Tourism in Bangladesh Investment and Development Perspectives

This edited volume uniquely explores the extensive themes and frameworks of tourism development and investment in Bangladesh.

Author: Azizul Hassan

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9811618585

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 438

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This edited volume uniquely explores the extensive themes and frameworks of tourism development and investment in Bangladesh. The book focuses on outlining the present investment and development scenario of Bangladesh in order to suggest some solutions to current issues. Considering that Bangladesh has a population of over 170 million, the country possesses an abundance of possibilities for tourism. In recent years, Bangladesh has experienced steady growth in its economy and socio-cultural developments. Currently, there is very limited knowledge of or research into tourism in Bangladesh, even though it is a multifaceted and fast-growing industry. This book makes an important contribution to representing and exploring diverse aspects of tourism in Bangladesh for local and international benefit. This book provides insights into the stronghold of a social class having the ability to spend for tourism and leisure activities, which has prompted the country to pay further attention to the development of its tourism industry. This book emphasizes that the importance of tourism is undeniably on a continuous rise in Bangladesh, which in turn deserves the appropriate attention from academic research.

Technology Application in Tourism Fairs Festivals and Events in Asia

Tourism as an element for economic growth in Bangladesh: Investment analysis for product and service development. In A. Hassan (Ed.), Tourism in ... In A. Hassan (Ed.), Tourism in Bangladesh: Investment and development perspectives.

Author: Azizul Hassan

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9811680701

Category: Business & Economics

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It is an unconditional reality that the tourism industry in Asia is becoming exposed to innovative technologies more than ever before. This book reports the latest research in the application of innovative technology to the tourism industry, covering the perspectives, innovativeness, theories, issues, complexities, opportunities and challenges affecting tourism in Asia. A blend of comprehensive and extensive efforts by the contributors and editors, it is designed especially to cover technology applications in tourism fairs, festivals and events in Asia. The application and practice of technologies in tourism, including the relevant niches of fairs, festivals and events are also covered, with a focus on the importance of technology in tourism. This book highlights, in a comprehensive manner, technologies that are impacting the tourism industry in Asia, as well as the constraints it is facing. It deals with distinct topics, such as tourism promotion, technology-driven sustainable tourism development, social media, accessibility and so on to cover fairs, festivals and events. This book is a significant contribution towards the very limited knowledge in this identified research area, with examples from selected Asian countries. This book is designed to accommodate both qualitative and quantitative research linking theory and practice. This book has a clear focus on outlining the research issues. Each chapter of the book highlights a methodology that was used, with rationale for its use. This book addresses a number of revisions that unify the theme or framework to integrate the chapters.

Digital Transformation and Innovation in Tourism Events

Development and Investment in Core Niche Tourism Products and Services in Bangladesh . In A. Hassan ( ed . ) , Tourism in Bangladesh : Investment and Development Perspectives . Singapore : Springer . Rahman , M.K. , and Zailani ...

Author: Azizul Hassan

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1000596613

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 272

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The pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation in tourism and there has been a surge in new, innovative digital initiatives to help tourism businesses. This book provides a comprehensive treatment of the nature of tourism, events and practices in the digital context. The book looks at how technology has transformed tourism in destination branding, marketing, content marketing, sustainable tourism development and tourism events. It examines the impact of digital transformation on emotions, experiences, information technology tools and marketing techniques. The book will be a useful reference to those researching on tourism, culture, hospitality and marketing and as well as destination planners, managers of tourism destination marketing organizations, regulators, standards and certification bodies, local tourism board authorities and policy makers.

Tourism Marketing in Bangladesh

Therefore, in order to fill the aforementioned gaps in the literature, future research addressing tourism sector growth from the perspective of public and private investment is needed in general. References Akama, J. S. (1997).

Author: Azizul Hassan

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1000193306

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 360

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Tourism is often a key driver of economic growth in many countries. The recent upward trends of tourism and hospitality education in higher academic institutions in Bangladesh suggests a growing tourism sector. Very little has been written on Bangladesh’s tourism industry. This is the first edited volume published from an international publisher which looks at this industry and how it has developed and flourished. The book begins by looking at tourism policy planning and provides a comprehensive overview of topics from tourism products and services in Bangladesh to how they are being marketed. It also discusses how private and public tourism institutions can address future long term trends. This book will appeal to those interested to learn more about developing tourism industry in emerging economies and may provide invaluable lessons from Bangladesh’s experience and success.

Tourism Policy and Planning in Bangladesh

Perspective. The development and promotion of tourism comprise many economic, social, and cultural issues that include ... locations (Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation 2019; Bangladesh Tourism Board 2019; Bangladesh Investment Development ...

Author: Muhammad Shoeb-Ur- Rahman

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9811570140

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 299

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This book accounts that Bangladesh is a potential destination in South Asia exhibiting a steady growth in its economy along with socio-cultural developments. With a population of over 170 million, the country possesses significant possibilities in (domestic) tourism. This book explicates that increasing number of upper social classes along with their affordability to spend on tourism and leisure activities has recalled attention for the development of this emerging industry. This book comprehensively examines the overall tourism and hospitality contexts in Bangladesh under the lens of current policy and administrative frameworks. In so doing, the contribution of tourism and hospitality industry has been highlighted in the economy of Bangladesh as a means to creating employment opportunities. Further, the book addresses that contributions remain uneven and distributed improperly and to date the tourism industry has not been offered the desired attention in supporting examples in this regard. Nonetheless, tourism and hospitality education and research have been intensifying in recent years across numerous higher academic institutions (e.g. public and private universities) in Bangladesh. This book explores critically the requirement of supportive roles of key tourism and hospitality stakeholders both from public and private domains. Ultimately, the book signifies collaborative and continuous efforts are imperative that partake both the practitioners and the academia in the development and execution of inclusive and functional tourism policy and planning in Bangladesh.

