Virtual Peer Review

These complexities run counter to an assumption I have often encoun- tered—the
assumption that the move of peer review to virtual environments is seamless.
Some scholars have suggested, for example, that virtual peer review can be
easily ...

Author: Lee-Ann Kastman Breuch

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0791485242

Category: Education

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Offers a thorough look at peer review in virtual environments.

Online Education

I suggest that even though virtual peer review shares the same pedagogical
assumptions as peer review , we must revise our understanding of peer review
practice to fit virtual environments . Doing so does not reduce the effectiveness of
face ...

Author: Kelli Cargile Cook

Publisher: Routledge


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ABOUT THE BOOK In Online Education: Global Questions, Local Answers, 24 college educators focus on the most important questions to be addressed by all scholar-teachers and administrators committed to developing high-quality online education programs. We describe these questions as “global” because they transcend the particular situations of individual institutions. They are questions that everyone involved in online education needs to address: What are the issues to consider when first developing and then sustaining an online education program? How do we create interactive, pedagogically sound online courses and classroom communities? How should we monitor and assess the quality of online courses and programs? And how should recent developments and innovations in online education cause us to reexamine our roles and responsibilities as educators in technical communication? While these global questions affect all of us in one way or another, they demand different local answers, such as those presented by the contributors to this text. Readers will need to consider which of these local answers might apply to their own situations and how these answers might need to be adapted to reflect the particular needs of their own institutions.

Bulletin of the Medical Library Association

When faculty contribute content to the Virtual Hospital , they sign an Author's
Agreement between themselves and The University of ... Department peer review
boards are currently operating in the Departments of Internal Medicine ,
Pediatrics ...

Author: Medical Library Association



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Utilizing Peer Review to Facilitate Online Learning Communities

Third, the book review is an examination of Lee-Ann Kastman Breuch’s Virtual Peer Review: Teaching and Learning about Writing in Online Environments.

Author: Mary Hill


ISBN: 9781085779159

Category: College students

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The following is a public-facing thesis project. It includes three main components that function as a professional teaching portfolio and materials for future academic work. First, the course design article is a proposal for a first-year writing course at the University of Wyoming. The course emphasizes utilizing peer review to facilitate online learning communities. The course design article does not follow the conventions of a traditional article, rather it employs the genre conventions of a course design article and includes a course description, institutional context, theoretical rationale, critical reflection, and syllabus. Second, the community college application materials are useful to my future career aspirations and include a teaching philosophy, cover letter, and curriculum vitae. Third, the book review is an examination of Lee-Ann Kastman Breuch’s Virtual Peer Review: Teaching and Learning about Writing in Online Environments. While this project is separated into three distinct sections, each section is related in topic or purpose.

Polishing the Virtual Classroom

appropriate external peer evaluation , which contributes to program improvement
. Institutional openness is more commonly a characteristic of traditional higher
educational institutions . Openness , sharing of information , and peer evaluation

Author: Marin E. Stanek




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More Ways to Handle the Paper Load

Combining Online and Classroom Peer Reviews The greatest challenge in
providing a stimulating and beneficial peerreview experience is fostering
students ' awareness of their ability to review and critique peers . Students are
often unaware ...

Author: Jeffrey N. Golub

Publisher: National Council of Teachers


Category: Education

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Twenty-three essays discuss secondary and post-secondary writing instruction, presenting tested ideas for classroom practices, portfolios, peer review, evaluation, and utilization of e-mail and other electronic tools.

The Virtual Learning Organization

The idea of Peer Net , whereby authors review the work of other authors , was
developed to ensure this quality focus , and in recognition of the fact that
traditional peer review ( involving review by editors who are sometimes
considered too ...

Author: Gordon Prestoungrange

Publisher: Burns & Oates


Category: Business & Economics

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This is an account of the virtual learning organization and the work being done globally to set up large-scale training resources for industry on the Internet. Topics include workplace learning developments, and mechanisms for lifelong learning.

Peer Response of Digital and Non digital Texts in a Composition Classroom

Bolter , Jay David and Richard Grusin . Remediation : Understanding New Media
. Cambridge , MA : MIT Press , 1998 . Breuch , Lee - Ann Kastman . Virtual Peer
Review : Teaching and Learning about Writing in Online Environments . Albany ...

Author: Stephanie A. Sheffield



Category: Composition (Language arts)

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Health related virtual communities and electronic support groups : systematic
review of the effects of online peer to peer ... Management and Evaluation ,
University of Toronto , Centre for Global eHealth Innovation , University Health
Network ...






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The Virtual University

Notes electronic age that organizations that manage by results are better able to
manage telecommuters as they will concentrate on outputs rather than on how
people do their job Discusses electronic peer review of academic papers on ...

Author: Richard Teare

Publisher: Burns & Oates


Category: Business & Economics

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"This book examines the growing potential of interactive training and learning materials at the workplace. It looks at how in-company internet and intranet infrastructures can enable staff training and management development on a world-wide scale."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Project Peer Review

Project design peer review at these stages , regardless of the size or complexity
of the project , gives the most benefits . For very large public , complex , or unique
projects , project design peer review at the end of conceptual design is a virtual ...

Author: American Society of Civil Engineers

Publisher: Amer Society of Civil Engineers


Category: Technology & Engineering

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Information Sources for Virtual Reality

The articles from peer reviewed journals indicate a long - term past commitment
to the area ( since it takes several years for an article to make it through the peer
review process ) . The technical papers indexed by STAR testify to external ...

Author: Robert Carande

Publisher: Greenwood


Category: Technology & Engineering

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This reference identifies information resources concerning virtual reality and provides detailed instruction on how to use these resources in an effective research strategy. Most of the chapters overview particular types of information sources, such as periodical and citation indexes, conference proceedings, technical reports, dissertations, and monographs. The chapters explain how to use these tools to gather information about virtual reality, and discussions of key resources are always placed in the larger context of information-gathering strategies specific to the field. Most of the resources are available in large public and academic libraries. The volume does not presuppose sophisticated technical knowledge of libraries, and it is written for the student and general researcher. The volume concludes with a set of algorithms that can be used to locate resources in the most typical searches, and a list of producers and publishers of related material.


... peer review • Multimedia • Hypertext • Knowbots • Collaboratories • Open peer
review • Multimedia • Knowbots • Virtual ... because , as I observed above , the
more traditional ways seem resistant ( face - toface conferences , peer review ) .

Author: Michael Nentwich

Publisher: Austrian Academy of Sciences


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Annotation "This wide-ranging book describes and analyses the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the age of the Internet. It assesses the impact of ICT on various aspects of academic activities and on the substance of research and research policies within academic organizations. Contents include: Method & Theory. Technological Perspectives & Status Quo-Cyberscience: the new tools, the new working environment, cyber-science, cyber-humanities, cyber-social sciences. Impact Assessment-cyberscience and: spatial dimension, roles in academia, knowledge representation, publishing, quality control & crediting academic output, law, and the substance of research. Cyberscience and politics."

Library Information Science Abstracts

LI02750 Black , Erik W . , Wikipedia and academic peer review : Wikipedia as a
recognised medium for scholarly publication ? , Online Information Review , 2008
, 32 , 1 , 73 - 88 . 1 Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to engage in a thought




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The Medical Library Association Consumer Health Reference Service Handbook

Content : One of the most heavily visited consumer health sites on the Web ,
thriveonline follows the usual practice of large ... All these articles are signed ,
include a date of creation and date of last review , and provide information on
their peer ...

Author: Donald A. Barclay

Publisher: Neal Schuman Pub


Category: Health & Fitness

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Guide for librarian to help patrons find answers to health questions.

Real Law Virtual Space

Whether you need general guidance , are on the verge of a crisis , or are looking
for competent peer review , Shrink - Link may be able to help . Panelists also
include in their responses useful referral information , when appropriate .

Author: Susan J. Drucker


ISBN: 9781572731257

Category: Computers

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Legislators, service providers, consumers and courts are grappling with the liability and free expression implications of technological developments. This volume aims to address existing law and explore the issues which will require legislative and judicial attention.

Networks Open Access and Virtual Libraries

At some sites , the online library resources are part of comprehensive campus
information systems offering information on campus events ... Whether peer
reviewed or not , free or fee based , issued regularly or irregularly , these network
- distributed sources of scholarly writing ... For the research community , details
relating to peer review , credit for promotion and tenure , copyright , and cost
recovery ...

Author: Brett Sutton

Publisher: University of Illinois Graduate School of


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African Peer Review Mechanism APRM

... Expected Outcome Annual Estimated Expenditure ( N ) Monitoring &
Evaluation Agencies Total Estimated Expenditure ... NPC , CSOs & NGOS
Provision of Extension of ILN Interactive Network Learning Network ( ILN ) (
virtual Educational ...




Category: Civil society

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Collaborative Writing

As part of the class , students participated in online peer review . Coppola notes
the value of active dialogue and sense of camaraderie that developed among the
students as they solved problems , formed groups , and collaborated on ...

Author: Bruce W. Speck

Publisher: Greenwood


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 390

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Collaborative writing has attracted much attention in the last 25 years, though it eludes clear definition. In its simplest sense, it is writing done by more than one person. But in a broader sense, even a work by one author involves collaboration: the author typically builds on the work of others, and the author's writing is generally revised in light of the comments of reviewers. This bibliography includes annotated entries for nearly 1000 articles and books on collaborative writing published between the early 1970s and 1997. The bibliography is divided into two broad parts on collaborative writing in academic and nonacademic settings. Within each part, entries are grouped in topical sections. Author and subject indexes allow easy access to the entries.

Virtual Destruction

After Los Alamos built the first atomic bomb , Edward Teller - one of the scientists
who developed the H bombwanted to establish a sister lab to compete in
designing nuclear weapons , to serve as a ' peer review , ' like in a normal
university ...

Author: Kevin J. Anderson



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The worlds of virtual technology and reality become dangerously intertwined when a top scientist in the field of virtual reality is murdered at a top-secret California installation, despite its extremely tight security. Original.