True Real Life Stories of Reincarnation

This book documents the growing public acceptance of the possibility that all of us will live again after we finish our present 'go-around' on the planet Earth.

Author: Richard Bullivant

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781517443665


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Have you lived before?Suddenly the idea of reincarnation has produced a wave of resonance in modern society and struck a chord. This book documents the growing public acceptance of the possibility that all of us will live again after we finish our present 'go-around' on the planet Earth. The ancient concept of reincarnation and past lives has not only re-emerged into our modern consciousness, but seems to have become a more natural and accepted part of our world view.Some studies show that twenty-five percent of people in modern western countries now agree that reincarnation is not only possible, but a reality. The implications of this are enormous.Imagine a population that has been released from the fear of death. Suddenly, we have all the time in the world - eternity, in fact! Life now takes on a new dimension of meaning. We realize that this is not all there is and we also understand that we are more than our physical bodies and because we are more than our physical bodies, we can access that which is beyond the physical. Our potential is virtually unlimited.Freedom from the fear of death is a kind of universal freedom that can flow across all aspects of life and living. Knowing that we are not mere physical lumps of biological matter, but indestructible souls constructed of pure consciousness is a magnificent vision for humanity.Knowing that we are 'souls' means that we can live out our lives from that basic understanding. It is the ultimate empowerment. No doubt many will remain sceptical about the possibility of reincarnation. But it seems this is a concept and a phenomenon that is not going away. Those amazing headlines in the media just keep coming. Every day more people - average, ordinary everyday people - are discovering that they have an undeniable connection to something larger, something infinite and something absolutely amazing.Table of Contents Bentreshyt - A Priestess of Isis The Reawakening of Marty Martyn Past Lives on Other Planets The Interesting Case of Sherrie Lea Laird and Marilyn Life on Mars Group Reincarnation The Druze The Genius Connection The Science of Reincarnation


Roy Stemman has had a lifelong interest in reincarnation.

Author: Roy Stemman

Publisher: Piatkus Books

ISBN: 9780749925307

Category: Reincarnation

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Roy Stemman has had a lifelong interest in reincarnation. As a journalist and director of Psychic News and as editor of Life & Soul magazine (formerly Reincarnation International) he has access to the most exciting cases and the most prominent researchers from around the world. In this inspiring and extraordinary book, he presents numerous incredible cases which are impossible to dismiss. Read about: The young boy born with scars on his head which precisely match the autopsy report of the murdered man he believes he was in a former life; An Italian family whose daughter died but announced in a dream that she would return - and their new baby who was able to sing perfectly the lullaby her dead sister had been taught; Burmese children who remember details of life as Japanese soldiers;;· The English woman whose memories of a past life reunited her children from that previous life, who were then able to corroborate her memories; Cases of people who under regression can speak a foreign language fluently; Cases of famous people who believe they have lived before; And much, much more

I M Home

Can a dog come back after they die? Do you want your dog to return? Have you wondered if pets and reincarnation is real? If so, these dog stories will answer your questions and inspire your hope and healing!

Author: Brent Atwater

Publisher: Brent Atwater

ISBN: 1463578245


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Dog reincarnation Stories about animal life after death real dogs' journeys through the reincarnation process .Translations in other languages.Is your heart struggling with being optimistic after the loss of your dog? Can a dog come back after they die? Do you want your dog to return? Have you wondered if pets and reincarnation is real? If so, these dog stories will answer your questions and inspire your hope and healing! "I'm Home!" a Dog's Never Ending Love Story is a collection of deeply touching real stories that show how dogs reincarnated to be with their guardian multiple times. Each dog's heartwarming experiences comforts your heart, inspires your soul and expands your awareness with poignant journeys of devotion, amazing twists of fate, inexplicable coincidences and incredible joyous reunions that irrefutably prove pet reincarnation is real! More questions about animal life after death & pet reincarnation??The Animal Reincarnation Book is the world's # 1 resource to answer your hearts' questions!It provides information about animal transition, pet loss, pet past lives, animal life after death, animals spirits and the process of pets and reincarnation. Plus there are invaluable animal communication and connection techniques that teach you "how to" communicate with your pet, touch your deceased dog's energy on the other side and much more! Plus prayers to ask your dog if, how, when, where, and in what timeframe your pet will return, and how to recognize them! BELIEVE in what your heart knows, Hold on to your faith Love is Never Ending! Visit Connect with Brent Atwater's global community on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Linkedn, et al

Life Stories Life Readings

Author Numa Jay Pillion set out to achieve the dream he had nurtured for a lifetime.

