The Three Stooges Career Guide

This hilarious, goofy guide features classic quotes and pithy punch lines with archival photographs that offer dubious advice from America's most recognizable comedy trio. It's the perfect book for dads, grads, and the ambitious at any age!

Author: Sam Stall

Publisher: Running Press

ISBN: 9780762440108

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 144

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Larry, Moe, and Curly are back in "business," ready to make America double over in laughter with their knuckleheaded advice! With a new Farrelly Brothers feature film coming soon, The Three Stooges® will be back in the public eye and bigger than ever. This hilarious, goofy guide features classic quotes and pithy punch lines with archival photographs that offer dubious advice from America's most recognizable comedy trio. It's the perfect book for dads, grads, and the ambitious at any age!

World War II Goes to the Movies Television Guide Volume II L Z

The Three Stooges also appeared on TV in 1939 at the New York's Worlds Fair.
Moe was their manager as they appeared as cameos in several feature film
through their career. Yes, three other stooges replaced Curly after his death, but
that ...

Author: Terry Rowan


ISBN: 1105465438



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Resources in Education

ED 383 016 Popular Culture Association The Three Stooges in “Academe”: A
Summary/- Review of Recent Research. ED 383 016 Popular Music In ... ED 383
663 Mentoring in Early Care and Education: Refining an Emerging Career Path ...




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Three Stooges FAQ

Also included is a filmography that covers all 190 shorts, plus a bibliography, making this the ultimate guide for all Three Stooges fans!

Author: David J. Hogan

Publisher: Applause Theatre & Cinema

ISBN: 1557839328

Category: Performing Arts

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(Applause Books). This entertaining and informative study of the Three Stooges focuses on the nearly 190 two-reel short comedies the boys made at Columbia Pictures during the years 1934-59. Violent slapstick? Of course, but these comic gems are also peerlessly crafted and enthusiastically played by vaudeville veterans Moe, Larry, Curly, Shemp, and Joe arguably the most popular and long-lived screen comics ever produced by Hollywood. Detailed production and critical coverage is provided for every short, plus information about each film's place in the Stooges' careers, in Hollywood genre filmmaking, and in the larger fabric of American culture. From Depression-era concerns to class warfare to World War II to the cold war to rock-and-roll the Stooges reflected them all. Seventy-five stills, posters, and other images many never before published in book form bring colorful screen moments to life and help illuminate the special appeal of key shorts. Exclusive sections include a Stooges biographical and career timeline; a useful, colorful history of the structure and behind-the-camera personnel of the Columbia two-reel unit; and personality sidebars about more than 30 popular players who worked frequently with the Stooges. Also included is a filmography that covers all 190 shorts, plus a bibliography, making this the ultimate guide for all Three Stooges fans!

Turner Classic Movies Presents Leonard Maltin s Classic Movie Guide

Langdon's directorial debut—a surprisingly morose film for a silent comedy star—
put his skyrocketing career on the skids. Three Sailors and a Girl ... Three
Stooges, Jay Sheffield, Joan Freeman, Walter Burke, Peter Forster. Even those
who ...

Author: Leonard Maltin

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0698197291

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 864

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The definitive guide to classic films from one of America's most trusted film critics Thanks to Netflix and cable television, classic films are more accessible than ever. Now co-branded with Turner Classic Movies, Leonard Maltin’s Classic Movie Guide covers films from Hollywood and around the world, from the silent era through 1965, and from The Maltese Falcon to Singin’ in the Rain and Godzilla, King of the Monsters! Thoroughly revised and updated, and featuring expanded indexes, a list of Maltin’s personal recommendations, and three hundred new entries—including many offbeat and obscure films—this new edition is a must-have companion for every movie lover.

TV Guide

Job 1 : the roof . 20 Good Life with Jill Ditmire 19319 23 55 That ' 70s Show
48845 / 87845 A new cashier likes Forman . ... ANC Three Stooges Comedy BW
541864 DIS Sister , Sister - Comedy 327932 FNC Fox News Watch - Discussion




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The American Western A Complete Film Guide

Set in the Old West, the Stooges are scouts for the US Cavalry and sent by
General Muster ... Columbia 18min *** See The Three Stooges. ... He started his
career on the stage and discovered by a Hollywood agent and over his film
career, ...

