Tourism and the Changing Face of the British Isles

The book shows how holidays, and the pursuit of leisure, have created destinations, sometimes whole towns and even had an impact on the countryside.

Author: Allan Brodie

Publisher: Historic England Publishing

ISBN: 9781848023581


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A week on a beach, a day at a spa, a hike in the hills -- tourism is taken for granted today, but over the past 500 years, it has played a significant role in the shaping of modern Britain. Holidays were once effectively limited to a handful of wealthy people, but by the 20th century a day at the seaside had become almost universal. In the process quiet villages have becoming busy spa towns, new resorts have been created around Britain's coast and largely unspoilt areas of the countryside have had to cope with the increased mobility of the population. Some places have become wholly reliant on tourism as their primary industry, and with changes in popular tastes in recent years this has created problems for some communities. "Tourism and the Changing Face of Britain" traces the story of tourism in Britain from the Middle Ages to the present day. It stretches from a time when travel was by horse or coach to the modern era where cheap air travel can take holidaymakers anywhere, including far from Britain's shores. The book shows how holidays, and the pursuit of leisure, have created destinations, sometimes whole towns and even had an impact on the countryside. This wide ranging study examines topics such as pilgrimages, spas, seaside holidays and the discovery of Britain's past, present and future.

The Changing Face of the Channel Islands Occupation

In 1939, the populations of the Islands were about 50,000 in Jersey and 40,000
in Guernsey. ... Social Scene and very favourable levels of taxation, which were
unequalled anywhere else in the British Isles. ... abundant Sunshine, haute
cuisine, duty-free cigarettes and perfumes made it a favourite amongst British

Author: Hazel Knowles Smith

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230627595

Category: History

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This independent study has already attracted controversy. Containing much fresh evidence, it vividly portrays the Islanders' day-to-day Occupation experiences, whilst exploring - and often refuting - what are today becoming received ideas of a mostly 'shameful' wartime past.

The Second World War and the Other British Isles

Knowles Smith, Hazel R. The Changing Face of the Channel Islands Occupation:
Record, Memory and Myth ... Lloyd, David W. Battlefield Tourism: Pilgrimage and
the Commemoration of the Great War in Britain, Australia and Canada, ...

Author: Daniel Travers

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1350006955

Category: History

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What is often held to be Britain's 'finest hour' – the Second World War – was not experienced so uniformly across the British Isles. On the margins, the war was endured in profoundly different ways. While D-Day or Dunkirk is embedded in British collective memory, how many Britons can recall that Finns were interned on the Isle of Man, that enemy soldiers developed British infrastructure in Orkney, or that British subjects were sent to concentration camps from Guernsey? Such experiences, tangential to the dominant British war narrative, are commemorated elsewhere in the 'other British Isles'. In this remarkable contribution to British Island Studies, Daniel Travers pursues these histories and their commemoration across numerous local sites of memory: museums, heritage sites and public spaces. He examines the way these island identities assert their own distinctiveness over the British wartime story, and ultimately the way they fit into the ongoing discourse about how the memory of the Second World War has been constructed since 1945.

The Changing Face of Rugby

'Every town must have its sewer,' declared the manager of the 1930 British Isles
touring side, James Baxter, when ... the word English when describing the 1924
league tourists to Australia and New Zealand.17 In Britain the zealousness of the

Author: Greg Ryan

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1443804142

Category: Sports & Recreation

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In 1995 rugby union became the last significant international sport to sanction professionalism. To some this represented an undesirable challenge to the traditions of the game. To others the change was inevitable and overdue – an acknowledgment of both the realty of modern sport and the extent to which money had already permeated the game. While there are some commonalities in the response to professional rugby, the contributions to this book, representing almost all of the significant rugby playing countries, reveal much more that was shaped by particular local contexts both within rugby and in terms of its place within the economic, political, class and social structures of the surrounding society. The authors assess the contrasting ways in which rugby administrators at local, regional and national level grappled with the changes that were required and the demands of the corporate backers who funded the transition to professionalism. But the more contentious relationships considered are those involving the many amateur rugby players and committed fans who found that significant community and historical reference points were subtly altered or simply obliterated in the face of new commercial imperatives – and especially new competitions that separated elite players from the grassroots of the game. Some have adapted to the replacement ‘product’ with relish, others have not. Some have genuine and well articulated grievances against the processes of changes. Others have fallen victim to a nostalgia which appropriates very selective memories of the amateur past to highlight apparent problems with the professional present. Above all, these contributions provide a range of perspectives that enable the reader to take stock at a particular point in what is still a rapidly evolving game. Read in ten or twenty years, this book may confirm that many of the right paths have been taken – or it may provide pointers to crisis as yet unimagined.

