William Wegman

Curated in close collaboration with distinguished photography author William A. Ewing, William Wegman : Being Human is the most extensive collection of Wegman's photographic work yet to be published.

Author: Willaim Wegman


ISBN: 9780500293195


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William Wegman is a world-renowned American artist whose paintings, photographs, videos and drawings have been exhibited in museums and galleries internationally. Today he is perhaps best known for his collaborations with his longstanding muses, an ever-expanding cast of Weimaraners, for whom performing elaborate scenarios or merely posing demurely for their portraits comes as second nature. Curated in close collaboration with distinguished photography author William A. Ewing, William Wegman: Being Human is the most extensive collection of Wegman's photographic work yet to be published. The book is organized thematically, presenting a wealth of exceptional work in such a way as to highlight the versatility of Wegman's everinventive mind as he explores what it means to be human. From portraits of characters we so easily recognize - a suburban housewife, a famous actor, a nightclub singer, a golfer dressed in plaid - to imagery that toys with a wide range of visual languages, Wegman quotes freely from fashion photography, Cubism, colour theory, the tradition of the nude and the history of art itself. Essays and an interview explore Wegman's approach to his subjects and their life in the studio. With over 300 images made over the last four decades, many published here for the first time, William Wegman: Being Human will delight and engage both those who are new to Wegman's work and those who have admired his art for many years.

William Wegman Being Human

In this entirely new volume, renowned photography curator William A. Ewing presents more than 300 images from the artist's personal archive, unearthing previously unseen gems alongside the iconic images that have made Wegman—along with ...

Author: William A. Ewing

Publisher: Chronicle Books

ISBN: 9781452164991

Category: Pets


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William Wegman's whimsical photographs of his Weimaraner dogs have been celebrated in the art world and enjoyed by pet lovers for nearly four decades. In this entirely new volume, renowned photography curator William A. Ewing presents more than 300 images from the artist's personal archive, unearthing previously unseen gems alongside the iconic images that have made Wegman—along with dressed-up dogs Man Ray, Fay Ray, and others—beloved worldwide. Presented in sixteen thematic chapters, William Wegman: Being Human foregrounds the photographer's penchant for play and his evergreen ability to create images that are at once funny, striking, and surreal. Audiences of all ages will fall in love—for the first time, or all over again—with Wegman and his friends.


... Walther Konig, 2013 William Wegman: Being Human by William A. Ewing (
Author), William (Photographer) Thames and Hudson, 2017 Wegman Medieval
Dogs by Kathleen Walker-Meikle The British Library Publishing Division,

Author: Mark Alizart

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1509537309

Category: Social Science

Page: 120

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Man’s best friend, domesticated since prehistoric times, a travelling companion for explorers and artists, thinkers and walkers, equally happy curled up by the fire and bounding through the great outdoors—dogs matter to us because we love them. But is that all there is to the canine’s good-natured voracity and affectionate dependency? Mark Alizart dispenses with the well-worn clichés concerning dogs and their masters, seeing them not as submissive pets but rather as unexpected life coaches, ready to teach us the elusive recipes for contentment and joy. Dogs have faced their fate in life with a certain detachment that is not easy to understand. Unlike other animals in a similar situation, they have not become hardened, nor have they let themselves die a little inside. On the contrary, they seem to have softened. This book is devoted to understanding this miracle, the miracle of the joy of dogs – to understanding it and, if at all possible, to learning how it’s done. Weaving elegantly and eruditely between historical myth and pop-culture anecdote, between the peculiar views of philosophers and the even more bizarre findings of science, Alizart offers us a surprising new portrait of the dog as thinker—a thinker who may perhaps know the true secret of our humanity.

Twilight of the Assholes

It seemed fitting that his only hope of survival should lie in being consigned to the
iron mask of Dr. Doom. Joe Lieberman stopped being human long ago. You can
... William Wegman is my personal standard for artistic cowardice and failure.

Author: Tim Kreider

Publisher: Fantagraphics Books

ISBN: 1606993984

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

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In this new volume of cartoons, Twilight of the Assholes, reality gets ever bleaker and Kreider’s humor becomes increasingly apocalyptic, deranged, and hilarious. He juxtaposes the Biblical Christ with His blonde, flag-draped, machine-gun-toting American incarnation in “Jesus vs. Jeezus,” proposes a third political party that represents Americans’ real values in “The Sex Party,” draws the dead Saddam Hussein as a mischievous invisible imp still causing trouble, and envisions the officials of the Bush administration getting their comeuppance in the grisly fashion of Dick Tracy villains. And he finds two cartoons’ worth of “Reasons to Look Forward to the Next Terrorist Attack.” Also included is his infamous entry into Iran’s Holocaust cartoon contest, “Silver Linings of the Holocaust.”

William Wegman

Funney/strange Joan Simon, William Wegman, Brooklyn Museum. Constantini ,
Paolo . Review of Photography ... William Wegman : Only Human . ” Graphis 50 ,
no . 292 ( July - August 1994 ) ... Video Is Being Invented . ” Arts Magazine 47 , no

Author: Joan Simon

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300114447

Category: Art

Page: 292

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An examination of William Wegman and how he transposes images of daily life to reflect both beauty and absurdity.

Beyond the Human Animal Divide

In contrast to photographs taken by other artists, such as William Wegman,
however, these dogs appear to be unconscious of the fact that they are
performing. And yet, they do seem to be conscious of being looked at, and their
visible reactions ...

Author: Dominik Ohrem

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1349934372

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 325

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This volume explores the potential of the concept of the creaturely for thinking and writing beyond the idea of a clear-cut human-animal divide, presenting innovative perspectives and narratives for an age which increasingly confronts us with the profound ecological, ethical and political challenges of a multispecies world. The text explores written work such as Samuel Beckett’s Worstward Ho and Michel Foucault's The Order of Things, video media such as the film "Creature Comforts" and the video game Into the Dead, and photography. With chapters written by an international group of philosophers, literary and cultural studies scholars, historians and others, the volume brings together established experts and forward-thinking early career scholars to provide an interdisciplinary engagement with ways of thinking and writing the creaturely to establish a postanthropocentric sense of human-animal relationality.

Dog s Best Friend

'He wanted in and he made that clear to me,' he explains in Being Human, the
book of his greatest hits. 'Because he ... The highly regarded photography critic
and museum curator William A. Ewing rigorously takes Wegman's corner on this.

Author: Simon Garfield

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1474610765

Category: History

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'DOG'S BEST FRIEND is as fascinating, funny and wise as we've come to expect from Simon Garfield. More than that, it's a book that asks profound questions about what it means to be canine' ANDY MILLER, author THE YEAR OF READING DANGEROUSLY 'This is a book that will make your tail wag' KATE HUMBLE 'A fascinating, informative and highly entertaining expedition through the highways and byways of dogdom' JOHN BRADSHAW, author of IN DEFENCE OF DOGS 'Simon Garfield has written a book every owner will lap up with the same delight and enthusiasm their Fido would a discarded box of fried chicken. That is to say, with great pleasure' KATE SPICER, author of LOST DOG *** One of the first words we learn. Perhaps the best friend we'll have. An animal so much part of our lives that we speak to it like a child and spend small fortunes on its wellbeing and wardrobe. Dogs and humans: in the last 200 years no inter-species relationship has developed so fast nor come so far. Dogs accompany us in every walk of life, usually three times a day. How and why did this relationship begin? How has it changed over the centuries? And who's getting the upper hand? DOG'S BEST FRIEND investigates this unique bond by revisiting some of the most important milestones in our shared journey. It begins with the earliest visual evidence on ancient rock art, and ends at the laboratory that sequenced the first dog genome. En route we encounter the first Labradoodle in Australia, a misguidedly loyal Akita in Japan, an ill-fated Poodle trainer in the United States, and a hilariously disobedient Romanian rescue dog named Kratu at the Birmingham NEC. We will also meet Corgis and Dorgis at the Palace, the weightless mutniks of the Soviet space programme, a Dalmatian who impersonates Hitler, and an owner who claims his Border Collie can remember the names of more than a thousand soft toys. If you own or once owned a dog, you will know that our relationship can be as rich, complicated and rewarding as the relationship we have with other humans, and the book reflects this diversity with the aid of trainers, breeders and psychologists. Above all, it explores the extraordinary ability of dogs to enhance so many aspects of our lives. DOG'S BEST FRIEND is as entertaining as it is informative, as eccentric as it is erudite, and all told with Simon Garfield's irrepressible gift for witty and insightful storytelling.

William Wegman

Paintings, Drawings, Photographs, Videotapes William Wegman, William David
Ross Martin Kunz. ALAIN SAYAG Photographs : The Invention of an Art It could
be said that , to paraphrase a famous proverb , humor is too serious a matter to
be left in the hands of ... But he does this by making use of familiar
anthropomorphic examples in which animals become caricatures displaying
human foibles .

