Basic Mathematics

Author: Shirley O. Hockett

Publisher: Prentice Hall


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Stuff Every College Student Should Know


Author: Blair Thornburgh

Publisher: Quirk Books

ISBN: 1594747113

Category: Self-Help

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This pocket-size handbook is the perfect gift for high-school seniors ready to conquer the college campus! Covering everything from move-in day to graduation, this little book is the ultimate reference for every part of campus life, including: · How to Pull an All-Nighter · How to Get Along with Your Roommate · How to Eat for No Money · How to Do Laundry · How to Pick a Major

What Every College Student Should Know

student is and isn't supposed to do . How could you be expected to resist the idea
that there's a formula for being a good student ? Given all that you have been told
( by parents and teachers ) you might resolve to enter each class with a raft of ...

Author: Ernest LePore

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 9780813530666

Category: Education

Page: 127

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Writing combination of a professor and a student provide perspectives from both sides. Learn what questions to ask in selecting an instructor; how to evaluate professors based on the first class sessions; what to look for in a syllabus and grading policies; how to identify a professor's teaching style and how to adapt to it. Even the most outgoing students can expect only limited contact with their professors in the classroom, so the authors also provide tactics to take full advantage of meetings outside the regular class time, such as advice on how to review your exam or paper with your professor, ways to build a relationship with a teacher and get invaluable feedback on your work, tips on how to get the best recommendations from professors.

Recipes Every College Student Should Know

After years of dreaming about going away to college, you're finally ready. But the
questions seem endless. What classes should I take! Should I join a fraternity/
sorority? How will I get all this homework done! Should I learn how to cook? Yes

Author: Christine Nelson

Publisher: Quirk Books

ISBN: 1594749558

Category: Cooking

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Cooking goes to college in this must-have pocket guide. Perfect for hungry dorm-dwellers, this guide will help students make and eat healthy snacks, meals, and other tasty bites. Discover quick breakfasts to help you make it to class on time, backpack-friendly lunches, dormmate dinners for a crowd, study break snacks, and of course an infallible recipe for microwave mug cake—plus basic tools, terms, nutrition, budgeting guides, and safety tips for beginning cooks. No matter if you’ve got a microwave and an electric kettle or a full-sized kitchen, this book will have you well-fed and back to studying (or video games) in no time. Recipes include: · Breakfast Burritos · Hummus and Veggie Wraps · Healthy Avocado and Sunflower Seed Sandwich · Bacon: Microwaved or Panfried · Chocolate-Covered Popcorn · And more!

499 Words Every College Student Should Know

The more articulate a person is in their writing and speaking, the more seriously
they will be taken—by everyone. This book teaches 499 words every student
should know and focuses on the classroom-tested Trinity of Vocabulary Use: For

Author: Stephen Spignesi

Publisher: Skyhorse

ISBN: 1510723889

Category: Reference

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Words equal credibility. The more articulate a person is, the more seriously they will be taken—by everyone. On any given day, you might read “abrogate” used in a USA Today article; or “demagogue” or “fiduciary” used on CNN. You might hear “ensorcelled” and “torpor” in a TV drama; you’ll hear a political candidate described as “truculent.” You may hear “pedantic” used in a movie. How many of these words are part of most college students’ “arsenal of words”? Hopefully all of them, but if not, 499 Words Every College Student Should Know will provide them with what they need to become more articulate in their speaking and writing. It will also enhance their comprehension in their reading, ultimately culminating in what every student aspires to: earning better grades! 499 Words Every College Student Should Know teaches truly important vocabulary words and focuses on Professor Spignesi’s classroom-tested Trinity of Vocabulary Use. For each word, the vocabulary-enriched and educated student will be able to: Understand the word in their reading Use the word in their speaking Make good use of the word in their writing Using easy-to-understand, informative, and often humorous explanations of every word, 499 Words Every College Student Should Know also explores how to use the words in sentences, and in proper context. The majority of these words were individually chosen because they are fairly commonplace in media, books, online, and elsewhere, and students need to be able to understand them. Knowing them — in fact, using the words and making them part of their everyday language — will make any college student or those soon-to-be, more credible.