Author: Numa Jay Pillion

Publisher: Iceni Books

ISBN: 9781587363221

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 604

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Numa Jay Pillion set out to achieve the dream he had nurtured for a lifetime. Years later, left with only the clothes on his back, he began to question his true purpose. He discovered it in a Life Reading--a communication from spirit planes, delivered through a medium. In the process he also discovered that the sexual orientation he had struggled with was a byproduct of reincarnation, and that we are "first and foremost, members of one spiritual world, with the ability to contact beings in other realms." Part memoir, part window on seldom-glimpsed planes of existence, "Life Stories Life Readings" takes us on a spiritual journey we won't soon forget.


amazing true cases from around the world Roy Stemman ... How to add depth
and meaning to your everyday life Thomas Moore Child Of Eternity, A: An
extraordinary young girl's message from the world beyond Adriana Rocha and
Kristi Jorde ...

Author: Roy Stemman

Publisher: Piatkus Books


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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Roy Stemman has had a lifelong interest in reincarnation. Working for Psychic News, and now editor of Reincarnation International, he has access to the most interesting cases worldwide. In this book, he introduces some of those cases.

My Journey Down the Reincarnation Highway

The True Story of a Man Who Found Nine of His Past Lives Frank Mares ... Linda
said she was once a deafFrench girl, and we met Iris on vacation in Jamaica,
who told me she had actual memories about being General Cornwallis's mistress

Author: Frank Mares

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1475959249

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 228

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In this personal account, one man details how he discovered the fact of reincarnation and explores what he did in his prior lives. More people than you would believe have prior life memories. In his new spiritual memoir My Journey down the Reincarnation Highway: The True Story of a Man who found nine of His Past Lives author and businessman Frank Mares tells how he acquired psychic ability in his middle age. With this new gift, he recovered facts about nine of his prior lives, most of which involved violent, bloody deaths. The most recent life was that of a young German Wehrmacht sergeant who was ambushed and killed by Russians during the night of May 1, 1944 in a dark Estonian farmhouse. Not being satisfied with just discovering his past lives, Mares goes on a spiritual mission to find out why he kept dying violently. The answers do not come easily, but by using a team of three world class psychics he eventually tracks down the shocking reason for all his brutal deaths. The psychic team finds that within the soul of this normal small businessman resides a brutal, stone cold killer from the 1600's who surprisingly was the revered founder of a gentile noble family.As part of his soul's continuing quest for redemption, Mares hopes to salvage the dark time in his soul's past into something that could help others today. His experiences show that death is only a transition phase, and that it should not be feared. His book also reveals that reincarnation is actually a well designed, organized system that allows souls to learn personalized life lessons over a surprising number of lives. If you read this book, you will never look at life (and death) in the same way again.

Reincarnation Hyperlink Theory

Some suggest that a person who underwent a past-life regression and who
happened to know some details about the therapist's personal life that nobody
else could know could indicate that the stories in the regression are indeed true.


Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1479788260

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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A vision-type dream on someone so far unknown to him and a series of personal experiences shatter the religious convictions of the author of this book as he struggles for more than twenty years to find a logical explanation for inter-connected events and premonitory dreams. In the search for his possible connection with the man in the dream, an ex-president of the USA, he analyzed several theories and finally found one that suggest another world and the existence of one life or many others beyond this one. Straining against all that he had previously believed he initially discounts the possibility of reincarnation but after countless discards and rejections he finally accepts it as being the only rational explanation to the doubts presented. In a process of past-life regression, inexplicable new evidence and memories appear which are later corroborated. However, he blatantly refuses to accept these memories as being his own because there is no scientific approach to justify their existence in his mind, as there had been no regular inputs or physical recording process in the brain which could account for their presence. As a result of this, a theory forms in the author's mind which he refers to as Hyperlink', which could offer a rational explanation for the possible access to remote memories of past lives and opens in the process a window on a world without the limits of time or space; one in which reincarnation links all.

diary of a medium stories of reincarnations

'Opening the window' means you need a change in your real life, changing
career or simply your address... in order ... Your wish will come true; soon, you
would meet someone; someone who cares about birds as much as you do; he
might be ...

