Theoretical Weirdo

In this book you find a brief samplings of stories, ideas, ramblings, and thoughts from anomalistic researcher John E.L. Tenney.

Author: John E L Tenney




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In this book you find a brief samplings of stories, ideas, ramblings, and thoughts from anomalistic researcher John E.L. Tenney. These small glimpses into the mess of his mind should in many cases seem benign or trite. From paranormal investigation techniques to demons, from Bigfoot to our spaceship Moon, Tenney has tried to compile a seemingly uncompilable, mishmash of blips on his intellectual radar. Hopefully readers will find something of value or a least a cinder which sets aflame a better idea.

Explorations of Chinese Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

In another example, to show something special, participants used qiguai and its
corresponding English expression weird. Similarly, speakers adopted qipa and
its corresponding weirdo to show their negative judgement on Mr Bean. A closer

Author: Dongyan Chen

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1527559947

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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This volume explores the implications of Chinese for linguistic theory building and for the field of second language acquisition. Bringing together selected papers from the first International Symposium on Chinese Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, it sheds light upon under-documented topics in a variety of areas within theoretical and applied research. The topics covered here include competing approaches within optimality theory to phonological opacity, formal solutions to puzzles in Shanghainese morphosyntax, and different approaches to polarity items and presentational sentences in Chinese. With regard to applied linguistics, the contributions in this volume address challenges in the acquisition of Chinese phonology by L1 Danish speakers as well as the acquisition of the Mandarin ba construction by Cantonese learners, and the expression of social judgements in the L1 and L2. Taken together, the papers in this volume contribute to the empirical documentation of aspects of the Chinese language and its acquisition, as well as helping to unpack the significance of Chinese for mainstream linguistic theory.

An Alien Odyssey to Creative Freedom Towards a Theory of Artistic Research from the Abstract Maybe to the Concrete Real

So dominated by the ruling capitalist system. The young theoretical scientist is
considered an outsider, a weirdo, a bum, or a loafer. His work doesn't fit into the
model of production and consumption and is therefore not considered as real

Author: Brendan Heshka


ISBN: 1312323469



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Community Service on Planet Weirdo

She saw that Jennifer was also in awe of such theoretical quests to solve great
questions like the formation of our universe. “Besides such quests into the
unknown, could this help someone who wanted to place a bet, like the kids were
talking ...

Author: Patricia Carney


ISBN: 1684706726

Category: High school students

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"Jennifer Shaw is not having a good start to her freshman year in high school. Her dad walked out and her mom is struggling to make ends meet. Jennifer's stuck taking care of her little brother, which she doesn't mind, but she can't seem to get along with her mom. She's normally a good student, but after skipping school, she's badly behind and now failing algebra. To make matters even worse, she let her friend Sammy talk her into helping him steal from an old lady, and now she's the one who got caught and is on her way to court."-- Back cover.

An A Z of Counselling Theory and Practice

The term ' abusing parent is applied to a parent guilty of child abuse but is also a
label for a theoretical personality type possessing a particular set of ... It could be
someone trying to trick you , some kind of weirdo or someone really dangerous .

Author: William Stewart

Publisher: Nelson Thornes

ISBN: 9780748795925

Category: Psychology

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The broad perspective, multidisciplinary approach of the second edition makes it invaluable in the counselling context at any level. It is comprehensive enough for full-time counsellors and students but it is also a resource for health care professionals for whom counselling is an intrinsic component of their practice.

Zero Variable Theories and the Psychology of the Explainer

Neglecting the “Weirdo” Another method of increasing consistency is to focus on
the “normal” population. ... grounds that a conservative statement is better; that is,
it is safer to confine one's theoretical statements to a known group of people.

Author: Robert A. Wicklund

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1461233445

Category: Psychology

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In Zero-Variable Theories, Dr. Robert Wicklund invites the reader to consider the psychological perspective of the "explainer". In examining the over-simplifications that have become dominant in modern psychology, the author points to such factors as competition with other explainers and pressure to offer and promulgate a unique explanation. The explainer is characterized as equating theory with simple, fixed categories, and as defending those categories as one would defend a personal territory, fending off competing explainers through mis-use of statistical devices. The end result is the formulation of theories that neglect the perspectives of those whose behaviors are to be explained, and which simultaneously exclude psychological variables.

Theoretical Perspt Deviance

others , use labels such as “ nut , ” “ queer , " " weirdo , ” “ rascal , " " pervert , ” or “
loony . " I employ the generic term " deviance ” to refer to that property that is
conferred upon persons whenever labels such as these are used . In this section
of ...

Author: Josephine Scott



Category: Deviant behavior.

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Theoretical Perspectives in Social Psychology

Kelley ' s Attribution Theory Harold Kelley , defining attribution as the process of
perceiving the dispositional properties ... low consensus , and attribution is likely
to be made to the professor ( internal causes , for example , “ He ' s a weirdo " ) .

