To Rule Jerusalem

"To Rule Jerusalem is a study of religion and politics, Judaism and Zionism as well as Palestinian nationalism and Islam, and it brings a most remarkable perspective to a topic--conflict over Jerusalem--with which we all are, unfortunately, ...

Author: Roger Friedland

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520220928

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"To Rule Jerusalem is a study of religion and politics, Judaism and Zionism as well as Palestinian nationalism and Islam, and it brings a most remarkable perspective to a topic--conflict over Jerusalem--with which we all are, unfortunately, far more familiar than we might like to be."—Gregory Mahler, Shofar

Queens of Jerusalem

Queen Sibylla was the last of a line of formidable female rulers in the Crusader States of Outremer. Yet for all the many books written about the Crusades, one aspect is conspicuously absent: the stories of women.

Author: Katherine Pangonis

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1474614108

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In 1187 Saladin's armies besieged the holy city of Jerusalem. He had previously annihilated Jerusalem's army at the battle of Hattin, and behind the city's high walls a last-ditch defence was being led by an unlikely trio - including Sibylla, Queen of Jerusalem. They could not resist Saladin, but, if they were lucky, they could negotiate terms that would save the lives of the city's inhabitants. Queen Sibylla was the last of a line of formidable female rulers in the Crusader States of Outremer. Yet for all the many books written about the Crusades, one aspect is conspicuously absent: the stories of women. Queens and princesses tend to be presented as passive transmitters of land and royal blood. In reality, women ruled, conducted diplomatic negotiations, made military decisions, forged alliances, rebelled, and undertook architectural projects. Sibylla's grandmother Queen Melisende was the first queen to seize real political agency in Jerusalem and rule in her own right. She outmanoeuvred both her husband and son to seize real power in her kingdom, and was a force to be reckoned with in the politics of the medieval Middle East. The lives of her Armenian mother, her three sisters, and their daughters and granddaughters were no less intriguing. The lives of this trailblazing dynasty of royal women, and the crusading Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine, are the focus of Katherine Pangonis's debut book. In QUEENS OF JERUSALEM she explores the role women played in the governing of the Middle East during periods of intense instability, and how they persevered to rule and seize greater power for themselves when the opportunity presented itself.

The Man of the East Global Constitution World Under One Rule

Because this Great City Jerusalem belongs to the Great King or the Universal
King , and is inherited by the Millennial King from Him , there is uniqueness and
autonomous power for this Great City Jerusalem with the direct rule of the
Millennial ...

Author: M. T. Abraham

Publisher: Mittal Publications

ISBN: 9788183240703

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Jerusalem Under Muslim Rule in the Eleventh Century

But the story goes that when Caliph Umar took Jerusalem from the Christian
Greeks in 638 , he was angered to find that the site of the Temple of Solomon had
been deliberately turned into a rubbish heap by the Christians . He ordered them
to ...

Author: Nick Ford

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc

ISBN: 9780823942169

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Explores life in eleventh-century Jerusalem for the ruling Muslims, as well as "The Peoples of the Book," Christians and Jews, who came as pilgrims or lived there.

Jerusalem in Ancient History and Tradition

Imagining Jerusalem Keith W. Whitelam Introduction The sense of pain and loss
in being exiled from Jerusalem is captured in the words of the psalmist: 'If I ... R.
Friedland and R. Hecht, To Rule Jerusalem (Cambridge: Imagining Jerusalem.

Author: Thomas L. Thompson

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9780567083609

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An international team of historians, archaeologists and biblical scholars discuss new perspectives on the archaeology, history and biblical traditions of ancient Jerusalem and examine their ethical, literary, historical and theological relationships. Essays range from a discussion of the Hellenization of Jerusalem in the time of Herod to an examination of its identity and myth on the Internet, while Thomas L. Thompson's informed Introduction queries whether a true history of ancient Jerusalem and Palestine can in fact ever be written. Contributors include: Thomas L. Thompson, Michael Prior, Niels Peter Lemche, Margreet Steiner, Sara Mandell, John Strange, Firas Sawwah, Lester Grabbe, Philip Davies, Thomas M. Bolin, Ingrid Hjelm, David Gunn and Keith Whitelam.

