The Outlaw and the Runaway

He didn’t want to be an outlaw… Can this shy runaway redeem him?

Author: Tatiana March

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1488086664

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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He didn’t want to be an outlaw… Can this shy runaway redeem him? When Celia’s father is implicated in a robbery, she can’t stay and suffer the wrath of the townsfolk. Her refuge is brooding Roy Hagan—he’s tough enough to protect her. But life with an outlaw is no place for a sheltered young woman like her. Unless Roy can change—and prove that beneath his steely exterior lurks a heart of gold…

The Outlaw s Heart

Runaway Brides Series: The Gunslinger's Vow (Book 1) The Cowboy's Honor (Book 2) The Outlaw's Heart (Book 3) Praise for Amy Sandas: "[B]eautifully written romance that's full of adventure—electric and absorbing."—Kirkus for Lord of Lies ...

Author: Amy Sandas

Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.

ISBN: 1492652040

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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"Sandas will leave you breathless." —LINDA BRODAY, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author for The Gunslinger's Vow Three runaway brides Determined to escape their fates Flee West to find freedom that can only be had in a cowboy's arms... Desperate to escape an unhappy marriage, Boston socialite Evelyn Perkins flees west in hopes of losing herself to the dusty frontier. But when her train is boarded by outlaws, Evelyn is taken for ransom. Despite her terror, Evelyn fears being returned to her husband more. Refusing to co-operate, she becomes the responsibility of a man whose steady gaze threatens to pierce her brave façade and reach the wounded heart within. Gabriel Sloan has his orders, but the haunting shadows in the pretty young woman's eyes spark an intense protective instinct he can't deny. Every look, every touch brings them closer together. He would do anything to protect her, but dangerous men are on their trail, and soon the two must face Evelyn's darkest nightmare—or risk losing the unexpected joy they've found forever... Runaway Brides Series: The Gunslinger's Vow (Book 1) The Cowboy's Honor (Book 2) The Outlaw's Heart (Book 3) Praise for Amy Sandas: "[B]eautifully written romance that's full of adventure—electric and absorbing."—Kirkus for Lord of Lies "Pure perfection."—Romancing the Book for The Untouchable Earl "Smart and Sexy."—Booklist for Luck is No Lady

Runaway Slaves

Clandestine Slave Economy More prevalent than the "outlaw" gangs were
runaways who participated in what may be called the clandestine slave
economic system. Most states prohibited slaves from buying and selling
commodities without ...

Author: John Hope Franklin

Publisher: OUP USA

ISBN: 9780195084511

Category: History

Page: 455

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Presents details about plantation life before the Civil War when slaves frequently rebelled against their masters and escaped

The Outlaw

Ag . Ah , it is the scandal , rather ; bad examples are not wanting . . . . And I , do
you see , feel that my feet burn in that house as though I were walking on live
coals . FER . Oh ; poor dove . . . . and why do yon not run away ? AG . Run away

Author: Paolo Giacometti



Category: Italian drama

Page: 51

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The Western Journal of Black Studies

While the circumstances under which an escaped slave was declared an outlaw
varied from colony and from time to time in the colonial Americas , most
governments declared a runaway an outlaw after he had been out more than
ninety days ...




Category: African Americans


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The Runaway Midwife

“Whoa!” yells my driver, and when I grab him around the waist, I find that Lenny's
broad back in his black snowmobile suit shelters me from the wind. (He might be
an outlaw, but he's a warm outlaw.) “Is that the island?” I shout to my escort as a ...

