Strange Packaging

She has to pack up her life and move to Seoul, Korea. What's an American-raised Korean to do in such a strange place? ... But Micha is a force to be reckoned with, despite her strange packaging, and things go from bad to worse.


Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing LL

ISBN: 1605924628



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Bookee and Keeboo Receive a Mysterious Package

The Stories of Bookee and Keeboo for preschoolers and 3 to 8 year olds Alfons Freire. On his way home, Mr. Chicken meets Purrpurr and explains the story of the strange package. Purrpurr runs off to tell Nala the puppy.

Author: Alfons Freire

Publisher: TopTapTip


Category: Juvenile Fiction


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Check exclusive Bookee and TopTapTip themed T-Shirts, mugs and gadgets at --- A package from the North Pole arrives at Bookee's house. No clue about what's inside, what a mystery to our friends! This is Bookee and friends' fifth adventure. An ebook written and illustrated by Alfons Freire, produced by booqlab to --- TopTapTip is a series dedicated to publishing children ebooks, both new and already in print. We believe in a playful publishing process that respects the authors original concept and idea while providing a digital twist. We join reading with fun and education in multimedia and interactive colorful ebooks. TopTapTip's brand new YouTube channel is already live at All of TopTapTip children stories are now available at TopTapTipTV!

Preparation H Ead

Package. A strange package appeared at my doorstep the other day. Actually, it was more toward (more accurately, on) the picnic table that rests atop the front deck of my house (i.e. atop the table, atop the deck, atop the property lot, ...

Author: Boomer Wadaska

Publisher: Illegal Pad Publishing

ISBN: 1440463441


Page: 238

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Levittown, Pa could win an award for Most Eclectic Collection of Oddball Characters Known in the History of Suburban Living. One might attribute it to the heavily-chlorinated tap water, trauma from a Ginacotti(tm) napalming or subconscious indoctrination by warbly-toned O'Boyle's trucks. Whatever the actual source may be, a fact not debatable is that most people in Levittown look at life through a very ripply window. In the late 80s there was quite a literary scene albeit, mostly pronounced upon the pages of what was known as the "Illegal Pad" where a dedicated few took seriously the art of bastardizing proper literary form in the face of academia at the lunch table over a breadtangle of freshly-unfrozen pizza. Though the Pad met its demise in a flood, many of its works were rediscovered in a pile of continuous form, green-stripey dot-matrix printouts. Once the fun of pulling apart the perforated tabs subsided, this book was assembled.

Five Strange Packages

A man behaving strangely and five mysterious packages send a group of friends on a dangerous adventure.

Author: Mark R. Littleton


ISBN: 9781927198308

Category: Readers

Page: 49

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A man behaving strangely and five mysterious packages send a group of friends on a dangerous adventure.

Best Practices for Graphic Designers Packaging

An Essential Guide for Implementing Effective Package Design Solutions Grip ... Finding the humor in the strangest locations is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face, and if you are able to achieve that, rest assured the world is a ...

Author: Grip

Publisher: Rockport Publishers Incorporated

ISBN: 1592538134

Category: Design

Page: 192

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DIVGain strategic insights on all aspects of package design. From starting with a blank slate all the way up to a finished product, learn the steps of executing effective package design solutions. /div

American International Pictures

18 American International Pictures early success of their own syndication packages, AItv was able to buy back all seC ... films endedupinsome ofAItv's most unusual—and memorable—syn- dication packages. one such package— “films for the ...

Author: Rob Craig

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 1476666318

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 451

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American International Pictures was in many ways the "missing link" between big-budget Hollywood studios, "poverty-row" B-movie factories and low-rent exploitation movie distributors. AIP first targeted teen audiences with science fiction, horror and fantasy, but soon grew to encompass many genres and demographics--at times, it was indistinguishable from many of the "major" studios. From Abby to Zontar, this filmography lists more than 800 feature films, television series and TV specials by AIP and its partners and subsidiaries. Special attention is given to American International Television (the TV arm of AIP) and an appendix lists the complete AITV catalog. The author also discusses films produced by founders James H. Nicholson and Samuel Z. Arkoff after they left the company.

Investigation of Hon Harry M Daugherty Formerly Attorney General of the United States

Yes , Senator , I am quite sure that I saw him hand the package to him . ... by a strange person ; you carried it all the way to Washington and you never mentioned to your companion that the strange package had been handed to him ?