The Fall and Rise of Jerusalem

Judah Under Babylonian Rule Oded Lipschitz. 2.2. The Fall of Jerusalem: A
Historical Synthesis Do not put your trust in the words of the lie and keep saying, “
The temple of the Lord , the temple of the Lord , the temple of the Lord are these.

Author: Oded Lipschitz

Publisher: Eisenbrauns

ISBN: 1575060957

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The period of the demise of the kingdom of Judah at the end of the 6th century B.C.E., the fall of Jerusalem to the Babylonians, the exile of the elite to Babylon, and the reshaping of the territory of the new province of Judah, culminating at the end of the century with the first return of exiles--all have been subjects of intense scrutiny during the last decade. Lipschits takes into account the biblical textual evidence, the results of archaeological research, and the reports of Babylonian and Egyptian sources and provides a comprehensive survey and analysis of the evidence for the history of this 100-year-long era. He provides a lucid historical survey that will, no doubt, become the baseline for all future studies of this era.

Jerusalem Unbound

“Christianity, Jerusalem and Zionist Exclusivity: The St John's Hospice Incident
Reconsidered.” In Jerusalem Interrupted: Modernity and Colonial Transformation,
1917–the Present, ed. Lena Jayyusi. New York: ... To Rule Jerusalem. Berkeley:

Author: Michael Dumper

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231537352

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Jerusalem's formal political borders reveal neither the dynamics of power in the city nor the underlying factors that make an agreement between Israel and the Palestinians so difficult. The lines delineating Israeli authority are frequently different from those delineating segregated housing or areas of uneven service provision or parallel national electoral districts of competing educational jurisdictions. In particular, the city's large number of holy sites and restricted religious compounds create enclaves that continually threaten to undermine the Israeli state's authority and control over the city. This lack of congruity between political control and the actual spatial organization and everyday use of the city leaves many areas of occupied East Jerusalem in a kind of twilight zone where citizenship, property rights, and the enforcement of the rule of law are ambiguously applied. Michael Dumper plots a history of Jerusalem that examines this intersecting and multileveled matrix and, in so doing, is able to portray the constraints on Israeli control over the city and the resilience of Palestinian enclaves after forty-five years of Israeli occupation. Adding to this complex mix is the role of numerous external influences—religious, political, financial, and cultural—so that the city is also a crucible for broader contestation. While the Palestinians may not return to their previous preeminence in the city, neither will Israel be able to assert a total and irreversible dominance. His conclusion is that the city will not only have to be shared but that the sharing will be based upon these many borders and the interplay between history, geography, and religion.

Rules of the Sick Society connected with the New Jerusalem Sunday School Accrington

New Jerusalem Sunday School. Sick Society. 29 .-- That should any member
defraud the sosiety by feigned sickness , or in any other way , or be convicted in a
Court of Justice of dishonest practices , or be guilty of gross immoral conduct he
or ...

Author: New Church Society (ACCRINGTON). New Jerusalem Sunday School. Sick Society




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The New Jerusalem Magazine

Kings and chief magistrates exist , and rule over men in the world , because the
Lord is a King , and rules over the heavens ; priests exist , and govern in the
Church , because the Lord is a Priest , and governs His heavenly kingdom . And
kings ...




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Jerusalem in Prophecy

the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as
a bride adorned for her husband” (Revelation 21:12). After Christ has removed
thesinsfrom this world, the Father will come to rule His Family from new
Jerusalem ...

Author: Gerald Flurry

Publisher: Philadelphia Church of God


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Jerusalem means "city of peace," and yet this city's history has been filled with rivers of blood! No city has suffered like Jerusalem. It has known almost no peace. But there is very good news. God established Jerusalem to be a city of peace-and will one day make sure that it becomes so! It is actually the city from which God's family will rule the entire universe! In this booklet: • O Jerusalem, Jerusalem! • Israel’s Deadly Wound • Jerusalem: About to Explode • Looking to New Jerusalem

The Priesthood of the New Jerusalem a Series of Papers Partly Reprinted from the Intellectual Repository and Partly Original By Servus

We next come to something remarkable in the papers of Argus : it is that a man
may serve by ruling , provided he rules from a love of use . On this he dwells in
page 30. We had complained that the advocates of priestly rule do not sufficiently





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NPNF2 07 Cyril of Jerusalem Gregory Nazianzen

But in the case of man, hard as it is for him to learn how to submit to rule, it seems
far harder to know how to rule over men, and hardest of all, with this rule of ours,
which leads them by the divine law, and to God, for its riskis, in the eyes of a ...