Author: Clyde W. Franklin

Publisher: Little Brown


Category: Psicología social

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Theoretical Models and Processes of Reading

Buzz : But most people — I bring books to school , and they look at me , like , oh
my God , what kind of weirdo are you ? he concern adolescents have for how
their peers perceive them is evident from this excerpt taken from an after - school

Author: Robert B. Ruddell

Publisher: International Reading Assn


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 1728

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Accomapanying CD-ROM provides supporting articles targeted to each of the four sections of the text.

The Lamentations of Julius Marantz

... diverting the subject from the exclusive province of weirdo inventors of
hovercrafts and perpetual-motion machines. When Julius began with Feynman in
'72, the theoretical work was already advanced: the theory remained to be tested.

Author: Marc Estrin

Publisher: Unbridled Books

ISBN: 1932961380

Category: Fiction

Page: 246

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Who would benefit if they really did bring The Rapture on? Marc Estrin follows another of his strange protagonists through a world troubled by what it knows and by how it applies that knowledge. From the first page, we are plunged into a global riot of paranoia, joy, and fear. But something is sadly familiar here, perhaps because we have been taught to anticipate a world in which people suddenly fly off the planet. It might be The Rapture. Or it might be some violation of the force of gravity. Whatever it is, it’s spreading madness, religious hysteria, and some truly formidable government powers. The voice of these Lamentations is a sixty-something, club-footed scientist named Julius Marantz, an obsessive researcher who suffers both from forbidden knowledge and an insistent conscience. As his spirit and his heart begin to fail, Julius realizes what is lost to him: a childhood of possibility, the consolation of belief, and the undying optimism of a father who taught him the principles of physics on the roller-coaster and the parachute jump. Partly a portrait of cynical politics and religious fervor, part scientific speculation and even a meditation on the glories of Coney Island, The Lamentations of Julius Marantz traces the rise and fall of science in a truly personal story that finally fairly ascends.


Me & Planet Weirdo Pj Hughes. Essay 2: ... Whilst it is useful to read and
understand material written by experts like Tony Attwood or Simon Baron-Cohen,
autobiographical accounts help in putting all theoretical ideas into perspective. It
is all ...

Author: Pj Hughes

Publisher: Chipmunkapublishing ltd

ISBN: 1847471463


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Autism is a condition that affects the way an individual relates to the world around them. Its diagnosis is based on, amongst other criteria, social interaction and communication. It also affects each individual differently, which is why it is often called the autistic spectrum. Many in the field refer to the autistic spectrum as either ASCs (Autism Spectrum Conditions) or ASDs (Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Within this spectrum is a condition called Asperger Syndrome, which lies at the intellectually high functioning (this relates to an IQ that is average or above average) end of the spectrum. - PJ Hughes Description'Reflections..' is a highly informative book about Autism and Asperger Syndrome, which, uniquely, is written by someone who has been diagnosed. This book is essentially autobiographical. PJ looks at the field of autism by casting an Asperger eye over the various terminologies used and the various diagnostic criteria. He also looks at the autistic traits and how he perceives they relate to him. He makes notes of his own life and makes observations of the world in general. About the AuthorPJ was born in Woolwich, London in 1968 and moved north in 1988 to go to polytechnic, as it then was, and has stayed there ever since. He currently lives in Sheffield. He was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome in 1999 and is actively involved in activities relating to the Autistic Spectrum. Not only does he give talks, but also writes about the subject and takes part in research. Other activities include being a member of the National Executive Committee of the Home Office Disability Support Network (HODS), member of the disability subgroup in Sheffield and Autism Buddy Network leader at the Home Office. One of his long-term ambitions is to work full-time in the disability field, particularly in autism.

All or Nothing

Once that came and went, the secret would be out, the gym's closing going from a
theoretical worst-case scenario to a very real eventuality. She didn't think she'd
much enjoy the event ... He's a freaking weirdo.” “Yeah, Mercer said he's got an ...

Author: Meg Maguire

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1460338030

Category: Fiction

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Disagreements are best settled in the ring—and below the belt… Round 1 In this corner is Jenna Wilinski, who's inherited a rather seedy boxing gym from her estranged father. With it, she can realize her dream of launching an upscale matchmaking business…provided she can take on the very intimidating—and wickedly hot—boxer who stands in her way! Round 2 In the far corner is former pro boxer Mercer Rowley. He's the only who can protect his "home"—even if it is a little run down—from his determined and feisty little opponent. But once the gloves come off, his hands just want to touch her everywhere… Round 3 This matchup is too close to call. But no matter which contender comes out on top, the other is sure to enjoy every minute of it…. Previously published as Making Him Sweat

Honeymoon Hotel

I don't know if he eats meat or—” “What kind of weirdo doesn't eat meat? ... Our
theoretical mortgage had finally come through from the bank, but the prospect
oftaking another step toward our own flat wasn't filling me with the unbridled joy I'
d ...

Author: Hester Browne

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1451660545

Category: Fiction

Page: 464

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A charming novel in the vein of The Wedding Planner featuring an ambitious and by-the-books event planner who finds herself at odds with her new assistant, who happens to be the son of her boss, on the eve of the biggest wedding of her career—from the New York Times bestselling author of The Runaway Princess and the Little Lady Agency series. The Bonneville Hotel is the best-kept secret in London: its elegant rooms and discreet wood-paneled cocktail lounge were the home-away-from-home for royalty and movie stars alike during the golden age of glamour. Recent years haven’t been kind, but thanks to events manager Rosie, it’s reclaiming some of its old cachet as a wish list wedding venue. While Rosie’s weddings are the ultimate in romance, Rosie herself isn’t; her focus is fixed firmly on the details, not on the dramas. She lives with a professionally furious food critic and works tirelessly toward that coveted promotion. But when the hotel owner appoints his eccentric son Joe to help run Rosie’s department, she’s suddenly butting heads with the free spirit whose predilection for the unconventional threatens to unravel her picture-perfect plans for the most elaborate—not to mention high-profile—wedding the hotel has ever seen, a wedding that could make or break not only the hotel’s reputation, but also Rosie’s career. From the author whose books are described as “deliciously addictive” (Cosmopolitan), Honeymoon Hotel will reaffirm your belief in happily ever after.


... part, will rightly belong to those able to combine seamlessly the experimental
and the theoretical aspects of bioscience, ... pipette-wielding Luddite in the white
coat and the socially inept, geeky, nerdy weirdo staring into the computer screen

Author: Darren R. Flower

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1588296997

Category: Computers

Page: 438

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This volume both engages the reader and provides a sound foundation for the use of immunoinformatics techniques in immunology and vaccinology. It addresses databases, HLA supertypes, MCH binding, and other properties of immune systems. The book contains chapters written by leaders in the field and provides a firm background for anyone working in immunoinformatics in one easy-to-use, insightful volume.

Magic and Ritual in the Ancient World

... < psrnov98.html > , which notes among
the “ bizarre and weirdo classes ” being taught in ... A useful field - guide to the
theoretical issues is Graham Cunningham , Religion and Magic ( New York ,
1999 ) .

Author: Paul Allan Mirecki

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004116764

Category: Religion

Page: 468

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This volume contains a series of provocative essays that explore expressions of magic and ritual power in the ancient world. The strength of the present volume lies in the breadth of scholarly approaches represented. The book begins with several papyrological studies presenting important new texts in Greek and Coptic, continuing with essays focussing on taxonomy and definition. The concluding essays apply contemporary theories to analyses of specific test cases in a broad variety of ancient Mediterranean cultures. Paul Mirecki, Th.D. (1986) in Religious Studies, Harvard Divinity School, is Associate Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Kansas. Marvin Meyer, Ph.D. (1979) in Religion, Claremont Graduate School, is Professor of Religion at Chapman University, Orange, California, and Director of the Coptic Magical Texts Project of the Institute for Antiquity and Christianity.

Chinese Sociology and Anthropology

Furthermore , since River Elegy is a television production that carries with it a
certain theoretical , or , more precisely , political ... Therefore , it has made itself
susceptible to being looked upon as a " weirdo ” from both the artistic side and
the ...




Category: Anthropology


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Extinction and Biogeography of Tropical Pacific Birds

undergraduates are funneled into theory-revising long before they know enough
about nature even to evaluate whether what they're trying to support or refute has
any ... Before writing me off as a weirdo, please note that I am not alone.

Author: David W. Steadman



Category: Nature

Page: 594

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Publisher Description

Canadian University Music Review

The potential readership for the volume stretches from the undergraduate theory
seminar numbed by the recent spate of soporific surveys of the field , like
Nicholas Cook ' s A Guide to ... Gould the weirdo wearing wool gloves in summer




Category: Music


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Son of Lingua Pranca

These findings have caused a centain flurry of excitement among theoretical
linguists . Reactions to the discoveries may be broadly ... Any damn thing is
possible in these weirdo languages . If Lennie were here today he ' d be so
happy .

Author: Tom Ernst



Category: Linguistics

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Contemporary Corrections

... Lemert , and Becker in which formal and informal “ naming ” of a person ( e.g. ,
as a pervert , weirdo , freak , deviant , or criminal ) has the potential to change
that individual's life dramatically . A theory that asserts that the formal designation

Author: G. Larry Mays

Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company


Category: Social Science

Page: 462

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Following an overview of philosophies of punishment and a brief history of punishments and corrections, Mays and Winfree (both at New Mexico State U.) discuss sentencing and criminal sanctions, jails and detention facilities, prison systems, inmates, probation and parole, community corrections, corrections careers and program administration. The final chapter considers future trends, including increasingly numbers of special needs inmate populations and offender control through new sure-to-be controversial electronic/ biological methods, and research needs. Chapters contain critical review questions, photos, key term summaries, cases cited, supporting data and tables. Includes a glossary. c. Book News Inc.