The Sacred Balance

The book begins by presenting the concept of people as creatures of the Earth who depend on its gifts of air, water, soil, and sun energy.

Author: David Suzuki

Publisher: Greystone Books

ISBN: 1926685490

Category: Nature

Page: 304

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In this extensively revised and enlarged edition of his best-selling book, David Suzuki reflects on the increasingly radical changes in nature and science — from global warming to the science behind mother/baby interactions — and examines what they mean for humankind’s place in the world. The book begins by presenting the concept of people as creatures of the Earth who depend on its gifts of air, water, soil, and sun energy. The author explains how people are genetically programmed to crave the company of other species, and how people suffer enormously when they fail to live in harmony with them. Suzuki analyzes those deep spiritual needs, rooted in nature, that are a crucial component of a loving world. Drawing on his own experiences and those of others who have put their beliefs into action, The Sacred Balance is a powerful, passionate book with concrete suggestions for creating an ecologically sustainable, satisfying, and fair future by rediscovering and addressing humanity’s basic needs.

The Sacred Balance

In this work, David Suzuki suggests how we can meet our basic needs and create a way of life that is ecologically sustainable, fulfilling and just.

Author: David T. Suzuki

Publisher: Greystone Books

ISBN: 9780898868975

Category: Nature

Page: 259

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In this work, David Suzuki suggests how we can meet our basic needs and create a way of life that is ecologically sustainable, fulfilling and just. By exploring issues such as the importance of love and spirituality in our lives, he shows us how we can live in true harmony with our surroundings.

The Sacred Balance Rediscovering Our Place in Nature Updated and Expanded






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Sacred Balance

I use these words to give you a new language with which to discuss balance. In
doing so, you may be able to claim interior space that you haven't previously
explored. A glossary of these terms is included in the back of the book. For the
sake ...

Author: Melinda Emily Thomas

Publisher: Broadleaf Books

ISBN: 1506463541

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 160

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In Sacred Balance, certified yoga instructor and spirituality blogger Melinda Emily Thomas helps you align body and spirit through two timeless traditions--Benedictine spirituality and yoga practice. Spirituality in the Benedictine Way offers the commitments of listening, stability, conversion, humility, and hospitality. These root our values and help us choose how to spend our time, devote our energy, and craft relationships. Yoga offers physical postures to bring those principles into body and spirit by relieving pain and stress and helping us gain strength and flexibility. These practices combine to create a powerful blend of body and spirit--one that promises healing and connection to God. Studded with illustrations of basic yoga poses and ideas for wellness, prayers, and meditations, Sacred Balance offers principles and practices that guide us toward peace and wholeness.


As darkness steadily sweeps across the many lands of Impartia, consuming all within its path, only one light prevails - Cerebrante - the Spirit of Balance, although their whereabouts remain... unknown.

Author: Andrew John Bell

Publisher: Independant Publisher

ISBN: 9781999926465


Page: 308

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The world of Impartia is falling into chaos. Queen Cera, the tyrannical ruler of Magmorrah, has waged a war between mortals and spirits of the like never seen before. As darkness steadily sweeps across the many lands of Impartia, consuming all within its path, only one light prevails - Cerebrante - the Spirit of Balance, although their whereabouts remain... unknown. As all hope seems lost, an exiled princess named Cara and her young daughter, Sophilia, are thrown into this apocalyptic conflict, their purpose in finding Cerebrante - shrouded in mystery. On their quest to locate Cerebrante, Cara and Sophilia are unwillingly forced apart, each burdened to fulfil an ancient prophecy, one that would reclaim 'The Sacred Balance', one that could tear them apart... forever. A story of 'Good vs Evil' with a twist.

The Sacred Balance

Ours is the first society to separate the sacred from knowledge and power, to
sequester it as "religion" — steeped in rewards and punishments but cut off from
the ... Life itself is the sacred on Earth, living in balance with the planet that
created it.

Author: David T. Suzuki


ISBN: 9781550549669

Category: Nature

Page: 151

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Suggests that humans need to move away from global economic competition and towards a recognition of our connection with the Earth.

The Cycle of Grace

You can learn the rhythm of living that Jesus demonstrates — the Cycle of Grace — throughout the Gospels. Use this workbook and accompanying video about the Cycle of Grace either individually or in a small group.

Author: Trevor Hudson

Publisher: Upper Room Books

ISBN: 0835812022

Category: Religion

Page: 112

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Are you soul-weary? Do you struggle to make time for God in the midst of a packed schedule? Or do you sometimes stay so busy doing things for God that you can't relax and just "be"? Jesus faced amazing pressure and overwhelming demands throughout his ministry, but he did not experience the burnout so common today among Christian ministers and laypersons. You can learn the rhythm of living that Jesus demonstrates — the Cycle of Grace — throughout the Gospels. Use this workbook and accompanying video about the Cycle of Grace either individually or in a small group. The Cycle of Grace examines 4 components of a grace-filled life: Acceptance Sustenance Significance Fruitfulness Trevor Hudson, a dynamic pastor, author, and speaker, introduces each part of the Cycle of Grace in a short video segment (available on YouTube). The video segments are titled as follows: Cycle of Grace 1: Acceptance Cycle of Grace 2: Sustenance Cycle of Grace 3: Significance Cycle of Grace 4: Fruitfulness Cycle of Grace 5: A Grace-filled Way to Live In the workbook Jerry Haas provides practical exercises for individuals and groups, complete with suggestions for journaling and preparing for group sessions. This 6-week study will help you know that God loves you nurture your spiritual life understand who you are called to be in the world learn how to restore balance to your life The workbook includes a Leader's Guide and several useful appendixes. A must-have resource for clergy and lay leaders, The Cycle of Grace is also an excellent text for seminary and college classes preparing students for ministry.

Painted Earth Temple

Some tribes abandoned the Sacred Balance Way and started forcing plants to
grow and capturing animals to serve them. Other tribes made slaves out of other
humans and the Sacred Balance became even more upset. Our tribe is one of
the ...

Author: Heyoka Merrifield

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781416562382

Category: History

Page: 176

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In this second volume of the White Buffalo Woman Trilogy, Heyoka Merrifield transports us back to ancient Europe as a mythical tribe of hunter-gatherers is forced on an odyssey away from Gaia's land and into the New World. Painted Earth Temple reveals the rites and rituals of a culture of antiquity showing us that their traditions have never been more pertinent than in today's modern age. The Native American saga continues in Lying Down Mountain, the volume in the trilogy.

The Public Intellectual and the Culture of Hope

The structure of Legacy – remember, what Suzuki has said will be his last book –
mimics Sacred Balance in almost every respect: the breakout passages (though
there are no charts or figures), which put one in mind of the Spinozian-inspired ...

Author: Joel Faflak

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 1442665750

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 304

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The Public Intellectual and the Culture of Hope brings together a number of winners of the Polanyi Prize in Literature – a group whose research constitutes a diversity of methodological approaches to the study of culture – to examine the rich but often troubled association between the concepts of the public, the intellectual (both the person and the condition), culture, and hope. The contributors probe the influence of intellectual life on the public sphere by reflecting on, analyzing, and re-imagining social and cultural identity. The Public Intellectual and the Culture of Hope reflects on the challenging and often vexed work of intellectualism within the public sphere by exploring how cultural materials – from foundational Enlightenment writings to contemporary, populist media spectacles – frame intellectual debates within the clear and ever-present gaze of the public writ large. These serve to illuminate how past cultures can shed light on present and future issues, as well as how current debates can reframe our approaches to older subjects.

The Balance and Columbian Repository

! ” BESI TIE . HUDSON , ( New - YORK ) TUESDAY , DECEMBER 10 , 1805 .




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Ocean Mother s Song

They walked within the Sacred Balance and were peaceful. They huntedand
gathered foodonthe land and in the sea. Over time, they grewtobe more
intelligent thanthe otherland animal tribes, although perhaps less in wisdom. “
This caused ...

Author: Heyoka Merrifield

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1450058205

Category: Nature

Page: 131

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The young dolphin Morning Star, who feels different and estranged from her family pod, is captured and taken to a petting zoo aquarium. During her captivity, she helps discover a method of interspecies communication. Star also realizes that humans are causing the many ecological problems in the sea. Determined to restore balance, she escapes and goes on a quest to find a way to heal her Mother Ocean.

The David Suzuki Reader

I later met him when I was filming for a TV series, The Sacred Balance. We hiked
up a mountain where David explained that the exposed edge of the snowcap
revealed layers that, like rings on a tree, made an annual record. He was terrific
at ...

Author: David Suzuki

Publisher: Greystone Books

ISBN: 1771640286

Category: Nature

Page: 432

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In this revised and expanded edition of his collected writings, David Suzuki continues to explore the themes that have informed his work for more than four decades — the interconnectedness of all things, our misguided elevation of economics above all else, the urgent need to deal with climate change — but with an increased emphasis on solutions to the myriad problems we face, his inspiring vision for the future, and the legacy he hopes to leave behind. There is also more emphasis on the personal, as he recounts episodes from his childhood and early adulthood and speaks eloquently about old age, death, and the abiding role of nature and family in his life. Written with clarity, passion, and wisdom, this book is essential for anyone who is an admirer of David Suzuki, who wants to understand what science can and can’t do, or who wants to make a difference.

Exploring Earthiness

Suzuki and McConnell, The Sacred Balance, 192. 4. Midgley, The Solitary Self,
97–99. 5. Suzuki and McConnell, The Sacred Balance, 192–93. 6. Kahl,
Galatians Re-Imagined, 92–93. 7. Ibid., 94–96. 8. Brown, Through the Eye of a
Needle, ...

Author: Anne Primavesi

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1621897575

Category: Philosophy

Page: 176

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If we see ourselves as Earth rather than Earth as existing for us our perspective is transformed. A variety of religious, philosophical, cultural, and political self-perceptions that dominate our sense of human identity are deeply challenged by this shift in perspective. John Locke's doctrine of Earth as human "property" has been central to current presuppositions about our selves: justified on the grounds of our possessing unique, divinely bestowed, rational abilities. But today, the effects of that doctrine on Earth's resource base and on its other-than-human creatures directly challenge such assumptions. At the same time contemporary scientific findings about the evolution of earthly life demonstrate that while we belong to Earth and nowhere else, Earth does not belong to us. Exploring this role reversal raises fundamental questions about current theological, philosophical, scientific, and economic presuppositions that underpin the "business as usual" viewpoint and human-centered aims of contemporary policies and lifestyles. It takes us beyond hierarchical Christian and philosophical doctrines toward a deeper, Earth-focused and peace-based understanding of what it means to be human today.

Dodging the Toxic Bullet

... Scientists, and Activists Explore Our Relationship with Nature and the
Environment edited by Michelle Benjamin • The Great Lakes: The Natural History
of a Changing Region by Wayne Grady • The Sacred Balance: Rediscovering
Our Place ...

Author: David R. Boyd

Publisher: Greystone Books Ltd

ISBN: 1553656210

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 240

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Dodging the Toxic Bullet presents workable strategies that show how we can live longer, healthier lives by breathing clean air, eating healthy food, drinking safe water, and using non-toxic products. Author David R. Boyd provides accessible background on a range of hazards including mercury in fish, carcinogens in cleaning products, lead in toys, and lethal E. coli in ground beef. His clear directions for reducing risk include growing lots of houseplants, choosing whole foods, avoiding consumer products with strong or long-lasting smells, and using green cleaning products. Easy-to-follow advice and informative sidebars and checklists make this a must-have guide, especially for parents of infants and children.

Participating in Development

sacred. balance. Can. the. study. of. indigenous. knowledge. reflect. cosmic.
connectedness?' Darrell. Posey. Anthropology is caught in an international policy
and legal vacuum regarding protection of indigenous knowledge (IK) and
traditional ...

Author: Alan Bicker

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134514042

Category: Social Science

Page: 288

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First published in 2002. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Everything Under the Sun

... with holly dressel · More Good News: Real Solutions to the Global Eco-Crisis
with holly dressel · The Sacred Balance: Rediscovering Our Place in Nature with
amanda mcconnell, adrienne mason · The Sacred Balance: A Visual Celebration

Author: David Suzuki

Publisher: Greystone Books

ISBN: 1553659961

Category: Nature

Page: 288

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In this compilation of David Suzuki's latest thoughts and writings, the renowned scientist, author, and broadcaster explores the myriad environmental challenges the world faces and their interconnected causes. In doing so, Suzuki shows that understanding the causes—and recognizing that everything in nature, including us, is interconnected—is crucial to restoring hope for a better future. The solutions are there, he argues; we just need the will to act together to bring about change. Everything Under the Sun delves into such provocative topics as the difference between human hunters and other predators, the lessons we must learn from the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan and the subsequent meltdown of the nuclear reactors, and our dependence on the sun for all of our food and energy—indeed for our very lives. Suzuki also considers the many positive steps people are making today. And he doesn't shy away from controversial opinion, especially when it comes to taking on those who stand in the way of resolving serious issues like climate change. Underpinning it all is the recognition that we are blessed to live on a planet that gives us everything we require to live, under a sun that gives us the energy we need to produce food and transport and modern conveniences. But we must protect what we have if we want to survive and prosper.

Eastern Arts and Antiquities Mentioned in the Sacred Scriptures

MENE _ " God hath numbered thy reign , and MENE - hath finished it . ” The
repetition emphatically signifying that the decree was certain , and should shortly
come to pass . See Gen . xli . 32 , etc . TEKEL — “ Thou art weighed in the
balance ...




Category: Bible

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The Hopi Survival Kit

... day our own children may become our enemies. Schools will destroy the
sacred balance of Hopi life. They will interrupt the traditions and people will forget
the instructions of Maasaw. This destruction will reach much farther than our

Author: Thomas E. Mails

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101042663

Category: Religion

Page: 400

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Now made public for the first time—an ancient Hopi spiritual guide that may hold the key to our survival in the next millennium For nearly a century the Elders of Hotevilla—a tiny village on a remote Hopi reservation in Arizona—have been guarding the secrets and prophecies of a thousand-year-old covenant that was created to ensure the well-being of the earth and its creatures. But the elders are dying, and there is no one left to pass on its remarkable teachings. Renowned Native American expert Thomas Mails was chosen by the last surviving elders to reveal to the outside world the sacred Hopi prophecy and instructions at precisely the time in history when they are most urgently needed. The Hopi Survival Kit is the first full revelation of traditional Hopi prophecy. Many of its predictions have already been realized, but the most shattering apocalyptic events are still to occur. And though this may be a sobering realization, it is also our best defense. For the Hopi teachings give detailed instructions for survival—our actions can alter the pace and intensity of what will happen and help avoid a cataclysmic end.

Yellowstone to Yukon

DAVID SUZUKI Dr. David Suzuki, a highly acclaimed geneticist and
environmental thinker, is the author of forty books, including The Sacred Balance:
Rediscovering Our Place in Nature. He has won numerous academic awards
and holds ...

Author: Florian Schulz

Publisher: Braided River

ISBN: 9781594851049

Category: Photography

Page: 196

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"It's not only a feast for the eye--Florian Schulz is a fine young nature-wildlife photographer--but a challenge to those of us who live in a not-yet-used corner of he planet." (Seattle P-I)A grizzly bear emerges, one small detail in an immense vista of field and mountains and sky. A shoreline, still and empty but for the telltale tracks of passing wildlife. Golden peaks that roll to the horizon, starkly beautiful in the morning light. This kind of space, of solitude-of simple wildness-still exists in North America, outside the boundaries of any park.Photographer Florian Schulz documents the landscape, plants, animals, and people of an eco-system that is surprisingly intact up and down the spine of the Rocky Mountains. There is still time to make a difference: to direct the path of encroaching development and establish connections between the national and provincial parks on this course.Essay contributors--including Dvid Suzuki, David Quammen, Rick Bass, Ted Kerasote and Roberts F. Kennedy Jr.-- tell of their travels through the region and their experience of the land. They explain the need for Y2Y, based on new findings that reveal isolated nature sanctuaries to be a recipe for extinction. They set the Y2Y conservation program in context: a grand vision grounded on science; a practical plan that provides for economic as well as environmental sustainability; a blueprint designating critical wildlife habitat. Environmental conservation does not mean that humansmust be excluded from the land, but we must act thoughtfully.For more information about the author, visit his web site at

The Sacred Band

Balance drives all things through all things,” Harmony reminds them. “You upset
the balance, Vashanka, and died of it yourself, and lost adherency, and loyalty,
and the love of souls. Now, reborn, you start anew. Beware the same cycle ...

Author: Janet Morris

Publisher: Paradise Publishing

ISBN: 061535999X


Page: 570

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