Venus in the Blind Spot

This striking collection presents the most remarkable short works of Junji Ito’s career, featuring an adaptation of Rampo Edogawa’s classic horror story “Human Chair” and fan favorite “The Enigma of Amigara Fault.” With a deluxe ...

Author: Junji Ito

Publisher: VIZ Media LLC

ISBN: 9781974715473

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 272

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A "best of" collection of creepy tales from Eisner award winner and legendary horror master Junji Ito. This ultimate collection presents the most remarkable short works of Junji Ito’s career, featuring an adaptation of Rampo Edogawa’s classic horror story "Human Chair" and fan favorite "The Enigma of Amigara Fault." In a deluxe presentation with special color pages and color illustrations from his most recent long-form manga No Longer Human, every page invites readers to revel in a world of terror.

Venus and Mercury and How to Observe Them

Venus'. Cloud. Features. Many observers with excellent eyesight find it difficult to
see any detail at all on the Venusian ... Although the fact that we have a blind
spot in each eye doesn't really affect observers of Mercury and Venus, the blind ...

Author: Peter Grego

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780387742861

Category: Science

Page: 266

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Venus and Mercury have long been regarded as difficult targets for amateur observers, but advances in commercially-made telescopes have brought them within the skills of observers of only moderate experience. Peter Grego’s fascinating book presents an up-to-date, detailed description of the history and geology of the so-called inferior planets, and provides the latest, most useful advice on observing and recording them with commercially-available telescopes and cameras. The book also offers a wealth of detailed practical information on every aspect of observing, from safely targeting the two planets, through visual observing, to sketching and electronic imaging.

Black Venus

The human eye is faulty, often creating illusory images because of its "blind spot."
Martin Jay notes in Downcast Eyes: The Denigration of Vision in Twentieth-
Century French Thought that "the human eye has a blind spot where the optic
nerve ...

Author: T. Denean Sharpley-Whiting

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 0822382792

Category: Social Science

Page: 203

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Black Venus is a feminist study of the representations of black women in the literary, cultural, and scientific imagination of nineteenth-century France. Employing psychoanalysis, feminist film theory, and the critical race theory articulated in the works of Frantz Fanon and Toni Morrison, T. Denean Sharpley-Whiting argues that black women historically invoked both desire and primal fear in French men. By inspiring repulsion, attraction, and anxiety, they gave rise in the nineteenth-century French male imagination to the primitive narrative of Black Venus. The book opens with an exploration of scientific discourse on black females, using Sarah Bartmann, the so-called Hottentot Venus, and natural scientist Georges Cuvier as points of departure. To further show how the image of a savage was projected onto the bodies of black women, Sharpley-Whiting moves into popular culture with an analysis of an 1814 vaudeville caricature of Bartmann, then shifts onto the terrain of canonical French literature and colonial cinema, exploring the representation of black women by Baudelaire, Balzac, Zola, Maupassant, and Loti. After venturing into twentieth-century film with an analysis of Josephine Baker’s popular Princesse Tam Tam, the study concludes with a discussion of how black Francophone women writers and activists countered stereotypical representations of black female bodies during this period. A first-time translation of the vaudeville show The Hottentot Venus, or Hatred of Frenchwomen supplements this critique of the French male gaze of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Both intellectually rigorous and culturally intriguing, this study will appeal to students and scholars in the fields of nineteenth- and twentieth-century French literature, feminist and gender studies, black studies, and cultural studies.

Sacred Dance of Venus and Mars

Venus stations occur when she is semi-sextile the Sun. This gives ... Edward VIII
and Wallis Simpson had a tight Venus-Venus semisextile in their synastry. ... This
blind spot is more often represented by the planet in a latter sign of the zodiac.

Author: Michele Finey

Publisher: The Wessex Astrologer

ISBN: 1902405900

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 276

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A beautiful book which for the first time explores the relationship between the cycles of Venus and Mars and their impact on our lives. Using many case histories the author shows how, although synastry is important, possibly of greater importance is the aspect between the two planets within their cycles because that can dictate the timing of key moments in a relationship. She shows how the degree of the original conjunction between the two planets ('the degree of passion'), based on the time of birth can indicate the kind of the people we are attracted to and the course a romance can follow. A really absorbing book which will prompt hours of research

Arthur C Clarke s Venus Prime 4

... but what you've done has restored the great adventure. It will be a long, long
time before we understand what happened on Jupiter.” “The medusa knew my
blind spot,” Falcon said. “Whatever you say,” Webster replied, resolutely cheerful.

Author: Paul Preuss

Publisher: ibooks

ISBN: 0743412850

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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“[A] combination of mystery and science fiction almost reaching the level of Isaac Asimov’s classic LIJE BALEY—Daneel Olivaw novels.” —CHICAGO SUN TIMES The fourth volume in a series of science-fiction thrillers evolving from the works of Arthur C. Clarke, grandmaster of science fiction and author of 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY. Her code name is Sparta. Her beauty veils a mysterious past and abilities of superhuman dimension—the product of advanced biotechnology. Recovering from her mission on Mars, Sparta finds herself the guest of the Space Board. But relaxation is short-lived as she sets out on an interplanetary investigation—of the Space Board itself! Members of the Free Spirit, a religious cult intending to gain control of all the worlds of our galaxy, have infiltrated the Space Board. As the date of the manned mission into the clouds of Jupiter approaches, Sparta’s suspicions grow. She is certain the mission has fallen into the hands of the cult, and she is determined to stop it.

Suzan Lori Parks

Friedrich Nietzsche (229) “I was drawn to her as a subject because of her name,
Venus, love, and I write a lot about ... Foreman's and Parks's particular
sensibilities, yet was also characterized by a major directorial blind spot with
respect to the ...

Author: Philip C. Kolin

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786457546

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 219

View: 253

The first African American woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for drama, Suzan-Lori Parks has received international recognition for her provocative and influential works. Her plays capture the nightmares of African Americans endangered by a white establishment determined to erase their history and eradicate their dreams. A dozen essays address Parks’s plays, screenplays and novel. Additionally, this book includes two original interviews (one with Parks and another with her long-time director Liz Diamond) and a production chronology of her plays.

The Other Side of Venus

Then she asked , in a different voice , “ Do you think it matters -if it's love happens
to be your blind spot ? I mean , vitally . Do you think you can have any sort of life
without it ? Or be any sort of a person ? ” “ I think it's rather soon to worry .

Author: Shirley Verel



Category: Lesbians

Page: 214

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The Dark Side of Venus

... happens to be your blind spot ? I mean , vitally . Do you think you can have any
sort of life without it ? Or be any sort of a person ? " “ I think it ' s rather soon to
worry . ” “ Oh , but one ' s nature doesn ' t change , you see . I ' d like to be able to

Author: Shirley Verel



Category: Lesbians

Page: 217

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The Nation and Athen um

The affecting catastrophe of “ The Mill on the Floss ” supplies another instance of
the blind spot - all the more interesting ... and we should not expect a good story
to be also a text - book of science . words , Venus , when she plays her part as ...




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Science s Blind Spot

For instance , Venus and Uranus have anomalous spin characteristics . Also ,
about a third of the more than one hundred moons in the solar system have
irregular orbits , revolving about their host planet in the wrong direction or
revolving ...

Author: Cornelius G. Hunter

Publisher: Baker Books


Category: Religion

Page: 170

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The award winning author of Darwin's God exposes the religious presuppositions of scientific naturalism and suggests a solution.

Blind Spot Photography

... Untitled & Mute / Blind ( diptych ) ON DUANE MICHALS Salut , Robert Frank
BRUCE Weber from Gentle Giants CHRISTOPHER BUCKLow from Guest Tim
Porter from Still Life , Bangkok TODD WATTS Pea Field Series : Pluto , Venus ,
Earth ...




Category: Photography


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V nus Noire

The stories of these women, carefully contextualized by Mitchell and put into dialogue with one another, reveal a blind spot about race in French national identity that persists in the postcolonial present.

Author: Robin Mitchell

Publisher: University of Georgia Press

ISBN: 0820354333

Category: History

Page: 208

View: 394

Even though there were relatively few people of color in postrevolutionary France, images of and discussions about black women in particular appeared repeatedly in a variety of French cultural sectors and social milieus. In Vénus Noire, Robin Mitchell shows how these literary and visual depictions of black women helped to shape the country’s postrevolutionary national identity, particularly in response to the trauma of the French defeat in the Haitian Revolution. Vénus Noire explores the ramifications of this defeat in examining visual and literary representations of three black women who achieved fame in the years that followed. Sarah Baartmann, popularly known as the Hottentot Venus, represented distorted memories of Haiti in the French imagination, and Mitchell shows how her display, treatment, and representation embodied residual anger harbored by the French. Ourika, a young Senegalese girl brought to live in France by the Maréchal Prince de Beauvau, inspired plays, poems, and clothing and jewelry fads, and Mitchell examines how the French appropriated black female identity through these representations while at the same time perpetuating stereotypes of the hypersexual black woman. Finally, Mitchell shows how demonization of Jeanne Duval, longtime lover of the poet Charles Baudelaire, expressed France’s need to rid itself of black bodies even as images and discourses about these bodies proliferated. The stories of these women, carefully contextualized by Mitchell and put into dialogue with one another, reveal a blind spot about race in French national identity that persists in the postcolonial present.

