Unsettling Gaza

The book holds up a mirror in which the liberal left and the radical right each find themselves reflected in the face of the other.

Author: Joyce Dalsheim

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 019975120X

Category: History

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The terms Israel, Palestine, and conflict conjure up a set of images of struggles between two peoples over territory and sovereignty in the heart of the Middle East. However, there are conficts within that confict that contribute to the seemingly endless violence in the region. This bookexamines one of those conflicts, between Jewish Israelis, focusing on the case of right-wing religious settlers in Israeli-occupied territories, and the liberal left-wing public that vehemently opposes the settlers and their project. This is a conflict that has taken on central importance in thecurrent political climate as the settlers are seen by many in the region as a threat to both democracy and peace with the Palestinians. At the same time, those religiously motivated settlers question the limits of liberal democracy and deem liberal Israeli practices as threatening to the very futureof the State of Israel. In Israel the socio-religious-political scene tends to be depicted in sets of binary oppositions: right/left, religious/secular, in favor/opposed to settlement in post-1967 occupied territories. Arguing that these binaries are not the most useful conceptualization, Dalsheim employs recent fieldworkto place the two sets of apparently incommensurable discourses and practices in a single frame. During the year preceding the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, or "disengagement," she carried out ethnographic fieldwork among Israeli settlers on both sides of the Green Line in that region. Sheargues that this conflict between Israeli settlers arises from the suppression of sameness, rather than difference, focusing on the commonalities among settlers in the Gaza Strip and liberal Israelis (often from kibbutz communities) in the Western Negev across the Green Line. By shedding light onthe roots of this intractable conflict, Dalsheim makes it possible to examine lesser known socio-religious-political positions and constellations of identity that challenge the limits of what appear to be the currently available options for Israel/Palestine.

Fighting for Dignity

“Somatic Modes of Attention.” Cultural Anthropology 8: 135–56. ———. 1994.
Embodiment and Experience. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Dalsheim, Joyce. 2011. Unsettling Gaza. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Das,
Veena. 2010 ...

Author: Sarah S. Willen

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 0812251342

Category: Social Science

Page: 344

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In Fighting for Dignity, Sarah S. Willen explores what happened when the Israeli government launched an aggressive deportation campaign targeting newly arrived migrants from countries as varied as Ghana and the Philippines, Nigeria, Colombia, and Ukraine. Although the campaign was billed as a solution to high unemployment, it had another goal as well: to promote an exclusionary vision of Israel as a Jewish state in which non-Jews have no place. The deportation campaign quickly devastated Tel Aviv's migrant communities and set the stage for even more aggressive antimigrant and antirefugee policies in the years to come. Fighting for Dignity traces the roots of this deportation campaign in Israeli history and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and shows how policies that illegalize and criminalize migrants wreak havoc in their lives, endanger their health, and curtail the human capacity to flourish. Children born to migrant parents are especially vulnerable to developmental and psychosocial risks. Drawing on nearly two decades of ethnographic engagement in homes and in churches, medical offices, advocacy organizations, and public spaces, Willen shows how migrants struggle to craft meaningful, flourishing lives despite the exclusions and vulnerabilities they endure. To complement their perspectives, she introduces Israeli activists who reject their government's exclusionary agenda and strive to build bridges across difference, repair violations of migrants' dignity, and resist policies that violate their own moral convictions. Willen's vivid and unflinching ethnography challenges us to reconsider our understandings of global migration, human rights, the Middle East— and even dignity itself.

The Politics of Mass Violence in the Middle East

Dalsheim , Joyce . Unsettling Gaza : Secular Liberalism , Radical Religion , and
the Israeli Settlement Project . Oxford : Oxford University Press , 2011 . Davis ,
Eric . Memories of State : Politics , History , and Collective Identity in Modern Iraq .

Author: Laura Robson

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 019882503X

Category: History

Page: 240

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Laura Robson examines the interactions between international and regional political economies of oil and water, and the increasingly explicit colonial and postcolonial politics of ethno-national identity centered around the question of Palestine, arguing that the Middle East's emergence as a 'zone of violence' only developed over the past century.

Construction and Housing in the West Bank and Gaza Strip

The semi - urban and rural population constituted about 49 per cent and lived in
468 towns and villages . The rest of the population lived either as refugees in 20
refugee camps or led an unsettled nomadic life . In Gaza Strip , urban population

Author: Rami S. Abdulhadi



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The Washington Post Index




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Unsettled States Disputed Lands

A pathbreaking study carried out over a decade and a half analyzing the processes, policies, and factors involved when states incorporate additional territories, and when they relinquish control over territories.

Author: Ian Lustick

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 9780801480881

Category: Law

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A pathbreaking study carried out over a decade and a half analyzing the processes, policies, and factors involved when states incorporate additional territories, and when they relinquish control over territories. The initial impetus for the analysis was the relationship of Israel and the West Bank a

A Palestinian Agenda for the West Bank and Gaza

... the West Bank and Gaza , however , because of the self - interest of particular
groups and politicians . His strongest support is in the commercial community
and the landed gentry , who fear the influence of socialist ideologies and
unsettling ...

