The Role Played by Eddy Diffusion in Turbulent Flow

THE ROLE PLAYED BY EDDY DIFFUSION IN TURBULENT FLOW : LITERATURE SURVEY By R. C. Bacon ABSTRACT An examination of the literature on turbulent flow of fluids indicates that eddy diffusion , which measures the capacity of a fluid in ...

Author: R. C. Bacon



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Recurrent Miscarriage and Pre Eclampsia

Immunological abnormalities are known to be associated with miscarriage and immunological components are also thought to have a role to play in the development of pre-eclampsia. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are known to have important ...

Author: Rhoda Wilson

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9814482641

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This book examines the role of antioxidants and of the immune system in the pathogenesis of pre-eclampsia and recurrent miscarriage. Whilst many papers have discussed the role of antioxidants in pre-eclampsia and, that of the immune system, hitherto publication has not considered the two simultaneously. The role of the immune system in recurrent miscarriage has been the subject of many papers but whether antioxidants play a part in miscarriage has been less well studied. In many ways the problems encountered in the two disorders are similar, and this book brings them together. Contents:Clinical Aspects of MiscarriagePre-EclampsiaAntioxidants and Pre-EclampsiaSerum Cytokines in Pre-EclampsiaPeripheral Cytokines in Recurrent MiscarriageDecidual Cytokines: Their Role in Recurrent MiscarriageAntioxidants and MiscarriageThyroid Antibodies and Miscarriage Readership: Graduate medical students, researchers in obstetrics and gynaecology, and obstetricians. Keywords:Recurrent Miscarriage;Pre-Eclampsia;Th1/Th2 Immunity;Antioxidants;Cytokines

Understanding the evidence based Role played by Polyamines in Vascular Pathophysiology in animal models of re stenosis at molecular level

32. 8. The inhibitors of polyamine metaboli- sm and the role of their route of administration in vivo. 38. 9. Conclusions. 42. References. 45. Understanding the evidence-based Role played by Polyamines in Vascular Pathophysiology 4.

Author: Dr. Hakim Saboowala

Publisher: Dr.Hakim Saboowala


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Understanding the evidence-based Role played by Polyamines in Vascular Pathophysiology in animal models of (re)stenosis at molecular level. Polyamines are organic polycations expressed by all living organisms, which are known to play an essential role in cell proliferation and differentiation. Recent studies revealed their involvement also in cell contractility and migration and in programmed cell death. • These processes are known to contribute to restenosis, a pathophysiological process occurring in 10-20% of patients submitted to revascularization procedures. The advent of bare metal stents and of drug-eluting stents has significantly reduced but not eliminated the incidence of restenosis, which thus remains a clinically relevant problem. Despite the potential role of the polyamine pathway as a therapeutic target due to its involvement in proliferation, apoptosis and migration of vascular cells, experimental inhibition of polyamine synthesis and/or uptake has been poorly investigated in animal models of vascular disease. Here an attempt has been made to review the current knowledge about molecular mechanisms related to polyamine functions, with particular reference to the role played by polyamines in vascular cell pathophysiology, together with experimental evidence obtained so far in animal models of (re)stenosis. Also attempted to evaluate the advantages of different routes of administration of polyamine synthesis/transport inhibitors and polyamine analogue molecules. Increasing knowledge about the molecular mechanisms and functions of polyamines is expected to shed new light on their potential role as a therapeutic target for restenosis reduction. …Dr. H. K. Saboowala. M.B.(Bom) .M.R.S.H.(London)

The Role of Play in Human Development

Pellegrini argues that play is an excellent example of the influence of biology and culture on one other, especially during childhood.

Author: Anthony D. Pellegrini

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0195367324

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Pellegrini argues that play is an excellent example of the influence of biology and culture on one other, especially during childhood. The innovative possibilities associated with different forms of juvenile play behaviour can influence both individuals' skill acquisition and possibly also the development of the species.

Models of Teaching

Chooses student volunteers who will most likely get the role play session off to a good start. Reviews reason for the role play, questions students about the setting and the characters Asks a specific question or directs the observers ...

