Thinking in Jewish

Jonathan Boyarin, one of America's most original thinkers in critical theory and Jewish ethnography, offers the unexpected Jewish perspective on the vexed issue of identity politics presented here.

Author: Jonathan Boyarin

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226069272

Category: Religion

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How does one "think" in Jewish? What does it mean to speak in English of Yiddish as Jewish, as a certain intermediary generation of immigrants and children of immigrants from Jewish Eastern Europe has done? A fascination with this question prompted Jonathan Boyarin, one of America's most original thinkers in critical theory and Jewish ethnography, to offer the unexpected Jewish perspective on the vexed issue of identity politics presented here. Boyarin's essays explore the ways in which a Jewish—or, more particularly, Yiddish—idiom complicates the question of identity. Ranging from explorations of a Lower East Side synagogue to Fichte's and Derrida's contrasting notions of the relation between the Jews and the idea of Europe, from the Lubavitch Hasidim to accounts of self-making by Judith Butler and Charles Taylor, Thinking in Jewish will be indispensable reading for students of critical theory, cultural studies, and Jewish studies.

Genocide in Jewish Thought

Because Jewish thought avoids thinking solely in abstractions; it is the
abstraction that isolates us in our own theological corner, to the detriment ofthe
stranger. To exclude the stranger from the world to come is to exclude the
stranger from this ...

Author: David Patterson

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107011043

Category: Religion

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Drawing upon Jewish categories of thought, this book suggests a way of thinking that might help prevent genocide.

Music in Jewish Thought

Their primary purpose is to stimulate thinking in a certain direction, to broaden
horizons, and to remove prejudices and misconceptions.”1 Curt Sachs, a
musicologist, approached the topic from a historical perspective, dividing Jewish
music ...


Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786455098

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With the nineteenth century came new freedom for European Jews. Enjoying an integration that had been denied since the Middle Ages, they now wrestled with the form and degree of that integration in all areas of their lives, including in their creation, appreciation, and criticism of music. The writings focus on Jewish musicology, biography, historical surveys, secular music and songs performed in the synagogue.

Holiness in Jewish Thought

But it is not a simple turn: even if the answer were in fact that the Jewish God
persists, that holiness persists—that some ... And it is not a matter of holding
these two things in our heads at the same time; it is a matter of thinking in such a
way that ...

Author: Alan L. Mittleman

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0192516515

Category: Religion

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Holiness is a challenge for contemporary Jewish thought. The concept of holiness is crucial to religious discourse in general and to Jewish discourse in particular. "Holiness" seems to express an important feature of religious thought and of religious ways of life. Yet the concept is ill defined. This collection explores what concepts of holiness were operative in different periods of Jewish history and bodies of Jewish literature and offers preliminary reflections on their theological and philosophical import today. The contributors illumine some of the major episodes concerning holiness in the development of the Jewish tradition. They are challenged to think about the problems and potential implicit in Judaic concepts of holiness, to make them explicit, and to try to retrieve the concepts for contemporary theological and philosophical reflection. Not all of the contributors push into philosophical and theological territory, but they all provide resources for the reader to do so. Holiness is elusive but it need not be opaque. This volume makes Jewish concepts of holiness lucid, accessible, and intellectually engaging.

Thinking Jewish Culture in America

Conversely, measurable output or productivity— assessed in the main
numerically—does not hold a candle to the quality of genuine thinking. In Jewish
terms, we may say that learning happens for its own sake and the reward of
thinking is ...

