Tourism Marketing for Developing Countries

Tourism Marketing for Developing Countries examines media strategies used by destinations in Asia, the Middle East and Africa to battle stereotypes, negative images and crises in order to attract tourists .

Author: Eli Avraham

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN: 9781137342140

Category: Business & Economics

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Tourism Marketing for Developing Countries examines how tourist destinations in Asia, the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa battle stereotypes and negative images, overcome crises and attract tourists and visitors. The book provides real-life examples of strategies and techniques for altering the image of developing destinations and attracting international tourism, despite the challenges that stem from negative place images. Based on the analysis of dozens of case studies, it reveals the marketing and communication strategies used by developing countries. The analysis is conducted in relation to the accumulated theoretical and practical knowledge about media and public images, factors that affect image construction in the international media, image repair and destination marketing. Using a multi-step model, the book offers a proven toolbox for scholars and practitioners interested in attracting international tourism to developing countries.

Service Industries in Developing Countries

Tourism is one of the most important income generators in developing countries rich in natural resources. Despite its tremendous importance, the role of tourism marketing planning in developing countries has been grossly neglected by ...

Author: Erdener Kaynak

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135176337

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First Published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Tourism Marketing for Developing Countries

developing countries in order to deal with their problematic public and media image. “Tourism Marketing for Developing Countries” is aimed at providing tools and strategies for altering the image of developing destinations and ...

Author: Eli Avraham

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137342153

Category: Business & Economics

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Tourism Marketing for Developing Countries examines media strategies used by destinations in Asia, the Middle East and Africa to battle stereotypes, negative images and crises in order to attract tourists .

Tourism Marketing in Developing Countries

Concepts of tourism marketing promotion, as well as developments in this area and its policy and planning for tourism in developing countries are used to provide a theoretical basis for the investigation.

Author: S. M. Nazrul Islam





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Tourism is a branch of the service sector which can bring a substantial influx of foreign visitors to both developed and developing countries. Bangladesh is an example of a developing country which can become an important destination for international tourists with its unique attractions. To make tourism successful, Bangladesh has to take advantages of the opportunities for tourism development, using marketing and promotional activities. The purpose of this study is to analyse the issues and challenges of tourism marketing in Bangladesh, with a key objective being to evaluate the effectiveness of this practice. This study has identified problems and limitations of tourism marketing activities undertaken by the tourism sectors in Bangladesh. Bangladesh tourism organisations lag far behind regional competitors in attracting a significant number of foreign tourists, mainly due to inadequate and ineffective promotional activities in domestic and overseas markets. Concepts of tourism marketing promotion, as well as developments in this area and its policy and planning for tourism in developing countries are used to provide a theoretical basis for the investigation. The study concludes that the promotional activities of the tourism industry in Bangladesh are seriously hindered because of a lack of financial support together with an insufficient marketing budget, ,low quality promotional literature, improper distribution of sales literature, a bad image of Bangladesh tourism, and improper and inappropriate marketing strategies for the potential promotion of Bangladesh. The study findings identify that, tourism stakeholders in Bangladesh need to use appropriate techniques to measure the effectiveness of their tourism marketing and promotional activities in order to attract a significant number of foreign tourists to visit Bangladesh. In addition, stakeholders may consider improving and developing their tourism promotional policies and adopting more effective promotional strategies to develop the tourism sector in Bangladesh. Only then may tourism in Bangladesh enter into a new era, with a solid footing and real sense of direction, in which case, the government of Bangladesh has to support effective marketing promotional activities through different media advertising to ensure the previously unsuccessful attempts to develop this sector at will not be repeated. This study concludes with an assessment of the practical implications of the research and consequent recommendations which have been identified for the tourism organisations in Bangladesh.

Tourism Marketing in Bangladesh

Being categorized as a developing or developed country involves an intricate combination of factors “to better understand their social and economic outcomes” (Gbadamosi, 2020). The World Bank, for instance, uses World Development ...

Author: Azizul Hassan

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1000193306

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Tourism is often a key driver of economic growth in many countries. The recent upward trends of tourism and hospitality education in higher academic institutions in Bangladesh suggests a growing tourism sector. Very little has been written on Bangladesh’s tourism industry. This is the first edited volume published from an international publisher which looks at this industry and how it has developed and flourished. The book begins by looking at tourism policy planning and provides a comprehensive overview of topics from tourism products and services in Bangladesh to how they are being marketed. It also discusses how private and public tourism institutions can address future long term trends. This book will appeal to those interested to learn more about developing tourism industry in emerging economies and may provide invaluable lessons from Bangladesh’s experience and success.

The factors influencing the efficiency of tourism marketing in developing countries with the application at the Egyptian tourism sector

Author: Hassan el-Azab Taghreed Khairy




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Marketing Nature oriented Tourism for Rural Development and Wildlands Management in Developing Countries

Author: C. Denise Ingram



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Emerging Innovative Marketing Strategies in the Tourism Industry

Tourism also offers huge opportunities for developing countries to increase their income, as tourism carries more weight in the economies of developing countries than in developed countries; it is also destined to play an even greater ...

Author: Ray, Nilanjan

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 1466687002

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The continuous growth and expansion of the travel sector has brought about a greater need to understand and improve its various promotional tactics. Effectively employing these methods will benefit all manner of travel destinations and attract a larger number of tourists to these locations. Emerging Innovative Marketing Strategies in the Tourism Industry is an authoritative title comprised of the latest scholarly research on effective promotional tools and practices within the tourism sector. Featuring expansive coverage on a variety of topics from the use of information technology and digital tools to tourist motivation and economic considerations, this publication is an essential reference source for students, researchers, and practitioners seeking research on the latest applications, models, and approaches for promotion in the travel industry. This publication features valuable, research-based chapters across a broad range of relevant topics including, but not limited to, consumer search behavior, customer relationship management, smart technologies, experiential tourist products, leisure services, national brand images, and employment generation.

Tourism Marketing

In tourism literature, few researchershave examined theissueof political risk in South Asian countries and itseffectson ... Negative images, lack of foreign exchange for tourism development, lack of skilled manpower, weak institutional ...

Author: Tapan K Panda

Publisher: ICFAI Books

ISBN: 8131404692

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This book fills the void in the area of tourism and destination marketing for Indian students and tourism planners. It is unique in its attempt as it includes tourism marketing in Indian as well as international contexts. It will help students and practit

Tourism Marketing

The airlines industry is one of the significant contributors to tourism , especially in developing countries . ... offers better connectivity within the country , the developing countries are slowly entering into the tourism market .

Author: Dasgupta Devashish

Publisher: Pearson Education India

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