Author: Patricia Harman

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 006246731X

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

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From the USA Today bestselling author of the Hope River series comes a new contemporary midwife novel. Say “goodbye” to your old life, and “hello” to the life you’ve been waiting for… Midwife Clara Perry is accustomed to comforting her pregnant patients…calming fathers-to-be as they anxiously await the birth of their children…ensuring the babies she delivers come safely into the world. But when Clara’s life takes a nosedive, she realizes she hasn’t been tending to her own needs and does something drastic: she runs away and starts over again in a place where no one knows her or the mess she’s left behind in West Virginia. Heading to Sea Gull Island—a tiny, remote Canadian island—Clara is ready for anything. Well, almost. She left her passport back home, and the only way she can enter Canada is by hitching a ride on a snowmobile and illegally crossing the border. Deciding to reinvent herself, Clara takes a new identity—Sara Livingston, a writer seeking solitude. But there’s no avoiding the outside world. The residents are friendly, and draw “Sara” into their lives and confidences. She volunteers at the local medical clinic, using her midwifery skills, and forms a tentative relationship with a local police officer. But what will happen if she lets down her guard and reveals the real reason why she left her old life? One lesson soon becomes clear: no matter how far you run, you can never really hide from your past.

The Bounty s Reward

Ellie Beckett and her sisters have spent more than a decade trying to move on from their outlaw past.

Author: Lianna Hawkins




Page: 156

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Ellie Beckett and her sisters have spent more than a decade trying to move on from their outlaw past. When Henry Weston arrives at the sisters' business, Fallen Dove Saloon and Hotel, demanding part of their profits, Ellie schemes a plan to take him down before he does the same to them. But, when Liam Holt arrives wanting to rescue her, even though Ellie insists she doesn't need rescuing, both Ellie and Liam collide head on with her past. Liam Holt arrives in Helena, Montana with a motive to not only track down an outlaw but escape a life of privilege. At least long enough for him to figure out what he wants.When Liam meets Ellie Beckett his plan spins out of control. With danger lurking, he wants nothing more than to protect her. For the first time in his life, he knows what he wants and that is to make the fiery red-head his. Though she refuses to make this an easy task, he's determined to win her heart.As the pages turn, sparks fly, igniting a fire between them not even they can stop. Will love win or will unforeseen circumstances keep them apart?

Runaway Bride

50 Can THE LADY AND THE OUTLAW Katherine Compton 77454 - 2 / $ 4 . 50
US / $ 5 . 50 Can KENTUCKY BRIDE Hannah Howell 77183 - 7 / $ 4 . 50 US / $ 5
. 50 Can HIGHLAND JEWEL Lois Greiman 77443 - 77 $ 4 . 50 US / $ 5 . 50 Can ...

Author: Deborah Gordon


ISBN: 9780380777587

Category: Fiction

Page: 390

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Employing her talents with the martial arts and disguise, Melanie Wyatt smuggles stolen goods to buy freedom for enslaved Chinese children, until Alex McClure, the agent hired to investigate, uncovers her operation and her vulnerable heart. Original.

Ralph Compton s Runaway Stage

The outlaws quit firing into the air and began shooting back . Felton Pogue shot
one man as he rose up from behind a crate to get off a shot from his rifle . The
man screamed and clutched his shoulder , then fell . The outlaws jerked their
horses ...

Author: Ralph Compton

Publisher: Signet Book

ISBN: 9780451205063

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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Three very different people--Quince Fremont, wanted for a crime he did not commit; Rachel Kincaid, en route to her family's ranch from Boston; and Damon Parker, a notorious gambler--find their fates tied to the journey of a single stagecoach that is carrying $100,000. Original.

The Outlaw s Bride

She couldn't run away with Lang , because she'd promised Barton that she would
marry him tomorrow . Once it was discovered that she was missing , and Mr.
Archibald , too , he would know that she'd run away with the outlaw . She had no

Author: Liz Ireland

Publisher: Harlequin Books

ISBN: 9780373290987

Category: Fiction

Page: 296

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The Outlaw's Bride by Liz Ireland released on Dec 24, 1999 is available now for purchase.


Assembling a rich archive of images and texts from the eighteenth century to the present, Rachel Hall offers a history of the "wanted" poster, examining its uses, patterns of circulation, and formal development as an iconic print genre.