What Every Science Student Should Know

Our surprise is symptomatic of a crucial problem for college students: We are
often ignorant of the degree and severity of stress that other college students
experience because they are all too often endured silently and with a feeling of ...

Author: Justin L. Bauer

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 022619891X

Category: Science

Page: 298

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A guide for STEM students who want to excel—both in school and beyond. Based on years of research and interviews with successful scientists and science students, this book is designed for college students on the path to a STEM career, helping them avoid pitfalls and obstacles and find success both academically and in the real world. Like an experienced lab partner or a candid advisor, the book provides both realistic practical advice and encouragement, covering the entire college experience including: choosing a major mastering study skills doing scientific research finding a job building and maintaining a love of science that will keep you motivated Written by recent science graduates including former editors-in-chief of the prestigious Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science, this guide can help get you through the ups and downs of undergrad life—and help you excel as both a student and a scientist.

1001 Things Every College Student Needs to Know

You need to know to not turn in any paper you yourself didn't write. • 529. You
need to know that if you copied from a paper posted on the Internet, that's

Author: Harry Harrison

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 1418580562

Category: Self-Help

Page: 304

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Students entering college may think they know just about everything, but... Whether it's their first year or fourth, college students (who think they already know everything) can always use powerful and proven tips on how to make the most of their experience. In 1001 Things Every College Student Needs to Know, Harry H. Harrison Jr.'s latest dose of trademark wit and wisdom provides practical advice ranging from class enrollment, living on campus, study habits and more, that every student-and parent-will benefit buying their books before exams start!

50 Things Every College Student Should Know

This book is the perfect high school graduation gift, college orientation guide, and conversation starter for students.

Author: Antonio Neves

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781523954940

Category: College students

Page: 92

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Many of the most powerful lessons that happen during the pivotal college years don't take place in the classroom -- they happen in the world outside it. 50 Things Every College Student Should Know is the go-to book for all college students on the brink of entering the real world. This best-selling guide helps students get the most out of their college experience from day one by teaching them those simple yet critical lessons that can truly lead to a brighter future. Written by college leadership and millennial workplace expert Antonio Neves with college students in mind, this book gets straight to the point in bite sized chapters and helps students get the most out of their college experience from day one on campus. This book is the perfect high school graduation gift, college orientation guide, and conversation starter for students.

The Thinking Student s Guide to College

If you want to learn more about the evolution of the American university, the
classic studies are by Laurence Veysey, The ... and Ernest Lepore and Sarah-
Jane Leslie, What Every College Student Should Know: How to Find the Best
Teachers ...

Author: Andrew Roberts

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226721159

Category: Education

Page: 174

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Offers advice on different options for higher education, how to choose a college, the college application process, and how to decide whether to apply to graduate school.

Dean s List

Jennifer hanson and Friends, The Real Freshman Handbook: A Totally Honest
Guide to Life on Campus, 2nd ed. ... (avon, Ma: adams Media, 2005); ernie
Lapore and Sarah-Jane Leslie, What Every College Student Should Know: How
to Find ...

Author: John Bader

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 1421400812

Category: Education

Page: 269

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Draws on the insights of deans from leading American institutions to counsel recently accepted college students on how to make the most of the educational experience, sharing coverage of such topics as developing independence, focusing on learning and planning for life after school. Simultaneous.

Crack Da Code

What Every College Student Needs to Know about Money, Love and the Dream
Job Sanyika Calloway Boyce. INTRODUCTION I speak to thousands of students
each year on numerous college campuses . One thing that continues to amaze ...

Author: Sanyika Calloway Boyce

Publisher: SCB Enterprise

ISBN: 9780972632003

Category: College student development programs

Page: 152

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Easy to Read and Understand, a simple guide for students that is short and to the point, includes unique strategies and tips that instantly teach students the importance of money, credit and debt. Written by a former debt-strapped student who speaks the language that relates to students

What Every Teacher Should Know About Effective Teaching Strategies

One of my college students decided to try it in her middle school mathematics
classroom . She told me later that ... To her surprise , almost every student who
entered commented on how good it smelled in the room . Why bother with these ...

