Wild Tea Cosies

Loani Prior's mind-boggling tea cosy designs will motivate knitters everywhere to create their craziest fantasies and most psychedelic imaginings, all in the name of keeping tea warm.

Author: Loani Prior

Publisher: Search PressLtd

ISBN: 9781844484188

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 111

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This collection of mind-boggling tea cozy designs will motivate knitters everywhere to create their craziest fantasies and most psychedelic imaginings, all in the name of keeping tea warm. Each of the sculptural projects—inspired by everything from flowering gardens and geometric shapes to coral reefs and scrumptious food—has simple, straightforward instructions and patterns. Gorgeous photographs illustrate the design details of the tea cozies, which are knitted and crocheted in easily-accessibly eight-ply wool. Filled with tips and techniques as well as ideas for individualizing each creation with glamorous wools, feathers, buttons, or any other decoration, this guide is sure to inspire.

Really Wild Tea Cosies

Creative and original patterns from the Queen of Tea Cosies Loani Prior.

Author: Loani Prior

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 1741966310

Category: Crocheting

Page: 135

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Creative and original patterns from the Queen of Tea Cosies Loani Prior.

How Tea Cosies Changed the World

Be drawn into a world of creative passion with the vibrant designs featured in How Tea Cosies Changed the World, Loani Prior's follow-up to REALLY Wild Tea Cosies.

Author: Loani Prior

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 174336217X

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 160

View: 387

Be drawn into a world of creative passion with the vibrant designs featured in How Tea Cosies Changed the World, Loani Prior's follow-up to REALLY Wild Tea Cosies. Loani's outrageous imagination has produced 24 new designs that transform the conventional tea cosy into a knitted piece of art. It's not just about tea cosies though: use the easy-to-follow instructions and try your hand at Loani's knitted purse, or expand your skills with the double-knitted scarf. Full of humour, flair and creativity, How Tea Cosies Changed the World will delight and inspire you.

Pretty Funny Tea Cosies

Loani Prior, tea cosy knitter extraordinaire, is back with more of her fabulously outrageous creations.

Author: Loani Prior

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 174343782X

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 160

View: 873

Loani Prior, tea cosy knitter extraordinaire, is back with more of her fabulously outrageous creations. Pretty Funny Tea Cosies contains 25 knitted cosies and pretty things, with the focus on the pretty: flowers, leaves, fruit, loopy stitches and beautifully knitted and woven fabric. Including basic stitches, techniques and patterns, Pretty Funny Tea Cosies is a must-have for knitters and crafters and anyone who has ever wanted to have a Tibetan Tea Warrior tea cosy.

Wandering Ireland s Wild Atlantic Way

The café's shelves hold delicately patterned china teapots and tea cosies
alongside an array of large glass jars of Pearls of Africa gourmet coffee, Happy
Hazelnut roast and a variety of French blends. Teas from around the world
include ...

Author: Paul Clements

Publisher: Gill & Macmillan Ltd

ISBN: 1848895356

Category: Travel

Page: 343

View: 219

Following the spirit of the world’s longest coastal driving route, Paul Clements sets out to discover the real west of Ireland. Along the way he encounters memorable characters living on the Atlantic edge and presents a unique portrait of their lives. We meet the last man standing on a remote Galway island, listen to the banter at Puck Fair, and hear from a descendant of the original sixteenth-century wild Atlantic woman. Tagging along on his meandering journey is the swashbuckling presence of the Celtic sea god, Manannán Mac Lir. For his first travel book in 1991, Paul hitchhiked the same route. Now retracing his steps along the Wild Atlantic Way – this time by car and bike, on horseback and on foot – he looks at how Ireland has changed and realises everyone still has a story to tell. Laced with wry humour and endless curiosity, this is a distinctive mix of travel writing, social history and nature. Also by this author: ‘The Height of Nonsense: The Ultimate Irish Road Trip’ Praise for this author: “Stacks of free copies should be sent to all our tourist desks abroad.” – The Irish Times. “For sheer pleasure, nothing I read beat Paul Clements’ ‘The Height of Nonsense’.” – The Observer. “A compulsive, educational, laugh-out-loud read.” – Sunday Independent. "A fascinating journey around the hidden corners of Ireland." – BBC Radio

Wild People

They enclosed the glossy brown breasts like beige tea - cosies . It was clear that
we had come to a crisis . We went down to the river bank where the praus were
drawn up on the beach , and had an anxious conference about what constituted ...

Author: Andro Linklater

Publisher: Atlantic Monthly Press

ISBN: 9780871134776

Category: Travel

Page: 216

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Recounts the author's experiences during a three-month stay among the Iban on the island of Borneo.

Wild Arabs and savages

... ingenious rugs and tea cosies. The boys submitted attractive specimens of
book-stands, fire irons and wood carving. (1949: 40) Comhairle le Leas Óige,
which was to become known as the City of Dublin Youth Services Board,
organised a ...

Author: Paul Sargent

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 1526112361

Category: Social Science

Page: 256

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This book is the first history of the Irish juvenile justice system. It charts the emergence of the system from the mid-nineteenth century to the present. From the beginning, the system was dominated by a large network of reformatory and industrial schools which incarcerated tens of thousands of children and remained in existence into the late twentieth century. This dominance was eventually challenged by emerging discourses which emanated from the psychological sciences, social work, youth work and the children’s rights movement. The book draws from a wide range of official and unofficial sources in exploring the key rationalities underpinning the system. In adopting a governmentality approach, it also examines the technologies and forms of childhood identity that are employed to govern the child and young person within the context of the Irish juvenile justice system. This unique and original approach will appeal to legal scholars, criminologists and those with an interest in juvenile justice, history and social policy.

Wild Hearts

Contemporary Lesbian Melodrama Wild Hearts Group. WRITER ' S ... Continues
to live up to her reputation as painter , writer , lover and embroiderer of tea -
cosies which she bestows liberally on friends and enemies alike . HELEN

Author: Wild Hearts Group

Publisher: Sheba Feminist Pub


Category: Anthologies

Page: 186

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Delphi Complete Works of G K Chesterton Illustrated

Clergymen can be policemen; rugs can rage like wild animals; tea-cosies can
smell of the sea; if only there is at the back of them all one bright and amusing
idea. What is really funny about Christmas charades in any average home is that