Author: Andy A. Kay

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1440194912

Category: Fiction

Page: 120

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A wayfarer sets off to a vast land, the place of an ancient legend that he is trying to revive. His journey unfolds into a series of amusing encounters, with stories of different people who all have one thing in common – the wish to capture the moment that would change their life.

Rebirth in the Life and Works of Beatrix Potter

This statement is clearly true of The Tale of Two Bad Mice, especially connected
with the temper tantrums of the mice ... death and rebirth that is central to Potter's
earlier works: at no time do the dolls face an actual life and death situation; they
are, after all, dolls. Still, a threat of death for the mice enters the story in the shape
of the mousetrap, and with the deaths of the parents, the babies would also die.

Author: Richard Tuerk

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 1476639302

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 225

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This work traces the concepts of initiation and rebirth though Beatrix Potter's personal writing and her children's fiction. Drawing from Potter's letters and journals, it analyses her attempts to escape from what she called her "unloved birthplace" and her overbearing parents to find a happy mature life. Potter felt that her life culminated in her forties, when she was, in effect, reborn through marriage as Mrs. William Heelis, a farmer raising Herdwick sheep and buying land for the National Trust. The language of transformation and rebirth used throughout her personal writing is echoed in Potter's fiction. From her first book, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, through some of the last, such as The Fairy Caravan and The Tale of Little Pig Robinson, central characters undergo processes of initiation during which they mature toward adulthood. The most successful ones move from being helpless children to being more mature creatures on their way to independence, while others experience no change or even a regressive change.

Voices of Wisdom

Of course , nothing said so far assures us that the Christian story — or any other
story of life after death — is true . ... completely clean , but that ... In that case , the
passage of the soul into a new incarnation would count as personal survival if ...

Author: Gary E. Kessler



Category: Philosophy

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Unique in its multicultural character, this text includes Hindu, Buddhist, Chinese, African, Native American, Islamic, Jewish, and feminist philosophies. It is edited to promote a multicultural approach to philosophy, to teach students how to read primary sources, and to encourage students to think independently and critically about fundamental philosophical issues. This anthology offers significant readings on traditional philosophical topics that educate students for the ever-increasing pluralism of society and assist them in developing an international perspective.

Philosophy of Religion

Of course , nothing said so far assures us that the Christian story — or any other
story of life after death - is true . ... In that case , the passage of the soul into a new
incarnation would count as personal survival if there were such a soul to begin ...

Author: Louis P. Pojman



Category: Religion

Page: 537

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A topical anthology that introduces students to religious thought. The text contains fifty-six articles that illustrate, support, or argue against major issues in the philosophy of religion. A general introduction at the beginning of each of the major parts and short introductions to each of the readings are included. This book should be of interest to students in departments of philosophy and religion.

Many Lives Many Masters

Describes the case of a young woman suffering from anxiety attacks, explains how hypnosis revealed her memories of past lives, and discusses the usefulness of regression therapy

Author: Brian L. Weiss

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0671657860

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 219

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Describes the case of a young woman suffering from anxiety attacks, explains how hypnosis revealed her memories of past lives, and discusses the usefulness of regression therapy

Witchcraft Reincarnation and the God head

There is some interrelationship between real as actual and real as true, the
important distinguishing features of which ... of correspondence to what exists in
nature or to all facts known and knowable (run true to type; the true version of a

Author: Sophie B. Oluwole



Category: Ethics

Page: 143

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Reincarnation and Our Future

Knowledge about Life beyond Death - Death and Resurrection - How the Souls
of the Dead Speak ; Etc . 3s . ... of Understanding Colours - Our Sick World can
be Healed - Colour Questions and Answers - Colour in Everyday Life - Colour ,
Healing and Health ... Such research is opening new ways for a true prophylaxis ,
a causal therapy . ... THE JOURNEY A beautiful story with a Reincarnation theme

Author: Gladys Mayer



Category: Anthroposophy

Page: 110

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The Reincarnation of John Wilkes Booth

Author: Dell Leonardi

Publisher: Devin-Adair Pub


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 180

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Mystery of Reincarnation

True to Kelly's / Johnston's account , the information he recounted was verified
after a careful search of government archives and personal correspondence . ...
born — that proved to be verifiable and accurate , making this account one of the
best cases of an alleged past - life memory on record . But was it a real past - life
memory , or are there other more prosaic explanations for the remarkable
incident ?