Author: Ken Koltun-Fromm

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 0739174479

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Thinking Jewish Culture in America argues that Jewish thought extends our awareness and deepens the complexity of American Jewish culture. This volume stretches the disciplinary boundaries of Jewish thought so that it can productively engage expanding arenas of culture by drawing Jewish thought into the orbit of cultural studies. The eleven contributors to Thinking Jewish Cultures, together with Chancellor Arnold Eisen’s postscript, position Jewish thought within the dynamics and possibilities of contemporary Jewish culture. These diverse essays in Jewish thought re-imagine cultural space as a public and sometimes contested performance of Jewish identity, and they each seek to re-enliven that space with reflective accounts of cultural meaning. How do Jews imagine themselves as embodied actors in America? Do cultural obligations limit or expand notions of the self? How should we imagine Jewish thought as a cultural performance? What notions of peoplehood might sustain a vibrant Jewish collectivity in a globalized economy? How do programs in Jewish studies work within the academy? These and other questions engage both Jewish thought and culture, opening space for theoretical works to broaden the range of cultural studies, and to deepen our understanding of Jewish cultural dynamics. Thinking Jewish Culture is a work about Jewish cultural identity reflected through literature, visual arts, philosophy, and theology. But it is more than a mere reflection of cultural patterns and choices: the argument pursued throughout Thinking Jewish Culture is that reflective sources help produce the very cultural meanings and performances they purport to analyze.

Dilemmas in Modern Jewish Thought

lenges posed for Jewish thought by modern thinking and history itself. The first
problem concerns the role of language in revelation and whether it is best
conceived as a bridge, an obstacle, or a response to the encounter with God.

Author: Michael L. Morgan

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253114761

Category: Religion

Page: 212

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"MIchael Morgan has served up an intellectual treat. These subtle and carefully reasoned essays explore the dilemmas of the post-modern Jew who would take history seriously without losing the commanding presence Israel heard at Sinai.... It is a pleasure to be nourished by a fresh mind exploring the tension between reason and revelation, history and faith."Â -- Rabbi Samuel Karff "This is without doubt one of the most significant works in modern Jewish thought and a must for a thoughtful student of contemporary Jewish philosophy." -- Rabbie Sheldon Zimmerman "This may well mark the next stage in the long history of Jewish self-understanding." -- Ethics "... rigorous history of modern Jewish thought... " -- Choice Is Judaism a timeless, universal set of beliefs or, rather, is it historical and contingent in its relation to different times and places? Morgan clarifies the tensions and dilemmas that characterize modern thinking about the nature of Judaism and clears the way for Jews to appreciate their historical situation, yet locate enduring values and principles in a post-Holocaust world.

Messianic Thinking in the Jewish Intelligentia of the Twenties

Author: Micha Brumlik





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Paradigms in Jewish Philosophy

Jewish. Thought. Eliezer Schweid The main task performed by shaping an
academic curriculum is the definition of criteria ... other kind of thinking), and
range of influence (the "outer" historical value of a teaching as an actual cultural

Author: Raphael Jospe

Publisher: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press

ISBN: 9780838637265

Category: Religion

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Jewish Philosophy is multicultural and multidisciplinary, marking the convergence of Jewish and non-Jewish cultures and the interaction of the philosophic method with Jewish thought. This book examines the writings of several paradigms in Jewish philosophy - loyal to the teachings of Jerusalem and eager for the wisdom of Athens.

A New Physiognomy of Jewish Thinking

Critical Theory After Adorno as Applied to Jewish Thought Aubrey L. Glazer.
Rather than write a book simply for the sake of writing a book, I have chosen to
remain silent for over a decade entangled in these reflections. But the further I ...

Author: Aubrey L. Glazer

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1441103317

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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A New Physiognomy of Jewish Thinking is a search for authenticity that combines critical thinking with a yearning for heartfelt poetics. A physiognomy of thinking addresses the figure of a life lived where theory and praxis are unified. This study explores how the critical essays on music of German-Jewish thinker, Theodor Wiesengrund Adorno (1903-1969) necessarily accompany the downfall of metaphysics. By scrutinizing a critical juncture in modern intellectual history, marked in 1931 by Adorno's founding of the Frankfurt Institute for Social Research, neglected applications of Critical Theory to Jewish Thought become possible. This study proffers a constructive justification of a critical standpoint, reconstructively shown how such ideals are seen under the genealogical proviso of re/cognizing their original meaning. Re/cognition of A New Physiognomy of Jewish Thinking redresses neglected applications of Negative Dialectics, the poetics of God, the metaphysics of musical thinking, reification in Zionism, the transpoetics of Physics and Metaphysics, as well as correlating Aesthetic Theory to Jewish Law (halakhah).

