Twisted Musings

... ..61 She Came Up ToMe .......................................................................... ..63 Daddy Twisted Musings.

Author: Alexandra Ramsey

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595011756

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 136

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Writing poems throughout her adolescent years, Alexandra has created an unrivaled masterpiece of poetry, encompassing the scope of all human emotions. She delves into pains of betrayal, the loss of innocence and the healing of a young girl's heart and the sadness that is born within it from the devastations of her life. This is a talented artist's tribute to the human soul, its strength, and all that it can endure.

Twisted Musings

Author: Jason Frazer


ISBN: 9780980569315


Page: 128

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Simple Musings

“Quite the contrary in fact, for we've been invited to visit them at Twisted Oak this coming Sunday. Mister Carver was all charm when he invited us.

Author: Celeste Hall

Publisher: Celeste Hall


Category: Fiction

Page: 639

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A full length romance novel variation of Pride and Prejudice Rebecca Stanton is the only daughter of a struggling farmer. After an unexpected tragedy strikes her family, she finds herself fighting to protect everything that she loves from being torn apart and destroyed. Her battle is further challenged by the focused attention of two men; the first a prominent plantation owner who pushes her temper to its most violent depths, while the second holds a letter of debt against her which could mean the loss of her home. This is a clean regency romance written in the classical style of Jane Austen's works. It is a Pride and Prejudice variation set between the American Colonial and Regency eras, when the white settlers still viewed the Native Americans with some prejudice. It has a few plot twists and variations, but any fan of Jane Austen's books will recognize the underlying story. Horses feature strongly in this tale as well, so readers who enjoy a clean horse romance novel may also find it enjoyable.

Rumblings and Musings

THE TWISTED ROAD It seems I've been down This road before But I can't remember when It seems that life Keeps taking me Where I really should not Have been ...

Author: Jerry L. Watson

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1412008069

Category: Poetry

Page: 67

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A book of poems by a Vietnam Vet and award winning poet that will touch the heart and soul of everyone with a Vietnam connection. A must-read for anyone wishing to better understand the human tragedy and suffering of the troubled Vet. As sure as the Wall heals, this volume of poetry will help bring closure for some. At the very least, it will provoke a wide array of emotions from anger, hostility and pain to spiritual awakenings. It will answer some 'why's" for many and leave just as many asking "why?" Hear the pain, feel the anger, live the guilt and remorse, listen for the cries, dream the broken dreams and scream out in fear at the nightmares. Take a stroll through the twisted and troubled minds that are forever scarred by a thing called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Will you be better for it? You be the judge. My only desire is to bring a better understanding of the troubled Vet. If one person is reached by the words herein, then my endeavor was not in vain. Jerry L. Watson

Celibate Sex

With transparency, Abbie Smith examines the raw emotions of always being the bridesmaid but never the bride.

Author: Abbie Smith

Publisher: Tyndale House

ISBN: 1612914764

Category: Religion

Page: 192

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With transparency, Abbie Smith examines the raw emotions of always being the bridesmaid but never the bride. She delves into the heartache and confusion of being single when your heart longs for something else. By using a conversational style and her personal story, Abbie helps you acknowledge the feelings and reality of being single in today’s world, where sexuality is misconstrued and widely exploited.


When not scribbling twisted musings into spiral notebooks, photographing the odd puddle or junk pile, or building classy furniture, Dino Parenti earns a ...

Author: Horrified Press

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 0244603294

Category: Fiction


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The world has never seen a phenomenon like President Donald J. Trump. How a trashy billionaire with no government experience pushed his way into the most powerful job on earth is a question nobody can really answer. The authors of Trumpocalypse propose some reasons he walks among us—is he really a berserk android? They prophesy what terrors may await—lifestyle cannibalism? A new spate of witch burnings? Worse? Trumpocalypse is a time capsule packed with care by Horrified Press. Pray we can retrieve it later and laugh about how bad we thought it would be. Pray hard.

