Youth in Contemporary India

This book endeavors to be a study of identity in Indian urban youth.

Author: Parul Bansal

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 8132207157

Category: Psychology

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This book endeavors to be a study of identity in Indian urban youth. It is concerned with understanding the psychological themes of conformity, rebellion, individuation, relatedness, initiative and ideological values which pervade youths’ search for identity within the Indian cultural milieu, specifically the Indian family. In its essence, the book attempts to explore how in contemporary India the emerging sense of individuality in youth is seeking its own balance of relationality with parental figures and cohesion with social order. The research questions are addressed to two groups of young men and women in the age group of 20-29 years-Youth in Corporate sector and Youth in Non Profit sector. Methodologically, the study is a psychoanalytically informed, process oriented, context sensitive work that proceeds via narrations, conversations and in-depth life stories of young men and women. Overall, the text reflects on the nature of inter-generational continuity and shifts in India.

Youth in Contemporary India



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Indian Youth Problems and Prospects

CULTURAL RESPONSES ANIL MAHAJAN The problem of Indian Youth is only a
part of the problemconstellation gripping contemporary Indian Society . This
problem ...

Author: Dr. Noor Mohammad

Publisher: APH Publishing

ISBN: 9788170246497

Category: Youth

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Contributed articles presented at a national seminar held at Aligarh on 1-2 May, 1991.

Youth in the Contemporary World

Author: Y. C. Simhadri

Publisher: Mittal Publications

ISBN: 9788170991175

Category: Youth

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Modernization and Youth in India

In this manner an attempt has been made to portray the contemporary Indian
youth in order to understand them and their problems in the perspective of
modernization. Thus, the focus of this study is neither student unrest nor youth
activism, ...

Author: Rajendra Jayaswal



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Study based on data gathered from Uttar Pradesh, India.

Indian Youth in a Transforming World

It indicates that they are a mix of continuity with change. However, they stand distinct in many ways from the youth the world over. This book is also likely to break some myths related to the youth, opening avenues for new debates.

Author: Peter Ronald DeSouza

Publisher: SAGE Publications India

ISBN: 8132102568

Category: Social Science

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This book comprises the first nationwide study based on face-to-face interviews with 5000 youth to capture the popular mood of this important demographic segment of contemporary India. It records their perceptions of various issues, ranging from modernity, development, globalization and unemployment, to leisure and lifestyle, social networks and family, and their hopes and aspirations for the future. While it breaks some myths about them, on one hand, it helps strengthen some commonly shared perceptions about them, on the other. Indian Youth in a Transforming World: Attitudes and Perceptions underlines that Indian youth reflect an authentic multiplicity of aspirations, 'world views' and interest, quite like the rich tapestry of India's diversity. It indicates that they are a mix of continuity with change. However, they stand distinct in many ways from the youth the world over. This book is also likely to break some myths related to the youth, opening avenues for new debates. For example, the study reveals that there is hardly any decline in interest in politics between two generations. The book would be invaluable for professionals in advertising and other media sectors and all those involved in market research. Students and teachers of specialized psychology courses, behavioural sociology, political sociology, social change and modernization will also find it useful.

Consumable Texts in Contemporary India

Leadership and youth A Times of India survey of 2002 was recorded in an
editorial as follows: A recent poll in this newspaper of young students in elite
institutions across the country revealed a startling finding – 17 per cent favoured
Adolf ...

Author: S. Gupta

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137489294

Category: Social Science

Page: 204

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Through what he terms "bibliographical sociology", Suman Gupta explores the presence of English-language publications in the contemporary Indian context – their productions, circulations and readerships – to understand current social trends.

Adolescence in India

Youth in contemporary India . The Indian Journal of Social Work , XLIII ( 4 ) , 395 -
400 . This paper discusses the role of youth ( 15 - 29 years ) in contemporary
India and analyzes : ( 1 ) how far they have been prepared for playing the future ...

Author: Suman Verma



Category: Education

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"Annotating the literature of the past three decades, both theoretical and empirical, on the Indian adolescents, the present book examines the trends shaping adolescence in the areas of physical and mental well-being, family and peer relations, experience of schooling and their personality development. Issues concerning adolescents' political participation, community involvement, social deprivation, crime, employment and services available are also addressed. The authors project a mixed future for adolescents in India. Rapid technological advancements, increasing materialism with its impact on adolescents' value system and lifestyles are likely to result not only in intergenerational conflicts but will also provide opportunities for global connectivity, new role models with increasing peer influences which may become critical in deciding adolescents' developmental trajectory. The book is geared for scholars and students of social/developmental psychology, education, sociology, human development, psychiatry, as well as policy makers and practitioners."

