The Pocket Guide to Classic Books

When I look back I realise that I enjoyed a book far more when she had told me, not only the story beforehand, but when she had described the author or the times in which the author lived – in the most theatrical and vividly imaginative ...

Author: Kieran Hughes

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 1844687287

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

View: 503

Everything you need to know about classic literature in one handy guide by lecturer Maureen Hughes. Covering everything from the authors to the plays themselves and their common themes, accessibility is a key selling point with factboxes highlighting key or curious facts about the subject. Its size makes it the perfect stocking filler for the Christmas market or at anytime of the year for those wanting more information about what theyre reading or studying in a handy, pocket-sized guide.

The Pocket Guide to Scandals of the Aristocracy

All this runs in the family, as his mother has already written a number of books in The Pocket Guide series, including: The Pocket Guide to Musicals, The Pocket Guide to Classic Books, The Pocket Guide to Ballroom Dancing, The Pocket ...

Author: Andy Hughes

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 1844687503

Category: History

Page: 180

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We were going to call this a Pocket Guide to Noble Scandals but theres nothing noble about these aristocrats. Tales of greed, list, murder and mayhem litter the pages of Andy Hughes must-read book. Whether its gambling away their familys fortune, writing racy poems and shocking decent people, the aristocracy have been at the center of scandals for centuries, abusing their position of power to take advantage of everyone else or kill those who get in their way. This Pocket Guide to Scandals in the Aristocracy is a race through history, divided into eras to introduce the best and worst scurrilous tales from Francis Lovell being bricked up alive in his stately home to the ongoing mystery of Lord Lucan and delicious (but true) gossip which delighted readers when the aristocrats were thinly disguised in the novels of their day. Bring history alive with this fact-filled guide.Youll also love: The Pocket Guide to Royal Scandals and The Pocket Guide to Political Scandals, both by Andy Hughes

10 Steps Employment Pocket Guide Business Edition

Public Literature Thousands of familiar classics, children's books, plays and poems, as well as books by new authors. Full Books Thousands of full-text nonfiction and fiction books. Many Books Free fiction and nonfiction ebooks for your ...

Author: Craig Palma


ISBN: 1105725790



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A History of Political Scandals

Little Book of Big Words (2006), The Pocket Guide to Royal Scandals (2011) and The Pocket Guide to Scandals ... a number of books that include The Pocket Guide to Musicals, The Pocket Guide to Classic Books, The Pocket Guide to Ballroom ...

Author: Andy Hughes

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 1844680894

Category: Political Science

Page: 192

View: 513

A MUST-BUY BOOK for everyone interested in history and the scandalous behaviour of politicians across the world. Andy Hughes' fascinating book guides us through centuries of political abuse - and just plain stupidity. The Profumo Affair is still shocking to modern voters, possibly because the MP actually stepped down after being caught out after sharing his mistress with a Russian spy. This Pocket Guide will expose the secret side of politics, including which politicians risked or ruined their own careers for personal gain. This gripping book includes stories include the MP who liked to party hard and be whipped even harder, the Prime Minister and his hookers, expenses claims for manure and the US President who called for all gay men to be castrated. There is definitely no shortage of scandalous behaviour. In fact, politicians have mixed scandal with eggs, adult movies, helicopters, drugs, shoes, beef burgers, public toilets, mobile phones, rape, turkeys, orgies and even ice cream. You name it and politicians have been mixed up in it somehow. It is not just today's politicians who are embroiled with scandal, as this explosive Pocket Guide to Political Scandals reveals the questionable behaviour of politicians of yesteryear and from around the world; the corruption, dishonesty and like of morals and judgement all come out in the stories in the book. As featured on BBC Three Counties Radio

Picker s Pocket Guide Comic Books

GRAPHIC NOVELS AND BOOK COLLECTIONS While the graphic novel (a new, longer comic story in book form, either softcover or hardback) has only been around since the 1980s, collected book editions of classic comic strips and comic book ...

Author: David Tosh

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1440245142

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 208

View: 924

COMICS PACK PUNCH! Comic book values are soaring. Superman's debut, Action Comics #1, sold for $3.2 million. The first appearance of Batman in Detective Comics #27 fetched $1 million. Exceptional examples? Certainly, but you don't need X-ray vision to see everyone from collectors to savvy investors covets vintage comic books. Discover for yourself what insiders have long known with this hands-on, how-to guide to picking comic books. You'll uncover: • The best comics to hunt, from the 1930s-1980s and beyond • Where to find hidden treasures • Practical strategies for buying and selling comic books • How to flip comics for profit and fun • Common reprints and facsimiles • Restoration and repair Whether for pleasure or profit, the Picker's Pocket Guide is a real find.

Bruce Stan s Pocket Guide to Prayer

We didn't have room to talk about prayer and fasting , but if that subject interests you , the classic book is God's Chosen Fast by Arthur Wallis . • Nancie Carmichael's book Desperate for God will inspire you to turn your whole heart ...

Author: Bruce Bickel

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 9780736910026

Category: Law

Page: 110

View: 663

This very portable guide to prayer is as fun to read as it is uplifting. Readers will experience the wonder of communicating directly with God as Bruce and Stan explore the truth about how and why to pray.

A Pocket Guide to Online Teaching

Nearly every academic discipline does SoTL, and this literature is the source of many evidence-informed teaching ... Many of these guides resemble classic books about teaching, such as Tools for Teaching (Davis, 2009) and Teaching Tips ...

Author: Aaron S. Richmond

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1000369854

Category: Psychology

Page: 70

View: 727

This pithy yet thorough book provides an evidence-based guide on how to prepare for online teaching, especially for those who are making a swift transition from face-to-face to online instruction. Guided by the Model Teaching Characteristics created by The Society for the Teaching of Psychology, this book covers important topics like: how to adapt to expected and unexpected changes in teaching, how to evaluate yourself and your peers, and tips on working smarter/optimizing working practices with the resources available. The features of the book include: Practical examples exploring how to solve the typical problems of designing and instructing online courses. Interactive "Worked Examples" and "Working Smarter" callouts throughout the book which offer practical demonstrations to help teachers learn new skills. Further reading and resources to build on knowledge about online education. End of chapter checklists which summarizes suggestions about how to be a model online teacher. This essential resource will provide support for teachers of all levels and disciplines, from novice to the most experienced, during the transition to online teaching.

A History of Pantomime

OTHER BOOKS BY MAUREEN HUGHES The Pocket Guide to Musicals ISBN: 978 184468 039 9 £9.99 The Pocket Guide to Plays and Playwrights ISBN: 978 184468 0436 £12.99 The Pocket Guide to Classic Books ISBN: 978 184468 061 0 £14.99 The Pocket ...

Author: Kieran Hughes

Publisher: Remember When

ISBN: 1473831571

Category: History

Page: 176

View: 418

Each Christmas entire families in the UK troop off to see, what one could almost say is 'the obligatory'. annual entertainment, known as Pantomime. It is a traditional, seasonal way of life for the British envied the world over, and one which only the British seem to understand! Pantomime serves both to entertain and to introduce each new generation to the joys of theatre in the most unique of ways, for this is not a type of theatre one merely watches, but one in which the audience participate often in the most seemingly boisterous and bizarre of ways. The whole experience is steeped in tradition, traditions which only the British seem to understand, which is probably why we are proud to call it a 'British Experience.'In A History of Pantomime Maureen Hughes takes a brief look at the history of Pantomime as well as taking a humorous look at some of the above mentioned traditions; she also gives a synopsis of each of the well-known Pantomimes whilst exploring the eccentric world of the characters who appear in them. There is also a short piece on just some of the most well-known and loved of the actors who each Christmas take on the part of Pantomime Dames across the UK, as well as a look at others who have contributed to this magical world of fun and eccentricity. It is thought by some to be frivolous and pointless piece of theatre, but a browse through this informative book and you will soon find that Pantomime is an art form all of its own, requiring the most dedicated and talented of actors/actresses who are prepared to honour and perpetuate this wonderful tradition as it is passed down from one generation to the next.As seen in The Telegraph and the Sunday Post (Glasgow).

Pocket Guide to Collecting Movies on DVD

Its Coppolas last word; it should be seen in the same light as an author's revised edition of a classic book. It is the river journey, however, that continues to be the primary text of the film. That journey is reason enough for the ...

Author: Steven H. Scheuer

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1416585532

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 400

View: 699

Citizen Kane • Boogie Nights • Sunset Boulevard • My Fair Lady • Almost Famous • Jaws • A Hard Day's Night • Lord of the Rings • Monsoon Wedding • Apocalypse Now Redux • Moulin Rouge • Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid • A Beautiful Mind • Shakespeare in Love THEY'RE NOT JUST MOVIES ANYMORE. THEY'RE DVDs. Supplements...special collector's edition...extras...Words that set the heart pounding of every DVD lover. But how do you decide which DVDs to buy? Where do you begin collecting? Which special features are really special? What commentaries are informative or entertaining? Which disks are worth your time and money? Here at last is the portable, one-of-a-kind DVD buyer's guide -- from veteran film and television critics Steven H. Scheuer and Alida Brill-Scheuer. Director/star/crew audio commentaries • Outtakes • Filmographies and biographies • Alternate takes, music, and endings • Celebrity interviews • Deleted scenes • Trailers • Lost footage • Hidden features and Easter eggs • Animated menus • Production notes • Storyboards • Promotional art • DVD-rom extras • Behind-the-scenes footage • Screenplays • Souvenir booklets • and a special afterword on the best DVDs for kids

A Pocket Guide to Prayer

This little book will help establish you in classic formational elements that Christians today are practicing with renewed devotion. I was moved to produce this pocket guide to prayer because of my use of an earlier, similar volume ...

Author: Steve Harper

Publisher: Upper Room Books

ISBN: 0835812065

Category: Religion

Page: 144

View: 699

In response to comments from booksellers and readers, Upper Room Books has reissued A Pocket Guide to Prayer in a slightly larger trim size with a new, leatherlike cover. The content is exactly the same as the first edition, which had a brown, satiny, paperback cover. This lovely, classic, and compact book contains a wealth of information, such as helps for praying up to 5 times a day, over 100 prayers, hymn texts, and psalms. Harper also explains how to create a personal Rule of Life and how to read scripture meditatively (lectio divina). He includes a reading list to help you grow in your prayer life. Tuck this classic prayer book in your pocket or purse, and you have at your fingertips all you need to make a daily connection with God.