Musings of a Messed Up Mind

... His words will become twisted and his light to be hated, To love those that had been baptised in fear, So that they too may find their way through, ...

Author: Darren J Lamb


ISBN: 0244000093

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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This is my second poetry book, in which I'm a lot more confident in my writings and style... I go deeper into my own mind, ideals and spirituality. My strange method of writing where I seem to channel some higher version of my self and if I don't get these poetic channelings down quick... they're gone.

Shaped by Wind Wave Musings of a Boat Designer

The twist in the bow area of the bottom panel, which can cause plating problems ... the centreline of the hull and so eliminates the twisted bottom plate.

Author: President Dudley Dix

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1105651126

Category: Sports & Recreation


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This eBook is a collection of random writings by a boat designer explaining boat design in layman's terms, explanations of various boatbuilding methods, how to loft the lines of a boat, effects of decisions made about hull shape, how to turn the hull over and many other boating subjects that you will not find in other books about boat design. It includes a chapter on recommendations for sailing around the Cape of Good Hope as well as one recording the only circumnavigation ever done in an open boat.


Might have been a frugal person who sat down and twisted some plant into a piece of fabric that didn't smell and was more comfortable.

Author: Dolores Knowles

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1493155725

Category: Nature

Page: 180

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This book is a countrywoman's views on family, nature, and life in a small town. I chose the name "Musings" as that is where the main thoughts come from. I think of the topics as I am driving, sitting on my front porch, or just before going to sleep. Some are humorous, some thought provoking, and some sad that's life.

Dark Musings

My nose is broken, my ankle is twisted and I have a deep cut above my right eye. Blood drips off my chin as I am lifted to my feet and lead out of my cell.

Author: David Boiani


ISBN: 0359145043


Page: 206

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What if real life scenarios were far more horrific than fantasy? What if you could visit the dark, unsettling mind of one man and experience the disturbing stories that originate there? These stories are unconnected, but they all include a similar trait: Fear. They are all based on aspects of life that are haunting yet very real. Experiencing these stories will induce a terror that will stay with you long after the final page is turned...

Sherlockian Musings

Twisted. Lip. Like birds to a lighthouse: Well, that's nice People in grief flock to see Watson's wife But I began to think about this simile Do birds flock ...

Author: Sheldon Goldfarb

Publisher: Andrews UK Limited

ISBN: 1787054837

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 274

View: 941

Is Sherlock Holmes really as rational as he seems? He talks about the importance of reasoning and logic, but why then does he sometimes seem like a "strange Buddha"? On the other hand, why in The Sign of the Four does Watson smash a Buddha? What is going on in The Sign of the Four, that strange tale of Empire? What is going on in all the original sixty stories in "the canon"? In this study of the stories, Sheldon Goldfarb explores questions like these, from the significance of the eggs in "Thor Bridge" to the reason Watson keeps leaving Holmes for an insubstantial wife. What meanings lurk beneath the surface of these detective stories? Why is there an obsession with Napoleon in this story or an article on free trade in this other? Can we find answers to these questions? Perhaps. In any case, in this collection of essays (or "Musings") on each of the 60 stories, Dr. Goldfarb, an award-nominated mystery writer himself and the holder of a PhD in English literature, light-heartedly tries out a variety of perspectives, allowing readers to come to their own conclusions about such matters as the nature of the angel in "A Case of Identity" or the reason Holmes abandons his magnifying glass for binoculars in "Silver Blaze." Who brings binoculars to a horse race? Indeed.

Mortal Musings

He twisted halfway to see her. “Hey.” “Hi, there.” He glanced at the screen, trying to hold on to elusive bits of dialogue. “How was your day?