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Select Committee on Investigation of the Attorney General





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The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl

The package isn't even opened.” He dug around in his satchel some more until he retrieved a battered yellow cardboard box. A grinning cartoon cowboy beamed at Marzi from the package, holding up a pair of six-shooters. “ZOO Shots!

Author: Tim Pratt

Publisher: Spectra

ISBN: 0553902156

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

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In this debut novel, acclaimed short-story author Tim Pratt delivers an exciting heroine with a hidden talent—and a secret duty. Witty and suspenseful, here is a contemporary love song to the West that was won and the myths that shape us. . . . As night manager of Santa Cruz’s quirkiest coffeehouse, Marzi McCarty makes a mean espresso, but her first love is making comics. Her claim to fame: The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl, a cowpunk neo-western yarn. Striding through an urban frontier peopled by Marzi’s wild imagination, Rangergirl doles out her own brand of justice. But lately Marzi’s imagination seems to be altering her reality. She’s seeing the world through Rangergirl’s eyes—literally—complete with her deadly nemesis, the Outlaw. It all started when Marzi opened a hidden door in the coffeehouse storage room. There, imprisoned among the supplies, she saw the face of something unknown . . . and dangerous. And she unwittingly became its guard. But some primal darkness must’ve escaped, because Marzi hasn’t been the same since. And neither have her customers, who are acting downright apocalyptic. Now it’s up to Marzi to stop this supervillainous superforce that’s swaggered its way into her world. For Marzi, it’s the showdown of her life. For Rangergirl, it’s just another day. . . .

The Strange Case of Billy Biswas

She sent this package to be delivered to you.' The package was no bigger than an ordinary large envelope. It was addressed to one Mr Saha. While I stared at the envelope, Dr Kundt said, 'May I take your leave?

Author: Arun Joshi

Publisher: Orient Paperbacks

ISBN: 8122207162

Category: Fiction

Page: 252

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The Strange Case of Billy Biswas is a compellingly thought provoking novel. A novel in which the normal and the abnormal, the ordinary and the extraordinary, illusion and reality, resignation and desire rub shoulders. The protagonist, Billy Biswas, is a man of extraordinary passions. He has everything going for him — education, wealth, status, travel, and a loving wife. Yet his inner world is rocked by a groundswell of discontent. He is consumed by a restlessness which grows steadily... Characterised by great elan and sophistication, the narrative unfolds in quick succession, and would be hard to believe were it not related in such a matter of fact, down to earth manner. 'In Joshi's hands we are swept into the unknown...' — The Times Literary Supplement, London

An Historical Account of the Town of Ayr for the Last Fifty Years

CHAPTER X I. Strange Package from Stranraer - The ResurrectionistsCaprington Colliers and Jedburgh Justice - Secure Burial Place . In the autumn of 1829 an occurrence took place at Ayr , which at the time caused no little excitement .

Author: James Howie



Category: Ayr (Scotland)

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The Strangest Package

Author: Vernetta Whittaker

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781467099813

Category: Fiction


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Ghosts That Aren t

Mr. N. became very agitated and somehow found himself taking the strange package to the basement. As if he had been led there he then opened the furnace and threw the package into it. He had the strong feeling that his aunt did not wish ...

Author: Hans Holzer

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 1453279695

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 34

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Professor Hans Holzer, an expert in paranormal activity and parapsychology, explains the distinction between true ghosts and spirit visits, with examples from some of the most famous cases of “ghosts that aren’t” According to Hans Holzer, only perhaps ten percent of all ghostly manifestations are true ghosts. The rest maybe impressions left behind by an emotional event in the past, which can be felt or seen by a sensitive person in the living world. Here Holzer explores several cases of various kinds of “non-ghosts” that are often confused with real ghosts, but are nevertheless remarkable, each in it’s own way.

The Strange Fiction of Devon Pitlor

White powder wrapped in a package about the size of a brick was what Alex had stolen. Because these days Alex always stole something. Alex had been taking chunks and drams of this powder for two years now, but this time he stole the ...

Author: Devon Pitlor

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1496914007

Category: Fiction

Page: 634

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Romance, Historical, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Mystery, and the Supernatural. A new voice in strange, otherworldly fiction. A compelling and original read.

The Alchemist s Code

I thought for a moment about Anna's grandfather's book and the strange package that had been sent to me from the Ukrainian capital. Maybe Anna was right. “Ok, I'll see you there.” Two and a half hours later we were flying over Austria ...

