Tourism Development

Tourism development, tourism, economics, sociology, psychology, environment, geography.

Author: A.K. Bhatia

Publisher: Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd

ISBN: 9788120724099

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Tourism development, tourism, economics, sociology, psychology, environment, geography.

Tourism Development Principles And Practice

Tourism Development : Principles and Practices approaches the subject of tourism from the perspectives of a social science . Some basic disciplines , such as economics , sociology , psychology , environment and geography are discussed ...

Author: Arjun Kumar Bhatia

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Tourism Management Philosophies Principles and Practices

Yet one of the distinguishing aspects of tourism from other service- and experience-based products is that it refers to the ... Bhatia, A. K. (1982), Tourism Development Principles and Practices – Sterling Publishers, New Delhi.

Author: Jayaprakashnarayana Gade

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Tourism Management Philosophies, Principles and Practices was contributed in the year 2016 to cater the needs of tourism students and industrial professionals. However, from the couple of years, important academic advances are going on and teaching professional are trying to capture them. On the other side, tourism industry environment is also rapidly changing due to G.D.S. Global Position system changed the face of tourism industry at worldwide, India is no exception in this context keeping in mind these challenges and the requirements of tourism industry. ‘Tourism Management Philosophies, Principles and Practices is meant for the students of Tourism and travel agency management, Marketing for Tourism, Travel Agency Services, Tour Operation, Tour Interpretation, Transportation, Accommodation, Hospitality services, Impacts of Tourism, Tourism Policy and Planning, Human Resources Management, MICE Tourism, Tourism Trends, classes in universities, colleges and tourism and hotel management institutions. We believe that you have enrolled yourself in a subject that has the potential to be one of the most interesting stimulating in your educational career. Travel trade is a complex world of changing features, products, services and entertainment that makes our life more comfortable and enjoyable. The travel and tourism entrepreneurs similarly maybe interested in understanding how tourism markets and tourism professionals are the driving forces in the development and expansion of tourism industry. All the new or old tour planners, tour executives or managers need to understand different aspects of travel agency business to match the present as well as future requirements. The author has tried to make harmonious blend of theory and practice, which hopefully will make the book more useful to the students, teachers and practicing tourism professionals. The author would appreciate constructive comments and suggestions from the students, teachers, practicing tour planners and executives in the improvements of this book.

The Business of Tourism

Methods and Media of Tourist Publicity ( Vienna : Austrian National Tourist Office , 1961 ) . Bhatia , A. K. International Tourism Management ( New Delhi : Sterling , 2001 ) . Bhatia , A.K. Tourism Development - Principles and Practices ...

Author: A. K. Bhatia

Publisher: Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd

ISBN: 9788120731189

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Travel and tourism is one of the world s most important and fastest growing economic sectors, generating jobs and substantial wealth for economies around the globe. The present book The Business of Tourism Concepts and Strategies explains the complex tourism phenomenon in its various manifestations. Various academic disciplines are involved in the study of tourism because of the complex nature of the subject. Some basic disciplines such as economics, psychology, sociology and geography contribute a great deal to the understanding of the subject. Newer disciplines like marketing and management, special interest tourism, travel legislation and business travel have been introduced in this volume. The book gives the reader a global perspective of the travel and tourism industry. The approach has been to provide a simple and comprehensive outline of as many concepts as possible. The book contains some additional features which will be of great help to the reader. These features include case studies having references to the subject matter discussed in various chapters. The cases are taken from the industry and provide interesting material for interactive discussion. Contents " Acknowledgements " Preface " Travel Trade Abbreviations " Tourism-A Historical Perspective " Consumer Behaviour and Tourism Demand " Dimensions of Tourism " Measuring The Demand For Tourism " The Structure of Tourism Industry " The Tourism Industry And Public Sector Organisation` " Special Interest Tourism " International Cooperation In Tourism " Travel And Accommodation " Travel And Transport " Retail Travel Trade " Travel Legislation " Business Tourism " Marketing and Promotion for Tourism " Tourism Planning And Environment " Glossary Travel and Tourism " Ticketing And Airlines Terms " Hotel Industry Terms " Travel Trade Publications " International Tourism Periodicals " Travel Industry Journals And Periodicals " Travel Research Journals " Education and Training in Travel and Tourism Institutes " International Organisations " Travel Related Publications of International Organisations " Bibliography " Index " CASE STUDIES

Tourism Principles and Practice

Well-liked by students and lecturers alike, Tourism: Principles and Practice is the ultimate reference text for anyone wishing to understand the complex and varied issues involved with such a diverse and constantly changing subject.