Publisher: CCEL

ISBN: 1610250680



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The New Jerusalem and Its Heavenly Doctrine

With the man who is not regenerated , the external or natural man rules , and the
internal serves ; but with the man who ... from his birth , namely , that that principle
serves which ought to rule , and that that principle rules which ought to serve .

Author: Emanuel Swedenborg




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Journey to Jerusalem

Wrapped up in this verse is the dominion mandate, to rule over the earth,
meaning to rule over our sphere of influence. We are subdued in that area which
is to become knowledgeable about the particular aspect of life that God has laid
on our ...

Author: Ruth Julien

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1600342167

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Julien uses prose and poetry to show readers how to become the leaders they were born to be and overcome every obstacle.

The Jerusalem Academy 2nd Edition

Elohim made the two great lights, the greater light to rule the day and the lesser
light to rule the night, and the stars. Elohim placed them in the vault of the
heavens, to give light upon the earth, to rule in the day and in the night, and to
divide ...

Author: Loren R. Fisher

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1621893901

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This novel tells the story of the scribes who produced the book of Genesis. It is narrated by Keziah, the wife of Jonathan, one of the scribes. They collected the stories and put them together according to a detailed plan. These same scribes worked in the Jerusalem Academy during the time of the Davidic monarchy about 1000 BCE. The scribes understood their work to be a Royal Epic, and it helped bring Judah and Israel together and legitimize the throne of David. This epic was performed at the dedication of David's palace, and it is interesting to note the interplay between the scribes' text and the performance of the minstrels.

Jerusalem the City of Herod and Saladin

But he conceded something to his petitioners , and allowed them to pave the city
with stone . Albinus disappears from the history , and Gessius Florus , who
exchanged a scourging with whips for a scourging with scorpions , ruled in his
place .

Author: Sir Walter Besant



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On the New Jerusalem and its heavenly doctrine as revealed from heaven to which are prefixed some observations concerning the new heaven and the new earth Translated A new edition

The man who is regentural man rules , and the inter- erated , is , as to his internal
man , nal serves : but with the man in heaven , and is an angel there who is
regenerated , the internal with the angels , amongst whom or spiritual man rules ...

Author: Emanuel Swedenborg




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Indivisible Territory and the Politics of Legitimacy

introduction For thousands of years men have fought for the right to rule
Jerusalem. From the eleventh to the sixteenth century, Europe and the Islamic
world wrestled over the HolyCity. In 1070,the Seljukian Turks seized Jerusalem
from the ...

Author: Stacie E. Goddard

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


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This book challenges the conventional wisdom that territorial conflicts in Jerusalem and Northern Ireland were inevitable.

Indivisible Territory and the Politics of Legitimacy

Jerusalem and Northern Ireland Stacie E. Goddard. PART TWO JERUSALEM:
have fought for the right to rule Jerusalem. From the eleventh to the sixteenth ...

Author: Stacie E. Goddard

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 052143985X

Category: Political Science

Page: 294

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This book challenges the conventional wisdom that territorial conflicts in Jerusalem and Northern Ireland were inevitable. Stacie Goddard's research shows that it was radical political rhetoric, and not ancient hatreds, that rendered these territories indivisible, preventing negotiation and compromise and leading to violence and war.


... but of ' the nation against them both; which did not desire to be ruled by kings,
for what was handed down to them from ... along with authority to rule Pompeyg
theJewish people in their own affairs, all powers fizrfingfie in Jerusalem itself to ...

Author: George Adam Smith

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1108063519

Category: History

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First published in two volumes between 1907 and 1908, this major work by the Scottish biblical scholar and geographer Sir George Adam Smith (1856–1942) is organised into three books. Volume 1 contains the first two books. Book 1 covers the topography, geology and climate of ancient Jerusalem, while Book 2 focuses on the economic and political development of the city. Best known for his celebrated Historical Geography of the Holy Land (1894), Smith provides here a more detailed and specialist analysis, based on first-hand knowledge derived from the visits he made to the region over the years. Spanning more than fourteen centuries of Jerusalem's history from 1400 BCE to 70 CE, these well-illustrated volumes remain a standard work of scholarship, expertly elucidating the changing shape of the city.