Author: Emile A. Nakhleh

Publisher: A E I Press


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Judea Samaria and Gaza

Thus the fact that their self - rule must come within a shared Jewish - Arab context
should not be considered as unsettling in the long run as it appears to the
Palestinian Arabs at this point . The spread of the Palestinian Arabs on both
banks of ...

Author: Daniel Judah Elazar

Publisher: American Enterprise Institute Press

ISBN: 9780844734583

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Unsettling Shakespeare

A YouTube music parody co - exists in the brain alongside a Presidential address
and a photograph or digital capture of a bombing in Gaza . The brain sorts
through images and filters patterns of shapes and colours . Memory catches
flashes ...





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Select Notes on the International Sunday School Lessons

Dr . Robinson has remarked that one of these roads , viz . through Wady El
Musurr to Eleutheropolis and thence to Gaza , does pass through desert , that is ,
through a tract of unsettled country inhabited only by the nomadic Arabs . It is
plain ...




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Select Notes on the International Sabbath School Lessons for 1876

Dr. Robinson has remarked that one of these roads , viz . through Wady El
Musurr to Eleutheropolis and thence to Gaza , does pass through desert , that is ,
through a tract of unsettled country inhabited only by the nomadic Arabs . It is
plain ...

Author: Francis Nathan Peloubet



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The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Women s Issues Worldwide

The Gaza Strip is less than 360 square kilometers , which is slightly more than
twice the area of Washington , DC . It has sand and dunes on its ... The
government of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip is currently unsettled .
Leadership of the ...

Author: Lynn Walter

Publisher: Greenwood


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The comprehensive index for all six volumes is at the end of volume six: Sub-Saharan Africa.

The City of Gaza in the Roman and Byzantine Periods

59 The first years of the · rebuilt city were still unsettled , as a result of the Roman
civil wars and the Parthian invasion of 41 - 40 . In 34 Gaza was for a time under
the control of Cleopatra , 40 and in 30 it was made part of the kingdom of Herod ...

Author: Carol A. M. Glucker



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An Unsettled State

... make peace with them ? Their Koran says to kill any non - muslims be it a
hindu or jew . Best n Wisest policy'll be to exterminate these fanatics once and for
all . They r turning this earthly heaven into a hell . Whether it's in Gaza or Kashmir

Author: Jeffrey Alan Kile




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U S News World Report

The scream : Raw emotions over leaving Gaza AN UNSETTLED FUTURE Israel '
s powerful settlers ' movement finds itself losing ground , quite literally By Larry
Derfner | democracy , " said Wallerstein , adding that for himself , the symbol of ...




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Israeliness in No Man s Land

... the ' Disengagement Plan ' ( the Evacuation of Jewish - Israeli settlers and
withdrawal of the IDF from the Gaza Strip ) . ... depth analysis of the Gush - Katif
population and the disengagement plan see : Dalsheim's ( 2011 ) Unsettling
Gaza .

Author: Yarden Enav

Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated


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This book is the result of ethnographic research carried out in the Academic College of Judea & Samaria (ACJS), located in the West Bank of Israel/Palestine. The book deals with Israeli citizenship and identity, and examines the ways in which it is being understood and imagined by ACJS students and teachers. The book also analyzes the Orange Zionist organizational culture of the ACJS. In the end, a new socio-political model of Israel/Palestine is offered: Israel as a Zionist Democracy.

BBC Music Magazine

Nina Bawden , writer Baroque brings hope to Gaza IT WAS A BIZARRE and
unsettling moment on the recent Middle East war - zone tour of the Oxfordshire -
based Euro pean Union Baroque Orchestra when Suha Arafat , wife of Yasser
Arafat ...




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The Jewish Quarterly

According to the seasoned analyst Yossi Klein Halevi ( " Unsettling ' , Azure ,
Spring 5765 / 2005 ) , right - wing stalwarts ... If it is Gaza today , they argue , what
is to stop later governments abandoning the massive 38 - year enterprise in the ...




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How Many Arab Refugees

It is known that the economic position of the Gaza strip has been made
impossible by the loss of its hinterland , and that a ... We feel on safe ground to
assume that the true number of genuine and unsettled Refugees in the Gaza
District in June ...

Author: Walter Pinner



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Historical Dictionary of Palestine

Author: Nafez Nazzal

Publisher: Historical Dictionaries of Asi


Category: History

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Focuses on people, events, factions, and institutions relating to the emergence of Palestine as an independent state during the 20th century, covering previous history only in that context, and omitting Palestinians living in Israel or in exile. Includes a series of maps illustrating the shifting boundaries, a chronology to October 1996, a historical introduction, an extensive but unannotated bibliography, and the texts of the Declaration of Independence and Declaration of Principles. Well cross-referenced, but not indexed. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR