The History of the Snowman

he history of the snowman has been a mystery up until now, which T is surprising
since its evolution is as fascinating and preposterous as any, and mirrors our own
ever~changing, often ridiculous pop culture. A snowman is a product of the ...

Author: Bob Eckstein

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1416951121

Category: History

Page: 240

View: 198

Who made the first snowman? Who first came up with the idea of placing snowballs on top of each other, and who decided they would use a carrot for a nose? Most puzzling of all: How can this mystery ever be solved, with all the evidence long since melted? The snowman appears everywhere on practically everything -- from knickknacks to greeting cards to seasonal sweaters we plan to return. Whenever we see big snowballs our first impulse is to deck them out with a top hat. Humorist and writer Bob Eckstein has long been fascinated by this ubiquitous symbol of wintertime fun -- and finally, for the first time, one of the world's most popular icons gets his due. A thoroughly entertaining exploration, The History of the Snowman travels back in time to shed light on the snowman's enigmatic past -- from the present day, in which the snowman reigns as the King of Kitsch, to the Dark Ages, with the creation of the very first snowman. Eckstein's curiosity began playfully enough, but soon snowballed into a (mostly) earnest quest of chasing Frosty around the world, into museums and libraries, and seeking out the advice of leading historians and scholars. The result is a riveting history that reaches back through centuries and across cultures -- sweeping from fifteenth-century Italian snowballs to eighteenth-century Russian ice sculptures to the regrettable "white-trash years" (1975-2000). The snowman is not just part of our childhood memories, but is an integral part of our world culture, appearing -- much like a frozen Forrest Gump -- alongside dignitaries and celebrities during momentous events. Again and again, the snowman pops up in rare prints, paintings, early movies, advertising and, over the past century, in every art form imaginable. And the jolly snowman -- ostensibly as pure as the driven snow -- also harbors a dark past full of political intrigue, sex, and violence. With more than two hundred illustrations and a special section of the best snowman cartoons, The History of the Snowman is a truly original winter classic -- smart, surprisingly enlightening, and quite simply the coolest book ever.

The Snowman

The Snowman In 1982 Raymond Briggs's classic picture book The Snowman
was made into an enchanting animated film, now loved by generations of
children all over the world. This audio ebook, read by Andrew Sachs, is illustrated
with ...

Author: Raymond Briggs

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0723272581

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 540

In 1982 Raymond Briggs's classic picture book The Snowman was made into an enchanting animated film, now loved by generations of children all over the world. This delightful new audio eBook celebrates its 30th anniversary and features images from the film and a wonderful reading by Andrew Sachs, BAFTA-nominated star of Fawlty Towers.

The Snowman

Snowman. JO NESBØ is a musician, songwriter, economist, as well as a writer.
His Harry Hole novels include The Redeemer, The Leopard, Phantom, and
Police, and he is also the author of several standalone novels and the Doctor
Proctor ...

Author: Jo Nesbo

Publisher: Vintage Crime/Black Lizard

ISBN: 0307599574

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 817

Inspector Harry Hole tracks a Norwegian serial killer in this installment of Jo Nesbø’s New York Times bestselling series. One night, after the first snowfall of the year, a boy named Jonas wakes up and discovers that his mother has disappeared. Only one trace of her remains: a pink scarf, his Christmas gift to her, now worn by the snowman that inexplicably appeared in their yard earlier that day. Inspector Harry Hole suspects a link between the missing woman and a suspicious letter he’s received. The case deepens when a pattern emerges: over the past decade, eleven women have vanished—all on the day of the first snow. But this is a killer who makes his own rules . . . and he’ll break his pattern just to keep the game interesting, as he draws Harry ever closer into his twisted web. With brilliantly realized characters and hair-raising suspense, international bestselling author Jo Nesbø presents his most chilling case yet—one that will test Harry Hole to the very limits of his sanity.

The Snowman Capers of Finneus Bleek

He rose up the snowman arms quickly and let out a very loud yell as he pushed
the lever forward to make the snowman rush towards Derek. Derek was so
scared he nearlyjumped out of his clothes. He turned around tripping over
himself and ...

Author: Kevin Watts

Publisher: WestBowPress

ISBN: 149081177X

Category: Fiction

Page: 76

View: 962

The battle begins as Finneus, a grade three genius, has had enough. Derek, a grade six bully, has been picking on him for years, and now it is time for Finneus to get even. Will he be able to design a creation to make Derek believe he is losing his mind, or does God have a greater purpose for his talent? This is a passionate, suspenseful, and amusing story of a boy that will learn that his intelligence is not enough to change what he is going through with Derek. He will have to stretch and grow in other ways to become the person God wants him to bethe boy named Finneus Bleek.