Focus Popular Music in Contemporary India

Youth. Music. Culture: Bollywood. and. Beyond. This chapter begins with a look
at Indian film's foray into rock music, rock's influence with Sufi music, and the
resultant cultural impact from the two. The chapter then introduces popular music

Author: Natalie Sarrazin

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 0429999313

Category: Music

Page: 258

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Focus: Popular Music in Contemporary India examines India’s musical soundscape beyond the classical and folk traditions of old to consider the culturally, socially, and politically rich contemporary music that is defining and energizing an Indian youth culture on the precipice of a major identity shift. From Bollywood film songs and Indo-jazz to bhangra hip-hop and Indian death metal, the book situates Indian popular music within critical and historical frameworks, highlighting the unprecedented changes the region’s music has undergone in recent decades. This critical approach provides readers with a foundation for understanding an Indian musical culture that is as diverse and complex as the region itself. Included are case studies featuring song notations, first-person narratives, and interviews of well-known artists and emerging musicians alike. Illuminated are issues of great import in India today—as reflected through its music—addressing questions of a "national" aesthetic, the effects of Western music, and identity politics as they relate to class, caste, LGBTQ perspectives, and other marginalized voices. Presented through a global lens, Focus: Popular Music in Contemporary India contextualizes the dynamic popular music of India and its vast cultural impact.

Youth University and Community

The average Indian youth in contemporary India rarely possesses these qualities.
That the Indian youth is in the vanguard of "sense" which continues to proliferate
to champion regional causes, that he finds it not uncomfortable to agitate for ...

Author: D. K. Misra

Publisher: New Delhi : S. Chand


Category: Community and college

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Articles on contemporary educational system in India.

Readings in Indian Sociology

This volume will be welcomed as a ground-breaking effort for opening doors for critical thinking and novel works in an area which is one of the most challenging and motivating concern of contemporary India and also for our sociological ...

Author: Bula Bhadra

Publisher: SAGE Publications India

ISBN: 8132118375

Category: Social Science

Page: 296

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Sociology of Childhood and Youth, is one of the first of its kind that provides sociological articulations on the Indian child and young, along with the accompanying multifaceted discourses on childhood and youth situating it in the historical experience of India. This volume will be welcomed as a ground-breaking effort for opening doors for critical thinking and novel works in an area which is one of the most challenging and motivating concern of contemporary India and also for our sociological imagination.

Youth Culture

A Comparative Study in the Indian Context Vir Durgadutt Mishra. No . 3 , March ,
1983a . Morgan , S . P . ... Naidu , Usha S . , ' Youth in Contemporary India , The
Indian Journal of Social Work , 1981 , Vol . VIII , No . 4 . Naik , J . P . , Elementary

Author: Vir Durgadutt Mishra

Publisher: South Asia Books


Category: Social Science

Page: 183

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Case study of Lucknow district, Uttar Pradesh.

Family Diversity in India

This convention makes the problems of the dalit youth more accessible to an
international readership that might otherwise become side - tracked into
concerns about the nature of Buddhism in contemporary India . While the nature
of ...

Author: Parimal Kumar Roy

Publisher: Virago Press


Category: Families

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The book examines the characteristics of family life of various religious and cultural groups in India and analyses the diversities and complexities of family patterns, practices and pathos that exist n India. It studies the interdisciplinary perspective to identity the extent of differences among different religious and cultural groups.

Urban Women in Contemporary India

For an assessment of the contemporary educational status of young women in
India, see the collection of essays in Wazir (2000). 10. Although the relationship
between body imagery and sexuality is imbricated in gender identity, this aspect
of ...

Author: Rehana Ghadially

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 0761935207

Category: Social Science

Page: 372

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Reminding us that the road to the complete empowerment of women in India is a long one, this book focuses on the globalization experiences of women from the Indian urban middle class. It covers reconstructing gender, violence, media, neo-liberal globalization, information and communication technologies, and politics.

The Journal of Sociological Studies

The youth culture and the revolt of youth in contemporary India may provide a
good example , Though the features of youth unrest in India appear to be quite
similar to the situation in the industrialized countries , the basic causes may be
vastly ...




Category: India


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Culture Change in India

The youth constitute a very dominant category of this population . ... NORMS OF
lifestyle of youth in contemporary India bear a deep impact of the changes in ...

Author: Yogendra Singh



Category: Social Science

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Changes in cultural styles through exposure to global cultural patterns.

The Journal of Intercultural Studies

The issue related to educated youth is postulated to be a product of the process
of modernization . As such the most relevant problem is to explore the actual
picture of educated youth in contemporary Indian society . It is obvious that
without ...




Category: Comparative civilization


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India at 50

The size of the middle classes in India is now estimated to range from 200 to 300
million in number . ... Norms of Modern Youth and the Western Lifestyle
Obviously , the norms and lifestyle of youth in contemporary India bear a deep
impact of ...

Author: V. N. Narayanan

Publisher: Sterling Publishers Pvt., Limited


Category: India

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Contributed papers.

Serving Youth Today in India

Papers, Reports, and Final Statement of the All India Research Seminar on Youth
, Kristu Jyoti College, Bangalore ... Youth Spirituality In reflecting critically on our
contemporary Indian youth culture and its effect on young Catholics , we must ...

Author: Thomas Kalathuveettil



Category: Social work with youth

Page: 570

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Seminar was organized to mark the celebrations of the silver jubilee of Kristu Jyoti College in Bangalore.

Modernising Rural Youth

To explore the answers to the questions raised above , the present study will
address itself to the following main research objectives : 1. To examine the nature
and extent of modernity in the rural youth in contemporary India . 2 . To establish

Author: M. S. Raghuvanshi

Publisher: South Asia Books


Category: Education, Rural

Page: 306

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