Author: William Wegman

Publisher: Harry N Abrams Incorporated

ISBN: 9780810939516

Category: Art

Page: 224

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Looks at Wegman's paintings, drawings, photographs, and videos, and discusses his use of humor

What Do Children and Young Adults Read Next

Gilmore Merrill Markoe, The Day My Dogs Became Guys, 1999 During an eclipse
Carey's wish that his dogs could be human comes true, much to his regret.
William Wegman, Cinderella, 1993 The classic fairy tale is recast with dogs
playing ...

Author: Janis Ansell

Publisher: Gale / Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9780787648008

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 750

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Lists books by subject and title and recommends what book children and young adults should read next based on their previous likes and dislikes.

William Wegman 7 mars 10 maj 1998

In Wegman's drawings no distinction is according to the absence of logic of the
human mind . made between flops and masterpieces . They seem like In other
words , an art that lacks a given formula is cresome distraction , to be the result of
a ...

Author: William Wegman



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Om den amerikanske kunstner William Wegman f. 1943, som fortrinsvis bruger fotografiet som kunstnerisk udtryksmiddel

Wegman s World

5 December 1982 to 16 January 1983, Walker Art Center Lisa Lyons, William
Wegman, Kim Levin. A Man Ray ... That may be so , yet it is undeniable that Ray
often appears as a surrogate for human presence in Wegman's work . With an ...

Author: Lisa Lyons



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( p.187 ) On the contrary , new lows of human ( and animal ) dignity In ' Sloughing
the Human ' it is precisely the are ... ears ( which people apparently want to
language and writing , and through being exposed to wear ) , and William
Wegman's ...






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Starting With

because dogs, being both a part of (and apart from) human society can serve
simultaneously as a metaphor for human ... William Wegman, in drawings, videos
, and polaroid photographs of his Weimaraner Man Ray and his descendents, ...

Author: Kit Grauer


ISBN: 9780973834000

Category: Art

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"An introduction to the art of art teaching in Canadian schools"--Page vi.


My hunch find William Wegman working at the end of this the year 2020 , making
Colescott have delved is that many of the same ... I don't know how him a hero of
public into the historical , issues will still be plores the human art for the foresee- ...




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As opposed to Gilbert & George , the “ living sculptures ” used by William
Wegman in his works , can be described as ... that the dogs simply show too
many familiar human traits , but even in the finest details everything corresponds
to reality .

Author: Rainer Fuchs



Category: Art, Modern

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New Art Examiner

DR : A contrast would be William Wegman . ... I ' m dumb enough to want to be in
that state all the time . That ' s really ... through layers of the shit generated by
human society and puts you back in contact with the animal glory of being alive .




Category: Art


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The independent voice of the visual arts.

The Video Source Book Supplement 1

Author: David J. Weiner


ISBN: 9780787634100

Category: Video recordings

Page: 108

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Facets Video Encyclopedia

Author: Catherine Foley

Publisher: Academy Chicago Publishers, Limited


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 1030

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Calling it 'a virtual cinemath'que on video', the Telluride Film Festival gave its coveted Silver Medallion award to Facets Video Encyclopedia. The Encyclopedia lists more than 35,000 rare films on video, laser disc and DVD. Included are foreign, independent, classic American, silent, documentary, experimental, cult and children's films. Each is carefully described and lists director, country of origin, year and running time credits and is categorized and cross-referenced by director and country. All films are available for sale or rent from Facets Multimedia.

The Spectator

Shaggy dog story U William Wegman was just narrative , if you can call it that ,
deals briefly with the visitor and then ... be predicted , 1 or how any event or
action can be predicted from a shrewd understanding of a perWilliam Feaver son
. ... In a work that is so nakedly to do with interpreting human beings , it is no
surprise ...






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Performance performance and Performers

And they may even be of situations that never existed , such as William Wegman '
s and Vicenzo Agnetti ' s face mutations . So the literature ... Naturally , theater
and dance employ human bodies , in the sense of being staffed by them . But we

Author: Bruce Barber

Publisher: Y Y Z Books


Category: Art

Page: 288

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Performance [Performance] Performers consists of two voluumes: Volume 2 contains nine essays on performance art written over a thirty year period, from 1976 to 2006, while Volume 1 contains fourteen interviews with leading performance artists in Canada and the U.S. conducted over the same period, and is generously illustrated with photographs of many now landmark art performances.