Author: Terry Rowan


ISBN: 1300418583



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The Rough Guide to Cult Movies

Po US UK , US BESS , ÜBER - EXTRA In a career spanning five decades , Bess
Flowers has appeared in eight ... for her work in seven movies with The Three
Stooges , whose fans have voted her the best actor to appear in a Stooges movie

Author: Paul Simpson



Category: Performing Arts

Page: 480

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A comprehensive overview of cult movies that profiles cult films from every genre and includes trivia about films, actors, producers, and backstage happenings.

The Book of the Undead A Zombie Film Guide

The first film, was so successful, he immediately embarked on a career as a ...
Tarler, Diana Darrin, Arline Hunter, Joe Palma Dir: Jules White The 182nd
Columbia short subject starring American slapstick comedy trio the Three

Author: Terry Rowan


ISBN: 1257129457

Category: Horror films


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A comprehensive film guide featuring films about zombies, the undead and other such creatures of the dead.

The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide

Author: Robert M. Overstreet


ISBN: 9780380772209

Category: Comic books, strips, etc

Page: 542

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Since 1970, only one comic book price guide has been dubbed "the Bible" for casual and die-hard collectors alike. While others have come and gone, The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide has maintained its stature as the premiere reference source for the hobby, covering more than a century of comic book history. The essential tool for collectors and investors, the Guide is highly regarded for its well-researched pricing, in-depth historical information, and incomparable insights into the marketplace. If you have a comic book collection or are thinking about starting one, you simply can't do without this book! This 30th Anniversary Edition Includes: The most complete record of existing comic books from the 1800s to the present Redesigned feature sections for greater clarity and easy reference Market reports by Robert M. overstreet and the Overstreet advisors network Exclusive feature articles on the origin and history of EC Comics, now celebrating the 50th anniversary of the "New Trend" titles, including interviews with Overstreet cover artists Al Feldstein and Al Williamson! Exclusive 30th anniversary feature looking back at the birth of a comic book fan, the first-ever article written for the Guide by Robert M. Overstreet himself! Up-to-date directory of comic book fan wbsites Tips about collecting, grading and caring for your comics All-new additions to Overstreet Hall of Fame, key sales lists, and exhaustive indices And much, much more!

Tla Film Video Guide

) Everyone ' s favorite storybook ... shines in an Oscar nominated role as a
nightclub singer who turns to the bottle after giving up her career for marriage .

Author: Wax

Publisher: T L a Video Management, Incorporated

ISBN: 9781880707005

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Doug Pratt s Dvd Video Guide

The Three Musketeers (Kino, K117DVD) Douglas Fairbanks portrays D'Artagnan
and the plot is very similar to Richard Lester's remake, in which ... and Raquel
Welch delivers what was probably the pinnacle role of her career as Michael
York's accident-prone paramour. ... The Three Stooges: Curly Classics (CoIumbia
TriStar, 02856) The Three Stooges (Madacy, DVD99096) The Three Stooges :
Sing a ...

Author: Douglas Pratt

Publisher: Harbor Electronic Pub

ISBN: 9780966974447

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 420

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out of print. replaced by Doug Pratt's DVD

The Manly Movie Guide

While this habit is certainly proof of his essential regular - guy virility , it does tend
to tarnish his employment record . ... The Stooge Experience In the world of
cinematic comedy teams , the Three Stooges stand alone as titans of two - fisted

Author: David Everitt

Publisher: Berkley Trade

ISBN: 9781572973084

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 287

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Recommends films in various categories that are likely to appeal to men who care about their macho image, profiles "manly" actors, and provides related information

The Motion Picture Guide

His show business career was jump - started when he won first prize on “ Major
Bowes ' Amateur Radio Hour " in 1937 . ... 16 , 1998 , Camarillo , CA , age 83
Slapstick comedian who often served as a comic foil for the Three Stooges .

