of theory and practice, you will find this text favors active, student-centered, constructivist, and inquiry-based learning. Useful in a practical, day-to-day sense, the text will retain a prominent place on your bookshelf as a go-to reference when teaching English to your middle and secondary students.