Author: G. K. Chesterton

Publisher: Delphi Classics

ISBN: 1908909498

Category: Fiction

Page: 4732

View: 188

One of the greatest writers of his time, G. K. Chesterton’s short stories, novels, poetry and essays demonstrate his unparalleled versatility in literature. This comprehensive eBook offers readers the complete fictional works of G. K. Chesterton, with numerous illustrations, rare texts, informative introductions and the usual Delphi bonus material. (Version 2) Features: * concise introductions to the novels and other works * the complete Father Brown stories, including the very rare stories * the original Father Brown illustrations * ALL the novels, with contents tables * images of how the novels first appeared, giving your eReader a taste of the Edwardian texts * special chronological and alphabetical contents tables for the poetry * rare plays and poetry * features 43 non-fiction books, each with contents tables * unique uncollected essays section, with rare articles by the great essayist * includes Chesterton’s autobiography– explore the writer’s literary life! * features a special criticism section, with four works examining Chesterton’s contribution to literature, including Patrick Braybrooke’s seminal work GILBERT KEITH CHESTERTON * many images relating to Chesterton’s life, works, places and film adaptations * scholarly ordering of texts in chronological order and literary genres, allowing easy navigation around Chesterton’s immense oeuvre Please note: due to copyright restrictions and the scarcity of some minor texts, this is a complete FICTIONAL works of Chesterton, with the almost complete non-fiction works. As soon as more texts become available, they will be added as free updates for customers who have already purchased this eBook. CONTENTS: Father Brown Stories THE INNOCENCE OF FATHER BROWN THE WISDOM OF FATHER BROWN THE INCREDULITY OF FATHER BROWN THE SECRET OF FATHER BROWN THE SCANDAL OF FATHER BROWN UNCOLLECTED FATHER BROWN STORIES Index of Father Brown Stories The Novels THE NAPOLEON OF NOTTING HILL THE MAN WHO WAS THURSDAY THE BALL AND THE CROSS MANALIVE THE FLYING INN THE RETURN OF DON QUIXOTE Short Story Collections THE CLUB OF QUEER TRADES THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH AND OTHER STORIES TALES OF THE LONG BOW THE POET AND THE LUNATICS FOUR FAULTLESS FELONS THE PARADOXES OF MR. POND UNCOLLECTED SHORT STORIES The Short Stories LIST OF SHORT STORIES IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER LIST OF SHORT STORIES IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER The Plays MAGIC THE JUDGMENT OF DR. JOHNSON THE TURKEY AND THE TURK The Poetry Collections GREYBEARDS AT PLAY THE WILD KNIGHT AND OTHER POEMS THE BALLAD OF THE WHITE HORSE POEMS WINE, WATER AND SONG THE BALLAD OF ST. BARBARA AND OTHER POEMS GLORIA IN PROFUNDIS UBI ECCLESIA THE GRAVE OF ARTHUR The Poems LIST OF POEMS IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER LIST OF POEMS IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER The Non-Fiction THE DEFENDANT ROBERT BROWNING TWELVE TYPES HERETICS VARIED TYPES CHARLES DICKENS ALL THINGS CONSIDERED TREMENDOUS TRIFLES ORTHODOXY WHAT’S WRONG WITH THE WORLD GEORGE BERNARD SHAW APPRECIATIONS AND CRITICISMS OF THE WORKS OF CHARLES DICKENS ALARMS AND DISCURSIONS A MISCELLANY OF MEN THE VICTORIAN AGE IN LITERATURE THE APPETITE OF TYRANNY THE CRIMES OF ENGLAND LORD KITCHENER UTOPIA OF USURERS AND OTHER ESSAYS A SHORT HISTORY OF ENGLAND IRISH IMPRESSIONS THE SUPERSTITION OF DIVORCE THE NEW JERUSALEM WHAT I SAW IN AMERICA EUGENICS AND OTHER EVILS ST. FRANCIS FANCIES VERSUS FADS THE EVERLASTING MAN WILLIAM COBBETT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH AND CONVERSION THE OUTLINE OF SANITY ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON DO WE AGREE? THE THING COME TO THINK OF IT ALL IS GRIST ST. THOMAS AQUINAS ALL I SURVEY: A BOOK OF ESSAYS THE WELL AND THE SHALLOWS THE GLASS WALKING STICK AS I WAS SAYING THE COMMON MAN THE SPICE OF LIFE THE APOSTLE AND THE WILD DUCKS AND OTHER ESSAYS UNCOLLECTED ESSAYS The Criticism MR. G.K. CHESTERTON AND MR. HILAIRE BELLOC by Robert Lynd G. K. CHESTERTON, A CRITICAL STUDY by Julius West and more

The Pobblebonk Earth Detective Club

Going Wild Sue Baker. 'Those are tea cosies – you put them on tea pots to keep
the tea warm,' Granny said. 'What do you reckon is in these jars? Looks like rabbit
guts pickled in urine,' Fee said. 'Those are preserved plums, the work of Miss ...

Author: Sue Baker

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 1452531242

Category: Nature

Page: 138

View: 796

Pete, Fee, and Ozzie are living a happy life in Sydney until their father dies suddenly, and they are sent to live on their granny’s farm, known as The Pumpkin Patch, near the village of Frogsville. Bored, lonely, and miserable, the three quickly become social outcasts after disgracing themselves at the Frogsville Show, and they wonder how they will ever survive. What is it that happens one night, to change their lives forever, leading them to form The Pobblebonk Earth Detective Club ? Some of the cases they wind up investigating are bizarre, leaving the people of Frogsville gasping in horror. Who sends the strange satchel that mysteriously falls to the veranda from the sky? And what is in it that results in the detectives having to work harder than ever on their cases? What does all of this have to do with the famous detective Sherlock Holmes? Join the weird and whacky adventures of The Pobblebonk Earth Detective Club. You never know, you might become a detective yourself!

The Official Catalogue of the Exhibits

Fancy picture - frames , canterbury and brackets . 1742 Wade , Miss , Hotham - st
. , East St . Kilda , Melbourne , - Tea cosie . 1743 Wagg , Amelia , Murray . st . ,
Colac . — Dollhouse furniture made from Victorian wild - fowl bones . 1744 Wallis




Category: Exhibitions


View: 630

Cassell s Family Magazine

A tea - cosy may have a spray of wild roses branching across one side , on the
other a few leaves rich in autumnal tints of gold , red , and brown . The cosies are
made smaller than they used to be , which is certainly an improvement .




Category: Great Britain


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Talking of Tea

At any rate , the first mention of tea cosies is not until the second half of the
nineteenth century . In the 1870s ... India , Ceylon and elsewhere in Asia and
Africa have been transformed from wild jungle into flourishing tea estates .
Elaborate ...

Author: Gervas Huxley



Category: Tea

Page: 103

View: 129

"Here is the whole fascinating story of tea, from the colorful legend of the tea plant springing from the eyelids of a drowsy Chinese sage, to the branded packages that adorn your grocer's shelves." --Book jacket.

Hand Book of Import export Procedures

... e.g. stools , small tea tables , a nest of table chairs , camp - cot etc. curtains ,
table covers , cushion covers , tea cosies , used kitchen utensils of brass ,
aluminium or copper , Indian curios “ Not made of tiger , leopard , or panther or
any wild ...




Category: Export controls


View: 730

Alarms and Discursions

A teacosy may have to do for an Admiral's cocked hat ; it all depends on whether
the amateur actor can swear like an ... Clergymen can be policemen ; rugs can
rage like wild animals ; tea - cosies can smell of the sea ; if only there is at the ...

Author: Gilbert Keith Chesterton

Publisher: London : Methuen


Category: English essays

Page: 301

View: 171

Export Trade Control Hand book of Policy and Procedure

The Wild Life ( dead or alive or part thereof or produce therefrom ) specified in .
part ' A ' of Schedule I to the Exports ... e.3 . stools , small tea tables , a nest of
table chairs , camp - cot etc. curtains , table covers , cushion covers , tea cosies ...

Author: India. Ministry of Commerce



Category: Export controls


View: 102

The Art Interchange

... cut flowers for all purposes ( both wild and culti- besides being capable of
almost infinite variation . very neatly indeed . ... Four tea cosies in which the
decorative designs show the tea plant and the coffee plant conventionalized , wil
also ...




Category: Art


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Bazaar Exchange and Mart and Journal of the Household

... with a design of projected in the fish's sight high in the air , and moderately
careful observer , that within a century wild roses and honeysuckle . ... The
practical outcome of a tradition ; traditionary and shadowy as the cosies , though
durable for garden tea tables , this is , that a low ... For example , trout will not
TEA COSIES . take the honey bee ( Apis meüefica ) , yet it is in Cosies are a
growing institution ...






View: 920

The 1901 Editions of the T Eaton Co Limited Catalogues for Spring Summer Fall Winter

Author: T. Eaton Co



Category: Clothing and dress

Page: 248

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Grim Pickings

Jeremy began feeling blindly around in the cupboard among the mounds of tea -
cosies , milk jug covers , doilies and tray ... The door from the living room opened
and Jill's face with its wild frizz of red hair peeped around at 62 Jennifer Rowe.

Author: Jennifer Rowe

Publisher: Crimeline

ISBN: 9780553291223

Category: Fiction

Page: 412

View: 977

Auntie Alice's apple-picking event had taken on a decidedly sour note. Kate and her husband, Jeremy, generally enjoyed the Tenders' annual event. But this season something was gnawing away under the rosy surface like bitter rot. Aunt Alice, the dear old girl, was really getting on--so forgetful. Had she really sprayed the trees with pesticides just before picking? And Betsy, her niece, so artfully coiffed, yet more desperately manipulative than ever. It was obvious that she was itching to get her hands on this place. Odd, too, were Wilf, Betsy's strangely detached husb∧ Sue, their mousy daughter-in-law; and gorgeous daughter Anna, home since the scandalous breakup of her marriage. This year you couldn't even eat the apples off the trees--with the spray and all. But Anna's estranged husband obviously missed the warning. After popping in for an unexpected visit, he was found sprawled in the orchard with four discarded apple cores next to his lifeless body--poisoned like some noxious pest. Any way you slice it, there's a rotten apple in Aunt Alice's orchard. And suddenly, the pick of the harvest could be a very clever killer.