Author: Rachel Hall



Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 195

View: 136

Assembling a rich archive of images and texts from the eighteenth century to the present, Rachel Hall offers a history of the "wanted" poster, examining its uses, patterns of circulation, and formal development as an iconic print genre. Her narrative covers a wide range of images: execution broadsides, runaway slave notices, private detective posters, FBI posters, artists' approximations, and the depiction of key figures in the "war on terror." Hall's cultural analysis has profound implications for our understanding of contemporary American fantasies of vulnerability, projection of enemies around the world, and adoption of security measures in domestic and foreign policy. Wanted will appeal not only to students and scholars in literary studies, cultural studies, and art history but also to readers more generally interested in society's outlaws and in the test of wills between law enforcement and criminal evasion.

Runaway Stallion

To them he ' s a menace , and an outlaw . ' “ It seems a shame to shoot that
beautiful animal just because they can ' t catch him , ” Lilian said . “ Sure , ” Fred
agreed . “ But the ranchers don ' t want to lose any more stock . I don ' t blame
them .

Author: Walt Morey

Publisher: Blue Heron Pub

ISBN: 9780936085128

Category: Horses

Page: 158

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Jeff Hunter solves personal problems through rescuing a race horse, in this reissued novel.

Slavery in Alabama

Then the two officers approached and called upon the runaway to surrender .
The outlaw fired on them , shooting one man through the hand , but he was , in
turn , shot and injured so that he could not escape . When his captors reached
him ...

Author: James Benson Sellers

Publisher: University, Ala., U. P


Category: Slavery

Page: 426

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Wascana Review of Contemporary Poetry and Short Fiction

For example , I myself got interested in the outlaw topos as a result of doing some
work on Dennis Cooley ' s outlaw book ... brief mention in Toni Morrison ' s
Beloved which casts a white trash runaway with a black slave runaway as "
outlaws .




Category: Literature


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The Outlaws of Partinico

And I answered , ' I'm too young , I'm only eighteen . ' ' I know a nice girl who'd suit
you fine , ' he replied . Well , I didn't want to do it , but they went on trying to
persuade me to run away with the girl , and I went on refusing . One evening , the

Author: Danilo Dolci

Publisher: London : Macgibbon & Kee


Category: Bandits and robbers

Page: 316

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Living in the Runaway West

Just read some of Badger Clark's works , like “ Spanish Is a Loving Tongue ” and
The Outlaw . ” Clark was born in the Dakota Territory in 1883. In the first two
verses of “ The Outlaw , ” a cowboy brags about being able to rope any wild steer
or ...

Author: Paul Q. Fuqua

Publisher: Fulcrum Pub


Category: History

Page: 244

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The editors of the feisty, award-winning western newspaper, High Country News, gather here an eclectic and gutsy group of western writers to tackle the issues of the day.

Jesus the Outlaw

Perhaps, if they had fully known what it meant to follow a Man who was an outlaw
and criminal, they would have run away and not looked back! Later, when they
were persecuted for their beliefs, they must have remembered Jesus words.

Author: Tom Bruno

Publisher: Bridge

ISBN: 9780882708720


Page: 168

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King Tom and the Runaways

I shoot um - I cut - um - I kill - um ! " shouted the outlaw at bay . “ You - na come '
long -- I mekky um squall fer true ! ” No one moved until Tom elbowed his way
through the crowd , demanding to be told the cause of the trouble . “ Who are
those ...

Author: Louis Pendleton




Page: 273

View: 153

The Social Fabric American life from 1607 to the Civil War

Simon , an ox - carter , also hid beneath the vigilant Carter's very nose . He "
lurked ” in Johnny's " inner room , ” and in the " Kitchen Vault . ” The outlaw , a far
more dangerous type of runaway , used his temporary freedom to inflict
punishment ...

Author: Julius Weinberg

Publisher: Little Brown

ISBN: 9780316130783

Category: United States

Page: 351

View: 598

The Social Fabric American life from 1607 to 1877

Outlawing a slave was a legal action , placing the runaway beyond the law ,
making him a public liability , and encouraging his destruction by any citizen .
Those who killed outlaws did so without fear of legal prosecution ; they also
collected a ...

Author: John Henry Cary


ISBN: 9780316130721

Category: United States

Page: 361

View: 693