Author: J. Allan Danelek

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide Limited


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 329

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In 1952, an American housewife under hypnosis recalled living a previous life in eighteenth century Ireland as Bridey Murphy. This case became widely publicized and sparked a Western interest in reincarnation that continues today. With arguments supporting and debunking the validity of the famous Bridey Murphy case and the plausibility of rebirth, how can one intelligently decide if reincarnation is fantasy or truth? Examining the debate from viewpoints of science, religion, psychology, and logic, J. Allan Danelek helps readers understand this controversial issue from all sides. He takes a discerning look at past life regression, scientific explanations, common religious/philosophical objections, and reincarnationist concepts in Gnostic Christianity. Danelek also poses theories that explain the mechanical process and purpose of rebirth.

The Publishers Weekly

FORECASTS rags - to - riches - to - religion story is quite ness , various
compartments , divisions BEYOND THE WALLS ... also be of interest and levels
as well as “ three types of rein Monastic Wisdom for Everyday Life to a general
readership . ... the evil spirit that possesses another ality ) THE TRUE SELF
person : since it is impossible to prove Wilkes ( author of The ... wisdom Yoga ,
according to first - time author and prodigies are “ proofs " of reincarnation can be
accessible to all .




Category: American literature


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The Path

It shows at once the legendary lore , the peculiar beliefs , and the daily life of a
people who have been but little changed by outward influences . ... It is by no
means strange that a people who patterned their lives after such high ideals ,
where simple truth , justice and ... In Kullervo's story , Reincarnation is plainly told
about .




Category: Theosophy


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Expecting Adam

Fortunately, that's exactly what happened. Expecting Adam is a poignant, challenging, and achingly funny chronicle of the extraordinary nine months of Martha's pregnancy.

Author: Martha Beck

Publisher: Harmony

ISBN: 0307954013

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 368

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"He says you'll never be hurt as much by being open as you have been by remaining closed." The messenger is a school janitor with a master's in art history who claims to be channeling "from both sides of the veil." "He" is Adam, a three-year-old who has never spoken an intelligible word. And the message is intended for Martha Beck, Adam's mother, who doesn't know whether to make a mad dash for the door to escape a raving lunatic (after all, how many conversations like this one can you have before you stop getting dinner party invitations and start pushing a mop yourself?) or accept another in a series of life lessons from an impeccable but mysterious source. From the moment Martha and her husband, John, accidentally conceived their second child, all hell broke loose. They were a couple obsessed with success. After years of matching IQs and test scores with less driven peers, they had two Harvard degrees apiece and were gunning for more. They'd plotted out a future in the most vaunted ivory tower of academe. But the dream had begun to disintegrate. Then, when their unborn son, Adam, was diagnosed with Down syndrome, doctors, advisers, and friends in the Harvard community warned them that if they decided to keep the baby, they would lose all hope of achieving their carefully crafted goals. Fortunately, that's exactly what happened. Expecting Adam is a poignant, challenging, and achingly funny chronicle of the extraordinary nine months of Martha's pregnancy. By the time Adam was born, Martha and John were propelled into a world in which they were forced to redefine everything of value to them, put all their faith in miracles, and trust that they could fly without a net. And it worked. Martha's riveting, beautifully written memoir captures the abject terror and exhilarating freedom of facing impending parentdom, being forced to question one's deepest beliefs, and rewriting life's rules. It is an unforgettable celebration of the everyday magic that connects human souls to each other.

Karma and Reincarnation

The stories in the scriptures concerning life after death are to be taken as
belonging to the world of the unreal . None of them forms part of the teaching
proper of the scriptures . Taking the unreal as real and then trying to understand
life is known as avidyā ( ignorance or nescience ) in Vedānta . ... truth of his own
life . This wrong ideation does not make any change in what is really true
concerning himself .

Author: Narayana Prasad (Muni)



Category: Karma

Page: 106

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Swami Muni Narayana Prasad Studies The Doctrinal Beliefs Of Karma And Reincarnation From The Viewpoint Of An Advaitin, Developing Insights From His Studies Of The Upanisads, The Bhagavad Gita, The Brahma Sutras And The Works Of Narayana Guru.