Dark Tourism

P. Sanders, “Narratives of Britishness: UK War Memory and Channel Islands
Occupation Memory,” in Islands and ... The Jews in the Channel Islands, 147–52;
Ginns, The Organisation Todt, 115–25; H. Knowles Smith, The Changing Face of

Author: Glenn Hooper

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317154754

Category: Science

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Dark Tourism, as well as other terms such as Thanatourism and Grief Tourism, has been much discussed in the past two decades. This volume provides a comprehensive exploration of the subject from the point of view of both practice - how Dark Tourism is performed, what practical and physical considerations exist on site - and interpretation - how Dark Tourism is understood, including issues pertaining to ethics, community involvement and motivation. It showcases a wide range of examples, drawing on the expertise of academics with management and consultancy experience, as well as those from within the social sciences and humanities. Contributors discuss the historical development of Dark Tourism, including its earlier incarnations across Europe, but they also consider its future as a strand within academic discourse, as well as its role within tourism development. Case studies include holocaust sites in Germany, as well as analysis of the legacy of war in places such as the Channel Islands and Malta. Ethical and myriad marketing considerations are also discussed in relation to Ireland, Brazil, Rwanda, Romania, U.K., Nepal and Bosnia-Herzegovina. This book covers issues that are of interest to students and staff across a spectrum of disciplines, from management to the arts and humanities, including conservation and heritage, site management, marketing and community participation.

Before You Go to Great Britain

Institute of British Geographers . 1 Kensington ... National Tourist and Information
Centre and Bookstore . ... Examines the changing face and the future of Britain ' s
countryside — industrial , upland , lowland , coastal , and conservation areas .

Author: James W. Brown

Publisher: Hamden, Conn. : Library Professional Publications


Category: Travel

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A Geography of Europe

The Changing Face of Britain · Conclusion : Retrospect and Prospect 85 3 Social
and Economic Change George W . Hoffman Population Base - The Economic
Base • Transport and Travel · Tourism · The Changing Scene — Summary and ...

Author: Christopher Shane Davies

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Incorporated


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The Changing Face of European Tourism 1980 1990

The Proceedings of the Third European Tourism Conference Held in Zürich on
28 February 1984 and Organized by the European Travel Commission ... The
meeting in Larnaca considered progress reports for the three islands and then
discussed some of the main areas where ... attract winter traffic . sample survey
carried out among British tourists in October / November '83 . setting up by the
Minister for ...




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J. , C. CAVALLARO AND G. GIAVELLI : Tourist Impact on Environment and
Economy of Aeolian Islands Models 151 ... dans l'île de Majorque 175 SHAW , G .
: The Changing Face of the British Tourist Industry : Restructuring and Innovation

Author: International Geographical Union. Commission of Geography, of Tourism, and Leisure



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The Changing Face of Britain from the Air

That trip of 140 miles , the longest inland voyage in the British Isles , covers eight
Irish counties , two large lakes , countless sweeping bends ... Carrick has
expanded gracefully , which is something few villages and fewer tourist centres
do .

Author: Leslie Gardiner

Publisher: Michael Joseph


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The Potential Effects of Climate Change in the United Kingdom

Within the UK , tourism is a are influenced by precipitation conditions in the UK
major source of employment . ... Climate change resulting in increased
temperatures alone would increase the total volume of tourism in ism will face the
greatest ...

Author: United Kingdom Climate Change Impacts Review Group

Publisher: Stationery Office/Tso


Category: Climatic changes

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How will the Greenhouse Effect shape the climate of the UK in the years ahead? What research has been conducted into this subject and how can the findings help in preparing for the effects of climatic change? This report considers the potential impacts of climate change in the UK in a wide variety of environmental and socio-economic areas: the landscape, energy, tourism and the financial sector will all feel the shock waves. The coastal zone is seen as an area potentially at risk and the possible effects of climate change on the water supply are considered critical. Recommendations for policy development to abate greenhouse gas emissions and formulate adaptive strategies are made and appropriate approaches to research are suggested.

An American Quaker in the British Isles

information on the British naval convoy in code . ... Many tourists left impressions
of the British Isles in travel diaries . ... mountains and lakes , and the changing
face of industry and agriculture.45 Quakers were ubiquitous among the many ...

Author: Jabez Maud Fisher

Publisher: OUP Oxford


Category: Americans

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In 1775, a young Philadelphia Quaker was sent by his father to gather detailed information on business conditions in the British Isles. Fisher's travels took him throughout Britain and Ireland, even across the English Channel, and the journals that record his observations provide a fascinating and very distinctive commentary on the economic and social life of the time. Detailed and astute descriptions of British manufacturing and trade are balanced by lively comments on landscape gardening and country houses, and there is much material on the transatlantic connections of the Society of Friends during the American Revolution. The travel journals are supplemented by Fisher's cameos of merchants in the major trading centers, with lists of all the goods handled.


364 Markwick , M. Alternative tourism : change , commodification and
contestation of Malta's landscapes , 250-5 Marwick , M. ... Rainfall variability in
the Maltese Islands : changes , causes and consequences , 121-30 Meade and
Erickson Medical Geography , rev . ... 264 Whyte , I.D. Migration and Society in
Britain 1550-1830 , rev 94 Wirthmann , A. Geomorphology of the Tropics , rev . ...
91 Pugh , J. and Potter , R. The changing face of coastal zone management in
Soufriere , St Lucia ...




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Includes section "Reviews" and other bibliographical material.

Lodging Restaurant and Tourism Index




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The British National Bibliography

Author: Arthur James Wells



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Pacific Islands Monthly

GENERAL Big Business in Stamps Islands Policemen ( pictorial series ) New
Year Honours List ASOPA Prizes Books for Islanders Learning ... Oil Search in
New Britain Income Tax for New Guineans Bougainville Copper NEW
CALEDONIA Nouville Prison Scandal New ... Up Rotuman Gets First Sea
Certificate Changing Face of Suva ( pictures ) New Zest Needed in Tourism New
Plane for Fiji Airways .




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The Geography of Travel and Tourism

In 1989 the four UK national tourist boards launched the United Kingdom Tourist
Survey ( UKTS ) , replacing previous ... However , over the decade demand
fluctuated and , in the face of changing economic factors , the share of domestic ...

Author: Brian G. Boniface

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Travel

Page: 270

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The Geography of Travel and Tourism provides a comprehensive examination of the basic principles underlying the geography of tourist demand, supply and transportation, together with a broad survey of world tourism generating and destination regions. This second edition has been fully revised and updated to take account of major changes in the tourism industry since the book was first published. These include: the changing political map of the world, the 'greening' of tourism, the growth in long-haul travel, and the increased number of tourism courses available. Classic text book First in its field

Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management

Put simply , the colonies provided an extension for the club culture of the British
Isles . ... every licensed club in Victoria now has to face considerable external
forces for change , and these come from mandatory regulations and
management ...




Category: Hospitality industry


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The Changing Face of the Caribbean

As far back as the late 1960's it was believed that half of all tourist
accommodation in Barbados — a favourite place for ... in a packaging plant in St.
Lucia and has been looking at other investment possibilities in the smaller British
islands .

Author: Irene Hawkins



Category: Caribbean Area

Page: 271

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The Other British Isles

A Journey Through the Offshore Islands of Britain Christopher Somerville. ers ven
interview ... And change goes on in Scilly . Even as Jane and ... They are all
utterly determined that Scillonian magic will never be bottled and sold across a
tourist counter , whatever the inducement . It ' s a brave shout in the face of the
future .

Author: Christopher Somerville

Publisher: Sheridan House Incorporated


Category: Travel

Page: 306

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