Technology Application in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry of Bangladesh

Economic contribution of tourism in Bangladesh: Capital investment perspective. In A. Hassan (Ed.), Tourism marketing in Bangladesh (pp. 223–237). Routledge. Salam, R. (2014). Tourism & socio-economic development: Focus on Bangladesh, ...

Author: Azizul Hassan

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9811624348



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The Economy of Tourism in Bangladesh

This chapter's main purpose is to discuss the economic prospects of the tourism industry in Bangladesh. ... as capital investment and government spendings) that are distressing the tourism industry's development have also been discussed ...

Author: Sakib Bin Amin

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 3030729001

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 250

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Bangladesh is a land of great natural beauty, with a rich culture. Its tourism industry is one of its greatest motivators for social and economic development - but it does not always climb to the heights of success that one might expect. This book is one of the first to explore tourism in Bangladesh in scholarly detail, examining driving factors behind the growth of the industry, as well as challenges it needs to overcome. It provides recommendations for policy makers, as well as a rich tapestry of scholarly work for researchers interested in Bangladesh, tourism management, and the study of developing economies.

Annual Analysis of Competitiveness Simulation Studies and Development Perspective for 35 States and Federal Territories of India 2000 2010

Some of the key sectors listed are roads, bridges, inland water transport, agriculture production, industrial parks, water supply, solid waste management, tourism, education, healthcare facilities, real estate development and urban ...

Author: Khee Giap Tan

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9814579491

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 1020

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India is emerging as one of the economic giants of the world, and is gaining international influence and global leadership as the world's largest democracy. India's performance will have far-reaching consequences on whether the economic awakening of the country, which began more than two decades ago, can become a good model to be emulated by other developing economies. This book is a collection of policy papers and data-sets for the 35 states and federal territories of India. With a comprehensive approach to competitiveness, the research done by Asia Competitiveness Institute (ACI) at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore takes into account different factors that collectively shape the ability of a nation to achieve substantial and inclusive economic development over a sustained period of time. ACI's methodology goes beyond rankings to conduct policy simulations on how each state or federal territory can improve its competitiveness. These policy simulations are a compelling value-added proposition enabling policymakers, industry leaders and administrators to identify relative challenges and opportunities, and to prioritise areas when crafting policies and development strategies. Contents:Sub-National Competitiveness Ranking and Simulation Analysis on 35 States and Federal Territories of India: An Overview of the Development PerspectiveAndaman and Nicobar IslandsAndhra PradeshArunachal PradeshAssamBiharChandigarhChhattisgarhDadra and Nagar HaveliDaman and DiuDelhiGoaGujaratHaryanaHimachal PradeshJammu and KashmirJharkhandKarnatakaKeralaLakshadweepMadhya PradeshMaharashtraManipurMeghalayaMizoramNagalandOdishaPuducherryPunjabRajasthanSikkimTamil NaduTripuraUttar PradeshUttarakhandWest BengalAppendices:List of IndicatorsComputation of Rankings: The Algorithm Readership: Professionals; researchers; think-tanks; policy makers; government officials. Key Features:First unique volume with no other rival publications as yet, covering all 35 states and federal territoriesAsia Competitiveness Institute has also published similar titles on Indonesia and ASEANEnables policymakers and administrators to identify challenges and opportunities with policy simulations conducted for the 35 states and federal territoriesKeywords:India;Competitiveness;Development strategies;Policies

Tourism and Foreign Direct Investment

Hasan, MM & Hossain, MR 2014, 'Development of tourism industry through SME: a study on Comilla', International Journal of SME Development, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 59–76. Hossain, MR 2021, 'Inward foreign direct investment in Bangladesh: do ...

Author: H. Cristina Jönsson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1000546209

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 262

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This is the first volume to examine and shed significant light on the issues, challenges and prospects presented by foreign direct investment (FDI) in tourism – a topic of increasing relevance in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and economic consequences. This book addresses the need to examine the TFDI phenomenon considering resilient tourism development approaches and includes discussion on impacts of a rapidly evolving global pandemic on tourism. Recognising that its impact on tourism has only just begun, the book includes early estimates of the damage to the tourism economy and TFDI over 2020 and beyond. It considers how the COVID-19 pandemic may change society, the economy, and tourism, and how some of the key research needs to understand these changes and contribute to a more sustainable post-pandemic tourism sector. Through a collection of chapters focusing on principles, practices and a diverse range of destination case studies, the book considers TFDI from the economic, social and environmental and regulatory perspectives. Thus, the book will advance understanding of the positive and negative impacts of TFDI as well as how emerging problems and wider implications for local economies and communities can be managed more sustainably, while also discussing the transformative opportunities offered by TFDI regarding key economic, social and environmental issues. This will be essential reading for upper-level students and researchers in the field of tourism development.

Sustainable Development Asia Pacific Perspectives

He was a lead and co-author of Policy for Environmentally Sustainable Development: Perspectives from Vietnam ... The results of the study revealed that crime adversely impacts economic growth, income per capita, and tourism in the ...

Author: Pak Sum Low

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1009040294

Category: Law


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The Asia-Pacific region is experiencing especially rapid development and population increase, and issues of global change and sustainable development are likely to be of particular importance in the coming decades. This book presents chapters by leading international experts on the major issues relating to global change and sustainable development from the perspectives of Asia and the Pacific. It also highlights the challenges and opportunities of sustainable development and poverty reduction within the changing ecological, social, cultural and economic environment in this region. The volume is an invaluable reference for all researchers and policy makers with an interest in global change and sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific.