Where s Spot

Lift-the-flap book featuring Spot the dog. Highly popular series for toddlers. 2-5 yrs.

Author: Eric Hill

Publisher: Frederick Warne Publishers

ISBN: 9780723263661

Category: Board books

Page: 22

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Very young children will love lifting the flaps and following the search for Spot in this special board book version of his first and most famous adventure.

Where s Spot






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Planning for the Foundation Stage

Begin by putting out a collection of simple flap books that children might enjoy ,
e.g. Where's Spot ? Show children how , by putting a piece of paper over a
picture and attaching the top edge either with sticky tape or glue , it will make a
flap .

Author: Penny Tassoni

Publisher: Heinemann

ISBN: 9780435401672

Category: Education, Preschool

Page: 252

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Suitable for most students on Early Years, Health and Education courses and student teachers in training, this work provides practical guidance on implementing the pre-school curriculum.

A to Zoo Subject Access to Children s Picture Books 10th Edition

Spot bakes a cake Spot goes to a party Spot goes to school Spot goes to the
beach Spot goes to the park Spot sleeps over Spot's baby sister Spot's birthday
party Spot's first Christmas Spot's first Easter Spot's first walk Where's Spot?

Author: Rebecca L. Thomas

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 1440834350

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 1636

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Whether used for thematic story times, program and curriculum planning, readers' advisory, or collection development, this updated edition of the well-known companion makes finding the right picture books for your library a breeze. • Offers easy subject access to children's picture books • Features a user-friendly organization • Provides in-depth indexing and full bibliographic detail

Spot Goes to School

A lift-the-flap adventure tells of Spot's first day in school with his teacher, Ms. Bear, and his classmates, Helen Hippo, Tom Alligator, and Steve Monkey. Reissue.

Author: Eric Hill

Publisher: Frederick Warne & Company

ISBN: 9780142401675

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 24

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A lift-the-flap adventure tells of Spot's first day in school with his teacher, Ms. Bear, and his classmates, Helen Hippo, Tom Alligator, and Steve Monkey. Reissue.

Reclaiming Early Childhood Literacies

The book was “Where's Spot?” (Hill, 1980). It's a lifttheflap book. (The total time
for the interaction was 105 seconds. Italicized print indicates reading, and dashes
[—] indicate a delay.) →1 JESSICA: Where's Spot? Let's open. (Opens the flap ...

Author: Richard J Meyer

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317371739

Category: Education

Page: 290

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At a time when literacy has become more of a political issue than a research or pedagogical one, this volume refocuses attention on work with young children that places them at the center of their literacy worlds. Drawing on robust and growing knowledge which is often marginalized because of political and legislative forces, it explores young children’s literacies as inclusive, redefined, and broadened—encompassing technologies, the arts, multiple modalities, and teaching and learning for democracy, cultural sustainability and social justice. Highlighted themes include children’s rights to grow through playful engagements with multiple literacies to interrogate their worlds; adults who expand and inspire children’s consciousness and awareness of others and the world around them; the centrality of meaning making in all aspects of language and literacy development; a deep respect for diversities, including languages, cultures, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status and more; and an expansive understanding of the nature of texts.

Amazing Grace

Where is Spot now?” I asked, trembling inside and out. He pointed outside. “I
brought him home in my wagon.” I dashed out the door and looked around. Mr.
Wick, Mom, Grandma and Johnny followed me out. “Where's Spot?” I asked
again ...

Author: Nancy Allen

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 1625849354

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 160

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Eleven-year-old Grace Ann Brewer lives a normal life until her father joins the army in 1944 during World War II. When her family moves from Hazard to Ashland, Grace faces challenges entirely new to her--life without her father, fitting in at a new school and living in a new house are only a few. But a closer relationship with her grandmother, her spunky dog Spot and the letters she writes to her father overseas give her the courage she needs and the amazing strength to fight her own battles on the homefront. Author Nancy Kelly Allen tells the triumphant story of Grace's coming of age.

Targeting Maths

Read Where's Spot ? by Eric Carle . Children make a class book modelled on
Where's Spot ? During the course of the day have incidental conversation about
positions . Read position books eg Go Dog Go ! P.D. Eastman , Hairy Maclary's ...

Author: Judy Tertini

Publisher: Pascal Press

ISBN: 9781920728229

Category: Mathematics

Page: 120

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Studies in life literature and philosophy

Yes — hang Spot . Bad dog . Hang him before breakfast . Yes . Hm ! ” The next
morning , at breakfast , Spot's master misses him . “ Whew ! whew ! Spot ! Spot ! ”
No Spot answers to the familiar summons . Joe , ” says Tom , " Where's Spot ?

Author: William Brighty Rands





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Henry Holbeach student in life and philosophy a narrative and a discussion

Yes — hang Spot . Bad dog . Hang him - before breakfast . Yes . Hm ! " The next
morning , at breakfast , Spot's master misses him . “ Whew ! whew ! Spot ! Spot ! ”
No Spot answers to the familiar summons . “ Joe , " says Tom , “ where's Spot ?

Author: William Brighty Rands





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Spot s Favourite Numbers

Lovable puppy Spot is on hand to introduce young children to early learning concepts in this series of chunky books shaped like blocks.

Author: Eric Hill

Publisher: Frederick Warne Publishers

ISBN: 9780723243632

Category: Cardinal numbers

Page: 20

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Lovable puppy Spot is on hand to introduce young children to early learning concepts in this series of chunky books shaped like blocks. This book introduces the topic of numbers, with a bright picture featuring Spot and a one-word caption on every spread.

It Takes Two to Talk

Let's say, for example, that you read Where's Spot? to your child and she enjoys
lifting the flaps to see if Spot the dog is there. This gives you a perfect opportunity
to set some communication goals. One goal to improve understanding might be ...

Author: Jan Pepper

Publisher: The Hanen Centre

ISBN: 0921145195

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 171

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Shows parents how to help their child communicate and learn language during everyday activities.

Spot s Alphabet

Author: Eric Hill

Publisher: Frederick Warne Publishers

ISBN: 9780723290391


Page: 12

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Essential Communication Skills for Nursing and Midwifery E Book

... vs she) • Use gestures, body lean and gaze to shift topics • Use verbal
terminators to end a topic ('so much for that') • Use verbal introductions to open
topics ('Let's talk about') • Use redundancy ('Where's Spot, the dog? vs 'Where's

Author: Philippa Sully

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0702044385

Category: Medical

Page: 256

View: 329

Effective communication skills are crucial in all aspects of nursing and midwifery practice - this book will enable readers to communicate effectively and with confidence in their professional practice. It focuses on the communication skills needed for the development of effective professional and therapeutic relationships. It is a 'how to do it' book that relates the theory of effective and ethical communication to the practice of nursing and midwifery and provides a framework for developing communication skills to meet a variety of situations.

Learning to Read and Write in the Multilingual Family

Hill, E. (1994) Spot Goes to a Party. New York: Puffin Books. Hill, E. (2003) Spot
Goes to the Farm. New York: Puffin Books. Hill, E. (2003) Spot's Birthday Party.
New York: Puffin Books. Hill, E. (2003) Where's Spot. New York: Puffin Books.

Author: Xiao-Lei Wang

Publisher: Multilingual Matters

ISBN: 1847693695

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 181

View: 879

Xiao-lei Wang received her doctoral degree from the University of Chicago in 1992. She is a full professor in the School of Education at Pace University in New York. Her research covers a wide range of topics such as cultural parenting styles, effects of nonverbal communication in teaching and learning, multilingual acquisition and development, and moral development. Her recent book Growing up with Three Languages: Birth to Eleven documented the simultaneous trilingual development of her own two children. Dr. Wang is a regular speaker on child development and parenting in local, national and international parents? associations and academic conferences.

Helps Over Hard Places

Where's Spot ? ” he cried , in a trembling voice . “ Did nobody unchain Spot ? ” “
Here , ” said a man , “ this little fellow periled his life to save him for you . He must
think a heap of you . " Jack turned crimson , and took the dog without a word ...

Author: Lynde Palmer



Category: African American children

Page: 224

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The Chaos

Where's Spot?” She took the jacket from me, but craned her neck, looked up to
the boardwalk. “She was standing right beside you. I heard her bark.” My skin
prickled. “That,” I said, “was Spot? That thing freaking tried to kill me, Auntie!

Author: Nalo Hopkinson

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 144240955X

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 256

View: 633

Navigate between myth and chaos in this “journey filled with peril, self-discovery, and terrifying moments” (Publishers Weekly, starred review). Sixteen-year-old Scotch struggles to fit in—at home she’s the perfect daughter, at school she’s provocatively sassy, and thanks to her mixed heritage, she doesn’t feel she belongs with the Caribbeans, whites, or blacks. And even more troubling, lately her skin is becoming covered in a sticky black substance that can’t be removed. While trying to cope with this creepiness, she goes out with her brother—and he disappears. A mysterious bubble of light just swallows him up, and Scotch has no idea how to find him. Soon, the Chaos that has claimed her brother affects the city at large, until it seems like everyone is turning into crazy creatures. Scotch needs to get to the bottom of this supernatural situation ASAP before the Chaos consumes everything she’s ever known—and she knows that the black shadowy entity that’s begun trailing her every move is probably not going to help. A blend of fantasy and Caribbean folklore, at its heart this tale is about identity and self acceptance—because only by acknowledging her imperfections can Scotch hope to save her brother.

The Big Rock Candy Mountain

Where's Spot?” “He's out running with them,” his mother said. “Probably they've
got a porcupine treed or something. Dogs go crazy in the spring.” “It's dog days
they go crazy.” “They go crazy in the spring, too,” she said, and hummed a little as

Author: Wallace Stegner

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101077891

Category: Fiction

Page: 576

View: 310

A defining masterpiece by the “dean of Western writers” (The New York Times) and the Pulitzer Prize–winning author of Angle of Repose and Crossing to Safety Bo Mason, his wife, Elsa, and their two boys live a transient life of poverty and despair. Drifting from town to town and from state to state, the violent, ruthless Bo seeks out his fortune-in the hotel business, in new farmland, and, eventually, in illegal rum-running through the treacherous back roads of the American Northwest. In this affecting narrative, Wallace Stegner portrays over three decades in the life of the Mason family as they struggle to survive during the lean years of the early twentieth century.

Following An Gof

Ple'md Spot? Eric Hill Kensa ympryntyans Sawsnek dyllys yndan an tytel
WHERE'S SPOT? gans William Heinemann Ltd, Loundres 1980. Devysyes hag
ascorys gans Ventura Publishing Ltd, 11-13 Young Street, Kensington, Loundres
W8 ...

Author: Derek R. Williams

Publisher: The Cornovia Press

ISBN: 1908878118

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 108

View: 328

Len Truran was, until his death in 1997, a highly influential figure within the fields of politics and culture in Cornwall. He joined Mebyon Kernow in 1964 and, over the years, acted as both secretary and chairman of the party. His publications, under the imprint of Dyllansow Truran, are widely recognised as being seminal in the story of Cornish publishing. In this book Derek R. Williams explores the life of Len Truran, from his childhood through to his pivotal role in Mebyon Kernow and the campaign for the creation of a Cornish Assembly and on to the remarkably prolific and influential publisher he became.

Spot Goes to School

Spot the dog has an eventful first day at school. Illustrations feature lift-up flaps.


Publisher: Putnam Juvenile

ISBN: 9780399210730

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 20

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Spot the dog has an eventful first day at school. Illustrations feature lift-up flaps.