Author: John Fletcher

Publisher: Pearson UK

ISBN: 1292172363

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Thanks to its engaging writing style and accessible structure, Fletcher has become the ultimate one-stop text for any student studying Tourism. Its broad appeal and popularity increases with each new edition, making it excellent value for any student who wants to understand and explore the principles of the subject. Well-liked by students and lecturers alike, Tourism: Principles and Practice is the ultimate reference text for anyone wishing to understand the complex and varied issues involved with such a diverse and constantly changing subject.


The text has been updated to take into account developments such as growing concern for climate change and the maturing response of tourism to the safety and security of tourists.

Author: Chris Cooper

Publisher: Pearson Education

ISBN: 9780273711261

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In a changing and turbulent environment for tourism, Tourism - Principles and Practice offers the reader the fundamental and underlying principles with which to approach the study of tourism, contributing a complete framework that effectively integrates theory and practice. The text has been updated to take into account developments such as growing concern for climate change and the maturing response of tourism to the safety and security of tourists.

Opportunities and Challenges of Tourism Financing

Financial Statements Analysis. USA: IRWIN Bhatia, A. K. (2002). Tourism Development: Principles and Practices. New Delhi: Sterling Publishers Private Limited. Burkart, A. J. and Medlik, S. (1974). Tourism: Past, Present and Future.

Author: Bishnu Prasad Gautam

Publisher: Universal-Publishers

ISBN: 1599426617

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The study examines the tourism and tourism financing in triangular form. The first is the impact of tourism and tourism financing on the economic growth and development of the country. The second is the response of the Tourism Business Enterprises (demand side) about the pattern and effectiveness of tourism financing and the third one is the views of the Banks and Financial Institutions (supply side). It uses both primary and secondary data and applies various mathematical and statistical tools such as ratio analysis, correlation coefficient, Phi-coefficient, Chi-square test, t-Test for two sample means and regression analysis (OLS). It found a significant impact of tourism and tourism financing in the economic development of the country. Added to this, it found a significant variation in the structure of financing among various types of business (accommodation, travel, adventure and other business) and ownership forms of businesses (proprietorship firm, partnership firm, private limited and Public limited) based on the common size statements. It incorporated the magnitude of tourism financing, structure, pattern and the indicators of financing as well as the effectiveness of tourism financing.

Tourism in South and Southeast Asia

As we have seen here, an essential component of successful tourism development will be effective planning. ... Cooper, C., Fletcher, 1., Gilbert, D. and Wanhill, S. (edited by Rebecca Shepherd), Tourism: Principles and Practice.

Author: C. Michael Hall

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136002251

Category: Business & Economics

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'Tourism in South and South East Asia' is a comprehensive and solid introduction to tourism in South and South East Asia with a specific appeal both to institutions in the region, and other institutions who wish to expose students to one of the most dynamic tourism regions in the world. Despite downturns in outbound tourism (due to the current economic crisis), inbound tourism from outside the region has continued to increase with governments placing more emphasis on the economic significance of tourism than ever. 'Tourism in South and South East Asia' is the first tourism book to deal comprehensively with the implications of the Asian economic crisis for tourism. With South and South East Asia set to be the fastest growing area of tourism activity in the world well into the next century, 'Tourism in South and South East Asia' is an essential text for students both within and outside of this region. Dealing with concepts, themes and issues which are pertinent to tourism development, planning, marketing and management; these two internationally known authors have produced an authoritative text that covers all aspects of this topic through the use of illustrative and relevant case studies.

Ecology Wildlife and Tourism Development

Principles, Practices and Strategies A. K. Raina. a introduce the uniform pricing methodology or a rational economic policy for pricing the tourist products and also to ensure uniform policy in the management of economic issues of this ...

Author: A. K. Raina

Publisher: Sarup & Sons

ISBN: 9788176255851

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Rural Tourism and Recreation

Principles to Practice Lesley Roberts, Derek Hall ... It is generally well accepted, therefore, that 'rural tourism' must be integrated with community-based development initiatives and not planned as a single sector (Keane, 1992: 53).

Author: Lesley Roberts

Publisher: CABI

ISBN: 0851995403

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 231

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This book reviews the theory and practice of tourism and recreation in rural areas in Europe. Including numerous case studies , 9 chapters cover: the changing nature of recreation and tourism provision in rural areas; the emergence of sustainability in the development debate; the different levels of policy influencing recreation and tourism development, and emphasizing the connectedness between local and global processes; the role and influence of the local community in recreation and tourism; changing patterns of tourism consumption; the changing nature of tourism supply; and the processes relating to the convergence of supply and demand.