Uphill Against Water

In Uphill against Water, Peter Carrels examines the history of Missouri River water development projects in general and describes the struggle over one of the largest of those projects, South Dakota?s Oahe irrigation project, in detail.

Author: Peter Carrels

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9780803263970

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In Uphill against Water, Peter Carrels examines the history of Missouri River water development projects in general and describes the struggle over one of the largest of those projects, South Dakota?s Oahe irrigation project, in detail. Opposition to the Oahe project was intense and well organized. After four years of bitter competition, an energetic and resourceful grassroots group, United Family Farmers, wrested control of the Oahe conservancy district board, a government agency that had been an ardent supporter of the irrigation project. That political triumph led to the only victory in the West by a grassroots group over the Bureau of Reclamation and the irrigation and business establishment.

Essentials of Oceanography

Due to electronic rights, some third party content may be suppressed from the eBook and/or eChapter(s). aa An ... Because, as Figure 6.7a shows, to turn further right, the water would have to move uphill against the pressure gradient ...

Author: Tom S. Garrison

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ESSENTIALS OF OCEANOGRAPHY provides a basic understanding of the complexities and uncertainties involved in ocean use and the importance of oceans in nurturing and sustaining life. Streamlined to remove nonessential technical details so students can focus on the content without interruptions to the narrative, the 8th Edition's slimmer table of contents allows instructors to cover one chapter a week -- while leaving some extra time in the semester. Using exclusive content from the National Geographic Society, ESSENTIALS OF OCEANOGRAPHY, 8th Edition, illustrates the complexity and beauty of the ocean while making it more accessible to a wider range of students. With this book, bestselling authors Tom Garrison and Robert Ellis illustrate the interdisciplinary nature of marine science and give students the most dynamic and current introduction to oceanography available today. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Where People Fly and Water Runs Uphill

Based on intensive study and thousands of case histories, this remarkable guide opens up the world of dreams by showing readers how to remember and interpret dreams, establish a dream group, learn the universal symbolism of dreaming, and ...

Author: Jeremy Taylor

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Based on intensive study and thousands of case histories, this remarkable guide opens up the world of dreams by showing readers how to remember and interpret dreams, establish a dream group, learn the universal symbolism of dreaming, and change their lives using their dreams.

Engineering Monographs

H = maximum head at any point , including water hammer , in feet . t = thickness of pipe shell , in inches . 9 = flow in cubic feet per second ... weight of pipe and contained water , from anchor to adjacent uphill pier , in pounds .

Author: United States. Bureau of Reclamation



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The supply line from water source or the main pipeline particularly carrying water pumped up from the source is permanently ... (iv) low maintenance costoncetheyare properly laidout,(v)pipelines facilitate conveying water uphill against ...


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The book, now in its second edition, fulfills the need for an up-to-date comprehensive text on irrigation water management for students of agriculture both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The scope of the book makes it a useful reference for courses in agricultural engineering, agronomy, soil science, agricultural physics and environ-mental sciences. It can also serve as a valuable guidebook to persons working with farming communities. The coverage in sixteen chapters brings out different aspects of irrigation including irrigation situation in the world, rainfall, evaporation, water wealth and progressive development of irrigation in India, measurement of soil water and irrigation water, methods of irrigation, irrigation with saline water, formulating cropping pattern in irrigated area and management of high water table. In the second edition, a new chapter on ‘On-farm Irrigation System’ has been included and a few chapters have been updated to include latest development. The book has useful research data and a large number of diagrams for easy comprehension of the topics. The end-of-chapter problems and numerous worked-out examples serve to aid further understanding of the subject. The book also contains an extensive glossary.

Agricultural Research

SCOTT BAUER “ We're not sure why the idea didn't catch on , ” Kemper says . ... “ As gaps between the hedges fill in , more water ponds up uphill from the hedges , more sediment is deposited in these ponds , and less soil and water are ...




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Selected Water Resources Abstracts

Although defendants left a gap in the wall to allow excess water to flow into a sink on defendants ' land , plaintiffs claimed that the effect of the wall was to keep the drainage water from flowing onto defendants ' uphill property and ...




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Pushing Water Uphill with A Rake

Baker tells about managing success and failure in this story about his business.

Author: Steve Baker


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Baker tells about managing success and failure in this story about his business.

Engineering Monograph

EXPANSION JOINT PROFILE OF PENSTOCK Anchor Station PROFILE CONTRACTING CONDITION Resolution of forces on pipe anc hors . ... from anchor to adjacent uphill pier , in pounds . p ' : weight of pipe and contained water , from anchor to ...

Author: United States. Bureau of Reclamation



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From Sand Hill to Pine

I wasn't alone. Don't you understand? I got out of the coach to walk uphill on the bank under the ... "Let me give you some water from the spring," he said eagerly, as she sank again to a sitting posture; "it will refresh you.

Author: Bret Harte

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There was a slight jarring though the whole frame of the coach, a grinding and hissing from the brakes, and then a sudden jolt as the vehicle ran upon and recoiled from the taut pole-straps of the now arrested horses. The murmur of a voice in the road was heard, followed by the impatient accents of Yuba Bill, the driver. "Wha-a-t? Speak up, can't ye?" Here the voice uttered something in a louder key, but equally unintelligible to the now interested and fully awakened passengers. One of them dropped the window nearest him and looked out. He could see the faint glistening of a rain-washed lantern near the wheelers' heads, mingling with the stronger coach lights, and the glow of a distant open cabin door through the leaves and branches of the roadside. The sound of falling rain on the roof, a soft swaying of wind-tossed trees, and an impatient movement on the box-seat were all they heard. Then Yuba Bill's voice rose again, apparently in answer to the other.

The Council of the XII Tsillaria360 The Flame the Fire the Lyt

They start where your existence is the weakest, which is usually with women and children, and proceed from that point, ... It has been proven that water when flowing down hill, if given enough time to run over solid rock will cut a ...


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American Environmental History

Buffum, Burt C. The Use of Water in Irrigation in Wyoming and Its Relation to the Ownership and Distribution of the Natural Supply. Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1900. Carrels, Peter. Uphill Against Water: The Great ...

Author: Carolyn Merchant

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231512384

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By studying the many ways diverse peoples have changed, shaped, and conserved the natural world over time, environmental historians provide insight into humanity's unique relationship with nature and, more importantly, are better able to understand the origins of our current environmental crisis. Beginning with the precolonial land-use practice of Native Americans and concluding with our twenty-first century concerns over our global ecological crisis, American Environmental History addresses contentious issues such as the preservation of the wilderness, the expulsion of native peoples from national parks, and population growth, and considers the formative forces of gender, race, and class. Entries address a range of topics, from the impact of rice cultivation, slavery, and the growth of the automobile suburb to the effects of the Russian sea otter trade, Columbia River salmon fisheries, the environmental justice movement, and globalization. This illustrated reference is an essential companion for students interested in the ongoing transformation of the American landscape and the conflicts over its resources and conservation. It makes rich use of the tools and resources (climatic and geological data, court records, archaeological digs, and the writings of naturalists) that environmental historians rely on to conduct their research. The volume also includes a compendium of significant people, concepts, events, agencies, and legislation, and an extensive bibliography of critical films, books, and Web sites.

Unruly Waters

... 2003); William deBuys, Salt Dreams: Land and Water in Low-Down California (Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1999); Peter Carrells, Uphill against Water: The Great Dakota Water War (Omaha: University of Nebraska Press, ...

Author: Kenna Lang Archer

Publisher: UNM Press

ISBN: 0826355889

Category: History

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Running more than 1,200 miles from headwaters in eastern New Mexico through the middle of Texas to the Gulf of Mexico, the Brazos River has frustrated developers for nearly two centuries. This environmental history of the Brazos traces the techniques that engineers and politicians have repeatedly used to try to manage its flow. The vast majority of projects proposed or constructed in this watershed were failures, undone by the geology of the river as much as the cost of improvement. When developers erected locks, the river changed course. When they built large-scale dams, floodwaters overflowed the concrete rims. When they constructed levees, the soils collapsed. Yet lawmakers and laypeople, boosters and engineers continued to work toward improving the river and harnessing it for various uses. Through the plight of the Brazos River Archer illuminates the broader commentary on the efforts to tame this nation’s rivers as well as its historical perspectives on development and technology. The struggle to overcome nature, Archer notes, reflects a quintessentially American faith in technology.


in the our sustainable future series To order or obtain more information on these or other ... Plains Daniel S. Licht Uphill against Water: The Great Dakota Water War Peter Carrels Changing the Way America Farms: Knowledge and Community ...

Author: John Opie

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 1496207289


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The Ogallala aquifer, a vast underground water reserve extending from South Dakota through Texas, is the product of eons of accumulated glacial melts, ancient Rocky Mountain snowmelts, and rainfall, all percolating slowly through gravel beds hundreds of feet thick. Ogallala: Water for a Dry Land is an environmental history and historical geography that tells the story of human defiance and human commitment within the Ogallala region. It describes the Great Plains’ natural resources, the history of settlement and dryland farming, and the remarkable irrigation technologies that have industrialized farming in the region. This newly updated third edition discusses three main issues: long-term drought and its implications, the efforts of several key groundwater management districts to regulate the aquifer, and T. Boone Pickens’s failed effort to capture water from the aquifer to supply major Texas urban areas. This edition also describes the fierce independence of Texas ranchers and farmers who reject any governmental or bureaucratic intervention in their use of water, and it updates information about the impact of climate change on the aquifer and agriculture. Read Char Miller's article on theconversation.com to learn more about the Ogallala Aquifer.

The Five Ton Life

in the our sustainable future series To order or obtain more information on these or other ... Plains Daniel S. Licht Uphill against Water: The Great Dakota Water War Peter Carrels Changing the Way America Farms: Knowledge and Community ...

Author: Susan Subak

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 1496208110

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At nearly twenty tons per person, American carbon dioxide emissions are among the highest in the world. Not every American fits this statistic, however. Across the country there are urban neighborhoods, suburbs, rural areas, and commercial institutions that have drastically lower carbon footprints. These exceptional places, as it turns out, are neither “poor” nor technologically advanced. Their low emissions are due to culture. In The Five-Ton Life, Susan Subak uses previously untapped sources to discover and explore various low-carbon locations. In Washington DC, Chicago suburbs, lower Manhattan, and Amish settlements in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, she examines the built and social environment to discern the characteristics that contribute to lower greenhouse-gas emissions. The most decisive factors that decrease energy use are a commitment to small interiors and social cohesion, although each example exhibits its own dynamics and offers its own lessons for the rest of the country. Bringing a fresh approach to the quandary of American household consumption, Subak’s groundbreaking research provides many pathways toward a future that is inspiring and rooted in America’s own traditions.

Indians in the United States and Canada

Uphill against Water: The Great Dakota Water War. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1999. Carriker, Robert C. “The Kalispel Tribe and the Indian Claims Commission Experience.” Western Historical Quarterly 9 (January 1978): 19–31.

Author: Roger L. Nichols

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 1496211006

Category: HISTORY

Page: 552

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Drawing on a vast array of primary and secondary sources, Roger L. Nichols traces the changing relationships between Native peoples and whites in the United States and Canada from colonial times to the present. Dividing this history into five stages, beginning with Native supremacy over European settlers and concluding with Native peoples’ political, economic, and cultural resurgence, Nichols carefully compares and contrasts the effects of each stage on Native populations in the United States and Canada. This second edition includes new chapters on major transformations from 1945 to the present, focusing on social issues such as transracial adoption of Native children, the uses of national and international media to gain public awareness, and demands for increasing respect for tribal religious practices, burial sites, and historic and funerary remains.