The Pope the Snowman

ince the story of the pope and the snowman was first reported, Dr. Dowd and I
have corresponded on several occasions. One occasion was to congratulate her
on her appointment as director of research for a major children's hospital in

Author: Roger Coleman

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1449011284

Category: Fiction

Page: 108

View: 378

In the tradition of The Little Prince, The Pope and the Snowman is a book that can be read on several levels. For adults, it is a story tracing the pope's loss of faith and his search to recover a sense of compassion and purpose. For children, it is a story in which the pope is given the opportunity to become a child again, rediscovering joy and hope in the faces of the children he meets. In the end, with the help of the the snowman and the children of Rome, the pope makes a personal commitment with far reaching consequences. The Pope and the Snowman includes 22 illustrations by Richard Becker, a free-lance illustrator and former designer with Hallmark Cards. A limited number of signed copies in the hardcover edition are available for $24.95 as a benefit for Operation Breakthrough, an organization providing a safe and loving educational environment for Kansas City, Missouri children living in poverty. Call 1-800-237-1922 or e-mail Roger Coleman at [email protected] to order. All credit cards accepted.

The Snowman

Author: Jorg Fauser

Publisher: Bitter Lemon Press

ISBN: 1904738966

Category: Fiction

Page: 190

View: 112

Paranoid fast paced thriller, how not to get rid of some Peruvian flake.

Beware The Snowman Goosebumps 51

When the snows blow wild And the day grows old, Beware, the snowman, my
child. Beware, the snowman. He brings the cold. I don't believe this! I thought. I
haven't thought about that rhyme since I was five. And now it has run through my

Author: R. L. Stine

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

ISBN: 1338338234

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 144

View: 270

Jaclyn used to live with her aunt Greta in Chicago. But not anymore. They've moved to a place called Sherpia. It's a tiny village on the edge of the Arctic Circle. Jaclyn can't believe she's stuck out in Nowheresville. No movie theaters. No malls. No nothing. Plus, there's something really odd about the village. At night there are strange howling noises. And in front of every house there's a snowman. A creppy snowman with a red scarf. A deep scar on his face. And a really evil smile...

Snowman s Clothes

The Snowman's Clothes Anders Hanson Published by ABDO Publishing
Company, 4940 Viking Drive, Edina, Minnesota. Consulting Editor, Diane Craig,
M.A./Reading Specialist Beginning Readers (1 flag) Emerging Readers (no flags)
Fluent ...

Author: Anders Hanson

Publisher: ABDO Publishing Company

ISBN: 161785459X

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 24

View: 129

Provides emerging readers with multiple opportunities to practice reading high-frequency words used in simple text.

Frosty the Snowman

Kenny Loggins. F ROSTy the SNOWMA n TM performed by KENNY LOGGINS
illustrated by Wade Zahares music & lyrics by steve nelson &jack rollins Frosty
the snowman was a jolly happy soul, with a.

Author: Kenny Loggins

Publisher: Charlesbridge

ISBN: 1607346710

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 28

View: 421

An enchanting interpretation of the magical wintertime song, including a special recording by Kenny Loggins. Featuring spectacular art by Wade Zahares, and the CD, with the title song and two others, the picture book will captivate young readers.

Days of the Snowman

James Knight. Days of the Snowman Days of the Snowman James Knight Study
for “Meat”

Author: James Knight


ISBN: 1471083861



View: 381

The Snowman Surprise

Author: Carolyn Keene

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1442483474

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 80

View: 308

It’s winter break, and Nancy, George, and Bess can hardly wait for Sunday. That’s the day of the big snow festival in town. This year the girls are entering the snow sculpture contest. They already know what they are making, too: They are going to build swans from the ballet Swan Lake! Nancy and her friends only have three days to make the most fantastic sculpture they can. But when someone begins wrecking their statues each night, the girls worry that they’ll never finish in time. Will Nancy and her friends put the freeze on this sneak in the snow, or will their chances of winning the competition melt away?

Eloise and the Snowman

KAY THOMPSON S CUOI5C Eloise and the Snowman STORY BY lisa
McClatehy ILLUSTRATED BY TailUllie %ОП Ready-to-Read Aladdin NEW
of Simon ...