Author: Edmond Grant

Publisher: Cinebooks

ISBN: 9780933997431

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 600

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"Few other sources are comparable...Any library with the parent set will want to get this annual supplement."--Booklist. "The MPG Annual is such a help to the film fan, collector, or serious researcher."--Big Reel. The ultimate one-stop guide to the year in movies, The Motion Picture Guide Annual 1999 provides a richly detailed account of every domestic & foreign movie released theatrically in the United States in 1998, as well as many titles released "straight to video." Each entry includes title, star rating, country of origin, running time, production/releasing company, color or black & white, genre, MPAA rating, parental recommendation, cast, & credit listings. Extensively cross-referenced, this unparalleled volume enables readers to find films by star rating, genre, parental recommendation, or an individual's name. You'll also find Academy Award listings, obituaries of film industry figures who died during the year, & a Master List to help you locate films reviewed in earlier editions.

Leonard Maltin s Movie Guide 2006

Three Stooges, Jay Sheffield, Joan Freeman, Walter Burke, Peter Forster. ... "
Architect Perry is given the job of spying on the mistress of his insanely jealous —
and rich — client, who mistakenly thinks he is gay, until they (predictably) fall in ...

Author: Kathleen Anderson

Publisher: Plume Books

ISBN: 9780452286993

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 1536

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Offers readers a comprehensive reference to the world of film, including more than eight thousand DVD titles, along with information on performers, ratings, running times, and helpful features.

Leonard Maltin s Movie and Video Guide 1999

Snow Devils SEE: Snow Demons Snow Job (1972) C-90m. ... Three Stooges,
Patricia Medina, Carol Heiss, Buddy Baer, Guy Rolfe, Edgar Barrier. Big mistake
with skating star Heiss as Snow White, Three Stooges as ... the Three Stooges.

Author: Leonard Maltin

Publisher: Plume

ISBN: 9780452279926

Category: Motion picture actors and actresses

Page: 1632

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Provides brief, rated reviews of over 19,000 movies, including theater, video, laserdisc, and DVD releases; arranged alphabetically with star and director indexes.

Official Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide

Author: Robert M. Overstreet

Publisher: House of Collectibles

ISBN: 9781400046683

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 960

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Lists current prices for comic books and offers advice on collecting, storing, and selling them

Leonard Maltin s Movie and Video Guide




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Leonard Maltin s Movie and Video Guide 1998

VO Harry Morgan , Keenan Wynn , Johnny Snow White and the Three Stooges (
1961 ) Whitaker , Michael McGreevey . Jones plays C - 107m . BOMB D : Walter
Lang . Three N . Y . accountant who inherits battered hotel Stooges , Patricia
Medina , Carol Heiss , in Rockies and tries to convert it ... Snow Job ( 1972 ) C -
90m .

Author: Leonard Maltin

Publisher: Plume Books

ISBN: 9780452279148

Category: Motion picture actors and actresses

Page: 1632

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With more than 300 new entries, 1,000 more videocassette and laser-disc listings, and an enlarged index of leading performers and directors, the 1998 edition of this perennial bestseller continues to be a "must" for every movie buff's bookshelf. "Leonard Maltin's Movie & Video Guide" has long been acclaimed because of its factual authority and sheer depth of information.

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Women in Sports

She did just that in 1960 , and then attempted to forge a career in Hollywood . But
she was less successful in front of the camera than she had been on the ice .
Heiss made just one film , Snow White and the Three Stooges , a movie
described ...

Author: Randi Druzin

Publisher: Prentice Hall Canada

ISBN: 9780130899408

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 304

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She Shoots, She Scores" She Shoots, She Scores!" Ever since the plucky Kallipateira snuck in to compete in the all-male Olympic games in ancient Greece, women athletes have fought to win recognition for their sex. And once they had exchanged their corsets for bloomers and took up cycling en masse in the late 1800s, the wheels of progress were set in motion. Who can forget 1973, when tennis great Billie Jean King beat Bobby Riggs in the legendary "Battle of the Sexes"? And if you think hockey is just for men, tell that to Manon Rheaume, who played goalie for the NHL in 1992. Today women are active at every level of competition in dozens of sports. "The Complete Idiot' s Guide(R)to Women in Sports" gives you all the facts you need, from antiquity to the 21st century. With pith and punch, Randi Druzin traces the major opposition to women in sports throughout the ages and catalogues women' s trials and triumphs, sport by sport. More of what you' ll find inside: Up-to-date information from the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia.Heroic tales from our spirited foremothers to modern-day girl-jocks.Complete "rules of the game" for each sport.Quotes and trivia to test your knowledge.A list of the major award winners across a variety of competitions.