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Author: Tom Patire



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Tom Patire s Personal Protection Handbook

Offers a comprehensive and practical guide on how to keep safe in any situation, describing real-life scenarios in which a crime can occur and a variety of measures to take to avoid becoming a target or defend oneself in an attack.

Author: Tom Patire

Publisher: Three Rivers Press (CA)

ISBN: 9781400049073

Category: Health & Fitness

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Offers a comprehensive and practical guide on how to keep safe in any situation, describing real-life scenarios in which a crime can occur and a variety of measures to take to avoid becoming a target or defend oneself in an attack.

The Technical Avalanche Protection Handbook

Other important areas of preventive protection of workers include the provision of personal protective equipment (PPE), the planning of the safety devices (in particular, fall protection, lightning protection, rock fall protection), ...

Author: Florian Rudolf-Miklau

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 3433030340

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 430

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Large, high-energy snow avalanches can have high destructive consequences in developed areas. Each year, avalanche catastrophes occur in many mountain regions around the globe. This causes a large number of fatalities and severe damage to buildings and infrastructure. In some mountain areas, especially in the European Alps, a high level of safety for settlement areas is attained by application of technical avalanche defense construction. Simultaneously, new risk potentials continue to emerge in mountain regions from building in endangered areas, the establishment of new roads and railway lines across the mountains and development of tourism. Consequently, the demand for technical avalanche protection is constantly increasing. During the last decades technical avalanche protection has evolved - especially in the Alpine countries Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France as well as Norway, Iceland, USA and Canada - from a specialist field to a stand-alone engineering branch. Currently avalanche defense structures and protection systems are established in practically all inhabited mountain regions worldwide. With this handbook the editors are able to provide the first comprehensive overview of the field of technical avalanche protection in the English language and establish a common "state-of-the-art". The book is based on the German edition, published in 2011, and comprises all relevant facts on fundamentals of avalanche protection technology as well as of planning, dimensioning, construction and maintenance of defense structures. The editors were able to bring together an international team of leading experts in technical avalanche protection. Authors from Austria, Switzerland, USA, Norway, Canada, Iceland, Japan, France and Italy have directly contributed to this book or supported it with essential information.

Handbook of Self enhancement and Self protection

When personal standards are used to assess a tough choice, the SSM predicts that self- protection processes will guide the arousal and reduction of dissonance. Empirical tests have shown that across different types of decisions, ...

Author: Mark D. Alicke

Publisher: Guilford Press

ISBN: 160918002X

Category: Psychology

Page: 524

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This is the first major volume dedicated to the processes by which people exaggerate their virtues, deemphasize their shortcomings, or protect themselves against threatening feedback. Leading investigators present cutting-edge work on the key role of self-enhancing and self-protective motives in social perception, cognition, judgment, and behavior. Compelling topics include the psychological benefits and risks of self-enhancement and self-protection; personality traits and contextual factors that make certain individuals more likely to hold distorted views of the self; innovative approaches to assessment and measurement; and implications for relationships, achievement, and mental health.

Personal Protection Training

As an author, Dr. Breure had written 4 law enforcement training manuals and 5 military training manuals. He is also the author of “The Personal Protection Handbook” which is a comprehensive training manual for handgun shotgun and rifle.

Author: Dr. Leonard M. Breure, PhD

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1477244808

Category: Self-Help

Page: 236

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Some Comments from Len’s Students... “I want you to know that in my many years of being a student, you easily rank as the best teacher I have ever had. Your skill and patience has made me infinitely more comfortable with my weapons and myself. The next class you teach, I'll be there in a heartbeat. I'm sure you don't have to be reminded of the multitude of people you have touched and the positive impact you have had on firearms training overall.” Bob Patridge “Len has taught me to effectively and safely use a handgun and rifle and for that I will always be grateful. I look forward to the time I spend once or twice a week under his instruction. Len has created a wide range of firearms training programs out of virtually nothing and trained a sizeable and competent cadre of firearms instructors who, like me, greatly respects the man. He is engaged with his students and always approachable. Students who have shot much longer than me comment on his great depth of knowledge and ability to improve their shooting. He clearly loves to teach the material and his enthusiasm is contagious. He has a great sense of humor and makes his classes a lot of fun. But in spite of all of this the safety of his students is always his first concern.” Dr. Noel Pillman, MD “I am a retired police officer and a former police firearms instructor for over 20 years. I have been to numerous firearms training classes over the years but have not had any instructors more professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated to what they do then Len Breure.” Maurice Merabella "Len was my first real 'tactical' instructor a few years ago. He is a thorough, safe, and well versed instructor. His teaching style is unique in a way that clearly conveys lessons and makes them easy to understand for experienced shooters and novices alike. Len brings a wealth of prior "been there, done that" experience to the table that's an asset to his teaching, and is rarely found in many of the new instructors that have come to the arena since most states have enacted concealed carry laws. I continue to train with a variety of tactical instructors, and am always amazed by how much of the information Len taught me is still the foundation upon which I build." Mike VanMeeteren "I have been fortunate enough to receive numerous training courses that were being taught by Len Breure. In my opinion, Len is one of the best in the business! It is very rewarding to be able to learn from someone who has the experience and knowledge to take tactical training to the next level." Jim Bryant I first meet Len while taking my Minnesota Concealed Carry Course in 2005. Since that time I have taken every course that Len teaches. In my opinion Len is the consummate professional, who teaches with passion and an incredible degree of knowledge. I would strongly urge anyone interested in personal protection to take Lens courses. Mike Pingel

Construction Safety Handbook

A Practical Guide to OSHA Compliance and Injury Prevention Mark McGuire Moran. _9_ Personal Protective Equipment Protecting Your Workers from Head to Toe INTRODUCTION The purpose of a company's Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) ...

Author: Mark McGuire Moran

Publisher: Government Institutes

ISBN: 0865878137

Category: Law

Page: 451

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This much anticipated new edition provides employers and employees with a day-to-day guide to reducing accidents and injuries, ensuring compliance, avoiding fines and penalties, and controlling workers' compensation costs. You'll not only find comprehensive discussions on all of the construction safety regulations found in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 29 Chapter 1926, but you'll also find the actual legal text of the regulations and overviews for each sub Chapter for easier reference. This Construction Safety Handbook covers both the obvious and the hidden dangers of construction and addresses the latest changes in OSHA standards, including new recordkeeping requirements, new ergonomic guidelines, new requirements in the Steel Erection standard, and new additions to signs, signals, and barricades requirements. Written in plain English, this comprehensive handbook provides you with the legal background, practical advice, and ready-to-use written compliance programs you need to ensure your sites meet workplace safety requirements, protect workers, and comply with the standards. Each Chapter provides a description of the requirements of the standard, and a sample written compliance program, checklists, and the appropriate citations from the 29 CFRs. The latest changes in enforcement and inspection policy are also detailed, and a list of OSHA's most frequently cited construction standards is given.

The Practical Psychic Self Defense Handbook

A Survival Guide Robert Bruce ... They can be placed next to a bed to provide personal protection during sleep. ... Many old churches have a spring-fed well next to their 142 The Practical Psychic Self-Defense Handbook.

Author: Robert Bruce

Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing

ISBN: 1612830420

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 240

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Is everything that goes on in your mind really you? Perhaps not, says Australian psychic researcher Robert Bruce. Drawing on more than two decades of firsthand research and experience, Bruce reports that our minds are subject to influences from many unseen spiritual sources. Some of these can influence how we think, feel, act, and even how our bodies function. They can make us unhappy, irritable, confused, sick, unstable, even crazy. This is why we need practical tools and countermeasures for psychic self-defense, all of which Bruce provides. This is the ultimate guide to combating the influences of earthbound spirits, deranged ghosts, astral snakes and spiders, demonic spirits, and poltergeists. This is a highly anecdotal and comprehensive practical guide to the dark side of the psychic universe.

Service Member s Personal Protection Guide

Courub US JS Guide 5260 Service Member's Personal Protection Guide : A Self - Help Handbook to Combating TERRORISM JOINT CHAT OF ह STAFF UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA RIVERSIDE APR 14 1997 July 1996 LIBRARY GOVERNMENT PUBLICATIONS COM !!




Category: Terrorism

Page: 32

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Clay s Handbook of Environmental Health

They are formulated for specific applications. should be remembered that these creams are only limited use as they are rapidly removed during the working day. REFERENCES 1. 2. The Personal Protection at Work Regulations 1992. S.I. 1992.

Author: Stephen Battersby

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134368593

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 976

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This classic, definitive reference work for all those involved in environmental health is now available in its 19th edition. Significant changes include those made to chapters on food safety and hygiene, environmental protection, the organisation and management of environmental health in the UK, port health, and waste management. New chapters have been added on health development, an introduction to health and housing, contaminated land, and environmental health in emergency planning, as well as a new glossary of abbreviations and acronyms. New material on training and standards, IT, practical risk assessment, and investigatory powers is also included. Each chapter reflects the wider background against which the subjects must be studied and the new concepts and approaches that have emerged over the past few years.

E Mail Virus Protection Handbook

These folders are part of the Personal Folder (with the extension .pst). Information in Contacts that you added to or changed in a contact folder is not available to other mail clients. Personal Address Book The address book has the ...

Author: Syngress

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 0080477534

Category: Computers

Page: 476

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The E-mail Virus Protection Handbook is organised around specific e-mail clients, server environments, and anti-virus software. The first eight chapters are useful to both users and network professionals; later chapters deal with topics relevant mostly to professionals with an emphasis on how to use e-mail filtering software to monitor all incoming documents for malicious behaviour. In addition, the handbook shows how to scan content and counter email address forgery attacks. A chapter on mobile code applications, which use Java applets and Active X controls to infect email and, ultimately, other applications and whole systems is presented. The book covers spamming and spoofing: Spam is the practice of sending unsolicited email to users. One spam attack can bring down an entire enterprise email system by sending thousands of bogus messages or "mailbombing," which can overload servers. Email spoofing means that users receive messages that appear to have originated from one user, but in actuality were sent from another user. Email spoofing can be used to trick users into sending sensitive information, such as passwords or account numbers, back to the spoofer. Highly topical! Recent events such as the LoveBug virus means the demand for security solutions has never been higher Focuses on specific safeguards and solutions that are readily available to users