Author: Donna Walker Tileston

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 9780761931218

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 115

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The innovative strategies presented in this volume will give you a bag of tools to help your students achieve higher-level learning.

Journal of Proceedings and Addresses of the Annual Meeting Held at

The college organization and methods of work should enable him to know
personally the various students whom he instructs . ... The parents of every
college student have a right to expect that the faculty will be as much interested in
his true ...

Author: National Educational Association (U.S.)



Category: Education


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The college organization and methods of work should enable him to know
personally the various students whom he instructs . ... The parents of every
college student have a right to expect that the Faculty will be as much interested
in his true ...




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101 Ways to Make Studying Easier and Faster for College Students

What Every Student Needs to Know Explained Simply Susan Marie Roubidoux.
PREPARE. TO. STUDY. Successful. students who keep up with their studies
have a much easier timepreparing for exams than students who cram a month's
worth ...

Author: Susan M. Roubidoux

Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Company

ISBN: 1601382499

Category: Education

Page: 288

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Although the average college student spends only between 15 and 18 hours in class in any given week, increasing the amount of free time, there is a correlating increase in the workload. Many college students never learned effective study habits in high school and believe they will be able to make it through college just as easily. However, college and university professors and administrators claim that studying is directly connected to a student s ultimate success or failure. By reading 101 Ways to Make Studying Easier and Faster for College Students, you can improve the effectiveness of your studying. After all, effectiveness is not measured by the length of time spent studying or blankly staring at a textbook but by the level of comprehension. In this new book, you will learn how to make a study schedule, how to design an effective study environment, how to read for comprehension, how to get organized, how to find your learning style, how to take notes during lectures, how to listen better in class, how to use reference sources, how to boost your concentration, how to stay motivated, how to review and edit your notes, and how to increase reading comprehension. You will learn effective note taking strategies, where to study, when to study, time management skills, strategies for reading novels and text books, memorization techniques, and organizational skills. Additionally, you will find out how to stay awake while studying, how to change your current habits, and how to make studying more enjoyable. We will provide you with various studying methods, including flashcards, quizzes, summarizing, outlining, answering study guide questions, and the proven SQ3R method, as well as exercises to help improve your skills. Furthermore, 101 Ways to Make Studying Easier and Faster for College Students is full of tips from students just like you, as well as professors. No two people learn the same way, and no one study method will work for everyone. While this book introduces you to different study methods, the aim is to improve your learning, your understanding, and, ultimately, your grades. Atlantic Publishing is a small, independent publishing company based in Ocala, Florida. Founded over twenty years ago in the company president s garage, Atlantic Publishing has grown to become a renowned resource for non-fiction books. Today, over 450 titles are in print covering subjects such as small business, healthy living, management, finance, careers, and real estate. Atlantic Publishing prides itself on producing award winning, high-quality manuals that give readers up-to-date, pertinent information, real-world examples, and case studies with expert advice. Every book has resources, contact information, and web sites of the products or companies discussed.

Essential Medical Facts Every Clinician Should Know

Jane P., a 20 year college student, visited the student health service in late
September with two complaints: For a few days, she had experienced a stuffy
nose accompanied by mild general achiness and a low grade fever. Also for a
week she ...

Author: Robert B. Taylor

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781441978745

Category: Medical

Page: 324

View: 704

Essential Medical Facts presents selected literature-based information clinicians need to know to provide informed patient care and avoid medical misadventures. Facts that can help make us better and safer clinicians include knowing the usefulness of palmar crease pallor in detecting anemia (not reliable), antibiotics that can cause a false positive opiate urine drug screen (fluoroquinolones), and an occasional early clue to testicular cancer (gynecomastia). Of course, keeping up to date on current medical knowledge and being curious about the implications of published research conclusions not only help assure superior clinical performance; they also bolster the preparation for board examinations. Robert B. Taylor, MD is the author and editor of more than two dozen medical books and several hundred published articles, as well a veteran of both rural private practice and chairmanship of a medical school clinical department. Essential Medical Facts is written for clinicians in all specialties, at all stages of professional life. It is a “must have” book for students, residents and practicing physicians, as well as nurse practitioners and physician assistants actively involved in clinical diagnosis and management of disease.

Nursing Student Retention

Estimating academic success in the first year of college for specially admitted
white students: A model combining cognitive and psychosocial predictors. ...
What every student affairs professional should know: Student study activities and

Author: Marianne R. Jeffreys, EdD, RN

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 0826109500

Category: Medical

Page: 376

View: 276

This is the only book to offer an evidence-based model for retaining students and ensuring success across the nursing education spectrum. It is designed to assist faculty in creating, implementing, and evaluating student retention and academic success strategies. This model, Nursing Undergraduate Retention and Success (NURS), can be used effectively with all kinds of nursing programs, both traditional and nontraditional, including diploma, ADN, RN-BS, and accelerated BS. The book features the Nursing Student Retention Toolkit, an easy-to-use digital toolkit for assessment and planning that is thoroughly cross-referenced and integrated into the text. Together, these complementary resources offer a wide selection of educational activities and support strategies for diverse learners and settings. The text provides guidelines for maximizing educational strengths, identifying and assessing at-risk students, facilitating student retention, and revitalizing teaching methods. It examines the multidimensional factors that must be considered, including cultural values and beliefs, and describes proven strategies for promoting retention and academic success such as faculty advisement, promoting professional events and membership, peer partnerships, and enrichment programs. Nursing Student Retention, with its breadth of information and one-of-a-kind digital toolkit, will be of great value to nurse educators, administrators, and graduate students. This new edition features: An easy-to-use format that includes the Nursing Student Retention Toolkit,a digital adjunct containing assessment tools, and templates for designing, implementing, and evaluating retention strategies Chapters updated to provide a wealth of new information and evidence-based strategies Real-life scenarios featuring diverse learners and settings Vignettes to synthesize and demonstrate application of learning

Networking for Every College Student and Graduate

Does the word imply that you might have to meet strange or different people or
introduce yourself to people who might reject you? Or do you feel that networking
is just some form of glad-handing or “sucking up” and that people who network ...

Author: Michael Lawrence Faulkner

Publisher: FT Press

ISBN: 0133742555

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 192

View: 593

You’ve worked hard to gain the knowledge and skills needed for career success. Now, it’s time to build a great network of people who’ll help you get where you want to go. Don’t know where to start? No problem. Not sure how to present yourself? No problem. You’re shy, or an introvert? No problem. Whoever you are, Andrea Nierenberg and Michael Faulkner will gently and patiently guide you through the whole networking process, one easy step at a time. You’ll find simple advice, rules, steps, and “how to” techniques that’ll take you all the way from “breaking the ice” to “acing the interview.” It’s all based on the experience of the world’s most successful networkers, combined with the latest research about business and psychology. These techniques work. You can use them. You can do this! · What networking is, what it isn’t, and why you need to do it Getting past the myths and misconceptions (networking is NOT using people!) · What great networkers do--and how you can do it, too Easy lessons anyone can learn from the best · Networking for introverts: there’s more than one way to do this Use the surprising networking advantages that come with introversion · Don’t just post: Make the most of social networks LinkedIn, Facebook, and beyond: Extend your network, magnify your impact

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Campus Safety

This unique guide covers everything from dorm rules, frat house myths and realities, and protecting property, to staying out of trouble on the Web, at the ATM, and elsewhere, to drinking, drugs, dating, spring break, staying healthy, how to ...

Author: Alan Axelrod, PhD

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1436230985

Category: Education

Page: 288

View: 581

A handbook that covers it all. There are many issues surrounding campus safety that students should be prepared for. This unique guide covers everything from dorm rules, frat house myths and realities, and protecting property, to staying out of trouble on the Web, at the ATM, and elsewhere, to drinking, drugs, dating, spring break, staying healthy, how to handle different kinds of people and places, and what to do in emergencies.

The World s Student Christian Federation

Every college which has more than one Christian student should have a weekly
meeting to pray for the missions in which ... In regard to work outside our colleges
, we should be so organized that the missionary societies may know where and ...

Author: World's Student Christian Federation



Category: Christianity

Page: 28

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