The Book of Jewish Belief

A The Need for Jewish Philosophy Jewish Philosophy While there is the
profoundest thought regarding God and ... Philosophical reasoning came into
Jewish life when the need arose to face the challenge of Greek thinking , which
was ...

Author: Louis Jacobs

Publisher: Behrman House, Inc

ISBN: 9780874413793

Category: Religion

Page: 250

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This is a Comprehensive"how-To"and"know All"guide to Jewish faith and values, written by great Jewish Theologian. It contains answers to questions about God, Torah, mitzvot, holidays, festivals, rituals, Jewish symbols, philosophy, mysticism, and more.

Fackenheim s Jewish Philosophy

For additional essays on Israel, see “Diaspora and Nation: The Contemporary
Situation,” Forum: On the Jewish People, Zionism and Israel 50 (Winter 1983–4),
reprinted in The Jewish Thought of Emil Fackenheim, ed. Michael L. Morgan ...

Author: Michael L. Morgan

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 1442660503

Category: Philosophy

Page: 416

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Emil L. Fackenheim, one of the most significant Jewish thinkers of the twentieth century, is best known for his deep and rich engagement with the implications of the Nazi Holocaust on Jewish thought, Christian theology, and philosophy. However, his career as a philosopher and theologian began two decades prior to his first efforts to confront that horrific event. In this book, renowned Fackenheim expert Michael L. Morgan offers the first examination of the full scope of Fackenheim’s 60-year career, beyond simply his work on the Holocaust. Fackenheim’s Jewish Philosophy explores the most important themes of Fackenheim’s philosophical and religious thought and how these remained central, if not always in immutable ways, over his entire career. Morgan also provides insight into Fackenheim’s indebtedness to Kant, Hegel, and rabbinic midrash, as well as the changing character of his philosophical “voice.” The work concludes with a chapter evaluating Fackenheim’s legacy for present and future Jewish philosophy and philosophy more generally.

International Handbook of Jewish Education

This section of the Handbook includes chapters that explore educational thinkers
and thinking that have had the greatest global influence on Jewish educational
thought and practice. Vision is of utmost importance within a volume that not only

Author: Helena Miller

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789400703544

Category: Religion

Page: 649

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The International Handbook of Jewish Education, a two volume publication, brings together scholars and practitioners engaged in the field of Jewish Education and its cognate fields world-wide. Their submissions make a significant contribution to our knowledge of the field of Jewish Education as we start the second decade of the 21st century. The Handbook is divided broadly into four main sections: Vision and Practice: focusing on issues of philosophy, identity and planning –the big issues of Jewish Education. Teaching and Learning: focusing on areas of curriculum and engagement Applications, focusing on the ways that Jewish Education is transmitted in particular contexts, both formal and informal, for children and adults. Geographical, focusing on historical, demographic, social and other issues that are specific to a region or where an issue or range of issues can be compared and contrasted between two or more locations. This comprehensive collection of articles providing high quality content, constitutes a difinitive statement on the state of Jewish Education world wide, as well as through a wide variety of lenses and contexts. It is written in a style that is accessible to a global community of academics and professionals.

Political Consequences of Thinking The

HANNAH ARENDT, JUDAISM, AND GENDER This is another book about
Hannah Arendt. The perspective that justifies its writing is deceptively simple, but
I have nowhere read it before. My thesis is that Hannah Arendt was a Jewish
woman, ...

Author: Jennifer Ring

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 143841739X

Category: Political Science

Page: 358

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Applies the perspectives of gender and ethnicity in a feminist analysis of the Eichmann controversy and offers a wholly new interpretation of Arendt's work, from Eichmann in Jerusalem to The Life of the Mind.

Thinking Through Rituals

11 Ritual gives rise to thought Liturgical reasoning in modern Jewish philosophy
Steven Kepnes I. Introduction In his path - breaking study , Symbolism of Evil (
1969 ) , the French philosopher Paul Ricoeur suggests that symbols are not mere

Author: Kevin Schilbrack

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415290593

Category: Religion

Page: 278

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Thinking Through Rituals explores religious ritual acts and their connection to meaning and truth, building upon their special status as virtually pure forms of belief in action.

Exile and Restoration in Jewish Thought

Ever since Descartes's time the only sure starting-point for understanding was
assumed to be the thinking self; the Empiricist tradition followed suit with
modifications; and the Kantian a priori solidified the 'Copernican turn.'
Individualism has ...

Author: Ralph Keen

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1441111239

Category: Philosophy

Page: 182

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Exile and Restoration in Jewish Thought presents the history of an idea originating at the intersection of Judaic piety and the social history of the Jews: faith in a protective sovereign deity amid contrary conditions. Exiled primordially (Eden), during the Patriarchal era, in the sixth century bce, and from the first century to the twentieth, the Jewish experience of alienation has been the historical backdrop against which affirmations of divine benevolence have been constructed. While histories of Jewish thought have tended to accentuate the speculative creativity of medieval and modern Jewish philosophers, the intellectual tradition can come into focus only with attention to these thinkers' understanding of diaspora and persecution. Ralph Keen describes the distinguishing feature of Jewish thought as a religious hermeneutic in which the primitive promise made to Abraham is preserved not just as a pious memory but as a certain hope for eventual restoration. Intended for readers with some familiarity with the history of philosophy, this book offers the historical context necessary for understanding the distinctively Judaic character of this tradition of thought, and elucidates the role of religious experience in the long process of negotiating between adversity and expectation.

Usury and the Jews

There is pragmatic thinking in our Book of Proverbs . There is idealistic thinking in
our Book of Job , and purely rationalistic thinking , the play of the intellect , in our
book of Ecclesiastes . So Judaism came to love thinking for its own sake and so ...

Author: Alexander Del Mar



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Studies in Jewish Thought

It should prove rather difficult to account for the absence of reflective thinking in
the development of a religious system which , in the long run , turned out to be
the most rational of all faiths . The claim that Israel ' s faith is grounded in a Divine

Author: David Solomon Shapiro



Category: Bible


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Soul of Jewish Social Justice

For more than twenty years, he was Professor of Jewish Thought at the Hebrew
University of Jerusalem, and he also was a ... of a living dialogue with people
who have intellectual courage and respect for alternative ways of life and thinking

Author: Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz

Publisher: Urim Publications

ISBN: 9655241866

Category: Religion

Page: 463

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The Soul of Jewish Social Justice offers a novel intellectual and spiritual approach for how Jewish wisdom must be relevant and transformational in its application to the most pressing moral problems of our time. The book explores how spirituality, ritual, narratives, holidays, and tradition can enhance one’s commitment to creating a more just society. Readers will discover how the Jewish social justice ethos can help address issues of education reform, ethical consumption, the future of Israel, immigration, prison reform, violence, and business ethics.

Thinking about the Holocaust

After Half a Century Alvin Hirsch Rosenfeld, Professor of English and Director of
the Jewish Studies Program Alvin H Rosenfeld. To Seize Memory History and
Identity in Post - Holocaust Jewish Thought MICHAEL L. MORGAN During The
Late ...

Author: Alvin Hirsch Rosenfeld

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253211378

Category: History

Page: 329

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From the still-unsettling perspective of half a century, 13 contributors evaluate Holocaust fallout from four vantage points: through historical writings, literature, and cinema; in relation to the Zionist movement and the state of Israel; and its impact on American Jewish life, and on European Jewry in the postwar period. The incisive articles result from meetings at Indiana University in 1995. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Jesus and Jewish Covenant Thinking

The block has often been regarded as owing its provenance to Jewish
Christianity . ' On the basis of the investigations conducted in Jesus and Jewish
Covenant Thinking , indices of inauthenticity can be leveled against at least two
individual ...

Author: Tom Holmén

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004119352

Category: Religion

Page: 415

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First large-scale investigation into the attitude of the historical Jesus towards covenant belief, the dominant theme of the Judaism of Jesus' day. The question intensively illuminates Jesus' relation to Judaism and provides a significant vantage point for his proclamation.