Author: Martin Rua

Publisher: Head of Zeus

ISBN: 1784977470

Category: Fiction

Page: 339

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The first in a gripping conspiracy thriller series for fans of Scott Mariani and Dan Brown. A dark figure. A secret code. A battle between good and evil... Years ago the Knights Templar developed a secret code. A code so secret that only one man could remember it. The code lies in the hidden recesses of Lorenzo Aragona's memory. The alchemist has always known it, but, until he crosses paths with a beautiful but brutal Russian spy, he does not realise its significance. In a race against the clock from Naples to Kiev, Lorenzo uncovers an ancient history involving Nazis and Freemasons, secrets and spies. He must remember the code, unlock the Baphomet and take control of The Guardian of the Threshold. The lives of the Pope, his dying wife and all of mankind are at stake and only Lorenzo has the power to save them... What readers are saying about THE ALCHEMIST'S CODE: 'A great idea: has anybody ever imagined waking up and figuring out that their life is nothing but a fictional play? Rua describes this feeling the way all of us would imagine it. I read it in one night. Overwhelming! 5 stars because I cannot give more' 'The author masters the suspense and the reader encounters thrilling mysteries step by step, like the pieces of a puzzle' 'I did not know this author before I read The Alchemist's Code and I have to admit that he is a pleasant discovery. The story captures you from the first page and the reader can enjoy the story although it is all about mysteries, esotericism, codes, and... that's it, I'm not going to reveal anything else, just read it!'

City Under Ice

He said, holding out the strange package he had shown me earlier. I sniffed it once then turned my head in disgust. It smelt unnatural, like metal. He shrugged and replaced it in the pack and I saw something strange inside.

Author: T E Olivant

Publisher: Shuna Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 280

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The Creation of Strange Non chaotic Attractors in Non smooth Saddle node Bifurcations

Though AMS-LATEX is the highly preferred format of TEX, author packages are also available in AMS-TEX. Authors may retrieve an author package for Memoirs of the AMS from or via FTP to ...

Author: Tobias H. JŠger

Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.

ISBN: 082184427X

Category: Mathematics

Page: 106

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The author proposes a general mechanism by which strange non-chaotic attractors (SNA) are created during the collision of invariant curves in quasiperiodically forced systems. This mechanism, and its implementation in different models, is first discussed on an heuristic level and by means of simulations. In the considered examples, a stable and an unstable invariant circle undergo a saddle-node bifurcation, but instead of a neutral invariant curve there exists a strange non-chaotic attractor-repeller pair at the bifurcation point. This process is accompanied by a very characteristic behaviour of the invariant curves prior to their collision, which the author calls `exponential evolution of peaks'.

Atlantic Monthly

Manilla ; 192 packages fire - crackers ; actually see her come out of the great 30 packages dried fish , cuttle- fish , black steamer's cabin and stand there sharks ' - fins , etc .; 400 packages hemp ; hesitating in the gangway ...






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The Atlantic Monthly

Manilla ; 192 packages fire - crackers ; actually see her come out of the great 30 packages dried fish , cuttle - fish , black steamer's cabin and stand there sharks ' - fins , etc .; 400 packages hemp ; hesitating in the gangway ...




Category: American literature


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The Hidden Masters

There was a letter in the package, the strangest letter I'd ever received. 'Snake charmers aren't what they seem,' it said enigmatically. 'People believe that the snakes are beguiled by the music. But snakes are deaf.

Author: Michael Faust

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1447890051

Category: History


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Who are the Hidden Masters? Read explosive inside information about the true Illuminati by a current member. What was the connection between the Illuminati and the French and American Revolutions? Is the coded novel "Etidorhpa" by John Uri Llloyd about the Illuminati? Is it a reference to the real-life murder of renegade Freemason William Morgan? Is "A Voyage to Arcturus" by David Lindsay a forgotten Gnostic masterpiece? It's time to enter the world of secrets. It's time for the Illuminati, the secret society that has fought for millennia to liberate humanity from the slavery of the archons, the secret princes of the world.

Packaging and Labeling Practices

Specific figures account for the strange behavior of the line on the chart . In April 1961 , the price of bread in Chicago stood at 143 points on the Bureau of Labor Statistics index . The price of flour in Minnesota stood at 96.2 .

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary. Subcommittee on Antitrust and Monopoly



Category: Consumer behavior


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Investigates impact of packaging and labeling practices on consumer buying habits.