Author: Aria Glazki

Publisher: Anika Press

ISBN: 1943572011

Category: Fiction


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"A paranormal love story that will leave readers satisfied in every way." --Urban Book Reviews Frustrated muse Alexandra has had it with the arrogant, ungrateful humans she is obligated to inspire. When the internal ranting of her latest charge pushes her past reason, she disregards the rules and forces her own words through his fingers, and is instantly entrapped in mortal form. With no magic, no identity, and no resources, Allie has no alternative but to navigate the mortal realm, depending entirely on her reluctant host while discerning what exactly caused her transformation--and how to reverse it. Brett doesn't have a chance to consider the words that mysteriously showed up on his screen; he's too distracted by the stunning woman who appeared in his office out of nowhere. Before his brain can catch up, Brett's uninvited guest becomes enmeshed in his everyday life. Her artless innocence gradually lessens his suspicions. Most importantly, the writer's block that's been plaguing him dissolves under the fantasies the naively beguiling Alexandra inspires. All too soon, the forced proximity sparks a confounding awareness neither writer nor muse are able to resist. Fans of A Fish Called Wanda or Ruby Sparks will love this magical fish out of water romance. -- Mortal Musings was a 2016 Booksellers' Best Award Finalist


Josh's words cut the threads of her twisted musings. It took a second for her to remember where she was. “What?” “You were staring at me.

Author: Jodie Bailey

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1460324749

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 100

A DANGEROUS REUNION After he couldn't save her brother, army first sergeant Josh Walker isn't about to let anything happen to Andrea Donovan. Josh may have saved her from one attack, but drug smugglers are desperate to get information about one of Andrea's patients—a patient who's disappeared without a trace. Despite the danger, the beautiful counselor refuses to hand over confidential files. Now Josh and Andrea have no choice but to battle on for their lives—and their love—or they'll be the latest casualty to get caught in the crossfire.

Dostoevsky and Kant

This moment, filled with “the living pain in his heart,” prompts his twisted musings about the purifying power of abuse. His sinister justification of ...

Author: Evgenia Cherkasova

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9042026111

Category: Philosophy

Page: 128

View: 185

"In this book, Evgenia Cherkasova brings the philosopher Kant and the novelist Dostoevsky together in conversations that probe why duty is central to our moral life. She shows that just as Dostoevsky is indebted to Kant, so Kant would profit from the deeply philosophical narratives of Dostoevsky, which engage the problem of evil and the claims of human community. She not only produces a novel reading of Dostoevsky, but also guides us to later, often neglected Kantian texts. This study is written with scholarly care, penetrating analysis, elegance of style, and moral urgency: Cherkasova writes with both mind and heart." Emily Grosholz, Professor of Philosophy, The Pennsylvania State University

Two Seconds to Midnight Anthology of the Dead

... the lives I have chosen to touch...that I took and the voices that shared their final moments with me, along with the twisted musings of Fate.

Author: Kory Taylor


ISBN: 1257076809



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Composers of the Nazi Era

... opposite Mendelssohn, and Wagner opposite Meyerbeer—all truly German victims of foreigner or Jews by Pfitzner's standards.173 These twisted musings came ...

Author: Michael H. Kater

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 0195099249

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 399

View: 507

How does creativity thrive in the face of fascism? How can a highly artistic individual function professionally in so threatening a climate?Composers of the Nazi Era is the final book in a critically acclaimed trilogy that includes Different Drummers (OUP 1992) and The Twisted Muse (OUP 1997), which won the Wallace K. Ferguson Prize of the Canadian Historical Association. Here, historian Michael H. Kater provides a detailed study of the often interrelated careers of eight prominent German composers who lived and worked amid the dictatorship of the Third Reich, or were driven into exile by it: Werner Egk, Paul Hindemith, Kurt Weill, Karl Amadeus Hartmann, Carl Orff, Hans Pfitzner, Arnold Schoenberg, and Richard Strauss. Kater weighs issues of accommodation and resistance to ask whether these artists corrupted themselves in the service of a criminal regime--and if so, whether this may be discerned from their music. After chapters discussing the circumstances of each composer individually, Kater concludes with an analysis of the composers' different responses to the Nazi regime and an overview of the sociopolitical background against which they functioned. The final chapter also extends the discussion beyond the end of World War II to examine how the composers reacted to the new and fragile democracy in Germany.