Author: Lisa McClatchy

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0689874510

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 402

When snow starts falling in New York City, Eloise skips breakfast to rush out to Central Park to build a snowman.

Abigail The Snowman 3

ABIGAIL AND THE SNOWMAN No. 3 (of 4), February 2015, Published by
KaBOOMI, a division of Boom Entertainment, Inc., 5570 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite
* 450, Los Angeles, CA 90035-5579. Abigail and the Snowmān is "" & © 2015
Roger ...

Author: Roger Langridge

Publisher: BOOM! Studios

ISBN: 1681590247

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 30

View: 596

Abigail knows helping Claude find his way home won't be easy (goodbyes never are), but just as the two best friends set off on their journey, the Shadow Men put their top and most dangerous agent on the job of tracking the missing yeti down.

Abigail The Snowman 1

ABIGAIL AND THE SNOWMAN No. 1 (of 4), December 2014. Published by
KaBOOM, a division of Boom Entertainment, Inc., 5570 Wilshire Boulevard, *
Suite 450, Los Angeles, CA 90035-5579. Abigail and the Snowman is " & © 2014
Roger ...

Author: Roger Langridge

Publisher: BOOM! Studios

ISBN: 1681590220

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 28

View: 699

Abigail is a nine-year-old girl with a huge imagination who moves to a small town where she's the new kid at school, struggling to make friends. All that changes when she meets a Yeti named Claude who has escaped a top-secret government facility. Abigail and Claude become the best of friends, but to make sure he can truly be free from the "Shadow Men" chasing him, they must go on an adventure to find Claude's real home!

Dr Joe and the Snowman

It was not going to be easy for Joe to compete with the snowman, and Billie knew
it. This meant that the odds ofJoe hanging around Dakota City were not good.
Even if he did stay, he certainly wasn't the type to fall in love with. But on the other

Author: Steve Riedel

Publisher: Tate Publishing

ISBN: 1613461151

Category: Fiction

Page: 296

View: 274

Having been fired from his job and now ensnared in ethical misconduct, Dr. Joseph Doyle, a former high school hockey player, wants a chance to rebuild his career in clinical psychology. But opportunities are few and far between for psychologists on professional probation. When Art Bowen offers Joe a job as Dakota Citys lone therapist, Joe is back on the ice. Or so he thinks. What Joe doesnt know is that he will be in a face off against an oversized fiberglass snowman. While it may sound strange for a psychologist to be in competition with a snowman, this is no ordinary snowman. Snowman, as he is affectionately called, has personal charisma, and unlike Joe, he knows how to beat the stigma that stands between people and mental health services in this small town.

The Gift of the Snowman

Author: Joann Ellen Sisco

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1496913876

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 118

View: 777

Who would think a snowman would have something to give back? Snows in Oklahoma can sometimes do things one wouldn’t expect, and when a group of girls teamed up on a Christmas project, an unusual Christmas Snow occurred. Just in time. Mr. Okie Snow was born in a day and he lived for almost a week, but during his lifetime he had a wonderful surprise for the girls that made him. Sometimes the best surprises are those that are unexpected, and who would expect a surprise from a Snowman with green hair and orange lips wearing a glove and a mitten. And standing on two legs instead of a fat belly? And, of course, he would be wearing shoes. .

Abigail The Snowman 2

Author: Roger Langridge

Publisher: BOOM! Studios

ISBN: 1681590239

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 30

View: 175

It didn't take long for Abigail to warm up to the idea of having a Yeti as a best friend, but no matter how much fun the two friends have together, they can't avoid the mysterious men in town up to no good in search of the Abominable Snowman.

Kino the Mole and the Snowman

Author: Antonio Vincenti

Publisher: Pelangi ePublishing Sdn Bhd

ISBN: 9670351650

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 23

View: 220

Kino’s snowman has gone missing! Kino sets on a journey to search for his snowman. On the way, Kino finds fun and warmth among his friends that will soon lead him to his snowman.

Victor The Snowman Takes A Vacation

Author: Wild Dave Rice

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1490741844

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 38

View: 730

A snowman's magical journey takes him on an adventure to warmer weather who stops to meet other snowman along the way.

The Snowman and the Magic Eyeglasses

Author: Laura Gower Jackson

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 145203544X


Page: 24

View: 522

Newly arrived in northern Texas, two little boys from Mexico find the magic of friendship at a snow-covered pond.