Advanced Lasers

7.5a, 7.5b, 7.5c, 7.5d, 7.5e, 7.5f demonstrate that the water deposited on the bottom of the groove area immediately sprints vertically uphill against the gravity. It is seen that this gravity-defying uphill motion easily extends over ...

Author: Oleksiy Shulika

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9401794812

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Presenting a blend of applied and fundamental research in highly interdisciplinary subjects of rapidly developing areas, this book contains contributions on the frontiers and hot topics of laser physics, laser technology and laser engineering, and covers a wide range of laser topics, from all-optical signal processing and chaotic optical communication to production of superwicking surfaces, correction of extremely high-power beams, and generation of ultrabroadband spectra. It presents both review-type contributions and well researched and documented case studies, and is intended for graduate students, young scientist, and emeritus scientist working/studying in laser physics, optoelectronics, optics, photonics, and adjacent areas. The book contains both experimental and theoretical studies, as well as combinations of these two, which is known to be a most useful and interesting form of reporting scientific results, allowing students to really learn from each contribution. The book contains over 130 illustrations.

Manual of Small Public Water Supply Systems

Following these measures will help to insure a spring water of consistent high quality : 1 . 2 . Remove surface drainage from the site . Dig a surface drainage ditch uphill from the source , to intercept surface - water runoff and carry ...

Author: Us Epa

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1000115321

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 223

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Manual of Small Public Water Supply Systems presents current concepts and practices affecting water treatment, financing, management, community involvement in water supply, institutional support, and development of human resources for improved operations and management of water supplies. Information on ground water, surface water, and SDWA requirements is also provided. In short, everything you need to run your small water treatment facility can be found in this book. Material is presented in a thorough, easy-to-read format and a complete bibiliography is included. Fully illustrated, Manual of Small Public Water Supply Systems will soon be dog-eared with use.

The Curse of American Agricultural Abundance

In the Our Sustainable Future series Volume 1 Ogallala : Water for a Dry Land John Opie Volume 2 Building Soils for ... 10 Ecology and Economics of the Great Plains Daniel S. Licht Volume 11 Uphill against Water : The Great Dakota Water ...

Author: Willard Wesley Cochrane

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9780803215290

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Advisor to President Kennedy, consultant for foreign governments, and spokesman for family farmers everywhere, Willard W. Cochrane has been a leading expert on agriculture and its problems in the United States since the 1940s. In his straightforward style Cochrane analyzes the propensity for American agriculture to produce too much and the inability of our social and economic system to make effective use of that unending abundance. He then offers his vision for American agriculture in the twenty-first century. Cochrane looks at two periods in agricultural history: 195366 and 19972002. Structurally, technologically, and organizationally the two periods are as different as night and day, but in terms of the big economic picture--too much production pressing on a limited commercial demand with resulting low farm prices and incomes--they are mirror images of each other. With this understanding, Cochrane argues that Americans no longer need to farm fragile ecosystems with intensive chemical methods, make huge payments that result in fewer farms and higher farming costs, nor bear the environmental consequences of all-out production. Instead, he outlines a bold new strategy in which we can enjoy our abundance and focus our efforts on quality of life and protecting the environment in our rural areas. Willard W. Cochrane is the author of numerous books, including The Development of American Agriculture: A Historical Analysis, and coauthor of Reforming Farm Policy: Toward a National Agenda. Richard A. Levins is a professor of agricultural economics at the University of Minnesota and the author of Willard Cochrane and the American Family Farm (Nebraska 2003).

Report of Investigations Illinois State Geological Survey

Distribution of coal on the deck was evalu - ated by the percentage of feed discharged in the t - foot zone of the ... carrying particles uphill against the Aow of water ) and was recommended by representatives of the manufacturer as ...

Author: Illinois State Geological Survey



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