Lovesickness Junji Ito Story Collection

Harboring his own secret from time spent in this town, Ryusuke attempts to capture the beautiful boy and close the case, but… Starting with the strikingly bloody “Lovesickness,” this volume collects ten stories showcasing horror ...

Author: Junji Ito

Publisher: VIZ Media LLC

ISBN: 9781974719846

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 408

View: 241

An innocent love becomes a bloody hell in another superb collection by master of horror Junji Ito. Ryusuke returns to the town he once lived in because rumors are swirling about girls killing themselves after encountering a bewitchingly handsome young man. Harboring his own secret from time spent in this town, Ryusuke attempts to capture the beautiful boy and close the case, but… Starting with the strikingly bloody “Lovesickness,” this volume collects ten stories showcasing horror master Junji Ito in peak form, including “The Strange Hikizuri Siblings” and “The Rib Woman.”

Bowker s Complete Video Directory

... Blue Light ) Bleak House Bless the Beasts & Children Bless This House Blind
Chance Blind Husbands Blind Justice Blind Man's Bluff Blind Spot Blind
Vengeance Blind Vision Blonde Venus Blonde Venus - Shanghai Express
Combo Blood ...




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Precisely in the same way a bright star or planet , like Venus or Jupiter , or even
the moon , may be made to disappear completely from sight . Size of the Blind
Spot . - As every point in the retina has its representative in the visual field , it is ...

Author: Joseph LeConte



Category: Binocular vision

Page: 275

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The American Journal of Psychology

The yellow ring is due to the stimulation of the portion of the retina in the region of
the blind spot in the eye that turns ... Aubert estimates its brightness at about half
the brightness of a sheet of paper illuminated by the planet Venus when at its ...

Author: Karl M. Dallenbach



Category: Psychology


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Venus and Mars

... through charge cascade , a large spot ( gain is typically a factor of 109 which is
recorded on a position sensitive anode ... A solar blind detector is not sensitive to
photons with wavelengths longer than about 3200 Å . This excludes 99 % of ...

Author: Janet G. Luhmann

Publisher: American Geophysical Union


Category: Science

Page: 430

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 66. During the week of June 4-8, 1990, a Chapman Conference on Venus and Mars: Atmospheres, Ionospheres and Solar Wind Interactions was held at Balatonfüred, Hungary. The meeting was coorganized by J. G. Luhmann and M. Tatrallyay, under the auspices of the AGU and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Aprroximately 85 participants attended some 72 presentations in oral and poster form. The topics on which the sessions focused included atmosphere evolution, present atmospheres, exospheres and ionospheres, solar wind interactions, and past and future missions. The international and multidisciplinary makeup of the audience provided the basis for a wide range of discussions and brought out a number of remaining controversies and questions to be answered by future research.


She shut her eyes like a blind woman as she placed her hand on the lump of
cancerous growth . ... force somewhere that she'd miraculously be granted the
power to heal , that mysterious rays from her hand would make the spot
disappear .

Author: Darwin Porter




Page: 346

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Under good conditions of illumination, our visual acuity is best (94) a. in the blind
spot. b. in the fovea. c. midway ... If a person is stargazing at night and wishes to
see Venus, the person should (96) a. look directly at Venus. c. look to one side of

Author: Gerow


ISBN: 9780673383280



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White on White black on Black

Venus's revenge turned Cuvier's curiosity back on him with the same power and
urgency her namesake ( by the last name of ... NEWSBLURB FROM THE
OFFSTAGE WORLD : “ Yesterday Hingis displayed a blind spot , not so much in
race ...

Author: George Yancy

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Pub Incorporated


Category: Philosophy

Page: 318

View: 309

White on White/Black on Black is a unique contribution to the philosophy of race. The book explores how fourteen philosophers, seven white and seven black, philosophically understand the dynamics of the process of racialization. Combined, the contributions demonstrate different and similar conceptual trajectories of raced identities that emerge from within and across the racial divide. Each of the fourteen philosophers, who share a textual space of exploration, name blackness/whiteness, revealing significant political, cultural, and existential aspects of what it means to be black/white. Through the power of naming and theorizing whiteness and blackness, White on White/Black on Black dares to bring clarity and complexity to our understanding of race identity.