Shaping Courtliness in Medieval France

... one example where a seemingly microscopic editorial adjustment makes a huge difference in our understanding of Tristan's occasionally twisted musings.

Author: Daniel E. O'Sullivan

Publisher: DS Brewer

ISBN: 1843843358

Category: History

Page: 295

View: 512

The question of what medieval "courtliness" was, both as a literary influence and as a historical "reality", is debated in this volume.

The Skein Of Lament

... hinting at dark and twisted musings. One particularly disturbing cave was hung with dozens of female golneri, swinging by their ankles from a system of ...

Author: Chris Wooding

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0575085967

Category: Fiction

Page: 544

View: 449

The second book in the acclaimed new fantasy trilogy The grip of the Weavers on Saramyr's rulers has grown ever tighter. And all the while the blight that they have brought to the land grips ever more harshly. This cannot last and, sure enough, the land is slipping into civil war. In the growing chaos Kaiku and the orphaned heir-Empress must fight for their destiny and their survival as Saramyr succumbs to the twisting of the Weave and the unknowable ambitions of the secretive Weavers. Chris Wooding has created a vivid and turbulent world with an authentic oriental air and its own rich and ancient history. Across this world plays an action packed plot of politics, violence and betrayal. This is an extraordinary fantasy for the 21st century.

At the Threshold of Liquid Geology

... but their twisted musings never led to any substantial sort of action, other than heated, mock-serious gossip that was vicious as it was entertaining.

Author: Eric W. Bragg

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595240216

Category: Poetry

Page: 248

View: 762

This modern collection of surrealist prose-poems was inspired by the improvisational method of automatic writing, popularized by the International Surrealist Movement. From one brain to another without any literary rules or standards, the words in these automatic writings are not just words, but rays of subconscious illumination that peel away the various layers of the “civilized,” western psyche, one by one. Full of bizarre transformations and dark, irrationally motivated patterns of erotic thought, these writings will seduce the reader into nothing less than a sublime overload and transgressive derangement of the senses. While a must-read for the poetically daring and the adventurous, this book is not recommended for those who seek peaceful numbness and safety!

A King up Hitler S Sleeve

... last of his lemon tea, Arnaldo was lost gazing at the vastness of the Império; Kurt and Ifell silent. Faith had won over the twisted musings of reason.

Author: José Goulão

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1496988523

Category: Fiction

Page: 524

View: 489

A fiction novel based in real facts in the years 193740 when Adolph Hitler tried to obtain the cooperation of the ex-British king Edward VIII, then Duke of Windsor, to return back to the British throne after the Nazi occupation. Action following the movements of the Duke and Mrs. Wallis Simpson through German, France, Spain, and Portugal, during the Nazi regime, occupied France, and the Salazar and Franco fascist regimes. Details about the period when the Duke was hosted in Cascais, near Lisbon, in a villa of a Portuguese banker with deep relationships with Hitler regime; the role of Winston Churchill in the resistance to the German ambitions and the behavior of the Duke; the collaboration between the diplomatic and uncovered British resistance in Portugal, and the uncovered Portuguese resistanceeverything under an environment of espionage and conspiracy, and of love, in war times. A journalist and writer, sixty-three years old, and a professional career for over forty years. A journalist of investigation and an expert on international and diplomatic affairs. He covered a lot of the main world facts in the last quarter of the twentieth century and first decade of the twenty-first century: wars and peace processes in Middle East, North and South of Africa, Balkans, and Eastern Europe. A director of Portuguese newspapers and magazines, an invited analyst on international and diplomatic affairs in Portuguese TV and radio networksRadio France International and BBC World (Portuguese Section). An author of a few books about the War on Lebanon (1982), investigation about Mafia, and the fall of Ambrosian Bank in connection with Vatican Bank (1986), and the crises of 2011. This is his first novel.