Author: Jeanine M. Dell'Olio

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 1483316874

Category: Education

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Models of Teaching: Connecting Student Learning with Standards features classic and contemporary models of teaching appropriate to elementary and secondary settings. Authors Jeanine M. Dell'Olio and Tony Donk use detailed case studies to discuss 10 models of teaching and demonstrate how they can be connected to state content standards and benchmarks, as well as technology standards. This book provides readers with the theoretical and practical understandings of how to use models of teaching to both meet and exceed the growing expectations for research based instructional practices and student achievement.

Effect of the Role Played by Boards in Corporate Governance

Author: Eamon Concannon





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Locally Played

In the 1960s and 1970s, games to improve organizational alignment across stakeholders emerged as part of the Model Cities program in the United States.40 This early work self-consciously embraced games, especially through role play in ...

Author: Benjamin Stokes

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 0262043483

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How games can make a real-world difference in communities when city leaders tap into the power of play for local impact. In 2016, city officials were surprised when Pokémon GO brought millions of players out into the public space, blending digital participation with the physical. Yet for local control and empowerment, a new framework is needed to guide the power of mixed reality and pervasive play. In Locally Played, Benjamin Stokes describes the rise of games that can connect strangers across zip codes, support the “buy local” economy, and build cohesion in the fight for equity. With a mix of high- and low-tech games, Stokes shows, cities can tap into the power of play for the good of the group, including healthier neighborhoods and stronger communities. Stokes shows how impact is greatest when games “fit” to the local community—not just in terms of culture, but at the level of group identity and network structure. By pairing design principles with a range of empirical methods, Stokes investigates the impact of several games, including Macon Money, where an alternative currency encouraged people to cross lines of socioeconomic segregation in Macon, Georgia; Reality Ends Here, where teams in Los Angeles competed to tell multimedia stories around local mythology; and Pokémon GO, appropriated by several cities to serve local needs through local libraries and open street festivals. Locally Played provides game designers with a model to strengthen existing networks tied to place and gives city leaders tools to look past technology trends in order to make a difference in the real world.

Begriff und Logik der Planung

However , in more complicated situations , these three roles can be played by separate actors . The role structure in a particular situation can be used as a category for a primary classification of planning types .

Author: Hans Christoph Rieger



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China s Political Development

First, in terms of the central-local relationship, the central government played a less direct role in the management of the economy but a greater role in terms of macroeconomic control. Second, the local governments also had a greater ...

Author: Kenneth G. Lieberthal

Publisher: Brookings Institution Press

ISBN: 0815725353

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China's path to political reform over the last three decades has been slow, but discourse among Chinese political scientists continues to be vigorous and forward thinking. China's Political Development offers a unique look into the country's evolving political process by combining chapters authored by twelve prominent Chinese political scientists with an extensive commentary on each chapter by an American scholar of the Chinese political system. Each chapter focuses on a major aspect of the development of the Chinese Party-state, encompassing the changing relations among its constituent parts as well as its evolving approaches toward economic gorwth, civil society, grassroots elections, and the intertwined problems of supervision and corruption. Together, these analyses highlight the history, strategy, policies, and implementation of governance reforms since 1978 and the authors' recommendations for future changes. This extensive work provides the deep background necessary to understand the sociopolitical context and intellectual currents. behind the reform agenda announced at the landmark Third Plenum in 2013. Shedding light through contrasting perspectives, the book provides an overview of the efforts China has directed toward developing good governance, the challenges it faces, and its future direction.

What Do Design Reviewers Really Do Understanding Roles Played by Design Reviewers in Daily Practice

participatory strategies are used in connection with all of the four hypothesized roles that design reviewers play. Community participation in design review may be approached from the top down (led by public authorities to gauge public ...

Author: Joongsub Kim

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3030056422

Category: Science

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This book provides an original contribution to the planning and design literature. Not only does it provide a fresh and finely grained examination of the daily challenges and opportunities of design review practice, but it does so in an ethnographically compelling way—through extensive references that convey and show what a distanced researcher could never adequately summarize and paraphrase. Architects, urban designers, and developers will learn about how they might work with design reviewers on the basis of the four significant roles that a design review staff plays frequently in the design review process. Faculty and students in architecture, urban design, and urban planning will learn about design governance, design regulations, design culture, participants, processes, and micropolitics in design and design reviews. There are possibly tens of thousands of design review boards in the United States that review proposals for building designs and site designs submitted by practitioners in architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, urban planning, and urban development. Given this considerable professional context, the target audience of this book includes design reviewers, practitioners, scholars, educators, and students in the fields of architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, urban planning, and urban development.

Shadows of the Past






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Well Played

of play. In making the distinction between these three ideas some have attempted to define sport based upon the rules that govern ... What follows is a consideration of the concept of play and, more specifically, the role play has 1.

Author: Michael R Shafer

Publisher: ISD LLC

ISBN: 0718844599

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Should we allow performance-enhancing substances in competitive athletics? The first book of its kind, Well Played answers this question by urging us to a deeper appreciation for the purpose of sport. Giving special reference to performance-enhancing substances, Shafer challenges the incompleteness of the ethical arguments and contributes a Christian voice to the discussion. He initiates a theological conversation that is both scholarly and accessible, arguing that a distinctively Christian understandingof sport will have far-reaching implications for how we treat ethical issues like doping. The values, beliefs, and practices within the Christian tradition show an alternative that prioritizes humility and friendship, grace and gratitude over the 'win atall costs' mentality that drives the use of performance-enhancing substances for a competitive advantage. This ground-breaking book ventures into new theological territory as it explores the intersections of theology, philosophy of sport, and the ethics of doping. Theologians, ethicists, and pastors, as well as coaches, athletes, and sports fans will benefit from this book's thoughtful reflection on how Christians can play well in the modern sports culture.

Geographia Polonica

V. POLITICAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE FUNCTIONS AND CENTERS — THEIR ROLE IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF NATIONAL SETTLEMENT SYSTEMS Comments: The aim of this chapter is to describe the role played by political and administrative functions in the ...




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The Social Psychology of the Primary School

The role of play in the classroom again combines curricular and practical considerations. Peter K.Smith has researched the complexity of this subject over many years. Readers may be aware that issues presented here (in Chapter 9) are ...

Author: Colin Rogers

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134909063

Category: Education

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Colin Rogers and Peter Kutnick reassess the role of social psychology in educational practice for the primary classroom. They offer an analysis of the ways in which the process and structure of classroom life affect the interpersonal and academic outcomes of schooling. Social schooling is seen to have a crucial role to play in achieving effective teaching and meaningful learning, while promoting other useful developments in the primary classroom. The authors study classroom interaction and relationships and consider how these might be structured for the best outcomes. With so much attention being focused recently on the National Curriculum, the authors provide a balance for the current curricula-orientated view of teaching by improving understanding of how curricula are implemented in the classroom. Motivation and the social development of primary age children are covered as well as relationships and social interaction in the classroom, gender and special educational needs.

Everything You Need to Know about the Role Played by Nutrients in the Health of Dogs Cats

Author: Dominique Grandjean



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International Relations Today Concepts and Applications

Interest Groups and Lobbies The role played by interest groups in the making of foreign policy is emphasized nowadays. Interest groups like the chamber of commerce, peasant's organizations, other professional bodies, organizations for ...

Author: Chatterjee

Publisher: Pearson Education India

ISBN: 8131753115


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Meant primarily for students studying international relations, aspirants of civil services, International Relations Today: Concepts And Applications

Divine Science and the Science of God

In the case of the analogy of proper proportionality, it is claimed that a word in one conceptual framework plays a role that is syntactically isomorphic with the role played by an analogous word in another conceptual framework.

Author: Victor Preller

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1597521981

Category: Religion

Page: 292

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In this book, Victor Preller examines the logical status of religious language in the light of recent developments in American analytic philosophy. The problem inherent in religious language is presented in terms of the referential status of the word God. The author argues that the significance of any referential term is dependent upon the ability of that term to play a significant role 'within' a unified conceptual system. The problem is shown to transcend the epistemological dogmas of Positivism and Conceptual Empiricism and to be inherent in any intelligible epistemology, including that of Thomas Aquinas, whose theological treatises serve as a model of religious language for the thesis of this book. According to Professor Preller, Divine Science (Aquinas' term for what we now call Natural Theology) results from a reflection upon the limitations encountered by the intellect in its attempt to render intelligible the objects of human experience. In the Science of God (Aquinas' term for that mode of knowing engendered by faith), the unknown meta-empirical referent of Divine Science becomes the object of the human intellect. While this study develops out of the discussions inaugurated by Flew and McIntyre in 'New Essays in Philosophical Theology', it rejects the excessively empirical approach of most other studies in that tradition. It applies post-positivistic analysis to specifically Catholic theological language, but it obviously applies to the theological language involved in any form of theism.

Project Based Knowledge in Organizing Open Innovation

Third, research should devote attention to the role played by the industry in moderating the relationship between project features and boundary choices. Finally, as discussed above, the extant studies adopt the firm level of analysis or ...

Author: Sara Bonesso

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1447165098

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 99

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Enriching understanding of the current theoretical debate on project-based learning and R&D sourcing, ‘Project-based Knowledge in Organizing Open Innovation’ draws on innovation literature and knowledge-based perspectives to solve open problems in the relationship between knowledge development at project level and how firms organize product innovation combining in-house R&D activities with inbound open innovation. Through field research in different industrial settings (pharmaceutical, automotive and machine tools) and with complementary methodological approaches, this book provides empirical evidence on how project knowledge features affect sourcing decisions at firm level. Due to the emerging interest in the management literature on project-based organizations and on the relevance of project forms of organizing in a knowledge-based economy, this volume will appeal to scholars and students in business and management, in particular those in innovation management, organization theory and strategic management. Addressing the still open issue of how the firm level should be complemented by studies at the project level of analysis, this book provides theoretical and empirical arguments on the advantages of a more fine-grained level of analysis to understand how firms organize their innovation processes across boundaries.

The Body in Psychotherapy

During the elaboration of the body schema acquired by the child in a slow and laborious process, pain, movement and stereoceptive sensations play a fundamental role. Allport [12] believed that the spatial references (including the body ...

Author: J. Guimón

Publisher: Karger Medical and Scientific Publishers

ISBN: 3805562853

Category: Psychology

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This publication provides a critical overview on some research mainly conducted in Paris and Geneva. It aims to review the neurophysiological basis of body perception and schema in health and sickness, as well as widely accepted psychotherapeutic procedures based on corporality. Psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, psychomotor therapists, psychotherapists and neurologists will find a wealth of information in this book that has until now been unavailable in English scientific literature.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Case Studies

It was agreed that the question the tutor would ask would be 'can you tell us about a time you've felt happy'. the role play then took place twice under two different conditions: (1) with Janine practising all of her usual safety ...

Author: Mike Thomas

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 144629174X

Category: Psychology

Page: 264

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This book uniquely combines CBT with the Department of Health stepped care model to provide the first comprehensive case study-approach textbook. A step-by-step guide to using CBT, the book is structured around case studies of clients who present with the most commonly encountered conditions; from mild to more complex, enduring symptoms and diagnosis. This distinctive practical format is ideal in showing how to put the principles of CBT and stepped care into effect. As well as echoing postgraduate level training, it provides an insight into the experiences the trainee will encounter in real-world practice. Each chapter addresses a specific client condition and covers initial referral, presentation and assessment, case formulation, treatment interventions, evaluation of CBT strategies and discharge planning. Specific presenting problems covered include: - First onset and chronic Depression - Social Phobia - Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder - Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) - Chronic Bulimia Nervosa and Anorexia nervosa - Alcohol Addiction - Personality Disorder The book also includes practical learning exercises for the reader and clinical hints, as well as extensive reference to further CBT research, resources and reading. This timely text will be invaluable for trainees on Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programmes, and anyone studying on postgraduate CBT courses.