The History of the Hundred of Wirral

... grand in conception , and admirable in design , commenced with greater spirit
and energy than in Birkenhead : within the last few years the whole
neighbourhood has assumed a different aspect , —a town now stands where
then only a few ...

Author: William Williams Mortimer



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Wirral Agricultural Improvement Society A Selection from Papers read before the Society etc

Well , then , compare Britons now with Britons in former times , and the opinions
strangers formed of them . The great orator , Cicero , in a private letter to a friend ,
writes thus : - " A cargo of slaves has arrived in the Tiber , but they are Britons ...

Author: Agricultural Improvement Society (WIRRAL)





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The Ship Master A Novel of Viking Wirral

So, then; nor do I, particularly. But at the same time, it is true that Erlend did good
service earlier today, and I only wish I had paid him for it then. But I'll pay it now,
and have my own vengance on him for this last act also. Help me up, someone.

Author: H.A. Douglas

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

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A novel set in the Viking Age, in the area of the Irish Sea. A band of shipmen set out for an easy summer's trading, but the world has other ideas. Soon they are caught up in mutinies, bad deals and the schemings of kings. Will they make it home safely before the onset of winter storms, and despite the best efforts of everyone around them to try and bring about their demise

Wirral Then Now

Wirral Then & Now invites you to explore the peninsula’s rich heritage in this fascinating pictorial compilation.

Author: Daniel K. Longman


ISBN: 9780750963732


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Wirral Then & Now invites you to explore the peninsula’s rich heritage in this fascinating pictorial compilation. Contrasting a selection of forty-five archive images alongside stunning full-colour modern photographs, this book reveals the changing face of Wirral’s towns and landscapes during the last century.Step back in time and compare yesterday’s sleepy rural landscapes with today’s busy townscapes. Visit the high streets of old and contrast them with modern bustling shopping districts, and witness the people of the past juxtaposed against their twenty‑first-century descendents.This volume takes a wide-ranging look at the area’s colourful history and is sure to delight all who know the Wirral.

A History of Wirral

Then , using the patterns , they make a ' story ' , which can then be further tested
by looking at more information ... The oldest rocks now visible in Wirral began to
form some 3 , 555 million years later , that is about 245 million years ago .

Author: Stephen J. Roberts



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Wirral Notes and Queries Being Local Gleanings Historical and Antiquarian Relating to the Hundred of Wirral from Many Sources

The whole house from whence his hearse was William Stanley , then living , a
great traitor to bis brought was hung ... laments now his misfortunes and says he
and rests after them upon the ground , after as many has outlived his friends ; and






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The Truest Power

Then Wirral charged, and Hueil prepared himself for the hardest battle of his life...
and, possibly, for his death. Then Wirral's arm ... The Corbenicans, still fighting
fiercely, were now trying to follow and cover the escape of their King. Neither their

Author: Rebecca Neason

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In this sequel to The Thirteenth Scroll, Aghamore is rulerless and teeters on the brink of civil war, even though the blind seer Lysandra and her companions have found Selia, the young girl who possesses the innate wisdom to save the land. In order to see Selia crowned as the Font of Wisdom and put on the throne to save Aghamore from destruction, the truest power must be discovered.

Merseyside War Years Then and Now

Featuring 45 vistas of bomb-damaged suburbia and city centre carnage alongside 45 photographs of the area as it is today, Merseyside War Years: Then & Now sensitively documents the changes and developments that have taken place in ...

Author: Daniel K. Longman

Publisher: History Press (SC)

ISBN: 9780752463520

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With its strategic shipping ports and factories, the towns and cities dotted along the River Mersey soon became some of Hitler’s most heavily targeted sites during the Second World War. In August 1940 the German Luftwaffe attacked Birkenhead in what was to be the first of over 300 such bombing raids Merseyside sustained that year. Almost 4,000 people perished and many more were seriously injured as the streets and buildings of Liverpool and Wirral were destroyed and their residents left in turmoil. Featuring 45 vistas of bomb-damaged suburbia and city centre carnage alongside 45 photographs of the area as it is today, Merseyside War Years: Then & Now sensitively documents the changes and developments that have taken place in Merseyside since those dark days of war, demonstrating both architectural progress and Britain’s resilience and in the face of adversity.

Victorian Hoylake

Author: Charles Roberts



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The Breeding Bird Atlas of Cheshire and Wirral

In Wirral, Brockholes' had not seen the species for ten or twelve years, but
Coward & Oldham” considered it not uncommon on pools at Meols, Heswall and
elsewhere. Then, as now, the absence of suitable waters was doubtless the
limiting ...




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The Wirral

... second , and now probably third and fourth . Then , gradually , prosperous
Liverpool and Birkenhead businessmen built houses there for their families '
summer use and when the railways opened they moved in permanently ,
travelling daily ...

Author: Alan Brack

Publisher: B. T. Batsford Limited


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Not a Guide to Wirral

This is NOT a guide book. This little book brings together past and present to offer a taste of Wirral. Learn more about the movers and shakers who shaped this fantastic place. The GREAT and the good; the bad and the ugly.

Author: Daniel Longman

Publisher: History PressLtd

ISBN: 9780752499192

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This is not a guide book. This little book brings together past and present to offer a taste of Wirral. Learn more about the movers and shakers who shaped this fantastic place. This compendium dicusses Wirral's great and good party, along with the bad and the ugly. See Wirral's small wonders, tall stories, triumph and tragedy; Wirral's best places and its worst places; Local lingo, architecture, green spaces, events, traditions, fact, and fiction; and Wirral's origins, evolution, and future. Written by a local who knows what makes Wirral tick!

The Age of the Electric Train

A former rolling stock depot was now reopened at Kirkdale , just beyond
Sandhills . The Loop line opened one week later on 9 May . All Rock Ferry and
Wirral trains were now running round the Loop and finishing up facing the other
way .

Author: John C. Gillham



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Journal of the British Archaeological Association

Had his zeal led him over the hills south - west of Ripon into the district which
men then called “ the Wilderness " , but which we now call the county of
Lancaster , and along the old Roman road towards the ruins of a " waste city in
Wirral ” , as ...

Author: British Archaeological Association



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From Wirral to Wurlitzer

It is now converted into four flats forming numbers 41 , 43 , 45 and 47 Agnes
Road , overlooking Mersey Park . The carved ... The buildings were also then
stated as being ' fitted with modern heating and ventilating appliances . '
Extensive ...

Author: Roger C. Fisher



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History of Ancient and Modern Birkenhead

Well - known names , which have remained from then till now , in addition to
those of Laird and Knox , are Aspinall , Maddocks , Meacock , Nichols ,
Ravenscroft , and Stevenson . - MR . GRIFFITH REES ' Notes on Early
Birkenhead . comer's ...

Author: Philip Sulley



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Then and Now

James Joyce , Paris , 1922 Begun in the North of England in 1981 , Then and
Now constitutes the first - self - contained - instalment of an ... He attended Wirral
Grammar School and St Catherine ' s College , Oxford , where he read English .

Author: W. D. Jackson



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Poetry. Translation. Begun in the North of England in 1981, THEN AND NOW constitutes the first--self-contained--installment of an extended work-in-progress on the subject of history and individual freedom. Consisting of translations, quotations and notes as well as original poetry, the sequence proceeds by adopting and adapting personal, cultural, political, and (not least) literary history in the step-by-step creation of a Borgesian `imaginary identity'--or mind's-eye view--or a moving picture of both viewer and view. "Father father (not among these necks/All correctly attired)/I a tired head/Among these heads/Who said right out loud, crumpets/In church on Easter Sunday,/Who threw away that sausage./Father"--Jackson, from "Self-Portrait as a White-Collar Worker."

Tackling Vacant Land

The site has been served with an Article 10 Direction ( now overtaken by Article
14 Direction ) which prevents planning ... Progress with development was
delayed because the ownership was passed to the Residuary Body and then to
Wirral .

Author: Michael Whitbread

Publisher: Bernan Press(PA)


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Vacant and derelict land is an ongoing policy concern to the Government. This research by Arup Economic Consultants looks at why urban land continues to remain vacant or is converted for a beneficial use, and identifies the impacts of policy instruments on land vacancy.

Sociolinguistic reflexes of dialect interference in West Wirral

Until 1974 West Wirral formed part of the County Palatine of Cheshire, and even
today many people consider ... since 1850; it was then, and is today, fairly similar
to Cheshire varieties, with which it forms a geographical continuum as is usual.

Author: Mark Newbrook

Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Inc

ISBN: 9783820497670

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Reports from Select Committees of the House of Commons and Evidence Communicated to the Lords

... Lees - continued , Mr. Wingfield - Digby — continued . pass an opinion , but he
could not be positive Hundred of Wirral ? ... man would be able to practise his
into Woodside ( that is Birkenhead ) ; but the fraud just as much then as now ?

Author: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords





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